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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Alan walked though the doors in fear. He knew nothing about this strange place his mother had dumped him at. You see I’ve  shown interest in forced feminization For years and it disgusted his mother. She had found out when seeing a message discussing an RP were Alan was forced to become a girly girl and learn how to act like a girl. How to eat,sit,walk like a girl and forced to take on new girly interests like shopping romances movies /novels. Boys and gossip. It made her sick so she sent me to this place after he turned 18. I was told nothing about it.</p>

     slave stacey 

    Welcome, Rebecca, report to the Dean’s Office when you get chance


    Welcome, Rebecca, report to the Dean’s Office when you get chance


     T Sakura 

    Name: Matthew Sun

    Description: 5″6’ft tall with a somewhat slight build, heterochromia of one blue eye and one brown one with dark brown hair.

    Bio: Matthew is the son of a relatively shallow mother and a deceased father with whom he shared a strained bond leading him to have a screwed view of both men and women in relation to how they are supposed to act. His mother (who never really cared for him) remarried a Japanese Oil Tycoon two years ago and his step father has constantly demeaned that Matthew would be better off as a woman. Eventually he found out about Lilly Academy and intended for his step son to become a far more pleasing and oriental beauty.

    Matthew knows a little about what is to happen as he has been told that he is to learn the arts befitting of a “debouched Geisha” and eventually undergo plastic surgery to fit his new lifestyle.

    His end goal is to be transformed into a masochistic feminine and bondage loving Japanese housewife that would not be out of place in Edo Japan

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     Rachel Darkholme 

    Name: Rachel Darkholme (Old school member of the Academy since 2007)


    Description: 5’9 with a slim build. Long black hair and blue eyes. I was sent here by a former girlfriend of mine whom,unbeknownst to me,wanted to transform me into a sissy maid servant for her. I was not at all happy about this and am still harboring a grudge towards her and her,which makes me sullen and and angry towards her.


    Ultimate goal: to become a living doll servant to her

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