Adventures at the LiLy Academy

Presentation – the first course for every new Lily girl

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    This is the first lesson every new girl at the Lily Academy must attend. Here they meet their new class mates who have already been here for a while, introduce themselves and they learn their first very important lesson – obedience means less punishment!


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    I find the room where my very first course with the ominous name “Presentation” is about to happen and enter quite a bit ahead of the bell. I look around and see a good dozen or so girls, all in schoolgirl attire just like myself.They are all young and extremely sexy and once again I can feel myself aroused and very horny inside that cursed chastity belt. “I really need to find a way to get this damn thing off” I think for the twentieth (or more) since I have been brought to the Academy.

    I briefly wonder if any of them are like me, and then realize that most of them are looking at me, some openly giggling and I blush furiously. Do they know I am a guy underneath? Quickly I sit down at an empty desk, hoping to be able to just stay under the radar. That hope is destroyed about three minutes later when I hear a voice

    “You are sitting at my place”

    I look up and see another wet dream of every schoolgirl fetish guy, her long legs in holdups, the skirt as short as mine and a beautiful face. Instantly I get up and apologize:

    “Sorry, my name is Al…ina, I didn’t want to take your place.”

    The buzz in my chastity belt warned me to not use the wrong name and to be honest, I wouldn’t even want to, considering how I look calling myself Alan would seem ridiculous.

    She smirks and replies:

    “Well, Alina, you did, so move your sexy butt some place else!”

    She emphasized my name in a way which tells me that she at least suspects what I am and once again I feel very humiliated. I shuffle away hurriedly until I come to another desk. The girl next to it is apparently doing some last minute studying:

    “Sorry, is this place taken?”

    She looks up at me and I think I see a sign of sympathy on her face as she says:

    “First day, hu? That place is not taken, yet, so feel free. My name is Kelly, btw. Oh and stay away from Chelsea, she can be mean.”

    She indicates at the girl whose place I had occupied briefly and I nod thankfully.

    “My name is Alina, yes, first day. Nice to meet you, Kelly.”

    I smile at her as I place myself behind the desk, wondering what this first course may bring.


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    OOC: I am looking to continue my story and was given this link to post here. If I did this wrong I apologize. I am new to the site.

    Here is the link to my thread if you need it.

    I timidly walk into the classroom and as I pass the mirror I can’t help by take a quick look and feel extremely embarrassed as I see my reflection again.

    I look to the woman in front of the class and ask, “This is the presentation class, right?”


    I have just taken place at the desk when I see a very imposing lady enter the class:

    She is big, with her high heeled stilettos which are clicking over the floor she reaches 6 foot easily, but she does look sexy in an intimidating way. Her eyes look imperiously around the class as if searching for any misdemeanor and the long cane she holds in her hand makes me a bit nervous. Her full, luscious lips are slightly curled in a smirk, more or less giving the image that she knows we are just little brats, but she will get us sorted.

    “Oh my, this is our teacher?” I think by myself and am glad that I made it early to this course. The bell hasn’t rung yet, when a beautiful redhead comes into the room timidly, looks at the teacher and asks: “This is the presentation class, right?”

    The woman raises her eye brows and looks down at the newcomer:

    “Yes, this is “Presentation” and I am your teacher Miss van Cleef. You will address me either as that or as Mistress, is that clear? Now go to the free place over there, I want all the new girls in a spot so I can keep a special eye on you! You will have ample time to present yourself properly with name and everything once the course starts.”

    Her voice is as stern as her looks and very commanding. I can hear some of the other girls snicker and giggle mischievously and briefly wonder why they sound so happy.

    She points to the desk on my other side and I wince internally. The part about “special eye on us” did sound ominous. The girl looks unhappy as she comes over so I shoot her a brief smile, hoping to cheer her up a bit. I myself am not happy, but maybe we can help each other. And if Rachel comes to this course too, we are already three new girls…

    /OOC Welcome dear 🙂

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    A bell rings signaling the beginning of classes. I rush towards the door and try to open it, but it is locked. I check my schedule and the map feverishly, to confirm that this is the right room and it is. “Why is this locked” I wonder as I knock on the door a few times.

    A few seconds pass and I hear the door click open and an imposing woman with a pointing stick stands in the doorway clearly angry. “Yes?” she asks sharply.

    “Is this presentation class?” I ask nervously. The woman doesn’t say anything but in response grabs my shirt and pulls me into the class slamming the door behind me. She drags me to the front of the class and addresses the room full of students.

    This new girl here seems to think that it is ok to arrive late to class and disrupt everyone’s learning. Well girl, we’re all listening. Who are you and why are you late?

    I stand in front of the class and look around. There are so many beautiful girls in here, and they are all looking at me. I start to feel a pressure rising in my confining belt and curse it once again. Some of the girls are giggling at me while others are smiling in an encouraging sort of way. I see Alina and give her a nervous wave before taking a deep breath and saying, “Hello, my name is Rachel Morningwud.” Saying the embarrassing name makes a red flush creep up my face and more of the girls start giggling at me. “This is my first day here. I’m sorry I was late, I was in a meeting with Miss Dawson and couldn’t find my way here in time.” I look to the stern looking woman to see if that was sufficient.

    That will do for now” she says. “My name is Miss van Cleef and I am your teacher. You will refer to me by either my name or Mistress. Now bend yourself over my desk.

    “Wait, what?” I ask unsure if I really heard what I thought I heard.

    Don’t question me Ms. Morningwud. Bend over my desk. I do not tolerate lateness in my classes and you still need to be punished.

    I hesitantly walk over to the large wooden desk in the front of the room and place my hands on the surface, bending slightly. I feel a hand between my shoulder blades push me down so that my face is resting on the surface and I hear Miss van Cleef say “Let this be a lesson to you to always show up on time from now on”. I then feel a sharp pain as another hand comes down quickly and spanks my mostly exposed rear.

    I let out a muffled squeal of pain and the hand spanks me again. And again. And again. In total I receive twenty spanks before Miss van Cleef stops and addresses the class again. “That ought to be enough for now. Students. Other than arriving late, what else did your new classmate do wrong?


    The bell rings and Miss van Cleef is just about to start the lesson when I hear somebody trying to open the door frantically. I see a smirk run over the teacher’s face as she watches door for a few seconds before finally pushing down on her smartphone, apparently opening the door with it. Rachel is entering the room, almost breathless and apologizing,but she still finds a second to indicate a wave to me and I smile encouragingly – poor girl!

    Miss van Cleef is having none of it, she stays sternly on course: Now bend yourself over my desk.”

    Rachel walks over and bends down, so we can all see her panty-clad bottom under the very short skirt. I can’t help it but feel aroused at the view, seeing a helpless schoolgirl with her bottom exposed like this, about to be spanked as I see the teacher raise her hand is simply an erotic view. I feel ashamed of this, but at least the belt doesn’t make me show it. The nipples on my all new breasts though show my state nonetheless and I am happy that with a side glace I can see that all the other girls have become transfixed on the view in front of us. Wait, are they aroused too?

    Miss van Cleef announces: “Let this be a lesson to you to always show up on time from now on”.  and then the hand comes town, making Rachel squeal in pain, although I can feel she is holding back. My heart goes out to her in sympathy, but my cock in its belt is having its own point of view: I can feel some pre-cum leaking into my panties and blush in shame.

    Rachel has to bear nineteen more strokes and is sobbing by the time she ends and asks “That ought to be enough for now. Students. Other than arriving late, what else did your new classmate do wrong?”

    I have no clue what she is going on about, but that girl Chelsea raises her finger and as the teacher indicates for her to speak, she stands, curtsies and announces in her chirping voice:

    “Mistress, she didn’t curtsy before speaking to a superior, she didn’t address you in a proper way, she didn’t apologize for speaking to you without being spoken to and she didn’t curtsy after posing the question.”

    She curtsies again before sitting down and I gape at her, that answer sounds rather ridiculous, I mean, how could Rachel have known anything about this?

    Miss van Cleef though seems rather pleased with the answer and replies:

    “Good girl, Chelsea! I see your lessons finally pay off, keep it up. Although I admit that not all of this may be known to a student on her first day, which is why I will be a bit more lenient than normal on the punishment for those violations of our rules, let this be an example for all new girls…”

    She looks ominously over to the other new girl next to me and then myself and I gulp nervously while she continues:

    “… but this will come after the presentation of the other newcomers. So sit down, Rachel, over there to the other new girls, and think about what may come later for the violations our dear Chelsea has so rightfully pointed out.”

    Rachel has by now been able to compose herself from the wicked spanking and gotten up, her face red from the humiliation and the pain and I can see her eyes go wide at the thought of another round of punishment awaiting her later. The poor girl has suffered enough and I am feeling angry how she has been treated. I try to calm myself down, but my anger is boiling, maybe also because I have a bad conscience about getting aroused from the spanking of this innocent girl.

    Miss van Cleef looks over to me and her merciless eyes behind her glasses bore into mine. Did she see the spark of rebellion?

    “You, little Asian girl, come to the front of the class and introduce and present yourself!”

    I grind my teeth, get up from my chair, straighten this all-to-short skirt and walk up to the front. I remember what Chelsea said about curtsies and then recall a movie I once saw with a girl curtsying, so I try to recreate the scene in my mind:

    I hope I have got it good enough for this stern teacher and go through the motions before I announce:

    “Hello, everyone, my name is Al…ina, pleasure to meet you.”

    The reactions I receive are not encouraging, there is giggling from the girls around Chelsea and the smirk on that girl’s face tells me all I need to know, even before I look over to Miss van Cleef herself.

    She has picked up the pointing stick again and lets it crush down on the desk right now, making me almost jump.

    So, Alina it is? Well, Alina, that was so far off from what we expect, I am not sure we have seen anything as disgraceful ever before! You will have dire need of those classes of deportment on your schedule for sure, but that is not the real reason, why you will be punished. Did you listen, what dear Chelsea said about addressing a superior?”

    I grow really annoyed now and I feel myself getting red, but I reply as calm as possible, ignoring the snickering from the girls around Chelsea:

    “Yes, Miss van Cleef.”

    “Ah, so you do remember my name, how kind of you! So it was not forgetfulness that you didn’t address me in your presentation, but pure willful stubbornness. This will add another 5 to your count, you are now at 15!”

    This is really unfair and after the treatment of Rachel I already hate that woman, so instead of shutting up my mouth opens and starts:

    “But, that isn’t fair!”

    Her eyes widen in anger and once more the stick slams down on the desk, shutting me off effectively.

    “Fair? Little girl, we teach you manners and discipline in this class, not fairness! Obviously you have not grasped yet, what your role in this class is, so Chelsea will help me teach you! Another 15 added, those to be admonished by our sweat girl so she can help me teach you to become an obedient little girl! Understood, Alina?!”

    I want to scream out at her “I am not a fucking girl you stupid bitch!” and attack her but one look at her hand close to the smartphone and the app which controls the belt tells me that I will not be able to overcome her in time. So instead I let my head drop and reply meekly:

    “Yes, Miss van Cleef.”

    Her tone gets slightly softer as she says:

    “There you go, girl, now go over to the desk and bent over. For talking back to me, I want you to pull down your panties to your knees, the spanking will be applied to your bare bottom.”

    I raise my head sharply in shock but her eyes flash and I reply once more “Yes, Miss van Cleef” before I move over to the desk obediently. I pull down my cotton panties, hearing the girls around Chelsea once more giggle and snicker before I lean over the desk, my hands grabbing the far end and my face burning in shame. I have never been so humiliated in all my life, everyone in the class can see my naked, hairless butt and the belt I am wearing, well the part on the back anyway. At the same time, weird as it is, I can feel myself feel aroused inside it.

    Miss van Cleef steps close her hand slightly caressing my naked bum as she moves the skirt on my back to have it out of the way completely before she announces:

    “Obedience and discipline are at the core of everything your new life stands for. Remember this lesson well.”

    She waits another 20 seconds, making me almost squirm in anticipation, until finally her hand comes down to connect with my right buttock – SMACK!

    I have sworn to myself that I will not usher a word, but the pain is surprisingly more substantial than I thought so I really have to grind my teeth. I only release some breath, proud of being able to resist. The next hit is on my left, then in swift succession right -l left -right – left. By now my whole bum seems to radiate heat and I have to take in air in between strokes only to exhale sharply whenever the SMACK comes down. As we come to 5 strokes on each bum the pain is too much and I yelp as my poor right bum is hit again. I can almost feel the pleased smile on Miss van Cleef’s face as she leans over to whisper in my ear: “You can’t resist forever, little sissy-girl Alina, this is your fate.”

    The humiliation gets even worse, she knows exactly what I am and enjoys bringing me down. I almost ignore her next smacks, but then she announces

    “Now for the second part, Chelsea, please come up and start with the left butt-cheek, 15 in total. Oh, and Alina? You have to learn it anyway: from now on you have to count every hit and thank the one applying your discipline. If you don’t do that, the hit won’t count. Understood?”

    I turn my head and look at her and see the glee in her yes, then look over to Chelsea, who has the same sadistic light in her’s. I have no doubt they will stand by what she said, so I reply with pain in my voice:

    “Yes, Miss van Cleef.”

    “Good girl, now commence, Chelsea.”

    My already very heated left butt-cheek explodes in pain and I gasp, but quickly remember to announce:

    “One, Thank you, Chelsea.”

    “Good girl, keep it up”

    Miss van Cleef even strokes my hair upon saying this, almost gently, before she tells Chelsea to continue.

    My “friendly” class mate hits almost as hard as the powerfully built teacher and after getting to seven hits from her, equaling 22 in total I am starting to sob, having difficulties to  announce my counts between tears. Finally the last one is on and one last time it goes SMACK with me squealing once more than saying:

    “15. Thank you, Chelsea”

    I am at the end, tears are running down my face and I want to hide in a hole. I am more or less collapsed on the desk, but Miss van Cleef strokes my hair and says

    “See, you made it, little Alina. now get up and thank us for showing you the needed discipline.”

    Right now all I can think about is my burning bum, my humiliation and how much I hate them all, but I mange to raise myself and turn around. Looking through teary eyes at my class mates, who mostly seem to have enjoyed the show (well, Rachel and the other new girl seem more shocked) I announce between sniffles:

    “Thank you, Miss van Cleef, thank you Chelsea, for giving me the needed discipline.”

    I even manage to do some sort of curtsy, although going down and back up makes me want to start crying again.

    She seems pleasantly surprised I was remembering this through my pain and her hand goes to the phone, sending a small jolt of pleasure through the belt, which makes the pain feel more bearable.

    “Now back to your place, Alina, you will learn more about discipline in the proper class, where you will be pleased to meet me again, won’t you?”

    ‘Almost as pleased as a mouse being dropped into the home of a crazy cat lady’ is my thought, but I am smart enough not to say that, instead I reply:

    “Yes, Miss van Cleef.”

    I shuffle back to my place next to the red head and sit down VERY carefully on my poor sore bum, while Miss van Cleef looks down at her and indicates for her to come up. I can only hope for the poor girl that she has learned from my mistakes…




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    I stand outside the door listening to the commotion and when everything goes quiet a knock on the door and wait for a response.
    Reflective door showing me my own appearance. I can’t believe my stepmother picked out a latex outfit for me to wear. My chest is getting pulled so tight and my latex panties are the worst. I think even without this weird chess advice I’ll be having difficulty controlling my urges.

    A woman commands me to enter and open the door.

    Upon entering I dip into a curtsy

    “My apologies for my late arrival miss Van Cleef it is my understanding that I need to be punished for my late arrival”

    I try to stay calm as I say my next part ” the Dean did say that you probably haven’t started the lesson yet due to enjoying punishing the new girls” I drop another curtsy to add to the submissive school go act.
    The last things I say as I stand up are  “where would you like me mistress” all I do is think to myself if this ploy goes wrong please just spank me I just don’t want to be electrocuted again.


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    I have just placed myself gingerly on my poor sore bum when I hear a timid knock on the door – oh dear, another poor girl coming late!

    Miss van Cleef’s eyes seem to light up though, I bet the sadistic bitch goes off on this and I hear her sharp command

    “Come in!”

    In comes yet another hottie, her tartan skirt even shorter than my own, which makes her curtsy even more provoking. Are those actually latex panties instead of cotton??

    The girl actually excuses herself and explains that she understands the need to be punished for being late, even Miss van Cleef seems to be slightly impressed by the show she is putting on, but then the girl goes on and instead of announcing her own name for proper presentation says ” the Dean did say that you probably haven’t started the lesson yet due to enjoying punishing the new girls”

    That brings a reaction from the teacher, but not one the girl probably intended. Her eyes get steely and the girl tries to go over it fast by doing another curtsy and saying  “where would you like me mistress”

    Miss van Cleef though does not reply to the question, instead her eyes seem to send little flashes out, while her mouth turns into a smirk. Her voice is sweet as honey though during her first words:

    “Sooooo, the dean said that, hm? Maybe she told you also about my favorite ice cream or which TV series I tend to enjoy?”

    Her tone changes and now reflects her normal behavior again: cold as ice and with a menace:

    “Why didn’t she tell you about which strapon I use when I fuck little schoolgirls like yourself? Or maybe which crop I love to use the most on blank bums?”

    I swear the whole class is quiet now, not even Chelsea is in teasing mood anymore, Miss van Cleef sounds seriously pissed off.

    “You, my little girl, are a liar! The dean is a very busy woman, far too controlled  to say anything as trivial as that about the teaching personnel to a little schoolgirl like yourself. I think you are just making this up to get away easily, but that won’t work!”

    She accentuates the last word with another slam of the pointer on the desk, making most in the class flinch, except maybe Chelsea and her posse.

    “Now tell me your name, girl, so we can all hear it, loud and clear and then we will see about your punishment!”

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    My personality suddenly switches. And I laugh “it was worth a shot” my hands go to my hips and I think to myself and I speak as I begin to walk “and those questions I believe I’m going to go with cookie dough because there’s an empty tub outside and I doubt any of the girls allowed to eat ice, next i will go with Vikings  you probably like seeing run manslaughter each other and women in tight leather who doesn’t, also I can see you it ordering it on eBay. And a black one you seem the type to have a bit of penis envy and the one on your desk” I say this as I slowly look my way towards your desk.

    Then I turn my face the class and loudly stayed “my name is not permitted within These Walls so I must go by Ditzy Dicklett, I’m pretty sure you all have a simile humiliating name so who cares” I turn around and put my hands on the desk. 

    I will not apologise for what is between my legs” I say with a smile you “should we get started or are you going to be a coward and use your phone” as I raise my ass for the class to see.

    I think to myself to myself congratulations Dylan you dead man it’s not like you have two Cattle prods between your nuts, wait yes you do.

    I can’t help it. I say back to myself, you know when I get horny I get ego.

    Well hopefully wouldn’t hang around with the electric fence and she only beats your ass it might be like Amsterdam she didn’t mention a strap-on after.

    Shit she did,we will see.


    After my “punishment” I occupied a seat as far from the front as Miss van Cleef would allow. Sitting properly was nearly impossible as every time I tried, a jolt of pain would sear through my now battered behind.

    Alina was called up to the front next, and her treatment was by far worse than mine. Another student was even brought up to continue the beating after Miss van Cleef had finished. I tried my best not to look, but as she bent over and removed her panties, I couldn’t help but notice something that made me lean in to make sure I had seen it properly. A flash of something metallic between her legs. I recognized it instantly as a belt similar to the one I had unwittingly put on the day before.

    No way” I murmured under my breath.

    Alina is finally allowed back to her seat and the freckly redhead sitting next to her is about to be called to the front when another latecomer knocks on the door.

    ‘Oh no’, I think to myself, ‘whoever this is, is going to get it way worse than either me or Alina’.

    Miss van Cleef calls for the new girl to come in and a brunette with a very shiny top enters the room. She is well behaved and curtsies, and I’m starting to think she must be a regular student here, when she says that she just got out of meeting with Miss Dawson. There is a moment when I think she isn’t going to be punished at all. That moment ended very quickly.

    By the end of the brief, … I’m not even sure I can call it a discussion or argument…, “conversation” between the two, the whole class is so silent, you could probably hear a pin drop in another classroom.

    Looking around, none of the girls here are able to face forward and watch the proceedings. They were fine when it was me or Alina up there getting spanked, but now no one seems interested in watching. This new girl, Ditzy, must have lived up to her name just now.

    Miss van Cleed doesn’t even look angry anymore. Its almost like she has reached a level of anger that can no longer be expressed by a human. After a very long pause, a wicked smile curls on her face and she says “So, you’re a bit of a wise ass eh? Well, wise asses get red asses in my class. It looks like I’ve found my new favorite student.” She then beckons Ditzy towards her desk with only her pointer finger.

    I can’t bear to watch and cover my eyes, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t block out the sounds coming from the front of the classroom.

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    ditzy,ditzy,ditzy” miss Van Cleef says like she’s amused the entire situation but eyes are raging. “you really are not a clever girl are you” she gets up from her desk and picks up the crop that was on it. “you are right this one is my favorite and seen you find out why” she gives it a nice test swing.

    our first things first how many times am I gonna use this on you” she places her hand on dixys back forcing her closer to the desk better pronouncing her ass to the class.

    first we have your tardiness, 15 seems appropriate” she put a finger to her chin like she’s pretending to think for a moment “and for dallying in the hallways we will call that another 15” she wants looks over ditsy skirt exposing her shiny latex panties

    invasion of you’re teachers privacy another 15 and lastly for the blatant insult 15” she then leans in close to Ditzy’s ear “and you thank me for each and everyone“.

    Ditzy exhales in mentall preparation for what is to come “Yes Miss Van Cleef” she says as clearly as possible.

    now let’s see if you can count to 60” and if that she began did she thanks her for every single one she began the balling up her fists then stomping her feet and finally a 28 she began to cry.

    But of course all miss Van Cleef did was smiling continue.

    Ditsy collapsed on the floor sobbing after the last stroke and miss van cleef what do I want a desk took something from her draw.

    She then took all of dixys pigtails and we’re going to drag her towards the desk that was front and center she then removed moved something within the seat and placed a pink phallic shaped rubber dildo looking it into the seat.

    Since you’re having problems standing this will help you stay upright in your seat during your lessons” should be going to pull on the pigtail upwards “come on girl or would you like me to get the crop again“.

    Did she slowly pulled herself to her feet and I can’t position herself over the object “don’t worry it’s lubed” she says as she begins to apply pressure to ditsy shoulders pushing her slowly down the shaft “I’m not a monster” she says she gives one final show reaching the base of the seat, Ditzy gives our cry of pain and another sob.



    I am shocked at the way Ditzy talks back to Miss van Cleef, that might have been brave, but definitely not wise. Judging by the controlled anger in the teacher’s voice Ditzy is in for a lot of pain. Indeed, instead of the bare hand which Rachel and myself had to endure (and that already hurt as hell, as my still stinging backside can testify to) she goes for the crop as she leans over Ditzy, who is grabbing the desk with her hands and whispers something into her ear.

    I watch with morbid fascination as the crop is raised into the air and then with a SWOOOSH falls down on the naked bottom that is so prominently presented to the class. A red stripe forms immediately on the pale bottom and I can hear the whole class exhale, imagining it was their ass getting this hit while Ditzy thanks Miss van Cleef as ordered.

    It is weird, this is a sadistic situation and I feel with the poor girl, but at the same time I feel aroused, her round bottom in the air, dominated by a strong Mistress, who is relentless in her punishment…. I can feel the nipples on my perky tits harden and my cock in that belt is held back, which makes me even hornier while the crop comes down again and again, making Ditzy squirm even more.

    I lick my lips unconsciously and look around at my class mates. Rachel seems to hide her eyes, but most of the other girls watch on with big eyes, some of them having their hands at their tits or in their crotch and I wonder briefly if maybe those belts have some sort of perverse influence on us.

    Looking back at the spectacle at the front I notice that Ditzy by now is crying, her ass a net of criss-crossing red welts, but still she keeps up the thanks to Miss van Cleef, a mental discipline I myself am unsure I could uphold. Finally the last of the sixty hits comes down and with a last effort Ditzy thanks her before collapsing on the floor, sobbing miserably. My arousal is over now, I only feel compassion with the poor, stupid girl. She was rebellious and she paid a dear price for that insolence, something I will keep in my mind.

    Miss van Cleef is not done with her yet though, as she takes something out of her drawer and attaches it to one of the chairs at an empty desk in the front – a pink dildo!

    Dragging the still sobbing Ditzy by her pigtails over to the chair she announces “Since you’re having problems standing this will help you stay upright in your seat during your lessons”  before she positions her directly over the chair, adding with a wicked smile “don’t worry, it’s lubed”, before she pushes her downward slowly.

    Once again the arousal comes back with a vengeance, how can I get horny by watching this poor girl/guy/whatever being tormented like this? Still, there is no denying, I think my panties are wet from watching as she slowly, but steadily pushes Ditzy down onto the shaft. Ditzy tries to make a brave face, but I can see her biting on her lower lip to keep from crying out – oh so hot!

    Finally with a last shove on the shoulders Ditzy sits on the seat, the dildo completely inside her and she gives a cry of anguish as the widest part enters her. With the sobbing girl finally placed, Miss van Cleef stands up before her and looking down announces:

    “Well Ditzy Dicklett, this will be your special place for the rest of the semester during all courses of Presentation and also Discipline, which are all held here in this room by me. I suggest you get yourself some lubrication from the nurse when you visit her later today for your initial examination, I won’t be so generous with my own the next time!”

    Ditzy sobs quietly as she nods and Miss van Cleef seems satisfied, because she moves back to the front.

    “I hope you have all learned something today, because that is why you are at the Academy – to learn, because you are stupid little schoolgirls, aren’t you?”

    She looks around in the class, her piercing eyes focusing on one girl at a time and even Chelsea squirms in her seat as she does that and we all nod silently. Her lips curl in an evil grin as she looks directly at me and says:

    “Good girls. So, what have you learned today, Alina?”

    I am shocked, why did she pick me, I am new? Still, I jump up and fall into a curtsy right away, gathering my thoughts:

    “Errm, Miss van Cleef, I learned today that obedience and discipline are the core of my life here. I have to be respectful to my superiors by curtsying and addressing them properly, by introducing myself if I meet them for the first time, by obeying the orders… and… errm… coming late is an indication of disrespect, disrespect is punished and we have to thank for the punishment, because it makes us better schoolgirls.”

    I add another curtsy to indicate that I am done and remain standing, while Miss van Cleef ways my answer:

    “That wasn’t too bad, Alina. So you have learned quite a lot in this lesson, haven’t you?”

    I short pleasure wave from the belt went through me on that first sentence, so I think she is really satisfied with my reply.

    “Yes, Miss van Cleef.”

    Once more I curtsy, but I can feel that something is missing, because her face goes darker again and her pointing stick comes crashing down on the desk.

    “So, you have been taught a lot you say, then why are you so ungrateful?”

    A short shock, this time not pleasurable, and my mind is racing:

    “Owww, thank you Miss van Cleef, for teaching me these valuable lessons.”

    “There you go, good girl. Remind me at the start of the next discipline lesson that you will need punishment for forgetting to thank me properly.”

    Sighing internally I nod and reply:

    “Yes, Miss van Cleef, thank you.”

    “OK, Alina, you may sit down again.”

    Curtsying once more I sit down, only to be reminded by the stings in my bottom of the spanking I had to endure. Poor Ditzy, she has it far worse than me.



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    I open my eyes when I hear the cracking sounds of cane against flesh stop, just in time to see Ditzy being forced down on to her seat. She is sobbing, and I can’t help but feel bad for her. What I got was tame in comparison.

    I hope you have all learned something today, because that is why you are at the Academy – to learn, because you are stupid little schoolgirls, aren’t you?

    I look around the class as she calls us schoolgirls and see everyone squirm slightly. It might be that everyone here is already an adult, and they are just uncomfortable being called such a childish title, but I’m starting to get a strong suspicion that a lot of the schoolgirls here aren’t exactly girls. Everyone nods in agreement nevertheless.

    Alina then gets called to stand up and present what she has learned today. As she answers, my eyes go wide as I realize just how messed up some of the stuff we are supposed to ‘learn’ can be. Alina even gets punished when she forgets to thank Miss van Cleef for the lessons.

    ‘Fuck this place’ I think to myself. ‘We are supposed to thank our torturers for the punishment? Respect them as teachers? Pretend that this whole place is acceptable? No way, I’ve got to get out of here’.

    Ok, Rachel. Your next. What have you learned so far?

    A thousand thoughts race through my mind as I try to keep everything I’m supposed to do straight.

    I stand and curtsy and say “I have learned that being late is unacceptable and deserves punishment. I learned that your punishments are fair and that they are for our own good. I learned that I must curtsey to my superiors and that I must obey the orders of my superiors.” I look down in embarrassment and continue “I learned that I am a stupid little schoolgirl and that I am here to learn how to be a good girl” I curtsy again and say “Thank you for teaching me all of these things Miss van Cleef.

    Hmm, that will do … for now. There may be some hope for you yet Miss Morningwud.

    I feel the buzz of the pleasure setting on my belt and I let out a soft moan as I bit down on my lower lip. As the buzzing stops, I notice a dampness between my legs. ‘Oh fuck’ I think to myself, ‘I even get wet like a woman. I need to get this thing off and get back to my normal life’. Despite my thoughts I curtsy again and say, “Thank you Miss van Cleef” as I sit down.

    As my bottom touches the chair however, I feel the sharp zap of the pain setting. “I did not tell you to sit down yet.” Says Miss van Cleef. “In the future, you must wait for permission to sit back down. Next…

    One by one the other girls in the class are told to stand and either describe what they learned today or present themselves. Almost none of them seem to provide a completely correct answer to Miss van Cleef’s requests, and wince as they feel an electric shock course through them. By this point I’m almost positive that every one of the other girls in this room is wearing a belt like mine, and I make a mental note to confront Alina about it in the hallways when this hell of a class is over with.

    Finally, Miss van Cleef looks down at her watch, which I now realize is the only clock in the room, and says “For homework you are to practice presenting yourself properly to your classmates. I expect some dramatic improvement from some of you” eyeing us new girls with narrowed eyes.

    A loud bell from the hallway rings and Miss van Cleef says “You are dismissed. Now get out so I can prepare for my next presentation class in ten minutes.

    I scurry out of the room and am one of the first into the hallway. I wait by the door for Alina, she is the closest thing to an acquaintance I have here, and she may be able to shed some light on what is going on. As she leaves the classroom I wave her over and whisper “Hey, Alina. Do you have a second? I need to ask you something.


    I suddenly hear the bell go and hear miss Van Cleef dismiss the class. Slowly start to lift myself off the predicament I have gotten myself into. So hear loud pop and my rear is free from my new seat.

    I try to make my way as quickly as possible out of the class popular curtsy as I pass the teacher.

    Once I’m in the hallways I’m Lost where do I go next “can someone help me where do we go now” I say as I rub my ass trying to numb the pain loosen the muscles back in the position.


    As I wait for Alina to exit the classroom, I hear a familiar voice ask, “Can someone help me, where do we go now?” I look around and recognize the source of the voice as the other new girl ‘Ditzy’. I approach her, my hand outstretched.

    Hi there” I say, “You’re Ditzy right? I guess my name’s Rachel now. I would tell you my real name, but I get shocked every time I try. I heard what you said in class, that took some serious balls.” I look around conspiratorially, lean in closer, and whisper “And if I heard you right, it sounded like you have a real pair of balls under your skirt somewhere. I’m honestly starting to think all of the students here do as well.

    I don’t really know what this place is, or why I’m here, but for now, at least, I think we should play along. I’m sure an opportunity to escape will show up eventually.

    I pull out the schedule I was given earlier in the morning and look at my second class. “It says here I have something called ‘Trust and Acceptance Exercises’ next. What do you have?


    After me the other girls are also asked what they learned, starting with Rachel. Almost everyone of them makes one mistake or the other and I get the feeling, that in the “Discipline” class Miss van Cleef will have a blast. Finally it seems like the class is over as she announces “For homework you are to practice presenting yourself properly to your classmates. I expect some dramatic improvement from some of you”

    She looks over to us newbies sharply and I blush, thinking about the embarrassment but I guess I better do some practicing with curtsies…

    The bell rings and the teacher hurries us out, because there is a new class starting soon – oh boy, more poor souls to present themselves!

    As I am about to leave, Rachel whispers to me “Hey, Alina. Do you have a second? I need to ask you something.” and I nod, indicating we should do that on the floor instead of right next to Miss van Cleef, to whom I curtsy before leaving the class – no use getting more smacks added.

    As I step out I see Rachel talking to the other new girl – Ditzy and as I approach I hear Rachel speak about her next course ‘Trust and Acceptance Exercises’ .

    I join the conversation by saying

    “Hi, this is my course too, I guess they put the new girls on the same courses at the start, sort of makes sense I guess. You wanted to talk, Rachel, but maybe we do it while we go to the room for the course? I don’t know my way around well enough yet and definitely don’t want to be late…

    /OOC how about we continue this talk over in the hallways, that way we can also tell Tiffy where to go for the dean’s office:


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    • This reply was modified 8 months, 2 weeks ago by  Alina.

    As Rachel moves in whispers And if I heard you right, it sounded like you have a real pair of balls under your skirt somewhere. I’m honestly starting to think all of the students here do as well.” I nod my head “I came here to get  training business,not this

    She thinks says to me “I don’t really know what this place is, or why I’m here, but for now, at least, I think we should play along. I’m sure an opportunity to escape will show up eventually.” I’m not in agreement still rubbing my ass as a reminder of my stupidity.

    As she mentions the next class I remember I put mine away in my bra and get it out “would seem we are in the same class

    An Asian girl joins us and says Hi, this is my course too, I guess they put the new girls on the same courses at the start, sort of makes sense I guess. You wanted to talk, Rachel, but maybe we do it while we go to the room for the course? I don’t know my way around well enough yet and definitely don’t want to be late” I firmly not my agreement and head off with the girls.



    My head still spinning from everything that happened so quickly since I arrived at The Corporation and The Lily Academy, I rush into Presentation class.

    I felt the bite of the SissyLink chastity “punishment” setting, and I plan to do everything I can to avoid feeling it again.

    mad I walk through the door, I perform my best curtsey. I look around at the desks and find my way to an empty one.

    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr


    I make my way to class and once there give Miss Van Cleef a deep and respectful curtsey and then head to an empty seat.

    “My name is Mallory-Michelle Tinyclitty. How may I make your day better, Ma’am?”

     Anne Starr 

    <p dir=”rtl”>Ii need to go to presentation,  but am a bimbo  and need help</p>

    Anne is:

    ⊂Collared⊃ By Miss Andromeda Starr


    NPC Miss van Cleef:

    After the last class I had a short break, as is needed between classes to get my composure back. Those new girls always think they get some freebies, but we can’t allow that to happen. Once discipline gets low on one girl, all the others think they can have it too – not on my watch!

    A few minutes before the next class a blonde girl arrives, she curtsies to me, which is proper, but didn’t give her name, as she should. Oh well, my first example for the day – found!

    Next comes another blonde, she curtsies even deeper and introduces herself, adding the phrase “how may I make your day better”. I have heard that some schools teach this phrase, so maybe she has already been trained. It will be interesting to watch this little one and I grace her with one of my rare smiles, which of course makes some of the older girls scowl at her – not my problem if she finds herself in some domination games later in the dorm.

    Both of these girls have been announced to me by a message from our dear secretary Miss Stevenson and I am about to begin as another girl steps into the room. Her look is a bit vacant as she mumbles “I need to go to presentation,  but am a bimbo  and need help”

    My eye brows shoot up, indeed this girl needs help, lots of it – oh I will help her, alright. I get up and move around my desk, taking her by the arm in false friendliness:

    “Well, hello there, my beauty, please come in, what’s your name? Let me shoot a picture of you!”

    I hold my phone and scan her face for an entry in our database – ah there “Anne” – and she hasn’t even been to the dean yet!

    “Dear Anne, so nice of you to come to our course ‘Presentation’, I am your teacher, Miss van Cleef, such a pleasure to meet a smart girl like you.”

    I can hear the giggles throughout the class by now and shoot them a warning glance . I want this to come full impact.

    “Now do me a favor, child, please go up to my desk over there, oh, and you girl, the new one, Mallory-Michelle, please come up here too and go on the other side of the desk and hold our dear new schoolgirl by her hands.”

    I wait until Anne’s hands are held in Michelle’s then move to Michelle and whisper in her ear

    “I want you to hold those hands firmly, no matter what happens, do not let go, or you will be the next over the desk!”

    She nods in fear and I move in front of the desk again until I stand behind Anne, who looks at me with her stupid eyes, still not understanding.

    “Now why don’t you lay down on the desk, dear, to make it more comfortable for you?”

    I push her between her shoulders, so her weight goes down onto the desk and her arms still extended are held easily from the top by the blonde girl in front of her, especially with my left hand pushing down on her back. Her legs are kicking futilely around and I take her panties and draw them down to her knees to stop the annoying flailing.

    “Now it is time for your first lesson, Anne!”

    My voice is not pleasant anymore, I let my anger out freely. For this girl I will use my crop, not the pointer. Also I will emphasize every sentence with a zap to her genitalia through the SissyLink(tm) Chasttity Belt to bring my point home – oh yes, she will learn obedience!

    You have come to the Lily Academy to be trained to become a proper and obedient little sissy girl! *zap* Our girls don’t just wander around and go into class rooms, we have structures and rules here! *zap* The first visit is ALWAYS to the dean, she heads our Academy and she does NOT tolerate insolence! *zap* 10 strikes with the crop for neglecting the dean! *zap* I can’t even imagine what Miss Dawson herself will do to you once she hears of this. *zap* Second: when you come into the presence of a superior, you always curtsy and introduce yourself politely. *zap* Everyone except other schoolgirls is superior to you *zap* Especially your teachers! *zap* Another 20 for this insubordination, starting right NOW!”

    By now she has gotten the rhythm og my zaps and is already flinching at the end of my sentence, but this time no zap follows, instead I stand up as I am sure that the zaps have ‘zapped’ her power to resist completely and my hand goes for my favorite crop.

    “You are a new girl, so for this once I will be lenient and won’t ask you to count the strikes yourself, instead our little Mallory-Michelle may do the counting. Go on, child, but don’t let her hands go!”

    With that I start to bring down the crop with a SWOOOOSH and a SMACK on the prone girls tushy, provoking an angry welt and a loud yelp from Anne. I am in excellent training, so my hits come down precisely as planned, arranging a nice pattern of criss-crossed lines all over her white butt. By now the girl is crying and sobbing openly as is proper, if she wasn’t I would feel like I was losing my edge.

    “You may let her arms go now, Mallory-Michelle, you have been a good girl.”

    I send a wave of pleasure her way, as we always do when we use this words.

    “Anne, you may get up now and find yourself a place to sit, but first thank me for the lesson you have received properly with a curtsy.”

    I look at her slim face with the brown hair and wonder if she will have the power (and the intellect) to understand what I want from her after the punishment she has just gotten.

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    After I arrive, I see Mallory-Michelle and Anne both come into Presentation.

    Mallory-Michelle, once again, looks and acts perfect. Once again, after I see her in action, I realize what I’ve done wrong and kick myself a little.

    But what comes next makes me think I may fly under the radar.

    Anne – who I have met before and who is really sweet, kind and graceful sissy – walks in and immediately draws the ire of Miss van Cleef.

    Miss van Cleef has Mallory-Michelle participate in holding Anne down, then proceeds to punish her viciously! My eyes are wide with fear at what I’m seeing, but they widen considerably when I hear Miss van Cleef say:

    Second: when you come into the presence of a superior, you always curtsy and introduce yourself politely.

    It’s when I hear this that I realize I didn’t introduce myself! I curtseyied, but I didn’t want to disturb the silence, so I simply went to a desk. I didn’t introduce myself.

    The color begins to drain from my face as I realize my mistake. I see Anne’s suffering and close my eyes tightly, hoping desperately that my punishment will not be nearly as bad.

    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr

     Anne Starr 

    Oh noooo! I can’t stop my crying! It’s my first day at this school and I’m soo confused! I’m not sure what classroom I should be in! I don’t think anybody told me…so I walk into a classroom and the teacher seems to want to help me …I guess.. Two other pretty girls offer some assistance for the teacher to hold my hands. Then all of a sudden I’m pulled over a desk! Why are they bending me over a desk? I then feel my skirt being flipped up and my panties being lower as I kick to get them to stop! Then the teacher yells at me about being such an airhead and how galled to curtsy! She begins to shock my chastised clit with the sissytech chastity belt that is locked on me! Ohhhhh the pain! Then she starts to whip by bottom with her crop!  This goes on for a few minutes with alternating shocks to my clit with crop bites to my bottom all the while telling I should have gone to the Dean first!! How was I to know! Finally the girls let me up, and I’m told to take seat. I look around the room as I pull up my panties to find an open chair… I’m so humiliated having my bare bottom spanked in front of the whole class!! I only recognize on girl in the class, and she is my friend Tiffy. I can see a companionate look on her face as I take my seat and wipe my eyes…

    Anne is:

    ⊂Collared⊃ By Miss Andromeda Starr


    Miss Van Cleef really goes all out for poor Anne as she makes a mistake and is clearly confused. She makes me hold her down and count while she’s spanking her, looking away in shame at my own complicity in all this. Miss Van Cleef then sends a wave of pleasure to my chastity belt as I touch my front and moan in front of the entire class.


    Anne gets up, sniffling and looking around in the class. Then she makes the next mistake: despite what I explicitly told her she doesn’t thank me for her lesson and doesn’t curtsey, she just slumps over to a free spot and sits down carefully on her sore butt. I close my eyes and raise my right hand to squeeze the top of my nose – why do I have to have a complete bimbo in my class? As fun as it sounds, it’s SO annoying!

    Sighing loudly I open my eyes again and look at Anne with resignation:

    “OK, Anne, obviously you are too daft to understand the simplest of commands. I told you, you have to thank me properly for your punishment and curtsy, this will be another punishment session in discipline class, which I myself teach too. For now though, just stay there until the end of the class, afterwards you better make your way to the dean’s office, it’s out of this class, to the right and then the second left. There is a sign ‘dean’s office’, think you can remember this?”

    I have serious doubts with this airhead, but I can’t waste my whole course for this. Maybe one of the other girls can help her, for now I turn to Mallory-Michelle who is still standing there at the front obediently. I heard her moan when I sent her a pleasure wave and know she is looking forward to more of this. Well, we shall see if she has what it takes to become one of my star pupils.

    “OK, Mallory-Michelle, after you have seen how NOT to present yourself, why don’t you show us all how to do it properly? I assume you have been trained at another school already, so I expect more from you than from any normal new girl.”

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     Anne Starr 

    I’m still so confused and crying from being spanked! I forget again in a matter of minutes to curtsey and say thank you for my punishment! I’m so stupid! Now I’m to be sent to discipline class . I’m told after class to report to the deans office.. Oh no

    Anne is:

    ⊂Collared⊃ By Miss Andromeda Starr


    I stand straight and then curtseys to her deeply and respectfully.

    “Miss Van Cleef, good day. My name is Mallory-Michelle Tinyclitty. Howe may I make your day better?”

    Curtseys and waits to be told to sit down.


    Mallory-Michelle drops into a curtsey, it’s easy to see she has indeed been training this, because she does it with a grace not given to newbies. She introduces herself properly, without flinching at her new name – good.

    “That was a nice introduction, Mallory-Michelle, good girl!”

    I send another pleasure wave her way and notice how once more she can’t suppress a moan – little slut! Well, that’s what we like here at the Academy, so I can’t blame her for that. Some of the other schoolgirls though seem to object, they don’t like a new girl to excel above them, but one gaze from me shuts them up effectively.

    “We are not done yet with your presentation though. I am sure your class mates want to see that sexy little bottom of yours and as you haven’t been punished yet, we need to present it another way. Step in front of my desk and grab the far side of the desk with your hands, leaning forward!”

    That way her delicious behind will raise high, allowing her class mates an unobstructed view…


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     slave stacey 

    I hurry as best I can from Miss Dawson’s office to the directions on my plan where Miss Van Cleef holds her presentation class. Miss Stevenson said I would be punished for being late, even though not my fault. I just hope Miss Van Cleef is as kindly.

    That hope is in vain when I knock timidly at the door and an imperious voice commands me to enter.

    I enter the classroom and curtsey to the woman who is the obvious teacher here. I also dip into a curtsey for the other girls.

    ”M-my name is Stacey Suckcocks, Mistress. I have been ordered by Miss Dawson to attend this class and I was detained, which is why I am late.”

    I make more curtseys, but Miss Van Cleef has a face like thunder.


    I sit patiently at my seat. I’m like a baby rabbit now – hoping that I can become invisible by simply freezing in place.

    I arrived, curtsied and sat down – but failed to introduce myself. Since then, Anne has received a ferocious punishment, Mallory-Michelle has been called up for her punishment – and now Stacey is showing up late!

    Maybe if I sit perfectly still, Miss van Cleef will forget I’m even here!

    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr

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