Adventures at the LiLy Academy

The dean's office – taking in the new girls

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    While i lay on the desk, Miss Dawson explain the chastity, SissyLink to me. i am even annoying the name, SissyLink which tell All the wearer is a sissy. And more terriable is the functions! This is not only a chastity locking my cock but everybody with passwords can remotely control me. How terriable one day that Mr. OHHIO will press the punishment remotely. More worse, i never know who will have the passwords! This implies my life is sealed on their hands! And, the GPS functions must mean that i am always being located. i cannot escape from them even i escape from this Academy!!! Who Devil invents such humiliating Sissylink to torture me. my heart beat faster and i feel very frustrated with great emotion when i think about that!!!!! i tell myself i must try all means to take the SissyLink off from me! i am not sissy, i tell myself emotionally once more.

    BUT, this is not the time to worry my future life as Miss Dawson taunt me as a little girl wearing the flower panties while She rolls my panties down. i shock and move my waist to protest,

    Please… Miss Dawson… You are spanking me. There is no need to roll my panties off… In my previous school spankee is allowed to wear panties. Please.. this is too shame to show….sigh..please nooo…

    Miss Dawson’s punishment is different from my previous school teacher. Rolling down the panties further humiliate my pride and my bottom is tingling, not sure because of the chill air or the fear. On the other hand, my face cheeks is very hot because of shame!


    “I will make sure that the shock isn’t too bad for you…so I will start with just a few spanks.”


    i now know begging for mercy from Miss Dawson is fruitless. i tell myself i cannot lose the game. i will scold Her as bitch if She really dare to spank on my bottom.


    Six hard spanking, 3 on each side of my bottom hurts me so much. But, i try not to moan nor screaming painfully as my teeth bite my lips hardly. Tears is full in my eye shield but Miss Dawson should not aware.

    See, now you are at the right temperature… You know…a flower is beautiful, smells sweetly and is fragile… so many bad things can happen to it…”

    At least, i do not lost the game to this Bitch, i tell myself. Though pain and feel as if firing on my bottom, at least the punishment is finished and i tell myself i will not surrender to Miss Dawson. i will pretend to be weak but my mental pride is not so fragile as Miss Dawson, as well as my other previous teacher think about. i, pretend in a sorry and sincere voice with finding some excuse to leave,

    Miss Dawson, may i wear my panties well and make myself good and leave to further my registry to my class. i do not want to be late for class as i do not want to have any punish….O! NOOOOO


    Distinctive sound of a Sound of whipping crop comes into my ear and then a black crop is shown in my eyes. And, Miss Dawson confirm that punishment is not ended as She says,


    I know that you won’t again, my sweet sissy girl, nobody does that a second time after they have met my favourite correction tool. Now shut up and brace yourself, be happy I don’t let you count out loudly, this is something for a later course.


    This is so shocking and all fears arise in my mind and body. i am shuddering and my hands cannot help but move to cover my fire and hurt bottom while i cry for mercy,

    Nooo.. please Miss Dawson.. i have learnt the lesson… i will die if you whip me with crop. i never being punished by the crop. Please.. nooo… what yo mean the course about i need not attend the class.. why i need to count.. nooo.. Please.. Miss Dawson… i am made to be a pretty sissy wife… please i will do good to be pretty..and i should only learn to be pretty… please any punishment lesson needed.. and please not whipping me .. i will do what Miss Dawson demand me. Trust me.. please.. i promise… i will not say any bad words more…even in my mind, from now on.. no any bad words.. please forgive me… please…

    Just the sound of the crop has frighten me as being a scared lamb. i cannot beleive how i can bear the real spanking. The fear make me almost crying now.

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    While she did take her spanking with a bit of whining because I rolled her precious panties down, she generally behaved acceptable, but when she sees the crop she goes ballistic! She moves her little hands to cover her nicely reddened bottom and blubbers and whines for mercy… as if something like that had ever worked on me!

    “Oh stop it, scaredy cat! A bit of punishment builds character, I can clearly see your previous schools have been lacking in that regard! Put your hands right back on the table, Missy, or I will cuff you to the desk!”

    This is no empty thread, of course I have rings attached to my desk, but it’s rare that I need to use them, most sissies are smart enough to avoid that.

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    • Oh stop it, scaredy cat! A bit of punishment builds character, I can clearly see your previous schools have been lacking in that regard! Put your hands right back on the table, Missy, or I will cuff you to the desk!”


    At first i still want to protest as i  really fear the crop.  But i really know She has absolutely control on me with SissyLink.  i starts to cry instead of mad protest as i feel my life is brutally sealed in this Academy.

    I do not want to move my hands out from my bottom but i dare not test Miss Dawson baseline now.  My hand then swings meaningless to release my fear and angry with great frustration.

    Then,  i change cry yo sob and i hesistately move my hand back to desk.  my tangling red round bottom is completely displayed in front of Miss Dawson.  i now sincerely regret what i have said.

    i beg for mercy with sobbing,

    Miss Dawson,  i feel so sorty.  i never think this will lead so serious result.  Please give me one more chance. i will die if i am spanked by crop.




    Gee, this girl is such a drama queen! “Wahwahwah i will die if i am spanked by crop. ” If every girl had died that felt the crop this would be a morgue…

    “Oh shut up, Hatsue! This is my favourite crop, so I won’t break it on your sissy ass, not even hit you till you bleed. Do you know how hard it is to get blood out of leather?”

    I let that sink in for a minute, by now she has also put her hands back where they belong and is waiting obediently as she should.

    “Listen, I even give you a chance to get something nice in return, to show you that at Lily Academy not everything is the stick, sometimes you get the carrot too! So, if you keep your position as a good sissy should during all 10 swats with the crop then you get a reward. Of course, if you don’t then I add two more swats for every break of posture.”

    I take my position behind her raise the crop and announce:

    “Ready or not, here we go!”

    The swish of the crop is audible and then it finishes with a loud


    I raise the crop and see a nice red welt bloom right on the pink bottom.



    i dare not speak but just sobbing as Miss Dawson instructs me to shut up. i do not know why but a submissive dependency on Miss Dawson strangely. i just want Her to spank me as soon as possible but this seems that no hints of spanking but just some chill air blow on my scored bottom. However, i dare not move an inch but just my bottom tingles in front of Miss Dawson shamefully.  Finally voice of Miss Dawson appears again,

    Listen, I even give you a chance to get something nice in return, to show you that at Lily Academy not everything is the stick, sometimes you get the carrot too! So, if you keep your position as a good sissy should during all 10 swats with the crop then you get a reward. Of course, if you don’t then I add two more swats for every break of posture.”

    10 Swats????! O!!Reward..sigh… no swats is reward..sigh…

    i just repeat numbers of swats as a frustrated feedback.i know the punishment is confirmed and any arguement just lead to further humiliation. i even not dare to count if my mistake is so big that causing 5 handspankings and 10 crop swats! Reward, i guess, will just be more humiliation just as praising me as a good sissy/girl. i do not care such rewards. And, beleive the reward or not, i still need to be hit and hurt by the crops. i close my eyes to wait the punishment.

    Ready or not, here we go!

    my fingers tightly grasp the edge  and all my muscle , specially the bottom, tensed as stone because of fear and anxiety.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>WHIPPPP…… CRACK!</p>
    ARRRRRHHHHH… PAIN….. ARR….. please no more…please…i will be goood ….please…

    The distinctive sound of the swish of the crop almost make me move my hands to cover my bottom. Luckily (or unlucky?!) the crop lands on my bottom almost at the same time i listen the sound that my hands do not have time to move! Unlike handspanking, the crop lands on a very small, seems a straight line on my bottom, across from left to right make me feelings more sensitive than being hand spanked !  This sensation awakens  all my senses. This initial shock grabs my attention and i can feel nothing but the sharp sting of the rod and the trail of ringing nerves in its wake. Then my bottom feels as if it is on fire, which sparking off from the straight line on my bottom which just across my pussy!!!!

    Then all seem stop as the second swat does not land on my bottom. Does my begging convince Miss Dawson as my experience in my previous school? Or does Miss Dawson give me a trap me to punish me more? i really do not know but i dare not move an inch or to caress my fired bottom. i just weakly ask,

    Miss Dawson?


    After the first swat I want to see how she reacts, she whines a bit, but keeps her hands on the desk – good!

    I wait for a bnit to let the tension rise and sure enough after a few seconds the asks:”Miss Dawson?”

    “Here, my little sissy, the rest is coming now, I just love to have a girl appreciate the very first stroke, so they know what will come next. Don’t you appreciate my consideration?”

    I don’t give her time to reply though, because in the mean time my hand has risen again and the next swat comes down, precisely one centimeter below the first.


    And the next three in fast order:


    Each precisely a centimeter below the other, such a nice pattern of lines on her round bottom. She is keeping her posture for now, good for her. Cheerfully I announce:


    The next five will come in fast order too, as much as I enjoy this, I can’t spend all my time on one girl, right?


    There we go, such a nice pattern:


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    Here, my little sissy, the rest is coming now, I just love to have a girl appreciate the very first stroke, so they know what will come next. Don’t you appreciate my consideration

    i get totally confused if i should appreciate the very first stroke. Waiting just enhance feelings of terror, pain, embarrassment and all that makes me feeling helpless. When i just want open my mouth to say,


    Another crops hit my bottom again that make me moan which just echo with


    All my nerves, not only of he bottom but whole body, are screaming, here, there and everythere and my consciousness is just consumed with the unknown but strangely exciting sensations that emanating from my bottom. And all suddenly stop! Is this finished???


    <p style=”text-align: justify;”>NOOO…Miss Dawson..this is more than 10 spankings now…NOOOO more please……..</p>
    <p style=”text-align: justify;”>i am disappointed  and frustrated that the last hit isn’t the final hit. This seems a life long punishment constantly reminds me i am on the hand of Miss Dawson but not mine. i feel feel so vulnerable in front of Miss Dawson!</p>
    <p style=”text-align: justify;”>CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!</p>
    <p style=”text-align: justify;”>Another round of crop spanking against bottom that i cannot count or know how many strokes hitting on me. Not only pain but sense of lose of  my ownership from my hand to Miss Dawson make me crying as a baby! All are sudden stop again but this time i do not have any hope again. i dare not think the punishment stop or not. i just totally regret what i have done now. Rather than begging to stop the punishment,  i apologize again to Miss Dawson with crying, the words that i never believe i will say before,

    Sorry Miss Dawson. i should not have bad mouth. i should not do so. i promise i will not do again. i want to be a good girl from now on.. cry..cry.

    By now, my bottom feels as if it is on fire but at the same time a strange but intensive feelings arise. i feel that my bottom, the loins contract very much and a strange pleasure hit my spine. No, i should not have such strange pleasure feelings. This must be illusion. i cry more in order to suppress this strange and horrible feelings – a mixed feelings of pain with humiliation and a strange pleasure sparked off by being spanked.


    OCC : Sorry that i do not know why but the format is strange. i have tried many times but this format is still not correct. sorry.

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    The girl starts to cry at halftime and is continuing to do so through the last 5 strokes, but she holds her position steadily, promising after I am done: Sorry Miss Dawson. i should not have bad mouth. i should not do so. i promise i will not do again. i want to be a good girl from now on.. cry..cry.

    Caressing her bottom very gently now I purr:

    “I know you will, my sweet Hatsue, I know.”

    A short view on her bio signals from the SissyLink tell me she is in pain, but she is also aroused. We might have a potential pain slut at our hands! I smile a bit wider before I continue:

    “In fact, you have already earned your reward for staying in position. This is what you get for being a good girl.”

    I send a level 3 pleasure impulse for 5 seconds, not very long, but intense enough to make her feel it for real – and desire more of it!


    A soft hand caress my fired and over-senstitive bottom gently as if comburent on my desire. my bottom is trembling with Miss Dawson Hand and the contracting of my pussy is more obvious as if breathing now. And, my heart is beating faster and faster as well as i feel very hot throughout  my whole body. Am i sick because of the spanking? But sick should not be pleasant! And, being spanked should not be pleasent.

    I know you will, my sweet Hatsue, I know

    The praise of Miss Dawson may imply that the spanking is finished. i sigh a heavy breath to relax myself. my hands push on the table to prepare to hold my body up. At the same time, i listen Miss Dawson smile and says,

    In fact, you have already earned your reward for staying in position. This is what you get for being a good girl.

    Within a second, waves of helpless pleasure washing over my body, starting from my pussy. This seems that some pleasure stimuli hits on my pussy which makes the muscle contracting very much that i never experience. Though i have already pushed myself up from table, the pleasure is too dramatic which mix with the pain that i cannot control myself. i collapse back on to the table, with jelly knees and whimpers,


    i feel myself almost arrive haven but suddenly all stop, leaving my frustrated muscle contracts without any pleasure stimuli more. i weakly lay on the table with heavy frustrated breath and this is more than frustration that i cannot achieve the heaven.

    my body is so hot and thus i writhe and being rubbed onto the desk and its edge but no any effect on me again. i  start to suspect that the pleasure is the result of being spanked. If so, i do not mind to be spanked if at last i can get my own cum. Thus regardless how humiliation, i beg Miss Dawson,

    Please Miss Dawson, please give me more… i am so near the heaven (shy) …i want more…please Miss Dawson.. please give good girl hatsue more…

    my brain is so messing now and i do not know what i beg for, more spanking or more pleasure, or even both. Anyway, i am just a helpless sissy who wants to have more pleasure now.



    Hatuse does enjoy her pleasure impulse indeed, she seems to almost get off, which of course can’t happen, we see to that. It is extremely rare that we allow a sissy to cum and certainly not like this, despite her pleading: Please Miss Dawson, please give me more… i am so near the heaven (shy) …i want more…please Miss Dawson.. please give good girl hatsue more…

    Firmly I reply:

    “No, Hatsue, this is enough for now, continue to behave, visit your classes, be respectful and follow the rules and yu may get what you wish at some point.”

    Highly unlikely, but maybe someday…

    “For now though, we are done, get your panties back up, then you may leave after saying your proper ‘good bye’ to me. My secretary Miss Stevenson will give you your schedule and a map for the classes, the first course will be “Presentation”. Now off with you, little sissy Hatsue.”

    I sit back down behind my desk and seem to ignore her, but I watch carefully if she has understood and curtseys when leaving.

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    Regardless of my begging, the firm reply of Miss Dawson throws me into a frustrated hell. Yet, She still give me a little hope that i may have my heaven if i behave good. This seems to be my motiviation to attend the class. 

    As Her instrcution, i stand up though my legs still weak and bottom is still on fire, i wear my panties back. Then, i turn around, walk to the door. But, then i suddenly remember i have made another mistakes. i rushly turn back, hope that i can correct myself before Miss Dawson press the key!!!

    SORRY…i am still not totally get used to the strict disclipine. Please forgive me this time

    Not waiting Miss Dawson makes Her decision, i lower my head and tip the edges of my skirt and then lower myself with bending my knees to give Miss Dawson a full and perfect curtsy.

    Thank you Miss Dawson giving me a good lesson. May hatsue leave now and may i  serve Madam a sweet day in future?

    This is shame to give such curtsy and ask permission to leave and promise to serve but i do not have choice now. my heart beats fast again as i do not know if Miss Dawson will forgive my carelessness this time.

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    She is on her way to the door already and I am about to get the phone out to send her another blast of pain, but she remembers her duties in time and comes back to do a perfect curtsey. She even apologizes and offers her services for future. I am almost tempted to give her another pleasure blast, but that would not be right either, so instead I potter through my papers and ignore her completely.

    I wait for another 60 seconds and let her wonder what I might do, then look up as if I hadn’t even noticed her before:

    “Oh, you are still here, Hatsue? You may leave now, close the door…”

    Just as she is about to turn I add:

    “Nice curtsey, by the way, keep it up!”


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    Nothing happens after my curtsy, neither punishment nor any apraising comment. i still lower my head not dare to stare to Miss Dawson directly. But, i try best to peek what She does. It seems that She is not aware what i have done! What should i do now???

    i peek her finger once on the the phone and my heart beats very fast and pray that She does not press the phone. i almost sigh out to stop Her to press but i dare not irritate Her. Luckily She just take a note on the phone and then SHe reads the report. What the report is? Is this about me? Does She read my poor comment to find excuse to punish me? No, this is not fair!!! How can She do that? my face cheeks redden again and my body tense again. What should i do now? If She does not have the SissyLink, i must scream out to draw HER attention and respect to me.  BUT i am so fear about the SissyLink and Her spankings as well as i want to be good girl to get the pleasure. Miss Dawson has promised I will get most pleasure if i am good. i hope that i can get another pleasure now.

    Finally Miss Dawson raise Her head up and Her face expression tells me that SHE never aware what a good curtsy i have done for HER.

    Oh, you are still here, Hatsue? You may leave now, close the door…

    She just instrcuts me to leave with closing door. i am sure that She does not know i have almost make an serious mistakes nor i have done a good curtsy with sincere promise to HER. And, this is the first time i make a sincere curtsy that i never did in previous school. i am totally frustrated. She indeed not give a eye on me. What She says i will have my pleasure is just a joy. She will not care if i am good or not.

    Sigh..yes.. Madam

    i whisper in a sad and frustrated voice. Then i turn about and i start to think how foolish i am to believe Bi….noo. i promise myself i will not use bad words again. i tell myself. my left foot mince a small step, then a voice rise in my back.

    Nice curtsey, by the way, keep it up!

    Tears almost pour out from my eyes. Miss Dawson is aware what i have done. And, She think this is a nice curtsey. Maybe i am not good enough to get the pleasure award. But, at least SHe know that. i tell myself i will get the pleasure soon. A smile appear on my lips while my eye is red (with tears). i say my last words before i close the door.

    Miss Dawson, i will be a good girl and i will earn your pleasure reward very soon. Thank you Miss Dawson.

    i give Her another curtsy. i know i have changed a lot now if compare to me entering Miss Dawson office.

    When i walk close enough to Miss Stevenson, i give Her another curtsy

    Miss Stevenson, hatsue wish you have a good and sweet day.

    i do not know why but now i want to make curtsy moare so that i can make it perfect. i just miss too much the pleasure!!!


    OCC :

    Thank you Alina a good guidance and good play with hatsue. i enjoy so much the process. Hope that Alina not feel too boring and wish you have fun forever.



    The girl was disappointed at first when I didn’t notice her, the changes are already starting to take place. She was seriously happy after I showed her that I did in fact care, I think we can work with this little Japanese flower after all. A little satisfied smile appears on my lips, I just love to secure our place as the best sissy training school in the world!

    /OOC: A pleasure sweetie, I enjoy playing my domme side now and then (never thought I would) 🙂


    NPC Miss Stevenson:

    The lilttle Japanese comes out again and despite the screams and the crying I have heard from the dean’s office, the little flower seems to shine by itself as she minces towards me and falls into a curtsey: Miss Stevenson, hatsue wish you have a good and sweet day.

    “Thank you, my sweet Hatsue, a pleasant day to you too. I see the dean has already had an influence on you, she is such a person of respect, isn’t she? Here is your schedule for the classes and this is the map to the rooms. Your first course will be “Presentation” with Miss van Cleef. Sadly the course has already started so you will be late. You just took too long at the dean’s office, you know?”

    I shake my head in sympathy:

    “Now Miss van Cleef does not take lightly to schoolgirls who come late, but if you knock before entering, apologize with such a nice curtsey as the one you have just shown to me and call her by name… then your punishment won’t be that bad. Here, take a lollipop, but don’t eat it now, sweetie. Off you go now.”

    I get up, smile down at her and give her a light pat on the bottom to send her on her way.

    /OOC If you click on the word “Presentation” you land right at the thread.


    I see the dean has already had an influence on you, she is such a person of respect, isn’t she? 

    i hesitantly stare on Her. Do i really change? No, i do not change – i am not a sissy that They think about me. I tell myself. But, I cannot deny that i have goof feelings with Miss Dawson, specially i want to have more “reward” from Her!! i strangely blush but soon i come back to normal and listen what Miss Stevenson said.

    Miss Stevenson mentions about that my first class has been started and suggests me that i should apologize to the teacher, Miss Van Cleef, with detailed explanation that i stay long time with Miss Dawson.

    Thank you, Miss Stevenson, i will remember that. Giggles

    Of course, I would not tell her that i was always late, if not absent, to the class. I know that i can easily handle.

    After i get lollipop to me, Miss Stevenson give me a light pat on my bottom that reminds me the bottom is still scored and I feel blushing again when She pat me as a girl. i do not say anything but goodbye to Her as i do not want Her to know my blushing anxiety.

    With the help of the map , I find the way to my first class. At the mid-way, I find that I am so tired. Maybe the spanking punishment makes me weak. i can feel my bottom still feel burning. i need sometimes to take rest before attending my class. i remember that Miss Stevenson’s teaching that I can make use of the excuse of seeing Dean that i am late. And, this is too silly to take the lollipop to the class. Maybe i eat it now and the sugar of the lollipop may give me more energy.

    Once i suck the lollipop, the first feelings are not too good. This has slight medicine taste. Ummm.. this is sweet but the sweet is liking the drugs for mediating cough. In a few seconds, my lips are tangling as every nerves of my lips waking up. Very fast, i feel my heart beating fast and  my mouth produces more saliva, even leaking out from my lips. The warm lips and mouth make me feel something deep in my heart. Mm… first, I feel so nervous, then a feeling of happiness takes over and I just don’t want the kiss to stop. i try to suck the lollipop faster and faster. At the same time, the tingles I  feel is not just imaginary; they come from my stiffened nipples, stomach butterflies, and even tingling genitalia in the cage. But soon all tingles are fading out as the lollipop has been totally melted in my mouth. i have strange sense of frustration and then i find that i am late too much for my first class. This is not the time to think what happens but rush to my first class – presentation.


    OCC : Adventure of hatsue in her first class will start soon in :

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     Maddison Fours 

    My friend Tiffy advised me I should go to the Dean’s Office in order to try to find my way in this place. I don’t know much more than “you can’t leave this place” or “you are a property of the corporation now” and “you will go on with your life as Maddison, your old self is DEAD”. So I decided to follow her advice to see if I can find some way to make things easier in here.

    I walk through the halls and get to the front door of the office. I’m really tense. The door is open, but I knock softly three times to respectfully call the attention of the beautiful woman inside.

    “Excuse-me Miss, I’m…” – I make a pause, I always get nervous to present myself by this name – “I’m Maddison Fours. My friend Tiffy told me I should present myself in here, she said it would be the best for me, but I don’t know what am I supposed to do here.”

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    NPC Miss Stevenson:

    It has been a few days since our last new girl, but I have been informed that we have a new arrival, so I am not surprised when I hear a timid knock at the door. The girl comes inside and starts to introduce herself, but I can see she has difficulties getting through with her name Maddison Fours. She tells me that her friend Tiffy sent her here and I smile:

    “Tiffy is a peach! You are very right here, my little Maddison. My name is Miss Stevenson, I am the dean’s secretary and as for all new girls I will send her to you in a minute to get the usual “welcome speech”. Before I send you in to Miss Dawson though let me tell you that she is a very strict person and you do not want to provoke her wrath, so I suggest you try to do a curtsey upon entering her room. You know how to do that?”

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     Maddison Fours 

    I hear carefully to the words of Miss Stevenson, though I confess it was hard to keep my attention focused on the sound, instead of the sight. I take a quick look around the place to bring myself back to reality and keep my focus on her words.

    “Right, Miss Dawson… Miss Dawson” – I repeat to myself to keep the name in my mind – “Don’t worry Miss… Miss Stevenson, I’m not a troublemaker, I just want to do what I need to do here. My wife let me a note writen in the palm of my hand, look, it says: ‘Focus on learning. The sooner you master it, the sooner you come back. I love you’. The fact is: I don’t know anything about it and I just want to make things happen, so I can go home. About the curtsey, I know the basics.”

    I show Miss Stevenson a timid, but well executed curtsey. Something like any dedicated begginer would do. Timid and tense as anyone in this situation would be. Not awesome, neither terrible.

    “And yes, Tiffy is a lovely girl, very friendly and altruistic, I’m very thankful to her.”

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    Just a few days ago I arrived as a man and was transformed to sissy at my job interview.
    Now I’m trained to be a sissy maid for my sponsor and one of my first tasks is to go to the academy.
    I don’t know what I will learn hear, but the first step is to go to the deans office.

    When entering the office to report to the secretary, I still wear my maids uniform. I don’t have anything else to wear.

    After knocking on the door, I enter and dip a deep curtsy and introduce myself.

    “Good morning Miss, my name is Ivonne, eh, maid Ivonne.
    I’m hear to meet with Miss Dawson to get my schedule and a school uniform”

    The secretary is smartly dressed, very business like.
    Standing in front of her in my short maids dress makes me feel insecure.
    But I have seen some school girls in the corridor before. Their skirts are even shorter.

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    NPC Miss Stevenson:

    Maddison shows me her curtsy and I smile:

    “That is quite lovely, Maddison, show that to the dean, greet her by name or as “Madam” and introduce yourself properly and you won’t have to worry, my dear. Now let me announce you to the dean.”

    I press the button for the intercom:

    “Miss Dawson, Maddison Fours is here for you.”

    “Send her in, Miss Stevenson.”

    “Right away, Madam.”

    I point to the door and smile encouragingly:

    “You may go right in, Maddison, no need to knock, she awaits you.”


    NPC Miss Stevenson:

    Right after sending little Maddison in, another girl knocks and opens the door to my office. She drops into a deep curtsey and I smile benevolently as she introduces herself:  “Good morning Miss, my name is Ivonne, eh, maid Ivonne. I’m here to meet with Miss Dawson to get my schedule and a school uniform”

    “Ivonne, yes? Let me check fast!”

    I look at my PC and find her right away – ah yes, no uniform yet, so she will have to go to the nurse first before going to Presentation.

    “Sweetie, there is currently another girl with Miss Dawson, so you will have to wait for a bit. Why don’t you sit over there and tell me a bit about yourself? Oh and by the way: my name is Miss Stevenson, I am Miss Dawson’s secretary. “

     Maddison Fours 

    “Thank you, Miss Stevenson”

    I’m worried, ’cause I’ve always been an anxious person, so I take a deep breath and walk in.

    “Excuse me Madam.” – I do the same curtsey than before, but a little more tense, damn anxiety.- “My name is…” – again I feel strange to present myself like that, and it sounds worse because I’m tense, but I know that’s how things work in this place, so I make an effort –  “My name is Maddison… Maddison Fours. I’m feeling a little lost in here, ’cause my wife just let me here without telling me any reason. My friend, Tiffy, advised me to meet you, she said it would be the best for me. She said you could put me in the right direction. I hope I’m not bothering you, Miss Dawson”.

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    The secretary seems to be a kind person. I blush a little bit when she says that another girl is with Miss Dawson.
    I’m still not used to be called a girl. Which is strange, because I look like one from head to toe.

    “Nice to meet you Miss Stevenson”

    Another curtsy and I sit down, fighting a little bit with the short skirt.

    “There is not much to tell about myself. I arrived here few days ago and underwent a transformation. I think this is the common story of all the new students.
    I’m here to be trained as a sissy maid and this includes some classes at the academy.”

    I talk about this strange process as if it is normal. Only a few days here and my perspective has changed so much!

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    NPC Miss Dawson:

    The new girl Maddison enters the door timidly, she does curtsey which lacks elegance, but shows the necessary deference nonetheless. Her introduction is proper and she addresses me as she should, no reason for punishment – yet. My voice is calm and collected, professional:

    “Hello, Maddison, step a little closer. Welcome to the Lily Academy, the most prestigious sissy training faculty on the continent. My name is indeed Miss Dawson and I am the dean of this institution, so it is my privilege to welcome all our new school girls on their first day. Now my first very important question to you is: do you already wear the SissyLink ™ Chastity Belt, as is mandatory here at the Lily Academy?”

    Of course I know everything about her outfit, but I sometimes like to test our newcomers, especially if they beahve well enough, sometimes the openly polite ones try to be sneaky.

    /OOC: Please let me know if you already wear it. In character of course you can try to lie, just let me know 😉

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     Chloe X 

    Stepmother has a wicked sense of humor- I agreed to attend the Academy, but she picked my outfit for my first day there.  Jessica  Joy, I do want you to make a good impression, you do look so cute in that outfit. Before I ship off to the Academcy I have a gif for you.

    She reaches down and lockes something around my male parts.


    I feel so very silly wearing this skirt, it barely covers my panties. I grit my teeth Jessica Joy I simply hate being called by that name. I have to go along with her, Stepmom as all those girly photos of me. I really do look like a fairy.  StepMother had all the hair removed from my arms, legs, and chest.

    Jessica, be a good girl and behave yourself.

    It’s my first out looking like a gender bender- get quite a few stares as from the men and ladies on the street as I leave the Limo and enter the academy lobby . The receptionist smiles at me.   “Hello I’m James J. Ryan, one of the new students, I’m supposed to meet the Dean”



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     Maddison Fours 

    What do they really want in here? Another gorgeous woman, sexy and provocative in front of me. And I’m here, dressed this way with this thing between my legs. This is so frustrating!

    Being tired and frustrated makes me talk in the most sincere way I could. Without any care. I see the fact of being in front of some kind of boss as an opportunity to explain the situation and try to set myself free.

    “Damn yes, I’m wearing it.” – I answer showing a disappointment face – “I don’t understand all this. What am I supposed to do here? And why do I need this… thing?” – I complete with indignation. – “Is there a way to end all this and make my way back home?”

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    NPC Miss Dawson:

    Maddison replies truthfully, but the language… and she asks why she has to wear it. I guess it is time to answer this:

    “Tsktsk, that is no language befitting a young girl like you, Maddison. You need to be punished, so I will show you right away one of the multiple functions of this masterpiece of technology!”

    I press the appropriate field in the SissyLink app and she gets a level 3 electroshock right through the belt. This gives her basically the feeling as if a cattle prod was shoved into her crotch and then set off for 5 seconds.

    She writhes on the floor in agony while a cold smile is upon my face as I get up from behind my desk. I look down on her as she is gasping after the pain has ended and explain a bit more:

    “You see, this belt ensures that we can make you a better sissy girl: it keeps your awful male tendencies under tight control, it teaches you obedience and respect towards your superiors, because if you don’t behave, well…”

    My finger hovers above my phone and I can see in her wide eyes the fear of another jolt…

    “But it can also give you pleasure if you behave according to our rules and become a good girl.”

    Upon that phrase I give her a short 3 second pleasure pulse, just to give her a glimpse of what she can look forward to just if she behaves. Again she gasps, but this time in pleasure as her lust center gets stimulated.

    “So, you have asked what you are supposed to do here. I think by now you already can give the answer yourself, hm? Whatever we tell you to do! You are here to become an obedient little sissy girl and we will help you on that way, as we have helped thousands of other sissies before. You can’t avoid this fate, you can only decide if you want to have it the easy way or the hard one.”

    I look at her trying to judge if she will become a troublemaker, I doubt it.

    “So get up now, you will get your schedule and a map to the classes from Miss Stevenson, your first class is Presentation, given by Miss van Cleef. Show the proper respect, follow orders, do your curtseys when entering or leaving and you will have an easy life, little Maddison. If you don’t… well… normally our teachers handle such transgressions, by if you really misbehave, you will be back here. And believe me: I will NOT be gentle with you then!”

    That last sentence shows the steel under the silk glove, I look at her with the gaze that says: ‘Provoke me and I will crush you like a bug!’

    “You are dismissed. Welcome to the Lily Academy, Maddison Fours!”

    I turn around and walk back behind my desk, checking whether Maddison will do as she should and leave with a proper curtsey.

     Maddison Fours 

    I’m sure anyone would understand instantly the meaning of that shock. Damn, it hurts so bad that I saw stars. That woman talked about the way she could punish me or reward me and I felt wave of pleasure so good that I felt it could be addictive. After listening in silence all of her warnings and being dismissed I had to explain.

    “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry Miss Dawson, Madam, I… It is not my normal, I swear, please don’t do it again. It is just that I’m still confused with all this things happening.” – And once again I hear that I have no choice but obey. But it was not just hearing, I FELT I should obey and be compliant. I hate pain, I can’t stand it.- “For sure I decide for the easy way, Madam, sorry again. Excuse me, Madam.”

    I turn my back to her and step just one foot out of her room, still frightened by that shock and then I remember I should curtsey. I quickly step back inside, I look at Miss Dawson showing her a fear face.  -“Sorry, Madam” – I curtsey with a sweet smile, trying to make it better than before. – Excuse me, Madam”. – Finally I get out of the office, the longest five minutes of my life.

    “Miss Stevenson, Madam” – I curtsey again, this time in front of the secretary – “Miss Dawson told me I must get a map and a schedule of classes from you.”

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    NPC Miss Stevenson:

    Maddison comes back out, looking quite intimidated, but relatively unharmed. She does a curtsey for me and asks for her papers politely – I knew she was a good girl!

    “Maddison, here is your schedule and here is a map for the classes. Your first course will be Presentation with Miss van Cleef. I think there will be a new class starting soon, but Miss van Cleef sometimes just goes for a double hour, in which case you will be in bad luck, sweetie, sorry to say. Anyway, here, take a lollipop, you can enjoy it after class.”

    /OOC Click on the word “Presentation” and you land right at the thread-


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