Adventures at the LiLy Academy

Presentation – the first course for every new Lily girl

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    This other girl, Allison, just gives me a dirty look when I say hi. Since I’ve been here my emotions have been all over the place, and something about that look really ticks me off. Does she think she’s better than me? I’m about to ask what her problem is when the bell rings, Mistress snaps her pointer, and Allison is called up. Good!

    I smirk behind her back as she walks up, and giggle with the rest of the class as she presents herself. I’m secretly hoping she will do something wrong, but Miss van Cleef approves. She gets rewarded! I roll my eyes. Little Miss Perfect.

    When Allison is ordered to show off her cute butt, it looks to me like she is only too eager! From the expression on her face, I bet she volunteered to come here! It even looks likes her panties are wet!

    When Allison looks at Miss van Cleef with those eager pleading eyes, begging for her guidance, I can’t take it anymore.

    I pretend to clear my throat, but make sure to say out loud at the same time “slut!” as another small chorus of giggles runs through the classroom.

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     (R)Owen(a) Hero 

    I rush into the class, stopping abruptly as soon as I enter seeing it is clearly in progress, no. The girls were all giggling as I entered, but stopped as soon as they noticed me.

    “Oh god,” I whisper to myself as I realise I’m definitely late.

    I take a quick moment to look around and try to figure out what to do, it’s harder than usual because these stupid contacts and glasses have ruined my peripheral vision.

    There’s a woman, a sissy sticking her butt out in front of the class, a name on the board and aside from this girl and the woman who had to be Miss Van Cleef all the other’s were sitting at their desks.

    I had to try and save this moment as well as I could.

    “I’m sorry I’m late Miss Van Cleef,” I gave the motion of the curtsy as best I could with my hands occupied by my materials which I was clutching in my run so I wouldn’t drop anything, also to cover my cleavage and midriff “, Should I take a seat?”

    I couldn’t fix my glasses with my hands full so I found my vision reduced by several meters.


    Allison looks up to me for guidance, what a sweet little sissy, so helpless and insecure, with her round bottom in the air, her skirt riding up so we can all see her panties.My hand caresses her bottom gently as I reply

    “Exactly, sweetie, you are a good girl!”

    Another short pleasure pulse, by now her panties will definitely be wet and if I see correctly some of it is running down her thighs.

    Oh yes, this will be fun, because I have been watching the class for reactions and noticed an animosity from the other new girl, Bliss towards Allison – perfect, exactly what I want! She gives me the opportunity I have been looking for when she tries to cover shouting out “slut” by coughing when others giggle. If I hadn’t watched her in the mirror in the upper corner of the class room, she might have had a chance, but now…

    I whirl around and my pointer crashes down on her desk right in front of her, causing her to yelp in fear!

    “Did I hear ‘Slut’ from you? I guess that is your surname, Bliss? Bliss Slut? Maybe even better Bliss Sissyslut? Why don’t you come to the front too, I guess you want to present yourself too, hm? One after the other though, for now you will help with Allison’s presentation, and afterwards it’s your turn, Bliss Sissyslut!”

    I motion for her to come up right next to where Allison is still standing, showing us her panty-clad bottom as a good sissy should.

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     A Blush 

    It gets even worse. Or better. I suppose that depends on perspective. For obeying I get another jolt of pleasure and I gasp so loud I’m certain even the people in the next room heard it. My heart sings to be called a good girl and my cum is dripping down my leg, taunting me with the sticky mixture that I can’t even extract by choice anymore. I know they can all see it congealing on my knee high socks.

    “Th..Th… Thank you Mistress.”

    Then the giggling starts.

    That bitch! I’m only trying to survive this horrid place and the new girl is calling me a slut! It’s so not fair. I’m so conflicted. I can feel little tears of rage and humiliation pooling in my eyes… yet at the same time all I can do is stare at Miss Van Cleef, hoping she will protect me from the others. And that she will give me some more delicious pleasure.


    Just as I have ordered Bliss to come to the front the door opens and a girl with glasses enters, obviously in a hurry and distressed that she is late now, as she should!

    At least she curtseys, when she apologizes and uses my name, but then blunders again by omitting her own – that’s two strikes, oh yes, the lesson is getting better by the minute!

    “Oh a new little sissy girl, how nice of you to drop by in the middle of our lesson to lend another helping hand. Come to me and tell us all your name, girl!”

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     (R)Owen(a) Hero 

    I walk towards Miss Van Cleef, it sounded like I might be okay, but I had the feeling I was not out of the woods.

    “My name is Tina…” damn it, why couldn’t I remember that stupid surname “, Excuse for a moment.”

    Clutching my materials with one hand, I turn away from everyone and I pull out the waistband of my skirt out slightly so I can see the name written upside down on my panties. I turn back to the class.

    “My name is Tina… Kiscox,” I finished, taking the opportunity to fix my glasses with my free hand.


    I jump when the pointer hits my desk, swishing near me before I realize it. She’s quick!

    With Miss van Cleefs eyes boring into me, I feel more than a twinge of fear. It’s all Allison’s fault, if she hadn’t been acting like such a teacher’s pet I wouldn’t have said anything!

    My face turns red and I look down as Mistress gives me a new surname. As if one feminine name wasn’t enough! At least Bliss was kind of ambiguous, but there’s nothing subtle about Sussyslut…

    As I walk to the front I shoot Allison an angry look. Getting closer I see she is even wetter than I thought! I stand next to her begrudgingly and look at Miss van Cleef. I’ve got a feeling more shocks will be coming my way soon… I pout and decide thats Allison’s fault too.



    The new girl starts out by saying her name finally, but she hesitates at the surname “My name is Tina…”

    “My, you are a little Bimbo, are you not? Having forgotten your own surname?”

    I tease her, our database showed her to be actually quite smart, but somehow these sissies all get confused about their new names. She finally manages to remember it though: “My name is Tina… Kiscox,”

    “So glad you finally were able to remember it! Maybe we should let you kiss cocks to remember better?”

    That of course brings some giggling from some of the class and I smirk down at her.

    Oh yes, this brings me to an excellent idea! Our little Allison was just in the process of presentation, when first Bliss and then Tina interrupted so rudely. So you two will now have to apologize to Allison, but not by simply saying: ‘sorry’, no this facility has a higher standard!”

    I step behind Allison and flip her skirt up, so her bottom is fully visible, the panty still there. I am close enough to see how wet it is and also the sticky goo that has been running down her legs.

    “Class, as you can see, our little Allison has enjoyed the Presentation so far, despite the interruptions, but I think we need her cleaned up before we are done with her, right? Bliss, on the left side, Tina on the right, both of you will work together to get Allison’s panties off without your hands. I want to see teamwork here, if you take too long, well, my crop can always use some exercise. Allison hold still, dear. BEGIN!”

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    Running down the hall in my heels I finally reach the door to class knowing I’m already late for my first day.

    i open the door and walk in once inside I curtsey and introduce myself.

    ”hello miss I apologize for being late but I am Trixie Coxsleeve or Coxs for short.  And I cannot wait to learn how to properly present myself.”

    as soon as I’m done I curtsey again.

    [OOC:  just heads up I currently live in Japan so my timing will be really different but will attempt to keep up and reply when I can.]

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    Another girl comes in late – this is like a station by now, with trains running in late – a very fitting analogy if I may praise myself. Still, the front of the class is already full, so I can’t use her right now.

    “Hello Trixie, my name is Miss van Cleef and you will address me with my name or as “Mistress’ from now on, do I make myself clear? This is Presentation and we are just in the middle of one, so sit your round little bottom on the chair over there and stay quiet for now, your own time will come in a bit!”



    As soon as I’m done I hear the instructior tell me to address her as mistress and that they are in the middle of a presentation right now and sit my butt down and stay quiet.

    i start to respond yes mistress but instead do a quick curtsey and sit down at the desk she pointed out to me and watch as class continues.

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    My eyes widen at Miss van Cleefs command. There’s no way I’m going to do that! Especially with how wet her panties look. I’ve only felt a few pleasure pulses before, and only on low settings. It looks like Allison was cranked up to 11. It’s even starting to soak into her stockings! The only thing stopping me from protesting is the memory of my visit to the Deans office, and the feeling of the electronic equivalent of a cattle prod rocking my body over and over… And the almost excited tone of Miss van Cleef talking about her crop.

    I sigh and drop to my knees beside Allison’s glistening ass and thighs. It takes all my willpower to not get up and run as I examine the situation. At least Allison is mostly holding still.  I open my mouth, lean forward… my lips from the very top and hopefully driest part of her panties… And pull back. I can’t do it! I’ll at least wait for this other girl Tina, and see what she does. I nod to Tina, gesturing to the other side of Allison’s ass. I am sorry Tina got involved in this, poor girl. But misery does love company, so I’ll wait to see her decision. Or At least have help with this humiliating task.

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     (R)Owen(a) Hero 

    “You…” I started to say before cutting myself off, there was no point in arguing, I’d rather do this without getting zapped. The solution was simple, the space in the middle of her back was perfect for getting our teeth around, as long as I stayed just on the right of it I’d be alright. Honestly having bitten more than a few people in my childhood I wasn’t too worried about this task as long as I could keep the moist parts out of my mouth.

    Bliss went for it… then stopped, not surprising, it was disgusting, but the top of her panties should still be dry, gravity was still a factor here, and the sides would certainly be clean, no question, but it might take a bit to get a good grip with teeth. I got down on my knees, which hurt actually, I was not used to kneeling.

    “I’ll pull it out, grab the gap and work around to your side,” I whispered to Bliss, putting my materials to the side “, once we’re in place we start pulling, roll your tongue back too, it’ll save you from the taste.”

    I opened my mouth and showed her what I meant as I took my glasses off and tucked them into my bra, since this was all going to happen right in front of my face they would just get in the way. I leant in and grabbed the bit of the waistband just to the right of the centre with my teeth and pulled out the back of her panties towards the right, leaving a large gap for Bliss to go for, I kept my lips and tongue curled back so I couldn’t taste anything that might be there, there wasn’t so it looked like we were in the clear. I nodded for Bliss to follow, after which I would start to work around the side.

    OOC: Bliss, just assume I’m pulling when you are.

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    Bliss seems about to revolt and my crop hand starts to twitch, but then Tina begins to instruct her on how to do this and I hold back for now, wondering if the two brats will be able to get the wet panties down. I have marked Bliss already for my next step, they need to learn early on that they have no say in what’s happening here. She was disgusted by the thought of those panties? Oh she will get to know them!

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     A Blush 

    I was so relieved. When I got my butt up in front of the class I was certain I was in for a thrashing. Instead I got a pulse of pleasure. As for having my panties taken down, the tight white briefs I had put on that morning.. Well… It was embarssing sure. In that post pleasure lull though I was a little too relaxed to care. Besides, its not like I was the one using my mouth to do it, that task was left to poor Tina and Bliss. Tina I actually felt sorry for, I had no reason to hold a grudge against her. Bliss though? Bitch got what was coming to her.

    Doing my very best to stand still I plant my feet apart and try not to look anywhere in particular, staring at a blank spot on the wall. The intimacy of it was strange and a little thrilling. Not that I would ever admit it. Smiling softly to myself I close my eyes and think happy thoughts. I thought about trying to say something to Miss Van Cleef to indicate that I wasn’t about to protest her treatment. Instead though I just kept quiet. If I’m not being spoken too its probably best not to speak up and risk landing myself in trouble!

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    I’m relieved when Tina comes over and joins me, and her words actually make alot of sense. I was so busy worrying about the task at hand, I hadn’t even thought about the best way to do it.

    “Thanks…” I whisper back, making eye contact and trying to convey my sincerity, “Good advice. I needed that.”

    Tina looks so fearless as she grips the top of Allison’s panties firmly between her teeth! I scoot to join her, our faces so close together our cheeks touch. Following her lead I carefully close my teeth around the opposite side of Allison’s panties, watching her and mirroring her movements.

    Every inch feels like a mile. Her panties are so tight! Sticking to her skin. Despite my best efforts I still taste a hint of saltiness, especially as they bunch together on their way down her hips. When we reach her stockings there’s no avoiding it. The top of them is especially damp. I whimper as I feel my chin accidently brush against her leg.

    I never really liked going down on real girls! I know what’s under Allison’s belt. It’s the same thing under mine, under Tina’s. There’s no denying it, drips of come from a penis is on my chin. I want to panic and run, but looking across at Tina she doesn’t seem to be faring much better. We’re so close! Just the last slide down Little Miss Perfect’s legs.

    II fall forward, kneeling at Allison’s feet, in my teeth I still have one side of her panties tightly clenched. I can feel my cheek rub against her leg, another patch of stickiness, but then it’s over. We did it! It was horrible and I want to scrub my face for years, but we did! A tiny victory, but a victory none the less!

     (R)Owen(a) Hero 

    Finally at Allison’s feet, I realised Bliss had stopped, I wasn’t sure if she thought we were done yet or not, but I didn’t like the idea of getting zapped because of a technicality, especially after doing all the disgusting work. I gave Allison’s ankle a few pokes with my nose and, sure enough, her foot lifted up a little to shake off whatever might be causing that sensation, people often did this sort of thing without thinking about it. In two awkward motions I managed to pull the panties over her heels and slide my side out from under her feet.

    “She id ay off,” I said as best I could without moving my tongue or teeth.

    I gave a tug at the panties hoping that either Allison would lift her other foot or Bliss would repeat my actions on her side.

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    “Ah the two panty-removers have finally finished, good girls!”

    A fast jolt of pleasure for both of them to give them the feeling of accomplishment, before I let the hammer down on Bliss:

    “Bliss, my dear child I can see you don’t want to let lose of Allison’s panties, that’s excellent!”

    I pat Allison’s leg and she lifts her foot, almost like a little pony, and steps out of the panties, well trained indeed.

    “Now Bliss, you can use your hands to put the rest those nice damp panties completely into your mouth. Your job is to clean them by sucking every bit of juice out of them in your mouth. You do it well and you get rewarded, you do it bad and you will feel pain. Start NOW!”

    With that last word my crop crashes down on the desk next to Allison, who almost seems to get a heart attack, although she wasn’t even threatened.

    Looking at the class that watching in morbid fascination I point at the new girl:

    “You, Trixie! Get up here! You have interrupted my course by being late and the presentation of sweet Allison, so you will ask her for apology too! Your task is to clean up her legs from all the juices which have run down, you can leave out her knee highs though – with your tongue. Go ahead, BEGIN!”

    “Finally, Tina, you have done well, I have noticed how you coordinated the work on the panty removal, that was nicely done, so I will give you a choice: you can either apologize with a curtsy to Allison and myself for interrupting us and then return to your chair or you stay here and wait for Trixie to clean up Allison’s legs. Once she is done, you will give Trixie a deep kiss with tongue and you two will apologize together to us with a curtsy. If you do that you will get a 10 second pleasure pulse, longer than we normally give.”

    “What’s your choice, Tina?”

     (R)Owen(a) Hero 

    This was a difficult choice actually, on any normal day I’d take the curtsey and sit down option, I had nothing to lose but something to gain, and that something was a 10 second long pulse. These people knew what they were doing, I was actually considering this as a good idea, all I had to do was…


    I had to stick my tongue inside another person’s mouth, that would contain a level of precum. I didn’t even like kissing on it’s own, some might wonder why I was fine with sex but had issues with kissing. I honestly didn’t know how to explain it, it’s just how things were for me.

    Still it was ten seconds of pleasure as a reward… was that worth it? I mean, I’d just be left hornier than before, all for exchanging saliva with what was ultimately another man.

    Which then reminded me, Trixie was a person too, with her own thoughts and feelings, only I was getting the pulse, would she be okay with me using her? Should I care?

    “Trixie, are you…” I started to ask, putting my glasses back on… before I saw Allison’s legs and realised I’d been debating this in my head for a long time… and my chance to decide seemed to have passed.

    I needed to be better at making these decisions.


    I hear mistress call out my name telling me since I have interrupted the course by being one late.  And to apologize for being late by coming up there and cleaning Allison’s legs with my mouth.

    In the back of my head I know I should refuse but I quick get up and Curtsey

    ”Yes Mistress” i say as I curtsey and walk to the front of the class and get down on my knees behind Allison

    I start licking Allison’s legs making sure to get all the juices from her but not getting her thigh highs.

    My head is going crazy while I’m doing this because I know I should be revolted by it however I’m finding it strangely erotic and enjoying it at the same time.

    I continue to lick her legs until all that is left is my saliva.

    I look over at Tina and look at her eyes making sure she is ready and with how turned on I am I lean and and start kissing her extremely passionately for several moments before pulling away.

    taking Tina’s hand squeezing slightly letting her know it was fjne.

    I stand up pulling Tina up with me looking at her to make sure she is ready to curtsey.  Then let go of her hand and curtsey making sure I stay in sync with Tina’s movements.

    “Please accept my apologies Mistress and Allison.” I say

    OOC: Tina hope you didn’t mind me taking the lead with it.

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     (R)Owen(a) Hero 

    As Trixie turned to me I realised I’d spent to long thinking about it, now it didn’t matter what either of us wanted, only one option was open and if I tried to take another I was sure there would be zapping involved.

    “I guess, I’m going to wait here,” I answered, since I was pretty sure if I didn’t give one I’d be punished.

    Trixie suddenly leaned forwards and pressed her lips against mine, I was shocked at the powerful tingling feeling that came from them. After they’d plumped my lips with that extra strength injection they’d warned me I’d “love using my new “CSLs”, I guess this was what they’d meant, it felt like when you rub your nipples but stronger. I’d been told that Kate had wanted special attention paid to my lips as early as possible, which might explain why they were already slightly plumper than everyone else’s I’d seen so far.

    Driven by the sensation I joined in, pressing my own lips into hers, before I felt something pressing between them. Remembering what had been asked of me, but not sure how to go about it, I parted my lips and felt what had to be Trixie’s tongue entering my mouth. I was repulsed by the motion but knew I had to do it too, or I wouldn’t receive my reward, so I pushed my own tongue through the opening and… eww, eww, eww, that was not spit, that was not spit, but I couldn’t stop now, I felt my way around to the top of her mouth and started scraping my tongue against her top teeth to get the precum off, which seemed to sell “deep”.

    I was actually a little unwilling to stop as she pulled away, squeezing my hand, but we weren’t done yet. We turned to face Allison and Miss Van Cleef.

    I stand up pulling Tina up with me looking at her to make sure she is ready to curtsey.  Then let go of her hand and curtsey making sure I stay in sync with Tina’s movements. “Please accept my apologies Mistress and Allison.” I say

    “I’m sorry Miss Van Cleef,” I said as I matched Trixie’s curtsy, before curtsying again “, To you too Allison.”

    Trixie took a moment to match my second curtsy, as if she had not thought to do a second one. It had seemed like the obvious thing to do to me. One could not be too careful here.

    I crouched down and picked up my materials, I needed a better way to keep them together.

    OOC: It’s alright.

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    NPC Miss van Cleef:

    I just love to see their little faces when they try to think about a difficult decision. Tina’s brows narrow over her cute glasses while she weighs the long pleasure against something she currently despises still. Their brains of course get constantly befuddled by the arousal and at least for some the medicine that math teacher has concocted, so they can’t really be blamed – doesn’t mean I can’t do it.

    Trixie has already started cleaning up the legs of our pleasure girl Allison and she is doing a good job at it, I have set her belt to a low arousal level so that she is constantly feeling horny while she does this without knowing why. Oh yes, she will learn to crave this taste in time!

    Tina seems to still not have come to a decision, she looks at Trixie and starts “Trixie, are you…” then realizes she is almost done and finishes her sentence: I guess, I’m going to wait here,” .

    “Of course you are, you like to be rewarded, don’t you Tina, and look at those soft lips Trixie has, you will enjoy the kiss itself too.”

    Trixie leans in and starts with a very nice kiss and suddenly, despite her initial doubts, sweet Tina joins her by sending out her tongue, I can see it in the way their mouths move.

    I can hear some heavy breathing coming from the class, watching to girls in such a sensual kiss is always arousing and even I myself feel  a little tingle, but of course I never lose control:

    “Very nice tongue work there, Tina and Trixie, good swapping of Allison’s love juices, pay close attention, class.”

    Finally they remove their lips from each other, almost reluctantly, the little sluts.

    They do a proper curtsey both of them and apologize to Allison and myself, as they should and I nod, satisfied:

    “You have both done a good job by following through my orders and a deal is a deal. Here is your reward for being good girls!”

    The pleasure setting on high goes out to Trixie for 5 seconds and for Tina the promised 10. Their sweet, young faces contort in ecstasy and I am pretty sure that something will soon be running down their own legs, but that’s something for later maybe.


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     A Blush 

    My role seems simple, stepping out of the panties when prompted. Clearly I did the right thing as Miss Van Cleef barely focused her attention on me for a moment.

    When Miss Van Cleef crashed down the crop onto her desk I jumped. My feet actually left the floor and I flinched as if I really had been hit by it. Thankfully I wasn’t. Still, the mere thought, the proximity had been enough to give my heart a jolt of speed. I was far too fascinated with the prospect of that bitch Bliss having to put my panties in her mouth when I should have been paying more attention to my teacher. I hope they can’t see my little smile.

    Next though things got even stranger. Trixie got down and began to lick my legs and the cum on them. Her tongue tickled at first and then it began to feel good. If I closed my eyes I could almost imagine being somewhere nicer. Worryingly, my cock still wanted to twitch and harden inside its cage even as it had already been given pleasure.

    When finally I was apologised to I nod and swallow hard.

    “Thank you Tina. Thank you Trixie.”

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    I should have known things were going too smoothly. With Tina’s help taking Allison’s panties down was easier than I expected. I look at the damp panties in my hands. The crotch is soaked, the edges have traces of drool from Tina and I.  I don’t want these thing within a hundred miles of my mouth… Until I look up at Allison, and see a smug little smile on her face.

    Forget pain, pleasure, and this Damn belt! All I want is to show her I can follow orders just as well as she can! Before I can over think it I stuff her panties in my mouth and suck hard. I can feel my eyes watering and my stomach churning, but that condescending little smirk is all I need to keep going.

    As the other two girls perform their tasks I continue sucking the soft fabric. I’m surprised Tina didn’t just return to her desk when she had the chance! I would have loved to disappear back into the crowd.

    When Tina and Trixie finish their makeout session, I spit out Allison’s panties. They look spotless to me, I was really trying my best! I can still taste her in my mouth as I look to Miss van Cleef, holding up them up.

    “All clean, Mistress! Thank you!” I say confidently.

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    Despite her obvious revulsion Bliss has followed my order. I was almost sure this one would be trouble but from somewhere she has found the resolve to follow the order and I have seen her mouth working on sucking and cleaning Allison’s panties. Just when Trixie and Tina have done their part and been rewarded, Bliss is done too, presenting me with the wet panty by holding it up proudly: “All clean, Mistress! Thank you!”

    I snap at her:

    “Let me be the judge of that!”

    I come closer without touching that thing while she holds it up between her hands, it’s only for sissies to handle such gross stuff. Going around to get a look from the other side my hand gives her rump a light pat, no pain involved.

    “Not bad, Bliss, not bad at all! Finally you are starting to become a good girl!”

    Just a quick impulse for now, I am not done with her, but I want her to feel the reward for following orders.

    “OK, now put them back in place. Allison, lift your feet when needed to help Bliss bring your now cleaned panties back into place and thank her properly for her cleaning service once done! You may sit down afterwards, Allison, your presentation is done, you other three stay here!”

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     A Blush 

    “Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.” I say to the teacher, not wanting to get onto her bad side now.

    Thank Bliss? The very thought makes me a little mad. With the eyes of the class and Miss Van Cleef on me its best to be magnanimous though. I lift my legs when indicated and enjoy having Bliss looking up at me while I can. When my panties are returned to their proper place under my tartan skirt I give my best sickeningly sweet smile and curtsy to bliss, hoping that I am hiding the edge in my voice well.

    “Thank you for the help cleaning my panties and putting them back on. It is very sweet of you.”

    I can see her resentment in her eyes just as I’m sure she can see the dislike in mine. Hiding my smirk I breathe a sigh of relief and return to my seat, slumping into it to recover.

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    Mistress tell both me and Tina we have done a good job and I can’t help but smile.

    I curtsey at Mistress “Thank you mistress”

    i stand there wondering if it was good to go back to my desk or should I Wait when suddenly the cage turns on again and I moan loudly causeing it to echo off the walls in the classroom and almost drop down to my knees. But as soon as it started it was over and I can feel that my panties have gotten a little wet from it.

    I am still debating when I here the other girl the one who had to put the panties in her mouth say they were all clean. Mistress turns her attention to her and starts inspecting the panties and then tells her to put them back on Allison and dismissing Allison when she was done and telling the three of us to stay here.

    I’m glad I didn’t start moving back to my desk yet since I was now told to stay here.

    Collared by the lovely Miss Andromeda Starr

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    “Oh the pleasure was mine, thank you for leaking so much,” I reply with my most honest and sweet voice, meeting her eyes with mine. I hope it didn’t come off too sarcastic but it was hard enough being this close to Allison without wanting to scream. I could still feel her stickiness on my lips and tounge. Yuck.

    I even manage to curtsey to her as she returns to her seat, my knuckles slightly white as I grip my skirt harder than usual, really forcing the motion. Curtseying to Deans and teachers is degrading enough. Curtseying to teachers pet Allison is a million times worse. Even if the way her butt moves when she walks back isn’t totally awful…

    I join the other two girls, looking longingly at my empty seat. I’ve had enough being at the front of the class. How I wish I could slip back into anonymity with the rest of the students! At least I’m not alone. I nod ever so slightly to Tina and Trixie, hoping to convey that whatever’s next, for now, we’re in it together.


     (R)Owen(a) Hero 

    After two seconds of pleasure pulse my knees started to shake, this was the longest it had ever gone on for and I could really feel just how strong it was. By 5 seconds I felt like my legs were going to give way  and I was starting to make sounds, even though the sounds were involuntary I tried desperately to keep them feminine sounding, lest my pleasures be interrupted by shock. I could feel the moisture gathering in my panties and was glad that these old designs had a level of absorbency in the crotch. There just have been a time here where they were actually concerned about all the precum. Then again, since these panties had clearly been used before, that meant traces of other peoples precum were still in the crotch section.

    I gasped when the pulse ended and put a hand on Trixie’s shoulder to steady myself. As expected I now felt even worse than before… I should have gone back to my seat.

    Seeing that things were still playing out, I decided I should just keep as quiet as I could for now.


    All the girls have done their tasks, now we only need to finish their presentation to wrap the lesson up. We have had a rather intensive time so I need to rush it a bit.

    “OK, we have three lovely little sissy girls here at the front who have given us their proper names, but as you all know, we want more!”

    A cheer comes from the class, they always like seeing the naked butts of fresh meat – and so do I. The tremble is just not the same once they have become accustomed to it…

    “So we will make a nice little row of cute round butts, won’t we? Tina to the right, Bliss in the middle, Trixie to the left, hands on the desk!”

    The line up as ordered and I can almost feel the tension rise in the class when I flip their skirts up. Now their schoolgirl panties are the only thing in the way, but I know that at least some of them have leaked during their pleasure jolts, so I won’t do this…


    My voice is like a whip, I bet the girl thought she was done now that I had allowed her to sit down – ha! Always expect the unexpected in my class!

    “Get your cute little sissy butt up here and draw down the panties of your class mates to their knees, starting from left to right! Once you are done, you will give a kiss to each of their little bums, only a short one, no tongue, mind you!”

    The class giggles at that, but then gets silent again at the prospect of seeing three new sissies exposed for the very first time to them.

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