Adventures at the LiLy Academy

Presentation – the first course for every new Lily girl

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     slave stacey 

    I see my friend Tiffy sitting quietly at her desk as though trying to be invisible.

    ”Hi Tiify!” I call out and wave to her before realising what I have just done. “Fancy meeting you here!”

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    Oh no. 

    Stacey is a sweetie, but this is not good.

    I desperately stare forward – toward Miss van Cleef’s desk – while keeping my eyes downward.

    I’m a baby bunny. I’m invisible. Nobody can see me. Nobody would hurt a cute little baby bunny. 

    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr

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    I do as I’m told and get over her desk with my hands, leaning forward like a good girl. I look pleadingly at Miss Van Cleef for some mercy. As I’m closest to her, I whisper:

    “Please be merciful and don’t pull my panties down, everyone will see my butt-plug, miss Van Cleef.”

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    Just as I am about present my designated new star pupil’s round butt to the class to witness it in all its glory without punishment she disappoints me by talking to me: “Please be merciful and don’t pull my panties down, everyone will see my butt-plug, miss Van Cleef.”

    My face hardens, I had such high hopes, she still has so much to learn. Well, I will teach her, oh yes! Stepping behind her I declare:

    “Most of you girls know this already: this course is called ‘Presentation’, because in it the new students present themselves for the first time at the Lily Academy in front of a teacher and some of their class mates. They introduce themselves properly, as our little Mallory-Michelle has done so aptly.”

    I caress her behind briefly and then flip her skirt up so all can see the butt in all its panty-clad beauty. I continue_

    “They also present their cute little bottoms for all to see, most of them while being punished, but ALL naked!”

    With this I pull down her panties until they are below her knees and step out of the way so the whole class can get an unobstructed view at the two round globes between which the SissyLink can be seen, of course with inserted butt plug. Michelle gasps and her shoulders start to shake. Is she crying? If so, good, because she has disappointed me deeply.

    “This little sissy was so afraid to show her cute little butt to her class mates that she asked me to not do this. She was afraid you might see the butt plug which is securely inserted in her rectum and held with the SissyLink Chastity Belt you all love so much.”

    Once glance from me over the class tells them not to object to this statement – smart girls!

    “Now, what is the rule for addressing the teacher without a valid cause in my classes? Chloe!”

    Chloe stands up, curtseys and adjusts her glasses:

    “Miss van Cleef, addressing the teacher without a proper cause is punished by 10 strokes with whatever instrument the teacher deems fit.”

    “And what is a valid cause?”

    “Valid causes are: answering to a question, introducing oneself properly upon entering and asking for permission to remind the teacher of an outstanding punishment from a previous course, Miss van Cleef.”

    She curtseys once more and I nod in acceptance:

    “Correct, you may sit down again again, Chloe.”

    “Thank you, Miss van Cleef.”

    She curtseys once more and sits back down gracefully. The girl has advanced considerably and I send a pleasure impulse to the SissyLink, nobody would think that this was only six months ago a ruffian called Greg.

    “Now, Michelle, let’s get this over with, I really don’t have much time to spend with your precious behind and your butt plug.”

    Some giggling from the seats where the older girls sit, but I will let that pass now. I have decided to take it light on her as she was in total not a bad girl, so I will do it with my bare hands instead of the crop. I step behind her again and my left hand strokes her butt gently, moving into the crack and pushing lightly on the area where the plug is attached. I can feel her flinch at this and in this very moment my right hand comes down -SMACK!

    She yelps at the sudden pain, but keeps her hands on the desk as she should, while I administer 5 strokes on each buttock, which leaves them in a nice pink shade. I step back once more and announce:

    “What do you say, class, do you think Mallory-Michelle is happier now? Her shining buttocks now distract nicely from that evil butt plug!”

    This time the laughter from the class is wanted, so I smile while they get their relief and Mallory-Michelle is red faced. After a short while I turn back to her, grab the panties and pull them back up and the skirt down.

    “Now get up, Mallory-Michelle and back to your place, you may sit down after curtseying and thanking me properly.”

    I am just about to focus on her curtsey as I hear another knock at the door…


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    Oh joy, another newbie sent my way…

    “Come in!”

    The door opens and a girl steps inside, curtseying at me right away – a good start, but then she curtseys also to the class and my eyes harden. Doesn’t she realize that by curtseying to schoolgirls she devalues the curtsey to her superiors? Probably not, stupid girl! At least she shows manners when she introduces herself to me: ”M-my name is Stacey Suckcocks, Mistress. I have been ordered by Miss Dawson to attend this class and I was detained, which is why I am late.”

    She curtseys once more, but making excuses for being late is never cutting it by my standards, especially as I know why she was held up at the dean. Modern communication is such a blessing, one view on my smart phone and I know everything I need to know about this little trouble maker. My feelings get confirmed right away as she looks at the other new girl who has been sitting there, quiet as a mouse, no doubt hoping I would have forgotten her previous mistake, and cheerfully shouts out: ”Hi Tiify! Fancy meeting you here!”

    Tiffy obviously is not happy about the attention while I take this as an excellent opportunity. My lips curl in a cruel smile as I take my pointer again and tap it lightly on my left hand:

    “Yes, fancy that indeed. Such an excellent and surprising coincidence, my dear little Stacey. Why don’t you help me with a little demonstration? Your friend Tiffy will join us too, come up here, darling girl, don’t be shy.”

    Both girls are now standing in front of the class and looking uncomfortably – good, I like that.

    “Well, you two seem to be such close friends, so I think I will make my last presentation a double. Each of you will help me to present the other one to the class. Tiffy, you were here on time and didn’t do too badly except you forgot to introduce yourself properly, so you will go first. Go to the desk and lean on it just like our little Mallory-Michelle of the precious butt plug did – yes, hands on the surface, butt high in the air.”

    I step behind her and flip her skirt up, then yank the panties down unceremoniously. Turning to Stacey I command her:

    “Come here now, Stacey and feel your little friends butt, isn’t it nice and soft and round?”

    I let her fondle it for a bit, before I let the hammer fall:

    “Now I want you to give her 20 spanks and make them good ones, because if they aren’t hard enough I won’t count them!”

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     slave stacey 

    Tiffy’s butt cheeks feel so lovely and I think there are worse things than having to show your butt to your class-mates. Wait till they see what hAppened to mine. But now I am ordered to give poor Tiffy twenty smacks. I hope she means ten on each cheek. The first one comes down.

    ”Thank you Stacey and Miss Van Cleef, for my first smack,” Miss Van Cleef orders Tiffy to say before I could deliver the next. Indeed Tiffy has to say this for every smack in this first ten, plus two that did not count. That was her right cheek, now comes the left one. By the time I am finished, including the ones that did not count, poor Tiffy has had 25 smacks and her butt is glowing red.

    I think perhaps when Miss Van Cleef sees the state of my ass she will take pity on me?


    Oh no! My efforts to disappear failed! Miss van Cleef calls both Stacey and me to be front of the class.

    Stacey is great, but I can’t help but glare at her a little for getting me into this mess!

    Miss can Cleef commands me to present my ass to the class with my hands and arms flat on her desk. I lower my head in humiliation, but I know I have no choice. As I lean over, I feel my tiny plaid skirt pull up, showing off my white panties for everyone to see. *blush* It’s so embarrassing!

    But Miss van Cleef doesn’t stop there. She quickly approaches, flips up my skirt and pulls down my panties! *gasp* Now it’s my naked ass and that horrible, horrible Sissylink chastity that gives them so much control over us!

    Now, Miss van Cleef tells Stacey to feel my bottom. Right here! In front of everyone!

    After everything this belt has done, I have to admit, it feels good. Mmmmm. Like some kind of slut, I start to move around a little, forgetting where I am.

    That’s when Miss van Cleef drops the hammer, telling Stacey she is to spank me in front of everyone.  And they have to be HARD!

    Stacey seems tentative at first, and Miss van Cleef is it having that. The first couple sting, but they don’t count against the 20.

    As she continues, we fall into a rhythm. “Thank you, Miss van Cleef and Stacey, for my 10th smack … 15th … 20th.”

    if only took about 25 actual smacks to get to 20 official ones. My poor bottom is being pink and so warm! I’m whimpering in the desk from the abuse and move my hands back to comfort my bottom.

    I wonder what this cruel woman has in store for Stacey?


    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr

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    Stacey begins with a solid swat on her friends bottom, hard enough to count, so I hold up my hand for her to wait and tell Tiffy:

    “Tiffy, you will thank me and your little girlfriend for each smack, counting up. I will tell you if one doesn’t count because it wasn’t hard enough. Commence!”

    She announces ”Thank you Stacey and Miss Van Cleef, for my first smack,”. I shortly debate if I should reprimand her for the wrong order, but decide to let it pass this once, after all I want her to memorize that her friend got her into this predicament, so I nod at Stacey to continue.

    She hits again but I have to intervene:

    “Stop, that one doesn’t count, I know you love caressing the butt of Tiffy, but this course is called “Presentation” not “Sissy Arousal”.

    I hear some giggling from the class, although I am quite sure that at least some of them actually ARE aroused by viewing these two sweet girls playing like this – our SissyLink Chastity belts see to that!

    “Again, Stacey, this time hit it like you mean it or do you want me to make Tiffy sing ‘Hit me baby one more time’?”

    The next swat comes down with much more force, so it counts, but then another weak one and once more I make her repeat it:

    “No, Stacey, that won’t do at all, if you continue like this poor Tiffy will suffer more than needed and it’s only your fault. Again!”

    This seems to have brought home the point, the other smacks are all hard enough so Tiffy’s right buttock has a nice shade of pink as the official 10 are over with only 2 not counting.

    “Okay, now the other cheek, Tiffy doesn’t even have to turn it.”

    I smirk as I hear some more giggling from the class, always good to loosen the tension as I have already heard some girls breathing heavily – manual spanking between two young girls is such a beautiful spectacle.

    Stacey begins once more, but she seems to tire a bit so I have to let her repeat three strokes this time, making it a total of 25 – nice round number!

    “That wasn’t too bad, Stacey, you have been a good girl punishing your friend.”

    A short pleasure impulse through the belt makes her knees almost buckle and a moan escapes her mouth while her friend still is standing there with her bright red bottom high in the air – perfect!

    “Well, as much fun as that was for you, Stacey, now pull up her panties and then Tiffy, you may stand up and move away from the desk, it’s payback time, because now Stacey takes your place.”

    After they have switched places I step close to once more flip a skirt up and pull some panties down, this time to be greeted by an already red behind with some welts crisscrossing in an intricate pattern. I step back, letting the class get a good view:

    “Class, look at this marvelous piece of work by a true artist with the crop, our revered dean Miss Dawson. Notice the precise distance between one welt and the next, all parallel to each other in perfect harmony, the colors all at the same shade of red. Only a very controlled, very precise mind with an absolute body control can hope to achieve such perfection, don’t you agree, Tiffy?”

    The girl looks at me with frightened eyes and my lips curl in a cruel smile:

    “Don’t worry, girl, you don’t have to fear that I order you to repeat this feat, it takes years of practice to even come close to this level of mastery and it would be an absolute shame to destroy this pattern with your clumsy little schoolgirl hands. No, I think you should just play a little game of sports with your friend.”

    She looks up hopefully, wondering if I will spare her little friend the pain, but my cold smile tells her better as I move to a sideboard and retrieve something, hidden by my body. I turn again and hold up what I have just gotten out:

    “How about a nice game of Ping Pong?”

    I grin evilly as I step over to her and press the handle into her small hand before I explain:

    “First of all, the flat rubber will bring out the pattern nicely, emphasizing Miss Dawson’s skill instead of diminishing it. Isn’t that fantastic, girls?”

    I don’t really expect them to answer to this rhetoric question, Stacey seems to give out a small whimper while Tiffy’s eyes have grown wide. Gleefully I continue:

    “The game it self is simple: Ping – a hit on the left cheek, Pong – one on the right, I decide if a point was made, depending on how hard you have hit, the game is over at 11. In the old days it was 21, but the times have changed, be grateful for this, Stacey. Oh, and there is a specific rule for this game: no more than two points of difference are possible, so if Ping is two ahead, Pong must score, otherwise Ping won’t count!”

    I step aside to give the class an unobstructed view and give the order:


    Tiffy starts with the first hit on the left as ordered, but she is obviously scared to hit her friend, so the hit is not really hard. Flatly I announce:

    “0:0 still, next!”

    This time it’s the right side (Pong) and Tiffy puts more effort in it, giving a good smack which results in a yelp from Stacey and my update:

    “0:1, next!”

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    Miss van Cleef gleefully lords over my presentation and punishment, putting on a little show for the girls, getting a number of giggles. She’s good. I’m sure I’d be enjoying the show … if I wasn’t the show. *sniffle*

    As it comes to an end, Miss van Cleef announces it’s time for my payback on Stacey! But I know I’m not going to try to get even out of anger. Stacey is a sweet girl who just wanted to say hi. And the spanking was ordered by Miss van Cleef. I try to give Stacey an apologetic look, though, knowing that I can’t take it too easy on her.

    And I feel even worse once Miss van Cleef displays Stacey’s ass for the class. My god, that looks painful! And I have to spank on top of that?

    The work is that of Miss Dawson, which makes me certain that I will NEVER get on her bad side. Stacey won’t be able to sit for weeks, it looks like!

    As I try to process all of this, Miss van Cleef presents me with … a ping pong paddle? Oh, poor Stacey. I’m sorry!

    Miss van Cleef announces the rules, which an airhead like me can barely follow! I figure that Miss van Cleef will “keep score” and give a soft smack on Stacey’s behind.

    Not good enough, apparently. The score is 0-0.

    I give a harder smack on the other cheek. Better! 0-1.

    I then go back and forth from one cheek to the other, trying to do the lightest swats possible that still allow for a score. But Miss van Cleef seems to be changing things up on me – it feels like I need to give harder and harder swats to make them count!

    Oh, poor Stacey! I feel like I hit her 30 times before an 11-9 score is counted as the final.

    I try to give her another apologetic look, but she has her head down in tears. “I’m so sorry, Stacey!” I whisper quietly.


    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr

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    She’s really humiliated me so publicly and I force myself to not cry as she’s spanking me.

    “Thank you for disciplining me, Ma’am. I’m very grateful for this experience.” I say curtsying and doing my best to fake a smile. As I make my way to my seat I give Chloe an angry glare.

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     slave stacey 

    Again, my ass is on fire as what Miss Van Cleef declares was an enjoyable game of ping-pong. Enjoyable for her, I’m sure. I realise that I had better thank Tiffy and Miss Van Cleef for my punishment, so:

    “Th-thank you for punishing me, Miss Van Cleef, and thank you Tiffy, for my punishment,” I manage between sobs.

    I am still leaning over he desk, my tiny skirt raised over my waist and my knickers round my ankles. I don’t know what I should do next. Stand up and curtsey? Go and find a desk? I decide the way to avoid more punishment is to wait to be told. More humiliating, Miss Van Cleef has done something to my sissylink belt and I feel arousal trickling down my thighs, as though I were enjoying it.


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    The game of Ping-Pong continues for time, with Stacey’s behind getting darker by the minute and Tiffy getting more and more desperate. She doesn’t want to hit her friend, but if she doesn’t do it right, I don’t count – a true dilemma for the poor child -as it should be. Finally I announce the score:

    “11:9, the right butt cheek wins, let’s all hear a cheer!”

    The class cheers and applauds, almost loud enough that I can’t hear Tiffy say “I’m so sorry, Stacey!” – almost. I will let it pass this time though as I can see that Stacey is already sobbing and our course is coming to an end anyway. Despite her sobbing Stacey manages to thank us both properly, which surprises me: Th-thank you for punishing me, Miss Van Cleef, and thank you Tiffy, for my punishment,”. Maybe there is hope for this one, so I press the button to send her a good vibration and I can see her reaction immediately, even a bit running down her leg. The little slut was aroused by all of this, I am sure!

    “I am sure you have enjoyed this quite a bit, Stacey, we can all see the results trickling down your leg. Tiffy, you have done well at the Ping-Pong game, so well that your little friend has had an accident, so it’s your responsibility to get rid of it. Come on, lick it up, the class is almost over, you don’t want to wait for the next to witness this also, do you?”


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    The humiliation is finally coming to an end, it seems. I look back to my seat, ready to hide there again. This class is awful!

    But then it appear Miss van Cleef has other ideas. Oh noes!

    Miss van Cleef calls attention to the sissy arousal literally dripping down Stacey’s leg from our game of ping pong. (What a little tramp! Maybe I should have been swatting harder!)

    Tiffy, you have done well at the Ping-Pong game, so well that your little friend has had an accident, so it’s your responsibility to get rid of it. Come on, lick it up, the class is almost over, you don’t want to wait for the next to witness this also, do you?”

    She can’t be serious! All the color drains from my face. I look to Stacey. To Miss van Cleef. To the classroom. To Miss van Cleef.

    My mouth hangs wide open.

    I see she is serious. The color returns to my face strongly. I feel my face getting bright red.

    I have no choice.

    Yes, Miss van Cleef.” *curtsey*

    I kneel at the front of the class, right in front of Stacey. I lower my head to where the drip has reached. I extend my tongue and begin to slowly lick up her leg, up her thigh, back all the way to the source – the Sissylink belt that keeps Stacey from enjoying anything.

    I can’t help but let out a little sigh of pleasure involuntarily. Then I remember where I am. I shudder in embarrassment, hoping I have performed satisfactorily. I look back to Miss van Cleef, awaiting further commands.

    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr

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    Tiffy looks at me with incredulous eyes, her face going pale, obviously she did not expect that!

    Well, I just gave her a command and I expect it to be followed so my eyes bore into hers until she averts them and her face regains colour: a nice red blush!

    Obediently she goes down on her knees in front of Stacey and starts to lick, shortly above the knee and then going up until she finally reaches the SissyLink(tm) Chastity Belt, the epitome of Sissy Tech’s most advanced technology.

    Despite her first impulse she obviously enjoys what she is doing, as I can hear a sigh of pleasure from the little slut – they are all the same. They play on resisting and not wanting this to happen, but deep down they enjoy what we are doing to them. She looks back at me from her position on the floor, not daring to get up without command, she is definitely getting into the right mind set.

    “Get up, Tiffy, I can see that you have enjoyed the sweet taste of Stacey’s arousal by the data from your own SissyLink. Now pull up her panties and then flip down her skirt, otherwise you might have an accident too and then another girl has to clean YOU up, we can’t have that happen, after all this is ‘Presentation’ not ‘Oral Pleasures’.”

    I grin evilly down at her while the class giggles, then continue:

    “Once you are done, Tiffy, you may return to your place, you have been a good girl.”

    As usual a short pleasure impulse shoots through her, keeping her arousal level high, probably making her leak a bit before she returns to her place, so all may see it.

    “Stacey, you may return to your place too, your punishment is over for now.”

    Turning to the rest of the class I announce:

    “We only have 3 minutes left, so I want all of you to reflect upon what you have learned today, I might ask you in the next course I give, so be prepared.”

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    Obviously, Miss van Cleef heard my little moan of pleasure (why would I do that?).

    I can see that you have enjoyed the sweet taste of Stacey’s arousal by the data from your own SissyLink,” she mocks me in front of everyone! *blush*

    She tells me to get up and cover my own bottom. (I had forgotten myself amidst everything else going on!)

    I stand and my skirt falls over my chastity area. Before pulling up my panties, though, I turn to Miss van Cleef to curtsey for her. “Thank you, Miss van Cleef.” Then I bend down at the waist and pull my panties up all the way. Miss van Cleef dismisses me with a “good girl.” I feel a thrill of pleasure at the words. With so much that has happened, I can’t tell whether it’s a pulse from the Sissylink or just a natural response to being called a good girl. Feels wonderful either way!

    I am allowed to return to my seat, which I do quietly – trying to slip back into anonymity again.

    As I sit, though, my bottom stings anew, reminding me of the spanking I just got.


    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr

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     slave stacey 

    Oh, how embarrassing. Miss Van Cleef purposely turned me on so I would leak and now poor Tiffy is humiliated into cleaning up after me. Being allowed to take a seat, I curtsey to Miss Van Cleef and thank her. I see the amused smile on her face and I go to sit next to my friend Tiffy. I’m not sure Tiffy wants me to sit next to her, as I am proving to be such an embarrassment to her.

    There is a ripple of laughter around the room as I gingerly perch my ass on the seat. As I was afraid of, it hurts like the devil to sit. But, I am determined not to make a sound and to be good like Tiffy. But, I see Miss Van Cleef fiddling with her phone again and…


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    I see Stacey sit down on her sore ass and think she has deserved a little bit of fun, so I send her a good wave of pleasure. The little slut goes off like she had an orgasm (which of course she didn’t, the belts are too good for that).

    “I guess we have a little pain slut in our midst, I am sure you girls can find interesting ideas for her in the dormitory.”

    Who said being a teacher couldn’t be fun?

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     A Blush 

    Do I knock on the door first? Or would that be interrupting the class in progress? Gulping I decided to simply enter the room and see what happens. Either there was a lull in the class or they were expecting me. Either way it felt like I had the whole room watching. Like a condemned man on death row I walked to the front and curtseyed to the teacher.

    “Hello Miss Van Cleef. My name is Allison Bloom. I was told to report here for class..”

    I wanted to die. Clearly whatever had just happened had taken a lot out of the class phyiscally and mentally yet here I was in front of them all. The horror.


    I have just released the class after the nice performance from Stacey as a new girl enters. The pupils in the class look up with interest, will I punish her for being late or was the course officially closed? I look at her with stern eyes and she curtseyes and greets me with the proper respect: “Hello Miss Van Cleef. My name is Allison Bloom. I was told to report here for class..”

    My decision is made – I had officially closed the class, so I need to keep to my own rules:

    “Hello, Allison. You have luck, the last class has just been dismissed, so I assume you are here for the next one. It will start in 15 minutes, so take a seat and wait a bit, while I take a rest. These courses  can be so taxing on me.”

    I put down the crop and shake my arm to demonstrate why I need a rest.

    /OOC Pretty sure the course was done, it might have been the reset after the site was down. Will start a new class by tomorrow, we might have another girl coming in.

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     A Blush 

    “Yes Miss. I.. Well I got a spanking from the dean so I could use a rest too Miss.”

    Thanking heaven for the reprieve I meekly take a seat in the middle of the room. Not so near the front as to mark myself out as a teachers pet, yet not so far back as to make my new teacher think I was trying to hide, hoping that by cooperating I’ll save myself some heartache.

    Tucking what little there is of the skirt underneath me I have no choice but to sit there and try not to focus on the ache in my poor ass.

    (OOC- No hurry. These things take time!)


    “So you got a spanking from the dean, hm? I guess I will have an eye on you, Missy!”

    To be honest, only a spanking from Miss Dawson means she has been overall a good girl, but there is no reason to let her off so easily.


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     A Blush 

    “Yes Miss, I’ll do my best to be good Miss.”

    I look up from my desk every 60 seconds or so, unable to take staring at it, desperate to figure out what is in store for me. Unfortunately the room gives no clues, looking like it does a normal classroom. Unfortunately I have no choice but to wait.


    I check my lesson planner and map as I shuffle through the halls, my mind still reeling from my experience with the Dean. “Introduce yourself and curtsey, introduce yourself and curtsey…” I repeat to myself, as I finally find the right door for ”Presentation’.

    I knock on it before entering, and a whole class of schoolgirls greet me with hungry eyes. At the front of the class is the only one not wearing a ridiculously short skirt. She must be the teacher. Which means she must have one of those cell phones that can torture at the touch of a button! I immediately curtsey, concerned at how natural it feels already, and announce myself.

    “Hello, my name is Bliss,” I say, even though the name still makes me feel nautious. Nautious and a little excited.

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    NPC Miss van Cleef:

    The class fills again and it is only another minute until the bell rings which will start the class when I hear a knock at the door and another new girl comes inside. She does a proper curtsey (well for a new girl) and introduces herself as “Bliss” and I look at her sharply before I announce:

    “This course is called “Presentation” and I am your teacher Miss van Cleef. You will address me either as that or as Mistress, is that clear? Now go to the free place over there, I want all the new girls in a spot so I can keep a special eye on you! You will have ample time to present yourself properly with name and everything once the course starts.”

    I point to a chair next to the other new girl Allison and wait for the bell to ring

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    I curtsey again. It’s becoming something of a reflex. Anything to avoid another shock! Better safe than sorry!

    “Thank you, Mistress.”

    I quickly scoot to where she pointed, next to one of my new classmates. Allison, I think? I wonder what her story is. As I sit down I glance at her smooth legs up to her short skirt. As truly awful as this experience has been at least there’s always plenty of eye candy around. And if she’s just arrived like I have then we already have something in common! Maybe this won’t be completely horrible! I smile at her and mouth ‘hi’ before turning my attention back to Miss van Cleef. My first class. Let’s see what this whole Academy is all about. How bad can a simple presentation be?


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    NPC Miss van Cleef:

    The bell rings, and the babble of the girls stops immediately. They know better by now than to provoke me.

    I write the name of the course and my own in big letters on the board.

    “Good morning, class, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting one of my courses: my name is Miss van Cleef and this is “Presentation”. You will address me with my name or ‘Mistress’ at all times, do I make myself clear?”

    My gaze wanders through the lines of girls, stopping for a bit on a trouble maker before I finally settle my eyes on the two newcomers. Let’s see what Allison is made of…

    “You, Allison, come up here in front of the class and introduce yourself properly to me and your class mates. NOW!”

    I saw her get up timidly and was having none of it, so upon my last word I also brought down my pointer with a crack on the desk, making the girl flinch and hurriedly come to the front.


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     A Blush 

    I scowl at the new girl as she tries to mouth a hello to me. It’s not her fault, truthfully her presence has me a little excited, in her tight blouse and cute haircut she actually looks quite sexy and in ordinary circumstances I’d be wanting to get to know her better.

    Instead, I’m far too nervous about this first class here at the Lily Academy to be friendly. What on earth is going to happen next? Not to mention how uncomfortable this damn belt is with so many attractive women around. Sighing softly I try to remain focused on Miss Van Cleef and on not seeming as terrified as I really am. At least with Bliss here I’m not the only one to feel the teachers attention carefully appraising them.

    (OOC: Oops, wrote this before Miss Van Cleef wrote her reply!)

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     A Blush 

    I was almost able to relax. The Academy clearly doesn’t want that to happen, they seem to want to keep us busy at all times. Just when I was finally feeling comfortable the bell rung and class started, jolting me back to attention.

    I had hoped that with the arrival of the others Miss Van Cleef might forget about me. As her eyes scanned over them, fixing on some of the others it even seemed like she had. Soon enough though she called me up to the front.

    It was horrible, I could feel the hungry eyes roaming over my scantily clad body. I wanted so badly to cover myself with my hands. The crack of the teachers pointer disuaded me from that, making me hurry up to the front where I gave her a curtsey.

    “Yes Mistress. I’m Allison Bloom and thank you for picking me Mistress!”

    It was lies of course. My name is Alan! And I was anything but grateful. Slowly I turned to face the class, frozen before them like a deer in headlights. Oh gosh this was awful. All those smiling pretty faces. Teasing me. Taunting me. Do I curtsy? What do I say? Fighting down my panic I give them a curtsy too, figuring it couldn’t hurt.

    “Hello Classmates. My name is Allison Bloom. I’m here because my wife wanted me to get a better education. I’m 27 and I’m a little nervous.”

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    Allison introduces herself to me and to the class properly, she even thanks me for picking her and she declares why she was sent here – I didn’t even ask it, but she did anyway, submissive little slut!

    Still, good behaviour must be rewarded, so here we go:

    “That was quite a nice introduction for a new sissy, Allison, you have been a very good girl!”

    I send her a long pleasure impulse via the app directly to her SissyLink chastitiy belt and I can see her eyes glaze over, I bet her panties are wet now. I notice the envious glares from some of the older girls. Oh, they will get their show too, alright…

    “But, this course is “Presentation”, not “Introduction”, so now we are continuing with your presentation, little Allison. Step to the desk and put your hands on it, so we can all get a nice good view of your bubble butt.”

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     A Blush 

    Once again I felt faint. My eyes moved up into my head as I gasped with pleasure. My knees shook and I began to sweat with arousal. When I managed to come back to my senses, to once again focus on the room I could see the looks of my classmates. Amused smirks from some. Hatred and jealousy in the eyes of others. Clearly being teachers pet round here would be a double edged sword. Only then am I aware of the leakeage of fluid into my panties. I hope they wont notice.

    Then I’m ordered to the desk. I don’t want too. I want to run. Maybe if I cooperate though I’ll get a lovely burst of pleasure again? Taking a deep breath I step forwards and place my hands on the desk, pushing my now hairless bottom out, suspecting that everyone can see the tight white panties that are underneath my skirt as I do so.

    “Like this Mistress?.”

    I look at the teacher for guidance, trying to gauge her personality.

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