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    This goes on for a long while like this. until I am pushed on my back and lay there looking up at every one.

    I lay there as as I see the cocks are being stroked and they are ready to unload on me.  I rub my little member.  One of the girls laughs and says, ‘stroke it sissy.’  Then the first one unloads across my massive tits. Then another one unloads on my hand rubbing my little member.

     John Coxx 

    We take turns fucking you, giving your ass a real good pounding like a Sissy needs.

    In the end one of the girls cums all over your massive breasts.

    The other one cums all over your hand stroking yourself.

    I cum all over that pretty face of yours,  covering it with my thick cum.

    You look so good covered in cum.


    I lay there and look at everyone.  I am covered in their cum and finally for the first time since I became the sissy/ bimbo sissy.  I can actually focus on what has happened.  I am the one that is more or less the bottom , I am the sissy, this is interesting to say the least. I see their much bigger limp members hanging there.  I scoot and lean against the sofa to regain my breath.  I clean the cum up and find my suit and figure out how to put it on again.

    Now I can see what is going to happen next.

     John Coxx 

    I sit on the sofa and watch you get dressed.

    “Did you enjoy that Sissy?”

    I ask as I pat my lap so you’ll know to come and sit on it.

    “Are you girls ready for round two?”


    They sit on the sofa one plays with her bigger member. ‘so that is what it is like to be on that end of one of those ?’  She smiles as she says that.  The other says it is different not having to clean the cum off of me after one of those.’

    I stand there in front of them my status now clear that I am the sissy here, the sub. I am the one that obeys their commands.  Not more then an hour ago they obeyed my commands.

    I see John pat his lap so I go over and sit there.  Trying to get used to everything.

     John Coxx 

    You can feel my cock hard once more and poking into your ass when you sit on my lap.

    “Did you like that Sissy?”

    I ask you as I play with your tits, squeezing on your long nipples.

    “Do you want more?”

    I look at the girls, I don’t want them getting a big head so I say to them.

    “Come over here and suck on this Sissy’s tits”


    They suck on my tits as the were told to do.  I can hear a little giggle from one of them.

    ‘Her nipples are almost as long as her tiny cock.’  I hear one say.  I would really like to make them give me a blow job now.  With my tiny constantly erect member I wonder how long I would last before I squirt?  It would be fun to try.

     John Coxx 

    I watch them sucking your nipples.

    “Your right they are but they also taste a lot better”

    I laugh joking as I reach down and touch your cock.

    “You had better not squirt on your Mistresses”

    I know you can’t resist.


    Your touch makes my try to hump. The girls laugh.

    ‘Little sissy trying to have sex?’  They are amused at my reaction.  The other one says,’while you are that size there isn’t much you can  top.’  Then they both giggle.

     John Coxx 

    “She could always use a strap-on”

    I suggest helpfully.

    “But I think she’d rather ride my big cock again, isn’t that right sweetie?”


    I whisper in your ear.  “Why not show them your superiority and make them give me a blow job?”  As I think this may get them to lighten up on me a bit.  I do know I am the sissy, but I really want to see how long it will take before I squirt .  I giggle at the thought.

     John Coxx 

    “Sissies don’t get sucked” 

    I laugh and point to your little cock.

    “Sissies get milked”

    I look at the two girls.

    “Time to drain Sissy Shannon’s girly balls”

    I grab your tiny balls to show them how full they are.


    They look at my tiny balls and giggle. ‘They were so much bigger before’, one says.

    ‘Yes they were, now look they are so tiny.  We should suck her off to show here sissies can’t last long being sucked.’  One other says using her thumb and finger to measure one of my tiny balls.

    They stand there inspecting my tiny package for a bit longer.

     John Coxx 

    I play with your tits while they play with your balls.

    “What are you ladies waiting for, drain those sissy balls already and make it good”


    One moves her face close to my little ‘clitty’ and I start to squirting.

    ‘Wow I didn’t even touch it and it squirted.’  ‘Let me try .’  The other moves her face closer and I start squirting uncontrollable.

    ‘While she couldn’t even get a blow job she’d squirt before my lips even touched her clitty.’

    They both laugh.

     John Coxx 

    I laugh as well.

    You squirting without them even touching you is unbelievably sexy.

    “Make her squirt again”

    I kiss your cheek and whisper in your ear.

    “Is that what you wanted Darling?”


    “Not exactly, I wanted to squirt in their mouth, but it seems I can’t even get close to it.”  I whisper back to you.

    ‘That is why sissies don’t get blow jobs, they just give them. ‘  Then one places the old cock ring I was wearing a while ago.  How loose it is on me, not even a little tight.

    ‘Why it don’t fit you anymore.’  She snickers.  Then she takes it and places it on her cock and it fits.

    ‘My how things have changed.’ Then she puts her mouth close to my very erect tiny member.  I squirt uncontrollable again.

    ‘Poor sissy squirts before we can even get it in our mouths. ‘

     John Coxx 

    I laugh at what you whisper back.

    The girls are having so much fun with you.

    “I think you ladies should show her how it’s done and cum in her pretty little sissy mouth”


    I am taken to the back by one of the girls and we do a costume change.  Then I am lead to a prop bed and layed down.


    She plays with my tits for a while.  ‘Before sissy sucks we should see her skills.’  She says as you and the other move closer.

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     John Coxx 

    You change into another sexy outfit.

    I join you girls on the bed and begin to play with your little cock.

    “I want to see her take your entire cock in her mouth”


    ‘oh you will but first I think I should make sure she can take it.’  She grabs a penis shaped dildo.


    I lay there and she begins to push the dildo between my breasts and into my mouth.

    ‘Suck sissy.’  She smiles as she does it.

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     John Coxx 

    I watch the live porn show with her using the dildo on you from the best seat in the house.


    She makes me kneel as we both take an end and begin to practice on it.

    ‘Like this sissy.’  She instructs me.


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     John Coxx 

    I’m hard just from watching, waiting to see if they both manage to take it deep in their throats.

    “That’s it, make it nice and wet!” 

    I encourage them while stroking there hips.


    She bends me over and then starts to push the dildo in my bottom.

    ‘Take it sissy ‘ as she slides it in further and further,  making my hole bigger.

    ‘Get ready to take all of us.’  as I can see her cock getting erect.

     John Coxx 

    That’s so hot the way she stretches out your ass with the toy.

    “Who’s first?”

    I begin stroking my cock in anticipation.


    ‘Now sissy you just stay on your hands and knees, you are the bottom now.’  She smiles as she stands up and leaves me there.

    ‘If you like you can go first.’  As she stands away giving you plenty of room.

    I am left on the floor with my ass in the air wondering who will be first?

     John Coxx 

    I give your ass a hard slap.

    “That’s the perfect sissy position”

    I mount your ass and begin to fuck you hard.

    I push your head down so your ass is the highest point of your body.

    “Is this how you like it sissy?”

    I fuck you deep and hard, my balls slapping against your ass with every thrust.


    My nipples brush the floor with your thrusts they rub the floor making them erect.  I can feel my ass ripple with your thrusts. I hear one say. ‘To bad we didn’t make her ass bigger.’  Then they both giggle.

    Then one brings something and puts it down in front of me.

    ‘Do you think sissy should be made to wear this? So we don’t have to stretch her out every time.?’

     John Coxx 

    I cum so hard imagining your ass being even bigger and more stretched out.

    Satisfied I pull out after filling you with my cum.

    I pick up the plug and push it slowly inside of you before my cum can leak out.

    “Thats perfect”

    I pat your ass making it jiggle.

    “Do you like that Sissy?”

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