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Becoming Famous?!?


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    After unfortunate events that lead to Hotel burning I have try to do my best to make a good living..  without really working.. I am not made for working.. I am a star.. and what ya know.. actors Hiring? Movie star sounds great. Not think of sign on the door too much.

    Step into COXX PRODUCTIONS building.. look around and .. open other door.. “Excuse me.. you need a star?” Chuckle and sit

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    “Yes, just take a seat over there I will be with you in a minute.”  I go about finishing the work I am doing.  then when I am done I go back and tell the lady.

    “Right this way, I can see you now.”  I point to some double doors and open them and go into the office. I sit behind the desk and wait for you to sit in the chair.


    Very top heavy lady tell me to wait and soon to follow  her onto her office. I follow and admire her hips swing. Nice..

    Sit on the chair that is pointed. Crossing my legs and lean back while look around .. finally eyes settle to look at her. “Is this audition, or something? I may not be oscar quality actress yet, but I can act.. you make any films that I might know of? Oh, I am Yuhana..” *Smile* ear to ear. “please to meet you.. Miss..” 

    Damm, those wiggling boobs are like magnets to my eyes..

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    “Some films you might know of? There is snow white and the seven horny dwarfs.  Then there is ‘Sissy Goldie locks and the three bears.’  We don’t get Oscars in this film business , but we do get AVN awards.  We shot adult movies here, yes XXX movies. I hope this doesn’t deter you wanting to be a star?”

    I sit there and get out a job application  and hand here a pin .

    “Just fill these out and I hope you will beable to audition for us?”


    My jaw drops as she tell names of films.. and I do know them.  -FLUSHED- do I still want to be a star? Now I need to think.. few seconds.. I need money!

    “Umm, yes.. I can err try to..” Nervously take papers and pen. Taking my time to filling them. Then give papers back after sign them. “I haven’t ever done this soo.. not sure, if I can.. err I am not a full.. girl and…” I try to say that might not get hard when needed. Even I am quite excited already.. but that is different thing. “I think I am ready.. as can be.. for audition.” -GULP-


    “Don’t worry we have some ,um, secret things that I can make you hard soft ,big or small.  But I do need to see how your um skills are. Have you ever sucked cock before?”

    I almost giggle asking her that.   But she will have to do that here and a whole lot more.

    “We do have a lot of openings for not full women here.  But we are understaffed at the moment so you may have to fill in in a few spots as you are needed.  But if we hire you I can give you $2000 usd  today.  If you also need you can move into one of the empty rooms we have.  You can live at the film studio.”

    I stand and walk over to you.

    “Are you ready for your audition?”


    I am not sure what she mean.. that they can effect on my.. excitement and even size. Viagra maybe.. My skills.. Cock sucking?!? I have sucked, but in a film!?! I look at this top heavy woman.. “Erm yes, but I umm thought I am the one who is.. err get sucked.” Funny not even think I could be the one in recieving end.

    2000 $ and today.. “In Cash? Fill few spots.. like?” I really need that. Suddenly sucking cock in front of camera is not feel so bad thing. Perhaps they not even film auditions.. then I can just take the money and run.. but where.. her offer gets better..

    “I could live here? Well, I do need..” Don’t think of it.. just take the money..  I watch her come over and.. wonder where is the cock I have to.. “Yes I am ready.. oh.. just a second..” Looks like I have time.. so open my purse and take lipstick and little mirror ..


    “The cock you will suck is right here.”

    I unfasten my skirt pulling it off and then pull my panties down and freeing my limp 16 inch member.  I swing it a few times for her to see.

    “Now lets see how well you do.”

    I take her hand and place it on my limp member.

    “This will determine a spot we can use you in.  After all we do need a fluffier. “


    “OH.. HUH!!!” My jaw drops.. Sexy Woman have.. baseball bat under her skirt! No way I can take even half of that when it is hard.. or even now.


    How it swing in front of me. Is quite hypnotic. Not even notice as she place my hand on that monster. Wrap my fingers around it.. and stroke slowly.. looking at her. Fluffier? “Fluf.. what is that.. Spot for me?” Move my hand slowly on that big cock.. thinking of 2000 reasons why I should go on.. is that enough? “Err.. is all ..everyone here umm big as you?” 

    I add also other hand and stroke her with both hands.. still sitting and at times look up at her.. “Like this?” Sooner, or later I have to suck.. so why not get over with fast.. so I lift her huge cock and kiss the tip.. tentatively. She not taste, or feel bad. Good.. lifting her member up and lick.. all the way.. from base to tip. Roll tongue around the cock head.. my mouth feels dry.. feeling same time scared and excited..


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    I watch you as you come closer and even take my member in your hand.  You seem hesitant , but you go on and start to play with it.

    “You will have to meet the main guy that is in charge.  I have to make sure you are up to his standards first.”

    My member starts to grow with your touches.  Then as you get closer to my tip it touches your lips. It begins to really get erect in front of your face.


    What she mean by “His Standards”? Looks like I am doing something right. Her monster cock starts to grow in my hands and really getting harder soon as my lips and tongue touch it..

    She is enourmous.. I keep stroking. Speeding up moves. Keep making long licks from base to tip.. and treating head of monster with my tongue.. until get her hard and ready. Open my mouth wide and wrap my lips around head.. tickle tip with my tongue.. Thinking those 2000 reasons why I do this.. only because that?

    Of course, even that situation is making me more and more exciting. I feel my nipples get harder under my top and .. panties are way more tighter.. as they normally are..


    I sit there and watch her and she is doing an ok job. She will have to learn some better techniques, but she does have potential.  I then tilt my head back and let it blow.  I start to pump out a load on her.  I look down at her on her knees.

    “That is it take it all.”  As I pump my load out.

    After wards I put my panties back on and skirt.  Then sit behind the desk.

    “So have you acted before?  Would you play a little sissy ? Would you be opposed to having your member altered?”  These are some of the questions I ask when I sit down and I make notes of her answers.


    I let her go deep in my mouth and suck. Hands pump her cock.. as bob my head on that huge cock. Taking it in much as can.. suck harder.. She freeze for a second, or two.. anyway surprise me totally as she explode.. I do my best to swallow, but not sucseed well. Some go to my throat.. some I spill out with -COUGH!- some hit on my face..

    I wipe my face and since don’t want cum on my clothes or dry on my hands.. lick it.. Still worth of 2000$ I quicly thinking in my head. So I kind of swallow all.. like she tell.

    Back to my seat, this time cross legs to hide my excitement. She is back behind her desk and start asking questions.. I think, I pass first part of audition. “Umm does that mean I pass.. umm sucking? Yes I have, but not.. erm porn.” Would I play little sissy? No.. is my first thought, but.. “What it take from me? I mean.. I am not familiar of porn.. but yes I can act sissy.” I guess that is not much harder than I already did.. besides maybe I can go.. soon as get my money..

    “Altered.. how? You mean viagra?.. No problem. I can take it and.. ” Actually would love to try that..  “You have many actors already?” Lick my lips and  her taste in my mouth comes stronger.. fuck.. My eyes wander again to her huge boobs..



    “Ok masturbate in front of me.  This is to see how you can perform in front of people.  Right now it is just me, but in front of the camera there will be a lot more.  Not to mention all the people watching.  You may even get stopped on the street and asked for autographs if you are liked well enough. ”  I lean back to watch her.  Then I move my chair around the desk to get a good view of her.

    “Here is some lube if you want to use it.  You have to be sexy make me want to watch you masturbate. ”  I lean back and watch.


    “WHAT!?!.. “ Masturbating!? that is something I have done.. but in front of.. her.. people.. “But, but.. ” Ok, still not have money and she does look.. desireable. I could..  “Ok, I show you..” get up and grab the lube.

    Glance at her boobs.. and take my panties off.. I am already hard which make everything easier and her curvers also help.. squish out some lube and warm it on my hands.. Sit back on chair and spread my legs. Bite my lip. This is way harder I think of.. wrap my fingers around my hard 7″ cock and start to stroke.. slowly.. at first.

    Let my thumb slide over the head of my cock. Keep on stroking faster, stare at her. I get harder .. leaking prejuices.. head of my cock and hand glistening with juices. Tingling all over.. let out -MOAN- lift my legs on chair arms.. stroking steady.. at times glance at her.. my cheeks feel warm.. blushing.

    Tilt my head back as feel going close to the edge.. MOAN- again.. arch my back .. freeze and squirt.. again and again.. on the floor in front of me.. some cum stick to my hand. “Mmm..” relax.. legs still on chair arms.. not even realise that.. “Uh.. how was that.. Miss.. ?”


    I put my hand over my mouth.  “Oh my I seem to given you the reducing cream.”  I look around I hand you a ruler. To measure your shorter member.

    “Good thing you are going to come back tomorrow.  Because we will have more of the enlarging cream.  So everything will be back to normal.”  Your once 7 inch cock is now 4 inches.  I try not to smile but it is rather hard not to.

    “But I can give you your money now.”  I say trying to comfort you.”


    What the fuck!! Now that she mention and .. I measure.. “What did you do to me?!?” I really feel panic raise. I am barely half of my “normal” size.. can’t get my eyes off from my shrinked .. somehow “cock” not feel right word..

    Thank god she does say, that this is temporary.. “Tomorrow?” Echo her word. There goes my plan not to come back.. “You sure it will work?” I can’t get peace of mind before being like I was.. at the moment money not mean that much, but does bring little bit comfort.. “Ok, Give them.. and when this place open in tomorrow..?” Suddenly remember that can stay here in.. “You did say that I can sleep in here.. umm free room, or something.. I like to take that.. Miss..” I notice how you try to hold teasing smile.. Laugh even as look at my tiny thing..

    -Sigh- as pull panties back .. I don’t even need to tuck myself .. to look smooth at front!? This is nightmare.. I know I can’t get sleep.. I look at tissues to wipe my hands and.. well my tiny thing, that I want to hide so fast.. to avoid embarrassement. Not need any wiping now.

    Get up from the chair and tug my skirt down. To cover at least most of my butt. “Can you show me that room. Eh on what you need me for tomorrow?” at least no any embarrassing things.. with my tiny thing.. She did tell I get my cock back at decent size..

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    I smile and pull out the money from the desk draw and lay it on the desk before her.

    “Now if you will follow me I will take you to your room. ”

    I pat you on your bottom.  as we walk.  I lead you down a hallway and across a fenced in yard next to a pool.  Then in to another building.  Then we come to a door. I open it and show you your room.

    “I hope this is to your liking? You can of course order room service if you like?  We do have some good food here.”

    I walk over to the bathroom and open the door to show you were it is at.  Then I show you the mini bar.

    “Then tomorrow we will take care of your little problem.”  I wink at you.

    “But we could put you to work tomorrow if you would like? Then of course as long as you work for the production company you can stay here.”


    My eyes get greedy glimpse as I look at the money and then count them. Smile wide and for a moment forget “little” things.

    Nod to agree follow her to see my room. On our way feel her touch my bum. Glance at her wobbly tits.. would love to tit fuck.. thought makes me aware of.. my tiny wiener again. -Sigh- deep.

    “You have a pool in here!” That was really only thing that I notice.. otherwise my thoughts were around my tiny.. clitty? Yet I try to be like it not worry me at all.

    First look in the room.. It is everything that my “cock” is not.. Big, luxurious and something you want for yourself. “Yes, it is great.” I say monotonous voice.  Great is also something that is opposite of what I have in panties. I nod to indicate I hear what she say about food.  “Maybe later, not really hungry at the moment.” As I follow her around apartment.. could not thinking how my tiny wiener would look with her monster cock.. or those massive melons.. oh, fuck.. Think I am hard, but not feel my panties even tighten!!

    I grab some whisky from mini bar. I relly need drink!  Frown at her when she mention my LITTLE problem. What she would say.. ? Instinctly touch my front and.. How tiny my thing feel.. even that it is hard.. -Whimper- 

    “Work on tomorrow? Umm you mean after I am back to myself?” Thinking how laughable I would look.. if have tiny thing between my legs and try to fuck.. “Umm, I can live here.. for free, as long as I work.. company?” That not sound bad.. luxurious life and get to fuck much as I want.. and even get payed. Place my money next to mini bar and open little whisky bottle.. how fitting.. think as I empty it with one sip..

    “So, I just come to.. your office again tomorrow?” 


    “Yes I will or someone will come by in the morning and fetch you.”  I can’t help but to step closer.  I reach and feel her tiny member.  I smile seductively at her.  Then I slowly go down to my knees.  Going through the layers of clothes.  Until I and looking at her tiny member.  I begin to suck it.  So tiny and yet so hard.  I easily take it all in my mouth. I begin to use my mouth to stroke it faster and faster I go until… When I am finished with that.

    “Yes you will be back to normal size tomorrow. We could even make you bigger.  How would you like to be 12 or 14 inches big?  I could make that happen, I could even make your breasts bigger to.”  I grab them and lift them.

    “If that is all I will go, innless you want to do some other things right now?”  I wink at her.


    She confirms that I will be picked up in the morning. Then she reach my front, surprising me complitely. I don’t have a chance to step back, before she already lift my skirt and pulling panties down. “Wha..what are you doing..?” It is very clear what she is doing, but I feel so ashamed because even I am hard.. My “clitty” is so little.. it vanish into her mouth..and I can’t even feel back of her throat.. being in her mouth deep as can.

    She stroke my cock with her mouth.. I grab her hair.. caressing.. but what I really love to is.. She start to go faster and I can feel my climax is building up.. reach her huge tits.. grab them.. squirming as I try to hold my load.. but looking down at her.. I just explode!! Squeezing her huge tits hard. At least I still cum hard as before..

    What she telling after that is bit unclear, she can make me bigger in every way? -MOAN!!- as she grab my breasts and lifting them.. mmmm!

    My nipples poking hard. Staring into her eyes.. thinking how would I look.. top heavy..  what she mean? Some other things? “Eh.. Like.. umm.. what things?” Her hands feel so nice on my breasts.. Wink she make.. does tell she is available to do more naughty things.. but I just cum into her mouth. So can’t fuck her so soon.. wait.. did she mean.. ?!?!?

    Bite lip, Thought is kind of exciting, but she is way too big.. -SHAKE MY HEAD SLOWLY- “Err, I .. umm I am.. quite ok .. like this.” Glance at the big bed.. and back to her.. I guess I was not that convincing.. “Soo.. erm.. ” One hand caressing shape of her huge breasts.. and with other I pull my panties up.. and tug my skirt down.


    I stand there and smile . Then go over to the closet.  I pull out a nightie.

    “This should fit you.”  I help you put it on.  “There is a few more things in the closet that should fit you.  We are close enough to the lacy shopping center so you can go over and buy a few things.  “


    *Smile* to cloak my unsureness of what I really want. She shows me nice nightie.. I nod approvingly. Then undress and try to nightie.. it feels great against my skin, so silky.

    I did move the way I accidentally touch her huge boobs many times.. damm they feel just as great as nightie. “Thank you..” Said with a grin. I lean to look in the closet.. what kind of clothes are there? Could not get good look. Anyway, if they fit as well nightie.. I have some extra clothes then.

    My nipples still poking.. damm.. “Ah, ok, I can shop few new dresses.. and heels.. tomorrow.” Bed looks inviting.. I realize, that not really sleep at 48 hours.. “Is here a roomservice?” I remember she told that food here is also good.. maybe eat something before go to bed..


    I see you are sleepy so I turn to you and tell you , “Good night.”  Then with a little bounce , making my breasts bounce a little I leave you  to go to sleep.  I leave and head back to my office and review your paper work.

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