Adventures at the LiLy Academy

The dean's office – taking in the new girls

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    Entering through a door signed “Office of the dean” you reach the area where the dean will sign the sissies officially into the Lily Academy.

    The dean is a stern looking woman who knows exactly how to put the new sissy into her place right away:

    Of course girls can try to avoid this trip, but they are always found very fast because of the GPS tracker in their SissyLink ™ chastity belt and then they will be punished severely.


    I sit in my office, evaluating the performance of our teachers here at the Academy. The heat has made me remove my blazer and I feel slightly annoyed by the decisions I have to make regarding our employees. Which one has brought in the best results, improving our little schoolgirls the most on their way to become the perfect sissy slut? Not always is the sternest approach the best, sometimes the gentle hand of a true expert can make them feel welcome and loved, thus breaking their spirit as effectively as with multiple whippings and floggings. Also I have to keep the staff motivated, the dorm and the shower rooms play an equally important role in our concept. I sigh internally, it’s not easy to run the most successful sissy school in the country, as I hear a timid knock at my door.

    Well, maybe some distraction is good to get myself into the right mood, this can only be a new girl coming to her introduction or of course a very naughty one, which needs to be punished by the dean herself. Both options make me smile in a way which the schoolgirl entering on my call seems to find not very reassuring.

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    As I enter the office I notice the quality of the interior. This is not some standard office, this dean knows how to make her place comfortable, but what is more important is the blond stern looking woman behind the desk – the dean. She wears a smile which does everything but reassure me – it looks more like a cat eager to play with a mouse.

    Still, I introduce myself right away:

    “Errm… my name is Alan… “

    I can see her eyes flash in anger and correct myself hastily

    Alina! My name is Alina! I was sent here to err… get my schedule…”[/color]

    The anger is not flaring anymore, but I can still see that she is not pleased, although her voice is calm as she announces:

    “I am Miss Dawson, currently serving as dean of this facility. You, my dear Alina, will address me as ‘Madam’, understood?

    Intimidated I nod and reply

    “Yes, Madam”.

    She seems pleased that I was able to such a menial thing and her hand plays with her smart phone. Suddenly I feel a soft wave of pleasure from that belt down below. She must have a controlling app running! She states:

    “Good girl! You haven’t been trained yet, so I will forgive you this one time for not curtsying, the next time though this will earn you a spanking.”

    A spanking?? Curtsying? She must be kidding, right? Her eyes though say something different, they bore into mine and I find myself nodding and once more replying meekly:

    “Yes, Madam, sorry, Madam.”

    She nods curtly, accepting my surrender, sending another small pleasure wave my way, then announces:

    “Your first course will be Presentation, during which you will get to know your classmates. Now behave yourself or you will be back here far sooner than you would like. Our staff is very competent when it comes to disciplining unruly girls, but the worst cases are brought to me. You don’t want to be one of those, do you, Alina?”

    Her voice is like steel, her eyes once again on fire and I get a very small dose of pain through the SissyLink belt, making me shiver at the thought what might happen to an unruly girl:

    “No, Madam.”

    She nods briskly, then continues:

    “Now, you will have a full schedule, but on the first day you will also be assigned your place in the dorm, so be there after the last course. You will get a plan of the class rooms and a list of your courses from my secretary Miss Stevenson. Now out with you, Alina!”

    I nod once more, then, not knowing how to curtsy bob my head respectfully not to anger her any further and reply:

    “Thank you, Madam.”

    Leaving through the door again I can feel the sweat running down my back, this woman has really given me the creeps. So much for my visit to the dean on my first day, which continues here:


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    Being done with Alina I check what’s next on the schedule and notice that another girl has been announced to have her first day here, a girl named Rachel. Ah, the work never ends at the Lily Academy!


    As I walk down the hall way, Alina’s last few words reverberate in my mind. “Beautiful name for a Beautiful girl”. It suddenly dawns on me. Oh my goodness, she actually thought I was a girl!

    I follow Alina’s instructions and soon find myself outside a rich wooden door with a frosted glass window and the words “New Arrivals” written on it. I enter the room and a woman dressed in a vest with no blouse underneath, glasses and hoop earrings looks up at me and smiles.

    Another new girl, hhmmm? Go right through, you are expected.

    I cross the room to another door labeled “Office of the Dean” and knock and a woman from the other side says, “come in”.

    I enter the dean’s office and am shocked by the drastic change in atmosphere. Back in the hallways, it looked like a generic high school with lockers lining the walls and old square linoleum tiles for flooring. In here however, it was exquisite. No expenses were spared furnishing this room. My thoughts are interrupted by a throat clearing “ah hem” from behind a large well-polished desk.

    A pretty blond woman in a mostly buttoned white blouse glares at me impatiently, her arms crossed.

    “Oh sorry” I say, “I was just impressed by your office is all”. The woman’s glare intensifies and her lips purse, but she doesn’t say anything.

    “Uh, good morning ma’am, I’m” I pause slightly when introducing myself, remembering my time in the hallway with Alina and how I was shocked when I tried to say my normal name. “I’m Rachel, and I think there has been some kind of mistake. I don’t think I’m supposed to be here.”

    The woman starts to smile, almost hungrily, at me when she hears me refer to myself as Rachel and finally speaks. “No Rachel, there hasn’t been any mistake, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are going to be trained to be the perfect wife for your sponsor, and my staff and I are going to be the ones to train you. You are new here, so I will show a little bit of leniency now, but know it won’t last for long. My name is Miss Dawson, and you are to refer to me as Madam, not ma’am, do you understand Rachel?

    I get lost in thought as Miss Dawson is talking, trying to remember who would want me to come to a place like this. I return to reality suddenly when I hear Miss Dawson say in a sharp, authoritative tone “I said ‘do you understand Rachel’?”.

    “Yes Madam” I respond quickly.

    Good girl” says Miss Dawson. “I’m glad you are finally starting to use your new name now as well, not like out in the hallway.

    I look to Miss Dawson with dawning comprehension in my eyes. “It was you.” I say, pointing at her “you were the one zapping me earlier”.

    The look in her eyes turns stony as she glares me down and says “Yes Rachel, I was the one ‘zapping’ you”.

    I feel a quick electric shock from my belt which causes me to wince in pain.

    I can also make it worse” continues Miss Dawson, and I feel a stronger shock. “Furthermore, you should never point at someone like that, it is very rude”. A third shock emanates from the belt, stronger and more painful than either of the other two. “And finally, I believe I instructed you to refer to me as Madam”. A fourth shock hits me, so strong it causes me to double over in pain.

    “I’m sorry Madam” I say still recovering from the last shock.

    I hear the clack of Miss Dawson’s heels against the floor as she approaches me. she reaches down and gently lifts my chin so that I am looking up to her. She is smiling that hungry smile again.

    It doesn’t have to be all pain you know Rachel” she says softly. “If you are a good girl for me, I can make your time here so much more pleasurable.”

    As she says this, a wonderful tingling sensation occurs in my belt. Despite myself, I close my eyes and start to moan softly.

    So, Rachel, are you going to be a good girl for me?

    “Yes Madam” I pant through ragged breaths.

    Good girl

    The belt gives one last wave of pleasure before shutting off, making me incredibly horny and desperate for relief.

    Now Rachel, you had best get your schedule from Miss Stevenson outside and get to your first class. Unless you hurry you are going to be late.

    “Yes, Madam, thank you Madam” I say as I rush from the room.

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    As I entered the office I try to remember back to where I last saw someone performer a curtsy. And the only thing that seemed to jump to my mind was V for Vendetta. As I stared into the eyes of the stone looking woman who seems to be looking over me like a next victim.

    I drop a curtsy.

    Good day miss, I’ve been sent by miss Stevenson to see you.

    I look around the office thinking to myself I know where the money goes now. “i must say you have a lovely office“.

    She stares into me until I go silent. Shit this bich is good i feet to myself.

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    After I was done with Rachel I thought I could work on more of the assessment, but shortly after I hear the phone go again and see it’s my secretary. I open the line and she announces “You have a new student to see you madam”.

    I sigh internally, but on the other hand I can’t complain: new students mean new money for the Academy and of course they can sometimes be fun, especially when they behave badly. I lick my lips almost unconsciously as I reply “send her in.” and wait on my next victim… err student.

    The girl coming in shows proper manners by giving a curtsy, I give her that. Her skirt is very short, even for our standards and I can see she isn’t wearing the usual cotton panties, but instead latex. Oh yes, this one is a special case!

    She continues “Good day miss, I’ve been sent by miss Stevenson to see you.” and I think by myself “Hm, if she continues to do like this I might not have to reprimand her”, but I keep my eyes boring into hers and she seems to lose the drive. Instead of telling me her name as would be proper she starts to blabber about my office until my stare finally shuts her up.

    “Insolent little girl! Haven’t you been taught that you have to show the proper respect to your superiors not only by curtsying, but also by presenting yourself with your full name? Also, and that is even worse: who do you think you are, talking to me about my office like we are best friends chit-chatting where you are complimenting me on my nice living room? I am Miss Dawson, your dean, you will address me as ‘Madam’ when you talk to me and most importantly, you will refrain from talking at all except to greet me or to reply to a question I have posed to you. Did I make myself clear?!”

    I can see that she is intimidated so I push right into it:

    “So, now do your curtsy again and present yourself properly, fitting for a student at the Lily Academy!”

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    As she tells me off I can’t help but become slightly aroused by the experience making it even more uncomfortable down there.

    I collect my thoughts “my apologies madame for my insolence, my name is Dil…” *shock* as the pain unexpectedly Rushes through me “fuckme sideways that hurt”

    I looked over to her expecting anger and I see her smiling. I me too think quickly what did miss Stevenson call me at the end. Please don’t be my name.

    I’m trying to think of the pain and Begin Again “Again I apologise madame for my insolence and ignorance my name is … Ditzy Tow…arr” I bend over and stamp my foot trying to focus the pain.

    Begin Again hopefully for the last time. ” I humbly apologise my name is Ditzy I’m afraid I don’t no my new last name if you’d care to enlighten this ignorant soul  I can rectify that” yes no electrocution oh wait… and then perform a curtsy again and wait for a judgement.

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    The girl understands my order and starts to apologize for her disrespect, but then blunders when it comes to her name. Just a short push on my phone and she is interrupted by a shock from her belt and looks up at me in alarm. My smile is not a pleasant one, so she knows what to expect if she continues using the wrong name.

    On the second attempt she gets the first name right (good for her), but then continues to start with the wrong surname. She must be a bit daft, but there is a cure for everything – another push helps to remind her that her old name is gone.

    Finally she understands: ” I humbly apologise my name is Ditzy I’m afraid I don’t no my new last name if you’d care to enlighten this ignorant soul  I can rectify that”

    She finishes off with a curtsy which isn’t half bad and I push the pleasure button shortly as I reply:

    “Good girl! See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Keep this behavior up and you won’t be sent into my office again, but instead be rewarded like this. The question about your last name: it is Dicklett, so in total you are our newest Lily schoolgirl Ditzy Dicklett. Welcome to the Academy!”

    I smile by myself at the cruel name selected for her, not only does it joke about her equipment, also it reminds her of what is lost under the SissyLink(tm) belt forever.

    “Now, Ditzy Dicklett, while it always such a pleasure getting to know our new schoolgirls, welcoming them to our unique Academy, I am a very busy woman. So go out to Miss Stevenson and ask her for a plan of courses.There is a course about presentation running only a minute or so by now, go and catch it right away. You will get punished of course, but that builds character, doesn’t it, Ditzy?”

    I look at her with stern eyes, expecting her to agree and then curtsy before leaving the room. If she doesn’t… oh well… my lips curl again.


    Seriously Ditzy Dickless when I get out of here my stepmother is gonna die painfully.

    As she mentioned to a reward my dick begins to be massaged through Vibrations. This is some clever equipment but if you think she can kiss and make better she’s sorely mistaken.

    I listen to her talk about pain building character, oh she is right it’s certainly does. “yes madam I’ve learnt a valuable lesson from this” as I smile sweetly with eyes of malice. “I look forward to seeing you again under better circumstances my madame and then pop a curtsy turn around and leave the room.


    The little minx! Did she just try to threaten me?

    I ponder if I should send her a little shock, but decide against it. I don’t take her seriously anyway, I have heard far worse threats than this hidden one over the years. I shake my head in amusement – Ditzy Dicklett indeed!

    Once more I turn towards assessing our personnel, wondering if another girl might soon interrupt me. So far I have held back, but the more interruptions I get the higher the chance that I move over to some stress relieve with the crop…

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    After  being thrown out of torture  department    (ie   the  transition room)  from that bitch Akane  and her  lakees &   being   ordered  by that bitch  to first go to the    costume department  and get a official  schoolgirl  uniform & then   immediately without delay  to report directly to the dean’s  office in the school  or  i would   NOT like  whats  instore for me  if i didn’t.   I  first   reluctantly   stop by the  costume  department   as i cant really walk around  with this pink robe now can i   ?  Inside i can hardly believe what they tell me to put  on  but  i think to myself  and hey beter  to wear this  when i find a way out of  here  .  So  al dressed  according to this   hellholes  preferred standard .  After that’s al done  i mosy down to this so called  school  and manage to quickly spot  the Dean’s office  so i take a  ( deep sigh ) and knock on the door  waiting  for permission to enter (rolling eyes  )




    I have had a bit of a respite from the interruptions by silly schoolgirls, but then I hear a knock at the door.

    I think by myself ‘Hm, no previous announcement by Miss Stevenson, she probably went for the restroom. Still, a good girl should know that she shouldn’t waltz through directly to the dean without proper announcement.’

    I flex my hand a bit, but promise myself to stay calm and in control. Nobody wants another Tiffany-accident, it cost me my best crop and the doctor was quite upset about work he had to put in to get the girl back up again.

    After this reminder I shout:

    “Come in!”

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    ( As i get the  ok to enter   i do so and as i open the door i see this gorgeous  chick sitting behind her desk so i mosy  over to her  and take my seat    in a one  of the chairs  in front of the desk )  ” Well hello there toots name is  apparently from now on Misty i was sent here  by the bitch Miss Akane for whatever reason ”   (eyeing   the chick from top to bottom)

    OOC Nice to meet  you Alina.  the soul reason i chose  the tough Misty for the  School  is that’s how we left of   in former Core Corp with Akane completely transitioned  me and i also presume that’s how  we are supposed to play here in Corp.


    In comes a little Asian girl (Japanese?) who walks unceremoniously right in and seats herself in front of my desk. Her insolence is apparent by the way she eyes me, even before she opens her mouth and says: ” Well hello there toots name is  apparently from now on Misty i was sent here  by the bitch Miss Akane for whatever reason ” 

    OK, now THIS will be an interesting case…

    I get my smart phone and check it fast… ah there… Misty. I hit the button for the electroshock from the SissyLink(tm) belt on third level and wipe the smirk from her face in a heartbeat. This level is approximately the higher level of a cattle prod and it shoots from her crotch right into the rest of her body, which gets rigid right away. She shakes and her teeth seem to click, I need to be careful that she doesn’t bite her tongue, she will need that later in Oral Services!

    After about 10 seconds I deactivate the shock and stand up to look down upon the perspiring girl in front of my desk.

    “My name is Miss Dawson, I am the dean of the Lily Academy and you will address me as ‘Madam’ whenever you speak to me.”

    Upon ‘Dawson’, ‘dean’, ‘Academy’, ‘Madam’ and ‘me’ I shoot a one second shock through her, to keep her focused on what I am saying.

    She is still gasping and probably not very receptive right now, but I don’t care:

    “You will curtsy *zap* when you come into my presence, you will stand *zap* in my company until I tell you otherwise and you will curtsy *zap*, when I allow you to leave. Did I make myself clear, Misty?”

    I shock the brat for another good measure, but stop then to give her the chance to get up and reply as she should.

    Let’s see if that stupid girl has enough brain to understand her situation.

    /OOC: Welcome dear, if you have anything specific send a PM, also if you don’t like what I am doing, I am not an experienced domme 😉

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    (After suddenly  getting some kind  of  shock that makes me feel like  my entire  body is on fire for  what feels  like an eternity  i manage   to catch my breath as  the  bitch is talking to me    before  i get yet another    short   sting )

    “Oh you F…ing  bich i    gonna  AAAAAAAAA   ”

    (As she  continue to talk she adds  even more   zaps  in between  and it feels  like  my  soul is about  to walk out on me)

    ( After a  short  time to try to  collect  myself   i can feel my entire  agraivation level  going thru the rough and i get up on wigly legs  and  then try to speek  And then turn towards  her  and screaming  at her)

    ” what the  F-ck is youre problem   you f-ing   bitch   NO ONE  is treating me this  way and  live to tell the tail im gonna ”

    (and i feel  my legs   collapsing under me )

    OOC   from what i’ve seen  both in here  and in other threads you will be a EXCELLENT DOM Alina  (you just need to get some more  self  reliance of youre dom capulities &  develop your OWN Dom stile  (wink)



    Obviously the girl is stupid beyond comparison. While I might have been overlook the first cursing and blame it on the shock there is no way in hell I will let her get away with the outburst at the end, even though she collapses before she can even try anything remotely close to her threat.

    “You are gonna WHAT, little Misty? *zap* Lie on the floor, panting? *zap* Writhing in agony? *zap*. Good job girl, you are excelling at that!”

    I stop myself from continuing the zapping process, her body by now is weak enough that she couldn’t come on me even if she hadn’t been reduced to a weak little girl before. Not that I am afraid, all of the staff are having regular self-defense classes taken by the best of our security team which consists of former marines, SAS etc. It is so much fun, taking down a 6’4″ guy weighing 180 lbs. as a woman my size, simply by hitting at the right spots at the right time and then squeeze their arrogance out of them.

    Well, nothing like that now on this pathetic little girl, who is literally shaking on the floor, her eyes still full of hatred and defiance, but clearly not even able to speak right now. I step up to her and grab her by the school jacket to pull her up with ease, propelling her around while getting the jacket off and then push her over my desk, where she lies on her stomach, clearly too exhausted right now.

    “There you go, Misty-girl, no jacket required at this school, don’t hide what you have. Such nice legs, such a fine booty! And those tits, D-cup, isn’t it?”

    The question is rhetorical, of course I know her measurements and I don’t expect her to answer right now, it’s just to keep her mind on who and what she is now. My left hand goes to her back to press her firmly down on the desk, not that she has much power left, but I expect some struggle in a bit, when the pain and humiliation starts anew.

    “Such a nice, round tushy, my sweet little brat, so perfect.”

    My right hand now is touching her butt gently, only to jerk down her panties in a quick movement, down to her knees, effectively holding her legs closely together. My right hand grabs the education paddle I always keep on my desk as I lean over her and whisper into her ear:

    “Oh yes, it’s a perfect rear, just the color is not right, it needs to be red to really SHINE!”

    With that I hold the paddle in front of her head so she can see it:

    Of course that brings a reaction, but her struggle is far too weak to even make me sweat. Oh yes, I will enjoy what’s coming next for this little brat:

    “Now, my little insolent Misty, I will show you, how fitting your name is, because I promise you, before I am done with this, your eyes will match your name. “

    With that the paddle comes down on her bare bottom with a loud SMACK that resonates in the room.


    (As i lie there   semi conscience i feel yet  another zap  and  al cinds  of   disrespectful shouting from that  bitch   and as i get   more zaps  my aggression level risis and i fight  to no avail to get up )

    ( i fight to answer back but im just to weak  at the moment,  as i feel her  hand  is  thurley  pushing  me to the desk  but still to weak to move   )

    (as  i feel her hand  now  starting   with my as   going   inside my panties i can feel some of the  lost  power    returns  and i start  to try to  squrl   as best i can and  as loud as i can  screaming  out in pure  aggravation

    ” you fu-ing bitch il kill you let me go  and il ARG !!!!!    ”

    ” Fuck NO  you dont dare  i f-ing  rip you apart you bitch  ”

    I hardly have time to answer  back before i  feel the first  SMACK from the paddle     ”  ARG    you   im gonna   rip you in half when i get loose   ARG   !!!!!!!!!!!    Who the f-uck do you think you are   ? ”   ( And i do whatever i can to get loose  but  not very successful at  it .  )



    She keeps squirming to no avail and screaming obscenities at me, this one is truly a handful. Well, I have all the tools at my disposal, but for now the good old ‘board of education’ is just what I need as I continue. After twenty smacks on each of her now crimson buttocks I make a short break. Swinging the paddle with full force is actually making me perspire, so I will relax for a bit and throw in the belt instead:

    “I already told you, who I am, slut! *zap* I am the dean *zap* of the Lily Academy *zap* which you are now attending, you little brat *zap*. You have no way to get out of this SissyLink(tm) chastity belt *zap*, it is indestructible and can only be opened by two people simultaneously – and you don’t have either of the combinations *zap*. It has a built in GPS signal, so should you somehow manage to escape *zap*, we will find you *zap* and we will punish you *zap*.”

    My arm feels at full power again and her squirming has stopped for now, the zaps draining her energy clearly, but she still hasn’t started to cry, although I think I can see some tears of anger starting to well up – better than nothing!

    “Speaking of punishment: until you apologize for your rude and insolent behaviour,. we will continue this little exercise, switching between the shocks and the paddle. And if you really want to continue, we can switch to the crop and later the whip, so far I have been lenient, considering it’s your first day, but my patience is wearing thin. And just so you know it: I can do anything I want with you, as long as I don’t kill you, and right now I want to do THIS!”

    With that last word the paddle comes down again – SMACK!

    By now her buttocks are softened by the continues blows, the pain must be considerable and I wonder, how long she will hold up before breaking. If she collapses, a short call to the nurse will handle the details.

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    ( My arse feels  like its  been branded with burning steel  against it as  i do my best to  not break down and my aggravation level is about to explode  but sadly my strength have severely diminished  and  i cant help feel my eyes starting to slowly shed  a few  drops. when she finally speaks again sounding al so  mighty.  After getting some  extra zaps from this blasted  belt they put on me  ,and considering  the options  here and the low ods for me to being able to get loose from here and regain my strength  & the pre warned adding  of  punishment, im reminded  of the art  of war that my ex  Special forces training  gave me i decide its better to try to calm down  and  fool this  bitch  that im actually compliant so as i SO would like nothing  more then to get up  and break this bitch in half i quickly come to the conclusion that  during this  current  situation with my body almost  shut down  the odds  for success  in any  resistance at this point is  greatly diminished s its  better to retreat and regain  strength .  So as im semi conscious  from al this beating  i manage to get out )

    ” Please  Miss   i beg of you no more i surrender  i know when im beaten  no more please  M”   (and then i suddenly pass out   from al the torture )


    Ah, finally progress! I can see some tears flowing and the she finally breaks and cries out ” Please  Miss   i beg of you no more i surrender  i know when im beaten  no more please  M”

    OK, she doesn’t finish the sentence and she hasn’t apologized yet, but that’s cause she shut down completely. No use hitting her any more right now, so I give her a small break of five minutes (also my own arm can use some of the relief, I might be a bit out of practice), before I get the smelling salt from my drawer.

    She is still lying there on my desk, looking almost peaceful with her cute face and the red bum naked and exposed and my hand roams over her buttocks, caressing them while I feel the heat that is still radiating from them. Oh yes, this girl has gotten herself  a nice butt-warming!

    I chuckle by myself, knowing well that despite her officially giving up at last she is far from broken. I just wonder, whether she is smart enough to let it rest for now and try something else later or not. Anyway, time to get on, as much as I enjoy this, I have other duties too, so I hold the acrid smelling substance under her nose and shortly after she stirs.

    “Wake up, little Misty, time to go to school!”


    ( I suddenly regain my conscience  and after a short spell in collecting  my thoughts  and what i was about to do i manage to  say)

    ”  Please Miss Dawson  no more  il be good girl from now on i promise Miss Dawson may i have youre permission to stand  up and get my  jacket  back so i can attend  my class  Miss Dawson  ”

    (Thinking to myself  you just wait  bitch il be back  one way or another this isn’t  over  by a  long shot. I will get my revenge  and somehow get back my stolen body and al the rest & blow this f-ing place to dust (death skull )


    Finally she comes to her senses in both ways, the smell responsible for the one,  the punishment for the other.

    “You may stand up, Misty, but keep your hands behind your back. Also, forget about the jacket, this is a school where jackets are not only NOT required, they are officially forbidden, except when you go on a field trip. But that, my dear Misty, is reserved for our best schoolgirls who have proven that they really want to learn here. You are quite a bit away from that, I wouldn’t think we will let you on one of those for some time. But if you behave and are a good and obedient girl, no more an insolent brat then you will get there too.”

    I doubt this one will ever be allowed to a field trip in her first 2 years, I can still see the fight in her eyes, she is beaten and worn down, but not broken yet. Well, I don’t mind, some of the best girls come from the fiery ones after they have been tamed.

    Still, my own job is done for now as I look at the still squirming girl in front of me, whose buttocks must be burning. Oh yes, the presentation teacher will enjoy this one, I have no doubt. Smiling to myself I tell her:

    “Now get out of my office and go the secretary Miss Stevenson who should be sitting there. She will give you your schedule and also a map so you can find your way around. Hop on, little Misty and remember to be courteous!”

    With that I move behind her and give her a playful smack on the sore bottom to remind her of the curtsy she should do before leaving.

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    (as im finally allowed to get up   according to sed   instructions i do so   & as i have listened  to the bitches    rambling  i  carefully (curtsy ) as best i can  still somewhat wobbly and say

    ” Yes  Miss Dawson right away  ”

    & with yet  another  smack on my sore arse  i make my way out of the  office  as fast as my wobbly legs  can carry me and  after a while of searching  i find a secluded spot were i can can lay down and  recuperate  for a while


    I was sent by Miss Stevenson to fetch Mallory-Michelle and bring her to the dean, despite the fact that I will be late for my next course, knowing well that I will suffer for this. Still, the dean’s orders are clear, so I have picked the cute blonde up from where she got her clothes and on the way through the hallways to the office try to make brief conversation.

    “Sorry if I am a bit in a hurry, but I am most likely already missing a bit of my next course and as this is my first day here at school, I am sure you can understand my anxiety.”

    I look at her and am for a moment distracted by her sweet face, so I stumble with my MaryJanes:

    “Curse those heels, I already took the lowest, but still!”

    Hobbling along more slowly now I try to make a bit of conversation:

    “So, your name is Mallory-Michelle? That’s an interesting one!”

    Not much further to the office if I am reading the map correctly, this hallways are like a maze…


    I finally arrive at the Dean’s Office. It feels like days since I left the Nurse’s Office! I can’t believe what happened to me there ( It was absolutely humiliating. I have a new last name that I can’t even bear to repeat. Plus this outfit. And these tits that I can’t seem to stop playing with! And the 4-inch Mary Janes. They’re the real reason it took me so long to get here. It’s the nurse’s fault!

    Finding the Dean’s Office was a bit of a nightmare. Lucky I ran into three great girls in the hallway! Alina was super nice to help me get here. *giggle* I hope I can pay her back some time *blush*.

    Now I walk through the door into the Dean’s Office. I remember the nurse told me to speak to the secretary, who should have my lesson plan for me. As soon as I get inside the office, I curtsey to nobody in particular and look around, unsure of what to do next …

    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr


    NPC Miss Stevenson:

    As I sit behind my desk, waiting for Mallory-Michelle to be brought here by Alina I see girl enter the room, curtsying politely. The girl shows manners, so I smile as I look at her over my glasses and say:

    “Hello my dear, my name is Miss Stevenson. I am the Dean’s secretary, how may I help you?”

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    “Oh! Hello, Miss Stevenson!” *curtsey*

    I see this very strict – and very sensual – woman. I decide it’s best not to bring up the fact that I’m here by mistake just now. Everyone keeps telling me I’m wrong and my wife knows that I’m here for more than a few weeks. That she actually approved it all! I think they have me mixed up with some other Tiffy. I wanted this for a few weeks, and I’m sure my wife will show up then and straighten them out!

    “I was just at the Nurse’s Office. She … helped me prepare for the Academy. She told me I should come to the Dean’s Office and report to the Secretary. Is this the right place?”

    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr

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    Making my way to the office and letting Alina take me there by the hand. Instantly feeling aroused by the woman in glasses and I feel my Sissy Link start buzzing which causes me to moan and wince.

    Curtseys respectfully

    “Ma’am…I’m Mallory-Michelle Tinyclitty.”



    Looking at the first girl I can see that she is quite nervous and insecure. I know there was another girl announced by our good nurse, but she should really introduce herself.

    “Yes, dear, this is the right place, I will announce you to the dean Miss Dawson, but first you need to tell me your name, child. You really have to learn how to present yourself to superiors, sweetie, or you might be in for trouble, you know?”


    Just as I say that I see Alina enter with another girl in tow, a cute blonde who introduces herself by name – good!

    “Well, hello, little Mallory-Michelle Tinyclitty, welcome to the Lily Academy! The dean has already been waiting for you, I will announce you right away. This gives our other sweet girl time to think about her name.”

    I teasingly wink at the girl while I press the button for the speaker in the dean’s office:

    “Miss Dawson, Mallory-Michelle Tinyclitty is here to speak to you”

    “Send her in!”

    The voice sounds very commanding which should be a hint about my boss, she is clearly a woman not to be trifled with and while I indicate for Mallory-Michelle to step through the door I whisper:

    “My dear Michelle, please behave, Miss Dawson has already had one bad girl today, you really wouldn’t want to upset her.”

    Then I turn to Alina and tell her:

    “Thanks for bringing sweet Michelle over here, you have been a good girl, now off to your class, chop-chop!”


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    • This reply was modified 8 months, 2 weeks ago by  Alina.
    • This reply was modified 8 months, 2 weeks ago by  Alina.
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