Adventures at the LiLy Academy

The School Nurses Office

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     Ditzy Dicklett 

    Once you into the office you come face to face with a room any private doctor be envious of with the most up-to-date equipment available.

    If need be there is a door to the left to a surgical room for the more advanced treatments.

    To the right there’s what is known as a cleansing room advanced bathroom and toilet.

    This facility is overseen but the lovable nurse miss Valentine.

    Who is currently finishing off the second tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream, which means she just got out of a nasty breakup with another man.

    So good luck.

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    Hello? I’m new here at The Corporation. I’m not really sure what’s going on just yet, but they told me “I better get my ass to the nurse’s office if I knew what was good for me.”

    Is there anyone here?

     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC Nurse Valentine

    She puts a spoonful of her ice cream in her mouth and then sucks the spoon clean as she pulls it out.

    As She tosses the spoon in the disinfectant sink “ok little girl coming stand in the middle of the room” she looks you up and down like a piece of meat analysing every Curve every dimple.

    “you seem to want to be a girl” she says as she opens a freezer containing several vials containing white and pink liquids it’s a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream away.

    “first you curtsy then you introduce yourself” she says smiling at you as she pulls on and latex gloves.

    And with a snap of her latex glove she gestures for you to begin.

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    “first you curtsy then you introduce yourself” she says smiling at you as she pulls on and latex gloves.

    “Oh, my goodness! I’m sorry *curtsey* I’m sorry *curtsey*”

    I may be new here, but I know when I’m in over my head. And this woman looks like she is in control! I still don’t know what I’m here for, but I definitely don’t want to get on her bad side!

    “Please, Miss. Please. I didn’t mean to offend. It’s just that – I’m a little uncertain about what’s going on here. I was only supposed to be checked into this place for a couple of weeks. I think there’s been a mistake, maybe? But nobody seems to believe me. I mean, I like to play at this stuff, sure. And my wife filled out all the paperwork for me to come here. But we agreed, just a few weeks. Maybe you can help?”

    After a few second pause, I rememeber …

     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC Miss Valentine

    I give her a little shock to huh chastity belt “does this look like administration and even if it was  I would need your full name, which I’m still waiting for” she receives another little shock.

    she then looks down at what you wearing “and you can remove all of it, I need you naked” she then taps her foot impatiently.

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    Oh my goodness, what was that! I’ve never felt anything like that. my clitty is in agony! She asks me for something or other, I can barely hear or concentrate, though – and then OH! AGAIN! Oh my god!

    remove all of it, I need you naked

    I know she said something else, but that’s all I could hear over the pain. My eyes start to well up with tears as I begin to undress. Partially from pain, partially from the humiliation of undressing – and partially because nobody will believe me that they’ve made a mistake.

    She’s tapping her foot. I know I need to hurry up. Maybe she’ll be nicer if I do what she wants.

     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC Nurse Valentine

    This damn girl still isn’t listening I think to myself. I take every item of clothing she hands me. Alan Walker over to a wall placing my hand on it it’s slides open and I toss all her close down the shoot.

    Sorry dear you’re supposed to be in school regulation uniform at all times” Nurse Valentine smiles at her.

    Hands on your head” after she complies, probably due to the fact she doesn’t want another shock.

    She proceeds to take pictures of your face chest and groin she gestures for you to turn around using her finger and takes a picture of your butt.

    not turn around so I can see your face again” as she turns around nice Valentine is holding the phone in her hand “now I have just turned up the setting on your belt, if you cannot give me your name fully sissy name

    she smiles deviously  “I won’t know where to put these pictures so I will have to put them online somewhere knows maybe Facebook


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    As I take off my clothes, I watch as the nurse walks over and drops each item out of the room. My eyes still well with tears. I’m helpless and humiliated. I don’t know what to do. God, this is terrible!

    Sorry dear you’re supposed to be in school regulation uniform at all times.

    But nobody told me what the school uniform was! I decide not to argue, though. She still has that damn shocker!

    Hands on your head

    In an instant, my hands are up. I’m like a trained animal. I’ve learned my lesson. She has me turn around as she takes pictures of me all over. This is so humiliating!

    now I have just turned up the setting on your belt, if you cannot give me your name fully sissy name”she smiles deviously  “I won’t know where to put these pictures so I will have to put them online somewhere knows maybe Facebook

    *gasp* She wouldn’t!

    “It’s Tiffy, Miss. My name is Tiffy. Just Tiffy. Please, please, please don’t share the pictures. Nobody knows I’m here. When I go home, I don’t want them to know I was here. Please, what can I do to convince you to delete the pictures?”





    “Yes Miss! My name is Tiffy, Miss. Just Tiffy.

     Ditzy Dicklett 

    Just Tiffy” she says with an eyebrow raised “well we’ll have to see if that is the case” she didn’t gestures to a weird kind of chair “get up into the stirrups

    Once you in the chair she begins to strap your arms to your sides strapped your legs down into the stirrups.

    she then put a strap across your chest and your neck in a thick posture collar connected to the chair.

    I hope your comfy” she says as she gets one of your nipples quicker pinch and goes over to a desk to find your information.

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    The nurse, who I was hoping would get nicer because I of how compliant I’ve been, still proceeded to order me around.

    First, she questions when my name is really “just Tiffy.”

    “Yes, of course it is,” I think to myself. It’s the name I’ve been using for quite a while now, whenever I’m playing at being a sissy. I never had any reason for a last name. And I never filled out any forms for this evil place, so it’s not like there would be any other name on record.

    The she orders me to get up into the stirrups, and gestures to one of those chairs women use in a doctor’s office.

    I go over and sit down, trying to cover myself up a little, as I’m still naked. But any hope of covering myself quickly disappears as she proceeds to strap my arms to my sides and my legs to the stirrups. To make things worse, she then puts a thick posture collar around my neck! I’ve never worn one of these! It’s SO restrictive. I can’t move my head at all. It’s one thing to not be able to move my arms and legs (I’ve done a little bit of bondage over the years), but you can always move your head. This was unnerving.

    I hope your comfy,” she says. I try to look at her and feel a sharp pain on my right nipple. Oh, god, how did she know how much I like that? *gasp* My eyes half roll back as I bathe in the sensation. But, just as quickly, it’s gone.

    I half glare at her – it’s not like I can do more – while she goes to a computer at her desk. Maybe she’ll finally see that I’m not supposed to be here, I start to think. Not that I’m really minding it much after that nipple pinch.

    The thought terrifies me. YES, of course I mind, I have to remind myself. They’re looking at long-term changes. This is not what I agreed to. I try to calm my breathing.

    “Miss? Miss? When you’re on the computer, can you check my records? I’m telling you, there’s been a mistake. I’m not supposed to be here. Please?”


     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC Nurse Valentine

    You hear a laugh come from the nurses desk “sorry to dash your hopes sweetie but you’re here for the next three semesters with a Chance of extension” she says as she walks up beside you “and just to let you know from this point on you’ll be going by Miss Tiffy Cocklust it’s what your sponsor has picked for you” with that  that she pulls over a tray of instruments.

    Begins to take measurements of your body waist chest even the size of your nipples every measurement of your body is written down in detail.

    She then type something on her computer and brings back a strange looking device that looks like a or maybe an EpiPen. She presses something on the chair that releases your neck slightly.

    She then takes your hair in her hand and pulls you forward and where there is a hole in the posture collar she shoves a needle in deep.

    It doesn’t hurt too bad but still kind of a shock. “there we go that your GPS now I can find you anywhere” shouldn’t we secures your head and puts a sheet up around your waist obscuring your legs from site.

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    My plea for confirmation of my situation or sympathy or something are instead met with laughter. I’m stunned as I hear it. I try to look at her, but I’m still stuck on this damn chair with a posture collar keeping me from even the slightest movement!

    Sorry to dash your hopes sweetie but you’re here for the next three semesters with a Chance of extension

    I’m lost. What is she talking about? This isn’t what my wife and I agreed to when she sponsored me to come here. How long is a semester? Had the Training Manual said anything about that? I tried to remember, but I new I had breezed through most of it in a haze because it was so damn hot. What an idiot I am!

    And that’s when the final blow struck:

    And just to let you know from this point on you’ll be going by Miss Tiffy Cocklust it’s what your sponsor has picked for you

    “m … my … my sponsor? My sponsor picked a name for me? My sponsor — my wife — knew this was going to happen? She … she told me I was coming here for just a few weeks. That’s what I agreed to. A few weeks.”

    As I’m rambling on, the nurse is taking measurements all over my body. I barely notice as my mind tries to make sense of what’s happening.

    “Tiffy Cocklust? How could she? I like dressing up, but that’s it! *blush* I’ve never even considered more than that. I mean, well, not really. Not more than any other sissy … I mean any other guy. This … god, this can’t be happening.”

    Suddenly, my neck is partially freed. I didn’t see how it happened or know why. For a second, I’m wondering if it was all over. Was this just the last step in the fantasy? Was I about to be released? Relief flooded my entire body – and ended when I felt a little pin prick in my neck.

    there we go that’s your GPS now I can find you anywhere

    Oh my god. The Training Manual said something about a chip and tattoo. Oh no oh no oh no! This can’t be happening!

    The next thing I know, my head is resecured with the posture collar and a sheet is placed over my lower body so I can’t see anything below my waist.

    Oh god – what’s next, I wonder?


     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC Nurse Valentine

    Next thing you know you’ll hear a couple clicks and your chastity belt is removed. “now don’t get your hopes up is going straight back on after I’m done” indicating the chastity belt. “it is common practice that no sissy shall ever see that little clitty Stick again” she says as she gives your shrivelled thing a flick and then continues to measure it as well as your balls.

    now I just need to take one more sample and a two more measurement down here” with that you feel a lubricated finger into your rectum slowly going in and out.

    She spreads the lubricant all around the inside of your passage and then slips another finger in searching deep for that special spot. “not just yet” she sniggers knowing how close you were.

    That’s cute 5 inches I’m pretty sure by the end of the year will have you much smaller” shooting sticks in what feels like a speculum into your back passage and stretch did you further open.

    She then takes a extremely long needle from and proceeds to inject something into your gorged prostate.

    You then feel like you notice your little clitty Stick releasing all its pent up frustration but you feel no pleasure from it at all.

    She then takes out the speculum and proceed to shove something up back up inside you as far as it can go take some notes and then removes it.

    After that she’s proceeds to fasten you back into your chastity. pushing your balls up into your cavity and making sure your clitty is point downwards in a specially designed pocket within the device.

    And the last thing you hear her making down there isn’t nice click as it is all tightly locked away again.

    nearly done almost halfway there” she says as she removes the sheet and comes to stand beside you.

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    The rattling back and forth of emotions and physical responses all over the board continues. From the shocks to the posture collar to the arousing nipple pinch to the news of my new name (Tiffy Cocklust! Oh god!) to a surprising feeling – she removed my chastity belt. What’s happening? Why? I’m beyond the point of thinking we’ve reached the end, now. I’m broken. I’m here.

    But still, my clitty … dammit, no, my COCK was free.

    now don’t get your hopes up is going straight back on after I’m done” indicating the chastity belt. “it is common practice that no sissy shall ever see that little clitty Stick again,” explaining the sheet.

    Never again? I was never even going to see it again?

    She flicks my clitty meanly, then continues with the measurements. She promises just a few more measurements and now I feel her finger in my ass? What the hell – why – mmm, ohhh. Very shortly, I’m gasping, panting even. “Oh, please don’t stop. It’s been more than a week!,” I say.

    not just yet, she laughs at me.

    I’m gasping now. Desperate. When I hear her say:

    That’s cute 5 inches I’m pretty sure by the end of the year will have you much smaller

    What is she talking about? My wife always said it was plenty big. But making it smaller? Was she crazy? But before I can start to think about asking what she means, I feel my rear passage being forced open wider, and now she has a needle in her hand a long needle. And she takes it below the sheet, so I can’t see what’s going on.

    And release.

    My week of frustration is released from my clitty. Without even a hint of pleasure. It’s like the biggest, worst ruined orgasm ever. I feel it oozing out, but I’m still just as frustrated as I was before, if not more. No, god, please. Not like this!

    I’m lost. The tears are coming back. She puts something else into me and removes it, but I can’t even process what’s happening anymore.

    She takes my sissylink chastity and replaces it, again somehow encouraging my balls to reside inside my abdomen, leaving only my useless clitty, pointed downward, with no chance of ever getting hard.

    She locks it and returns to stand beside me.

    nearly done almost halfway there

    I hear the words, but I don’t believe them. Half? Way? I can only hope the second half isn’t as awful and degrading as the first half.

    Please …” is all I can muster



     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC Nurse Valentine

    As I see her tears and her little pathetic whimper. I stroke her hair.

    don’t worry you’ll get used to it eventually” I lean down and kiss her on the lips and when she opens her mouth and surprise I slept between her teeth a mouth spreader like they use in in the dentist.

    I don’t spread her teeth wideopen. And then take a note of any cavities or missing teeth and such. I then stick a flexible rubber tool as far down her throat as I can waiting for her gag reflex to kick in.

    That’s good sissy girl it take it as far as you can” she then shot down some notes upon how far you can take the shaft down your throat.

    And then remove the restraints on your teeth but before you can close them or replace it with a strange penis shaped gag.

    Nurse Valentine then goes over to one of the cabinets takes out some white creamy liquid and pause into it pink and silver kind of dust and then shakes it together.

    She then pulls over a pre-filled enema bag and attach is a phallic shaped object to the nozzle you didn’t feel it enter you slowly and methodically.

    She then begins to pump it up slightly larger insuring it is not come out.

    She then goes back to your head picks up the mixture from earlier and slides it into the gag with a click.

    Lastly she pinches both of your nipples again and then sticks and needle in each one and pushes a pink liquid into it’s one of the nipples.

    Ok now I’m going to let you think for a while” she looks at the enema bag “I would say 10 minutes then I’m going to remove this local assist which should help bring down your voice to a more pleasant tone” she taps on your little gag. And you feel a small amount of salty cream touch your tongue.

    then you get to decide what size breasts I’m going to stick on you for your first semester, your sponsors already made a decision” she smiles if you go smaller you’ll be punished if he goes larger well, you’ll have a large of tits” with that she gives you a wink walks over to a fridge takes out a tub of Ben and Jerry’s walks past the enema bag releasing its flow and lastly pressing the button that releases does salty creamy liquid down your throat. Within it small little nanobots and other additives help alter your vocal cords. And what it tastes like it’s exactly what else is mixed in with the concoction.

    She sits down and watchers you as she finishes off her Ben and Jerry’s.

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    The nurse finally starts to take a little pity on me. She strokes my hair and tells me not to worry. Then she gives me a soft, gentle kiss. Desperate as I am, I willingly return the kiss, despite everything she’s done to me so far.

    But I should have guessed. This was a trick, too. She placed a teeth spreader in my mouth, just like at the dentist’s office. Now I’m tied in place, locked in place, head immobilized – and I can’t even close my mouth. Every time I think the humiliation is through, something worse comes along!

    She looks closely at my teeth like I’m some kind of animal. Then she sticks a long rubber *sob* oh god, it’s basically a penis! She sticks a penis into my mouth and slowly keeps pushing to see how far it will go before I gag. I’m terrified about why they would have to do this, but I think I know.

    That’s good sissy girl take it as far as you can, she says while taking some notes.

    The tears are leaking out of my eyes, saliva beginning to leak from my mouth. I’m a mess. And I came here voluntarily! She removes the teeth-spreader and replaces it with a penis gag, not quite like the one I bought a few months ago, I think to myself before shaking that memory away.

    Next, she’s everywhere at once. With the posture collar on, I can barely track where she is or what she’s doing – but I can certainly feel things entering my body. First there’s some kind of enema bag, it looks like? And it’s pumped to keep it locked in place.

    Then she attaches something to my penis gag.

    Then she goes back to work on my nipples. Oh, god, even with everything going on, I feel the arousal build from the pinching. What the hell is wrong with me? But, once again, as soon as it starts, it stops, as she sticks a needle into each nipple. I try to scream through the gag, but it comes out as just another pathetic whimper. I hear bits and pieces of wha she’s saying as I feel like I’m losing touch with reality,

    I’m going to let you think for a while … I would say 10 minutes … should help bring your voice to a more pleasant tone

    My eyes go wide with fear. I try to shake my head “no,” but the posture collar restricts any movement! She taps on the gag and something drips on my tongue. Something with a familiar taste and consistency. Please, no! No!

    then you get to decide what size breasts I’m going to stick on you for your first semester, your sponsor already made a decision … if you go smaller you’ll be punished if you goes larger well, you’ll have a large set of tits

    WHAT? My wife approved breast implants for me too? This can’t be! What is happening? And unless I guess the same size she requested, I’ll either get bigger tits or otherwise “be punished,” which – after everything else – sounds horrible.

    The nurse makes another circle around me and pushes a few buttons. I feel myself filling up inside. My only remaining hope is that this can all somehow be reversed. While I continue to feel tears run down my face, the nurse walks past with a pint of ice cream and sits nearby.

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     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC Nurse Valentine

    After taking 10 minutes to fill you up you are left there for another 10 feeling the cramps.

    Before taking out the plug to the enema bag “if you don’t hold this, there will be hell to pay” and with that she deflates the phallic shaped butt plug and removes it from your anus. I move the nozzle into place and pushes it inside you. She then Strokes your head just like before like your pet “now release Little Miss cocklust” she continues to stroke and Pat your head as you void your bowels down the drain.

    She checks your gag “I see you’re living up to your name good girl” she then remove the gag  “we can discuss your two new best friends

    April ever tray and pull the sheep back to reveal loads of different sizes of stick on breasts. As I see the slight relief in your face I Can’t Help But say something. “oh dear these are just to get you used to them, sometime during the year you will be coming back here and getting your own pair unless you’ve developed adequately enough” she smiles “have you made your decision

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    The 10 minutes take forever to go by. It feels like an hour of painful cramping due to the enema before she warns me “if you don’t hold this, there will be hell to pay” and removes the phallic butt plug. I squeeze with all my might, desperate to get on her good side. She pushes a nozzle into me and sweetly, lovingly strokes my head. “Now release Little Miss Cocklust.” I feel so accomplished, glad I’m pleasing the nurse. *blush*

    She checks my gag next and tells me “I see you’re living up to your name good girl” before removing the gag. I’m positively beaming with pride now. Not being stuffed from above and below is helping too, I’m sure.

    But then, the big question comes up: “we can discuss your two new best friends” she says, obviously meaning the breasts I’m going to be getting. Why does she have to have such glee in doing this, I think. Is she enjoying torturing me?

    Then, she reveals what’s before me – a large tray full of different size stick-on breasts. They’re just stick-ons, I think to myself! I smile with relief, taking a deep breath. And just then, this sadist of a nurse seems ready to pounce on this moment of relaxation she intentionally created:

    oh dear these are just to get you used to them, sometime during the year you will be coming back here and getting your own pair unless you’ve developed adequately enough” she smiles “have you made your decision”

    My decision? Right – I have to guess what my wife ordered for me. Did she take pity on me, realizing how difficult this would all be, and let me start with A cups? Did she want me to match what she had, so I could finally understand what it was like, and order C cups? Did she decide to go in the middle? Or just shoot for the moon and go straight to D?

    I was virtually shaking with distress at having to make this decision. I’m digging my own grave.

    Based on what’s happened so far, the A seems unlikely (unless she wanted to torture me by her picking A and knowing that I would pick something larger). B was a real possibility to begin with. But she’s tried to make things more difficult for me, which means C or D.

    Oh, what am I going to do? The nurse is starting to look annoyed that I’ve taken this long. I finally blurt out “C” – only to hear my voice sound entirely different as I do so! I’m stunned by what I hear – and by what I said.

     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC Nurse Valentine

    Nurse Valentines smiles warmly at you and then proceeds to pick up one breast from the table peel off something underneath. And then position it of your chest as she pushes down there’s a bite on your nipple and it seems too attached to something so when the next time she pinches the nipple of the false breast you feel the pain pass straight into you. She done does this with the other side as well.

    well done it looks like you know your sponsor a better than might have thought enjoy your size c breasts” she says giving them a nice squeeze and jiggle making sure the adhesive has set.

    there is no way to remove these without a specialists help i e me” she smiles wickedly “and since there’s no to move them I can now tell you they are slowly releasing hormones directly into your chest helping your new budding breasts develop” she says this as she looks down at you like the piece of meat you are. She bites her lower lip around by all the changes you’re going to go through.

    She don’t begins to unlock you from the chair and then clicks her fingers and points towards the centre of the office where you began.

    She then goes to a cupboard and remove the package that seems to have a coat hanger attached to it and in bold pink letters your full true name Tiffy Cocklust is printed across it underneath it is printed Lily Academy uniform.

    Nurse Valentine places on the floor a pair of 4 inch Mary Jane heels.

    Now get dressed and make it look good” she says commanding and she sits down in a chair and watching you closely.


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    My answer – and my new voice tone – seem to please the nurse. She smiles at my answer and picks up a breast from the tray. She peels something from the back, then presses the peeled off portion directly over my right nipple. There’s almost a bite feeling as it attaches, another little twist of my nipple that makes me gasp a little. Then she twist the nipple on the false breast, and I feel the glorious twist transmit through to my own nipple. “Ohhhh.”

    She performs the same trick with the other false breast, giving it the same glorious twist at the end, getting the same response from me. My voice starting to sound more normal to me.

    “well done it looks like you know your sponsor a better than might have thought enjoy your size c breasts” she says giving them a nice squeeze and jiggle making sure the adhesive has set.

    I smile at pleasing the nurse – and at the feeling of the squeeze and jiggle. Is this what men are missing? “Mmmmm.”

    She tells me something or other about the breasts being impossible to remove – and that they’re releasing hormones that will help me grow my own breasts. I hear the words, but I wonder if they’re also releasing some kind of hormone that makes them feel so damn good – this is heaven!

    She looks at me like I’m a piece of meat, and I’m sure I can feel my little clitty drooling in its chastity. I guess I am just a toy for her, and I hope I’ve managed to please her with my struggles, my moans, my humiliation. There’s almost nothing else in the world for me right now outside of pleasing this nurse.

    She then proceeds to take her time to unlock me from the chair I’ve been in. She clicks her fingers and points to the centre of the office. Again, like a trained animal, I move directly to the spot she pointed at. I’m not trying to cover myself anymore. There’s no reason to. This nurse virtually built everything she can now see. (I do sneak a little feel of my one tit, hoping she doesn’t see me do it. But it makes me moan so loud, I have to imagine she knows what happened.

    She goes to a cupboard on the side wall and pulls out a package on a coat hanger. In bold, pink letters it says
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Tiffy Cocklust
    Lily Academy Uniform</p>
    Despite everything else, the name still makes me blush. As slutty as I’m acting, this name – it’s too much.

    The nurse hands me the package, then puts a pair of four-inch Mary Janes on the floor in front of me. She takes a seat right in front of me, sits back and orders me: Now get dressed and make it look good.

    Yes, Miss.” I answer immediately. *curtsey* I’m feeling good – and the last thing I want is to get on her bad side.

    I start by wriggling into the tight little pink thong, making sure to wiggle my ass around while pulling them up. Next, I take out the white silk stockings. I make as much of a show as I can of rolling each stay-up stocking slowly up my leg, smoothing the material out from the foot on up, standing on my toes to look back at the seams and make sure they’re straight.

    I reach for the pink tartan skirt next. It looks amazingly small, but I proceed to step into it and again wiggle my ass around as I pull it up to my waist, then zip the zipper to keep it in place.

    I look around to see whether there is a bra and am a little surprised to see one. Then I notice – it’s a dark red and will easily be seen through the brief, sheer white shirt. I should have known. I put the bra on over my new breasts – and here, I lose track of the nurse for a minute. The feel of the fabric on my new chest makes me lose my focus and let out a shuddering sigh. As soon as I do it, I open my eyes with a start and see the nurse still watching me closely.

    The shirt doesn’t cover my belly and ties in the front. My cleavage will be on full display for everyone to see!

    That leaves just the shoes. I’ve never warn heels that high before, but I don’t have much choice. I slip each foot in to the sexy footwear and buckle it up. I stand up and almost instantly lose my balance between the heels and the new center of balance my breasts have created. I glance up at the nurse, sure she’s going to be laughing at my bumbling.

    As I regain my balance, I work to stand perfectly still before her. Then, as I’ve done so many times before, I look down at the floor; I reach down to my skirt at my sides with my first two fingers and my thumb, extending my pinkies; I place my right foot behind my left (struggling with the balance); I bend my knees outward into a curtsey; and I carefully move back into an upright position – still working to keep my balance. I keep my eyes down and wait.




     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC Nurse Valentine

    Throughout your entire sexy act I had been slowly recording you with my phone. And then as you finish your curtsy I take a picture.

    well you’ve come along nicely haven’t you” congratulation herself on a job well done “it looks like you’ve got a bit of a balance issue but that’s what your lessons in deportment are for

    She stands up walks over to you and places a hand around your throat. “now you want to go to the Deans office and speak to the secretary, she should have your lessons plans.” She says this one of the hand please with your nipple. “and who knows maybe the Dean would like to see you as well before you go to your first lesson, and do try to remember the lessons I’ve taught you” she done turns you round slaps you on the ass hard “see you next time Miss Cocklust” she says with a smile.

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    As the nurse begins to speak, I start to look up and see she’s been recording my little performance. *blush* I hope I was worthy of being recorded!

    well you’ve come along nicely haven’t you” she tells me, making me smile broadly. “it looks like you’ve got a bit of a balance issue but that’s what your lessons in deportment are for.” Something to look forward to! (Wait, what am I saying? I don’t want to be here!)

    Next, she very purposefully gets to her feet and walks straight to me, placing her hand on my throat! *gasp* now you want to go to the Deans office and speak to the secretary, she should have your lessons plans.” As she orders my next move and grasps my throat with authority, her other hand plays with my right nipple. The twisting makes me go a little weak in my knees and I moan as she says something else.

    Next thing I know, she’s turning me around and gives my ass – very exposed in this tiny little skirt – a very hard smack!

    See you next time Miss Cocklust,” she says, directing me toward the door I entered by.

    I move toward the door, feeling the clothes move against my body, feeling the handprint on my ass, trying desperately not to grab my tits. I can’t believe how amazing it all feels. It’s driving every other thought out of my head!

    As I get to the desk by the door, I stop, turn and give a curtsey to the nurse (she never did tell me her name! But I’m just a silly airheaded sissy, so maybe that’s how things go here at the Lily Academy). As I finish my curtsey, I look up and see she’s not even paying attention to me anymore. She had her way with me, now she’s on to more important tasks.

    I look at the desk and see a vase containing what’s almost a bouquet of red lollipops. They say “M&R Brand Lollipops.”

    I look back up at the nurse and see she’s still not paying attention to me, so I grab one of the lollipops and teeter off on my heels into the hallway.

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     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC Nurse Valentine

    she walks over to the tray containing the samples of the recently acquired fluids, and began writing the students name on the side of them. then she places them in the fridge to be analyse later with the rest.

    She then make her way over to a desk and plugs in her phone to her computer, and uploads the files on to the main frame.

    She then continues to update Miss Cocklust files, with before and after photos. and attaches the recording to the document.

    She then has that sent to the sponsor as well as the rest of the teachers at the Lily Academy.

    The humiliated sissy being the equivalent of cat photos at the M&R corporation.

    She then looks down at her empty top of Ben and Jerry’s and frowns and then looks at the door hopefully.

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    My name is Anne and I’ve been told to repot to the nurses office.

     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC nurse Valentine

    As a girl open the door to the nurse’s office and shyley and says that her name is Anne and that she has been sent here “well girl coming to the centre of the room and introduce your self, I am nurse Valentine and inform you of any procedures you’ve already have or train equipment you’re using such as your sissylink TM chastity belt” she says with a warm smile.

    And then look on the computer and it seems so she has been sent from the Deans office.


    I curtsey to Nurse Valentine and say.” My name is Annette or Anne for short and I don’t know of any training that I have had here. My girlfriend sent me to the academy because I am useless as a male but hopefully useful as a well trained sissy.” I curtsey once more and keep my head down! My bottom can’t possibly take another spanking!

     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC nurse Valentine

    She walks over to you whilst putting on her rubber gloves. “do you have a last name sweetie, it’s usually something humiliating.” The last word accentuated with a snap of rubber “most of the sponsors like to remind the sissies that they are no longer who they used to be, we’ve had a miss tinyclit a miss morningwud” she begins to put on her second glove “I think you get the idea there are a few you have a normal last name but they are less fun” and with a full snap of rubber she looks you up and down “also you can lose the clothes you won’t be needing them in this room” she says with a wicked smile.


    Nurse Valentine slowly pulls the tight latex glove up her right hand and let’s it snap into place as she begins to ask me questions. ” so Annette, do you have a last name?” She asked, as she begins putting the other glove on her left hand. ” most girls who are sent here have last names” I just look at the ground and whimper “No, I don’t think so…” With a snapping sound her left glove is on, and she asks me to please remove my cloths…I begin to shake a little and start to take off what little cloths I have. I begin to cry from humiliation as I pull my panties off leaving me fully naked.

     Ditzy Dicklett 

    NPC Nurse Valentine

    As you begin to cry miss Valentine takes your arm lift it above your head and locks it into a leather shackle just as you realise what’s going on your other wrist Snaps into the second one.

    The chains are then raised so you are on your tiptoes she then proceeds to take out a phone and begins to take pictures.

    here is your full name Miss Anne Lepusielik” she nonce her head approvingly “let’s see if there’s any special procedures I see she was turned into a ballerina don’t worry ballet is mandatory anyway, so I will see if I can make sure the teacher is more strict with you” she says she’s slightly slaps side of your face playfully.

    Next she picks up a needle gun pieces to the back of your neck and you hear a hiss and feels like warmth “there we go you are now chipped like a bich and branded like property we can find you anywhere on the world” as the shock of that sinks in she places the needle gun down and pulls over an enema kit and proceeds to lube up the nozzle and then sticks sticks her fingers in your back passage. Ensure the special lubricant is coated all around you’re tight sphincter.

    She then picks up another bottle and begins to coat your entire body in a pink soapy liquid the after a couple of seconds begins to tingle and then slowly burn “this liquid will ensure that you never grow any hair on your body again.” She then turns a nuzzle and the flow of liquid into your bowels. “now I will only remove it when your bowels are full until then” she sits on her chair lifts up her skirt slightly and begins to rub herself as you drive in and comfortable pain as you were slowly filled up.

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    I’m still weeping as Nurse Valentine begins to put shackles on my wrists which are high above my head, she explains to me that my true full name is Anne Lepusilik as my the shackles on my wrists begin to rise pulling me onto my tiptoes! She takes a few embarrassing photos of me hanging from the ceiling and informs that they are aware of my previous ballet training and that the ballet instructor will expect a much higher level of effort or she will be very strict on me! Then i see a enema cart wheeled over and Nurse Valentine lubes up the end and forces it into my bottom! Oh the humiliation! I begin to cramp and cry….

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