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    The plug being placed in my bottom is to say the least awkward. I am for a loss of words.  As I am still on my hands and knees.

    ‘The sissy looks confused.’ One of the girls says.  The other one gets on her knees and pulls my head to her growing erection.  ‘Just suck .’

     John Coxx 

    “She needs to be told what to do”

    I laugh and slap the ass of the girl who’s cock your not sucking.

    “Get in there and make her suck your cock as well”


    ‘Oh I must admit I was relishing the moment, the former domme now a cock sucking sissy.  It really is a sight to behold.’

    Then she drives in and presents her cock and I can only grab it and stroke it while my mouth is busy.

     John Coxx 

    I watch as you attempt to pleasure two cocks.

    “You can do better then that”


    I sit there and finally get better at taking on the two cocks.

    They do seem to be harder then before.  But I keep stroking them and sucking them.

     John Coxx 

    Like the director I am I tell you how to take the cocks.

    “Lean your head back and put one in your mouth and the other between your tits”


    I do as I am told there is a cock in my mouth and then there is one between my breasts.  One of the girls is straddling me.  So I tug and suck on the cock .  The other pushes my breasts together and begins to thrusts her hips sliding the cock up and down between my breasts.

     John Coxx 

    “That’s it just like that”

    I slap the ass of the girl titty fucking you so that she goes faster.

    “Don’t stop”

    I spread your legs so that I can stick my cock into your ass.

    “Let’s see you take 3 cocks”

    I begin to fuck you.


    I can feel my legs being spread apart.  I feel the plug removed my plug. Before he entered me.  Now I have cocks all around me some going in me my hands around one and now my ass being used, not to mention the one sliding between my breasts.

     John Coxx 

    All 3 of us use your body like a sex toy until we all cum.

    The first girl cums in your mouth.

    The second one over your tits.

    And I cum in your ass.


    After they finish.  One asks John.  ‘How do you like her now? What with her being all submissive and not to mention her very tiny cock and her larger breasts.’

    I  sit there or rather lay there with cum on me.  I look up at them and I also hear the question.  I do wonder what he will say?

     John Coxx 

    I smile as I look at you so sexy and covered in cum, it’s pretty obvious what I think.

    “I like her a lot”

    I begin to play with the breasts of both the girls.

    “But she’s not submissive enough yet”

    I pinch there nipples.

    “If you girls aren’t up to the task I might have to find others who are”


    ‘Well we didn’t want to over whelm her.  It is just a few hours after her transformation and ours.  There is a few things that all of us are getting used to.   So what would you suggest? ”  The girl says.

    I am on the floor still covered in cum.  How could I be more submissive?  I think about it, I have done everything, maybe I need to just stay on the floor?  What else can I do?

     John Coxx 

    “She can handle it, besides you might not get another chance later”

    I grin.

    “At the very least she should be collared and leashed, sissies need to be controlled by a firm hand at all times”


    I seem to have fallen  from my status,  Now I hear about being collared and leashed.  I lay there as they continue their onslaught of using my body for their amusement.

    I see one of the girls go and get a collar.  She stops and gives it to John. ‘It is only fitting that you do the honors.’  She says to him.

     John Coxx 

    I take the collar first.

    “Hold her hair”

    I tell the other girl and she does as she’s told.

    I attach the collar around your bare neck and tighten the clasp before locking it in place.

    “How do you like that?”

    I ask as I pull on your nipples like you were a cow.

    I’m handed the leash and I attach it to the collar.

    I pull on the leash to see how you react.


    I see and know that the collar is being put on me, but I can’t react.  I just stand there and let it be put on me.  Then when the leash is added to the collar.  It makes me distraught at first, I ca not say nothing.  I don’t even notice my nipples being tugged on.  I am like a deer in the head lights.  I just stand there frozen. So many things going through my head, I even have a urge to run, but I just stand there, helpless.

     John Coxx 

    I tug on your collar harder.

    “Get on your hands and knee’s Sissy”

    I wrap the leash around my hand so that there’s no slack.


    I drop to my knees. As I am commanded to do. Not sure why I do, but I do.  As I wait for his further commands.

     John Coxx 

    “This is how you treat a sissy”

    I give your shapely ass a hard spank.

    “A good spanking reminds the sissy of her place”

    I spank you again only harder.

    “Now you girls try it”


    It doesn’t take long for the girls to give me a good spanking.  In fact they do it overly zealously. My ass is now in a redden state. I look at you thinking this is going a bit to far, but I keep silent and don’t say anything.  I look at the cock ring I once wore laying on the floor.  It does remind me I am now to small to even think about waring it again, for now at least.

     John Coxx 

    They do a great job spanking you.

    Your not happy and look at me as if thinking I’ll stop all this.

    I laugh.

    “Good job girls”

    I feel how red and hot your ass is.

    I rub you between your legs to see if the spanking aroused you.

    “You forgot to thank the girls for spanking you”

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