Adventures at the LiLy Academy

Lessons in Sisterhood

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     slave stacey 

    While Mr and Mrs Aoki are laughing at my predicament, I hug and kiss Hatsue. Who knows if I will see her again? Then, as commanded, I kiss the feet of our cruel teachers, before two burly men, employees of the pig farmer, fasten me in shackles, take me to a farm trailer and tie me down to be driven to the pig farm. I hear the voice of Mr Aoki.

    Remember, sissy slave Stacey, if pigs give you a command, you say Yes, Master Pig and you obey. Haaaaa!

     slave stacey 

    I am brought back from the pig farm the same way I was sent, but now much filthier from being with the pigs for six weeks. The two security men who were here to send me away, now take me from the trailer and throw me at the feet of Mr Aoki.

    Welcome back, sissy slave Stacey. We all miss you, especially your sister slave Hatsue. Haaa! Now, you both make up for lost time, huh?

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