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John gives Shannon the "full" tour

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     John Coxx 

    I begin to play with your tits as I pound you.

    I pull out and turn you over so that your on your back.

    “Has there ever been a bad side effect?”

    I wave my cock in your face for you to suck on.

    “I know you want to taste your sissy ass”


    I grab your cock and stroke and begin to suck it.  Not being able to sy much with your cock in my mouth.

     John Coxx 

    “That’s a good sissy”

    I love it when you suck my cock.

    “Now that your a sissy you can’t get enough of my cock can you”

    I flip you onto your back and begin to fuck you again going as deep and hard as I can.

    “You ready to cum for me sissy?”

    I stroke you so you’ll squirt on yourself while I fuck you.


    He is right I am a sissy now for a bit.  The uncontrollable squirting is starting to be a common sight for me.   As he grabs my tiny member and gives it a few strokes.

    I can’t help but to squirt.  I still can’t get over how clear it is.

     John Coxx 

    I kiss you while still fucking you.

    “You ready to taste your own sissy own yet Darling?”


    I kind of stop and think about what you just said.

    “Um ok I guess.”  I say still puzzled by your comment.

     John Coxx 

    I’m fucking you so hard I cum even harder, filling your ass with my warm thick manly cum.

    I pull out of your perfect ass and lean back satisfied.

    “I meant taste your sissy cum”

    I laugh, sometimes during sex I’m hard to understand.


    Once you are out of me I begin to stroke myself in front of you and soon I cum in my hand.  Then lick it up in front of you so that you can see.

    I lick my hand making sure it is all cleaned up.  Before I lay back beside you.

    “So you must really like me doing this sort of thing?  You know the sissy stuff.”

     John Coxx 

    You jerk yourself off and lick up all your cum while I watch.

    “That’s so hot”

    I smile and wrap my arm around your waist possessively after your done.

    “I like it when you do sissy stuff just for me”

    I kiss your lips.

    “I like having you all to myself”


    “Well I do the sissy stuff to see how it feels. I have to know completely what these things feel like.  Then when I do get my big member back I will do some of these things to see if anything changes. If I get the same sensations from doing those things.  You would like to see that I bet?  Me jacking off in the eleavator, or using a dildo in my office?”

    I pick my nipple and look at you.

     John Coxx 

    “You have no idea how much I’d like that”

    I smile and squeeze your big breasts as you play with your nipples.

    “You’ll still need me to fuck you”

    I poke your thigh so you know I’m getting hard again.


    “You would like seeing me doing those things?”  I ask as I can feel his rising erection.

    The idea of doing such things is some how intriguing.  I may have to do some follow up investigation.  That would give me more answers, but having that big of an erection may be problematic.

    “How would I be able to hide such an erection?  That big of one is not easily hidden. “

     John Coxx 

    I nod like a kid in a candy shop at that idea.

    “Yes please”

    I grin remembering your huge erection from before.

    “I think not being able to hide it will make it even hotter”


    “Well I may have to take some time off to do these things.  I may not want people watching,  I tend to draw a big crowd.  ”  As I lay there then a thought comes to mind.

    “You know you could take the camera and follow me around and I could do all of those things and film me.  I could say I am just shooting a movie.”

     John Coxx 

    I laugh even though you having a large crowd following behind you would make the whole thing even hotter.

    Speaking of hotter what you say next would probably have made me rock hard if I wasn’t already.

    “That would be so hot”

    I pull you into my arms and kiss you.

    “I love the way you think”


    “I think you’d like seeing me being a chronic masturbater.  No control, always so horny. Just like a sissy.  But the fact I would have my large member.  may make it even more enjoyable for you. ”  I smile and kiss you back.

     John Coxx 

    I reach down and stroke your tiny cock.

    “Your right”

    I grin.

    “I can’t keep my hands off you”


    “Well the best way to understand what the process does is to go through it.  So I think I got a hands on feeling for what it does.  So how many sissies do you want in your stable?”

     John Coxx 

    I laugh.

    “You mean besides you”

    I look down and notice that even when hard your little cock is not bigger then my hand.

    “How many do you think I’ll need?”


    “Well that is good question,  you should have one at reception, and then most of the staff that will work here you probably want then sissies as well, so there could be a few .”

     John Coxx 

    “That’s a lot of sissies to fuck”

    I joke as I begin to rub the lower area of your body.

    “You should probably work reception until we find someone, especially with the Sheikh coming soon”


    “I could get a temp, for reception.  I thought you may need help when the sultan. Getting things helping with the girls. Your only one man after all, besides herding the girls would be enough to keep anyone busy.  They could be like herding cats. ”  I joke and giggle.

     John Coxx 

    “I think you mean cattle?”

    I laugh.

    “I’m actually very good at herding cattle, I use to spend my youth on my uncles farm”

    I play with your little cock again.

    “I’m glad your here to help me”

    I glance at my watch.

    “Speaking of the Sultan we should get ready, he should be here any minute”


    “Is there anything you want me to get together for the girls?”  As I text for a temp to come and man the reception desk.

    Then I go and get something on.

    It is not to hard to cover up my tiny erection with this out fit.

     John Coxx 

    “Just something to snack on”

    I put my own clothes back on while you get changed.

    “I love that outfit”

    I clap my hands together.

    “Are you going to grant me 3 wishes?” 


    “# wishes?  Maybe two, after all my tiny cock is only 2 inches.  Something to snack on?  I will call room service and have them bring something up.  I also need to eat.  All this cum I have lost I do need to replace it.”  I smile and call.  Then the temp pops in.

    I show her to the desk were she will be manning.  Then I introduce you to her.

    “This is the temp she will be manning the desk for you.”

     John Coxx 

    “2 is enough”

    I laugh and watch your ass as you order some food.

    “Eat up, you”ll need to cum a lot to impress the Sultan”

    The temp shows up.

    I grin as you introduce her but I’ve already forgotten her name.

    All I can do is stare at her breasts.

    “She’s perfect”

    I grab her ass and bend her over the desk.

    “I should test her out”

    I’m already pulling down her panties.


    I see that she doesn’t put up much resistance, in fact she is helping by taking off clothes.  I watch after I get done ordering food.  At one time I would be taking turns with him having sex with her, but now that I am only 2 inches long I don’t see much use trying.  I don’t think I would even beable to enter her much less make her moan.

    I get closer to get a better view of things going on.

     John Coxx 

    I grin as you come closer.

    This is a perfect opportunity to show you how a sissy helps out.

    I grab you by your hair and pull your face into the crotch of my pants.

    “What are you waiting for, make my cock wet and stick it in her ass”


    I drop to my knees and begin to suck.  Making sure I get it nice and lathered up.  I make it nice and erect and hard.  Before long I stand up and guide the member into her.  I stand back as I really can’t make him pump and thrust.  as this is going on she notices my tiny bulge.  She reaches out and feels it.  She smiles first then giggles.

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