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Power Exchange

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    I enter the room with two sissies.  John on the camera, filming us, I pause and look at the camera.

    “You wanted to know about power exchange?  Well I will show you.  These two sissies will help me. But first we have to put on a show.”  I smile a wag my hips swinging my monster limp member hitting them in the face.  “First I will show them worshipping my member. ”

    “I am the domme. I tell them to do what I want and they do it.”   I do some thing and they do it.

    “Now let me introduce this”.  I hold up a can of penis enlarging cream, and it says with the new domme  adgent  . John on the camera filming . I wonder what he is thinking?

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     John Coxx 

    Filming your latest film is going to be even hotter then the last one.

    You enter all sexy dom looking with even your flaccid cock so much bigger then that of your two sissy slaves.

    I can’t wait to see the cream work and watch them fuck you.

    I think this is the first time you are using it so hopefully there are no side effects.


    I look at the camera.  “You know what I should do before we continue? I should show you that these are really sissies.  So why don’t I make them pleasure me first?  ”  I place my limp cock in front of the one sissy’s face and with out a word the sissy begins sucking on it.  While the one sissy is sucking me.  I pull the other one close to me.

    “You want big breasts like these?”  I ask the other one. Then when the other sissy gets me nice and hard I push the other sissy to her knees then she goes to all fours.  I soon get in place and begin to enter her.  Slowly at first then when I am in her I start to speed up pumping her from behind.  I hear her moans of ecstasy. The other one gets down and they kiss as I take her from behind.  Soon I pull out and tell the sissy to roll over.  I then stroke my massive cock over her tiny one. I cum all over the one sissy then the other one starts to lick up all the cum.  I look down at them and smile.

    “Well are you sissies ready to become domes?”

     John Coxx 

    You are a real star and take control of the sissy’s, making one suck you before you fuck the other one.

    To show your superiority you cum all over her little cock with your big one.

    I want to see them fuck you even more now.


    I get the enlarging cream out. I put some on my hands and then begin to stroke the sissies.


    I remember something that as they grow they will be expelling their sissy cum first and if you were to drink it you may take on their sissiness, if that is possible, but I will try it.

    Soon I can tell that the one is getting closer to cumming, so I bend down and catch the whole load in my mouth.  Then the other one is about to blow I also catch that one’s cum every drop. I can feel them both grow a few inches. I look at the camera and say, “This is going to take a while.”  So I place a cock ring on both of their members to keep them from going soft.  Then I repeat the process of the cream and making them blow.  I don’t realize it from my point of view, but they seem to be getting more toned, they are looking more and more domme.

    Then finally they have rather large members.  I get the ruler out and measure both of them are the same size of the ruler a full 12 inches.  I look up at them and ask. “Is this good or do you want to be bigger?”  One speaks up right away,’ yes bigger’.  The other one says,’ that is good. ‘So when they are both happy with their new sized member I stand up.  My still massive cock dangling as I stand between them.

    They look at each other and both ask, something else needs to be changed. They point to my limp member and both say , ‘smaller’.

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     John Coxx 

    I’m so turned on by watching as you masturbate both the sissies over and over again until their hung like you.

    You eat up every last drop of there cum and by the end of it there both quite aggressive and dom towards you.

    If I didn’t just film it I wouldn’t have believed it.

    And this is only the beginning, I know your going to be shrunk again which makes me even more aroused at the prospect of getting my sissy Shannon back.


    As I am standing there one of the former sissies put a cock ring on me. ‘It is an extra big one, not that you will need it much longer. ‘ Then the other gets the shrinking cream and begins to apply it.  It is not long as I shoot my first load.  The one catches all of my cum.  Then the other begins to stroke me.  Soon I am squirting in her mouth.  She catches every last drop.  This goes on for a few times.  Until I hear some laughter.

    ‘Look she has gotten so small her cock ring just fell off.  ‘  They pick it up and begin the process again.  Until one gats the ruler out ,  ‘Two inches, just like a sissy should be.’

    Then they both stand up .  I notice right off the bat they are bigger then I am now.  Their bodies are more toned. Not amazon toned but very fit toned.  They look down at me and both smile.

    ‘Now things are right’, as I feel one grabbing my small tiny member.   ‘Look at those tits are they bigger?  One says as she  feels me up.  Then the other says I want to see the sissy masturbate herself to orgasm, I want to see her shoot her sissy cum.  So I get down and start to grab my tiny member with them watching me.  It is tiny as I try and stroke myself.  Then one gets the cock ring I was once wearing and places it on my tiny member, not that it will fit, but I hear some more giggles coming from them.  Soon I am squirting for their amusement.

    ‘I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it, her cum is clear just like a sissy’s.  I think the sissy should wear the proper clothes, those are way to domme looking for her.  ‘  They lead me to the wardrobe and select something for me to wear.

    I am soon putting on what they selected.  My tiny member is not even visible with the one strap covering it. ‘Now that is how a sissy should dress. ‘

    ‘Now get over here and pleasure a real cock. ‘

     John Coxx 

    The now dominant girls masturbate you until your tiny, barely 2 inches.

    They put you to work jerking off yourself for there amusement while making fun of you.

    You then put on a very sexy sissy outfit which if I’m lucky you’ll be wearing in bed with me later.

    The power exchange is almost complete as they order you to service there real cocks.

    My real cock is so hard for you, I want to fuck all 3 of you which is how I know this film is hot.


    once I get my new clothes on.

    I go over and stand in front of them, looking up at them now, I still can’t get over the fact I have to look up at them.  I was the same size if not taller then they are.  I get to my knees and begin to suck on one and I grasp the other with my hand and begin to stroke her. soon they are very erect.  Then the one I am sucking turns me around and kneels down. I can feel the bulbuls member resting on my ass as now I am facing the other shemale.  I start to suck her, as the other one enters my bottom, slowly but steadily .  Getting further and further in me until she starts the easy motion of pumping and then her hands grasps my hips and the pumping soon turns into thrusting.  Faster and faster she speeds up until. I am turned over and my tiny member is uncovered as the two domme shemales begin stroking them selves over top of me and before long one starts to squirt over my enlarged tits.  The other one squirts her load all over my tiny erect member.  Then I hear.

    ‘That’s it sissy take our cum.  ‘   Then the other one says, ‘ I think she likes it., she likes being a sissy. Don’t you?’

    I muster out a response. ‘Yes mistress.’

     John Coxx 

    You suck them and then they tag team you, cumming on your big tits and tiny cock.

    You take cock so well, no one would ever believe you weren’t a sissy after seeing that.

    I love the way you call them Mistress and can’t wait to see what they’ll do to you next.


    After they drain their balls on me, they look down and smile.  They pretty much pick me up. I am placed on the sofa and they sit on both sides of me with their legs spread so that their members are resting in between their thighs on the sofa. They spread my legs but when they realize my member doesn’t even touch the sofa ,they giggle.  Just like in some porn movies we talk for a bit. Then one speaks up.

    ‘If I didn’t see it I would never have believed it.  But why use it on yourself?’

    “I wanted to make sure that every one could see that it worked.  The enlarging cream well everyone seen that it worked. But how better then to make sure a product works is to put on a demonstration?”

    Then one of the girls plays with my tiny member.  Then she asks.  ‘Did you also get the stamina of a sissy to?’ I smile and say, “Yes”.

     John Coxx 

    There’s a brief interlude as you all sit on the couch looking very sexy.

    Damn you girls know how to tease a man!


    As we are sitting on the sofa.  I signal you to turn off the camera and come over and join us.  One of the girls asks,’ what happens to us now?’

    I tell her that both of them are now under contract to coxx productions and work for John.  I don’t add myself to the people they work for just yet.  They will remain as they are if they obey the orders of John.  If they don’t then they will be changed back to their former sissy selves.  I show them the contract that they signed .  I also tell them that it is for two years.  They seem happy with it.

    Then one ask, ‘what about you?’ I say, “These are my products and what better way then to advertise something then to let everyone see that they work. So we use them in some of the pornos to enhance the members, such as you just went through.  Then that way he doesn’t have to pay to much to find people to film.  I am sure John has something to add?”  As I sit there between the two very domme shemales now.

     John Coxx 

    I’m surprised you call me over but don’t over think it in my lustful state come.

    I’m in such a rush I don’t even turn the camera off.

    “These are my products and what better way then to advertise something then to let everyone see that they work. So we use them in some of the pornos to enhance the members, such as you just went through. Then that way he doesn’t have to pay to much to find people to film. I am sure John has something to add?”

    I stand in front of the couch and unzip my pants while you explaining what is happening.

    “I only want to add that even though we made you into Dom’s that doesn’t mean you won’t have to be submissive as well”

    I smile as my hard thick cock springs free at there eye level.

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    “Yes this is your boss.  He does have to sample the products and maybe even teach you a thing or two. How to suck cock take a huge member.

    One of the girls gets on her hands and knees and crawls over to your erect member.  She doesn’t take long before she is stroking it and sucking it.  The other one goes over to you and kisses you.

    I sit there and feel my tiny erection.  I haven’t had time to explore the changes and I need to see everything that has changed.

     John Coxx 

    “Yes this is your boss. He does have to sample the products and maybe even teach you a thing or two. How to suck cock take a huge member.

    I smile as one of the new dom’s gets on her hands and knees and begins to stroke and suck me.

    “I like to think of it as training”

    I wink at you as the second one comes over and kisses me.

    I pull her close and squeeze her ass while watching you touch yourself.

    I order you to join us.

    “You to Sissy”


    I get up and I for some reason can’t stop touching myself.  I hear one of the girls giggle.

    ‘You may have gotten my chronic masturbation. ‘ She giggles more then goes back to kissing you.

    I try to stand and do so , but I am leaning still trying to come over to you. I just cant seem to get moving to you fast enough.

     John Coxx 

    You stand up and keep touching yourself, that’s so fucking sexy to look at even while making out with another girl.

    ‘You may have gotten my chronic masturbation. ‘

    I reach down with my hand and begin to stroke her big cock.

    “It’s much easier when it’s smaller”

    I use my other hand to hold the head of the girl who is sucking on my cock as I watch you struggling.

    “Looks like your Sissy needs some extra motivation” 

    I slap the ass of the girl kissing me and send her off to discipline you.


    The domme comes over and looks down at me. She smiles then walks away like she is looking for something.  She comes back with something in her hand and the enlarging cream in her other.

    She bends down after she makes sure I am sitting.  I am still playing with myself.  She dabs a little cream on her finger then spreads it on my nipples.  She then attaches some nipple stretchers on each of my nipples. Then my nipples are stretched they must be a good inch or inch and a half now.  In the little suction cups.

    There is now way I can get up now as I lay sit there moaning in ecstasy.  I squirt a instantly and I can’t seem to do any thing else, but sit there.  The shemale gets up and soon feeds me her erect member.  I suck on it as I sit there.  She turns to you and says.

    “I may have over done it.”

     John Coxx 

    I watch as she disciplines you by making your nipples longer by stretching them.

    You get so turned on you squirt.

    She then makes you suck her.

    “I may have over done it.”

    I laugh.

    “See if  you can get any milk out of them while your at it”

    I look down at the girl still sucking my cock and begin to play with her nipples.


    ‘These big pillows she has just screams to have my member between them.  Maybe you could come over here to.  I think the new sissy hasn’t been in a gang bang yet.  And you have the fact that she can’t seem to stand up with these nipple suckers on her.’  She giggles then she goes on to say.

    ‘Maybe we should leave them on her? ‘

     John Coxx 

    ‘These big pillows she has just screams to have my member between them. Maybe you could come over here to. I think the new sissy hasn’t been in a gang bang yet. And you have the fact that she can’t seem to stand up with these nipple suckers on her.’ 

    Me and the other girl come over to join you and the first girl.

    ‘Maybe we should leave them on her? ‘

    “I have no problem with that”

    We stand around you in a semi circle with our big cocks pointed at your face.

    “Can you please 3 cocks at the same time Sissy?”


    She finally takes off the nipples stretchers.  Then she undoes my suit if you can call it that.  My breasts are free now and my nipples are now longer.  Since the suction devises are off I can also focus on what is going on.  It does seem that I am going to experience my first gang bang from this side of the spectrum.

    I start off by grabbing and stroking two cocks, then I use my mouth on the other cock.

     John Coxx 

    Your outfit and the clamps are taken off and you begin to take two cocks in your hand and one in your mouth.

    I’m so turned on I admire your breasts and begin to play with the asses of both the girls standing either side of me.

    “Look how cock hungry she’s become” 


    I really can’t say much to reply, but I was told t o suck so I suck without question.  It is strange how I just do it.  I don’t think I may have done it so obediently before? But I know I have one member in my hand and also my other hand and one cock in my mouth.  I am not sure who’s cock is who’s? As I really didn’t get the chance to see before I started sucking. This is strange how I just obey what I was told to do.

     John Coxx 

    You do such a good job with your mouth but there’s another hole of yours that needs using.

    “Get her ass up, it’s time to use her other hole” 

    I order the dominant girls.


    I am soon positioned so I am on all fours.

    I wonder it was not so long ago the two domes were in my position, but they seem to be fine with their new position.  They follow the orders given by John instantly. The new position I assume is the one at the low end of the ladder so to speak.  I ready myself for the ride I assume I am going to be getting.

     John Coxx 

    Once your on all fours the girls each pick an end and shove there big cocks into your holes.

    They aren’t gentle with them, perhaps not used to having such big cocks but they manage to slide them in and begin to fuck you.

    I come up behind the one humping your ass, I hold her hips slowing them down.

    “You need to learn how to fuck”

    I kiss the back off her neck and then plunge my cock into her ass.

    “Don’t stop fucking her”

    I fuck her while she fucks you, showing her how it’s done.


    I am finally feeling what it is like to be the one on the bottom of the pile so to speak.  I was always up there on the top, but now since I don’t measure up I am at the bottom.  It is not that bad. Sure I have a cock in my mouth and my ass but it could be a lot worse I guess.

    I keep getting pumped from both ends.  I am doing good just to stay on my hands and knees.  I soon find the motions from their thrusts and am able to ride them like a wave, one taking me that way, the other taking me the other way.

     John Coxx 

    “That’s it, fuck her harder” 

    I encourage the girls to go deeper into you as I do the same in her ass, thrusting so hard that even you can feel it.

    “Make the sissy cum”

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