Adventures at the LiLy Academy

Lessons in Sisterhood

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     slave stacey 

    I feel that I am choking as Mister Aoki thrusts that monster of a cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. He thrusts deeper and harder each time and I can do nothing except suck, to try to breathe until…

    He explodes into my mouth.

    NPC Mister Aoki

    That’s it, sissy whore Stacey, drink my delicious cream. Don’t spill any, if some falls on the floor, you lick it up like a cat with the cream. You liked that, didn’t you, sissy Stacey? You know you like to please your Master. You are a slave to my cock.

    IC I’m not sure that what Mister Aoki is making us do it at all permitted here at the Academy. We are here to learn, not be treated as cock-sucking whores. But, we have to put up with it as I am ordered to kneel and watch as Hatsue is ordered to claim her “prize.”


    While Stacey licks every drops of cum on 5the floor,  i crawel difficultly to Mrm Aoki.  i then learn as Stacey has said, with humiliation that my voice is sad,

    Mr Aoki,  please ….<sobbing> let hatsue to suck you….<tears off my eyes>…please let…..AHhhh…

    My belly is kicked hardly and Mr,  Aoki says,

    How can a sissy feel sad to workship Master and Mistress… stupid sissy!  LISTEN , you two sissies always please and eager to serve and suck Cock! Stacey,  because of your stupid sister,  you earn level 3 punishment 3 seconds,  don’t spilt any cum out of your mouth! Hatsue,  kneel right and look to my Cock! Eve open and not move an inch now!


    Then,  He presses His phone and His cock slaps my face cheeks.  This is not pain but very shame! Some semen  even leaves on my face cheeks.  Then,  i am ordered to beg for sucking His cock again before i am permitted to suck.


    When my tongue lick His slip,  i feel thick and wet.  I almost want to vomit but I have no chance as the cock insert my mouth fast and grow larger and larger to occupy my mouth! my head is suddenly pushed toward His thigh that His public hair rub on my face.  He makes me still and says,

    Stacey should share your joy with your sister.  Crawel to hatsue and then lick her nipples with your cum covered tongue.  Make sure her breasts are covered My cum! And,  make sure. her nipples are harden when I fuck her mouth hard.

    Then He moves my head back and forward to make sure His cock invade and hits my throat hard!




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     slave stacey 

    Obeying Mister Aoki, I crawl on all fours to Hatsue and start to lick her nipples with my tongue that id coated in Mister Aoki’s cum. Hatsue and I are both sobbing at this latest humiliation and I hear her gagging on his big cock as, like me, she has no option but to suck on it.

    “That’s right, sissy sisters, haaaaa!” Again, that awful laugh, as he thrusts at poor Hatsue and I have to continue to lick her breasts and smear cum over them. “Sissy Hatsue, prepare to have the honour of swallowing Master’s cum! Haaaa! Then, I have more pleasure for you two. A nice surprise.”


    During my gagging,  my nipples are stiffen as Stacey licking on my nipples.    i feel Cock in my mouth is contacting and i know It almost eject! Suddenly Mr Aoki pull His cock from my month and then a heavy cum shoot on my face!

    Only good sissy be rewarded Master’s seeds! this sissy only qualified to have facial cum shooting.  Sissies remember that Master cum is invaluable that you can never wipe them out! you can only sallow it or let It dry on your face! As hatsue not being given honor to eat cum,  now begging Stacey to lick your face clean and tell your sister why you need her mouth on your face”[/color]</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>i have no other option but beg Stacey,</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”> Stacey please lick very frops of cum on my face…. because … because sissy hatsue is not good enough … to taste the cum of Master </p>

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     slave stacey 

    The whole of Hatsue’s face is covered in Mister Aoki’s cum and he has ordered her to beg me to lick it off. While I am doing this, I realise that Mister Aoki has set our sisslink belts to maximum arousal and he is laughing that awful laugh as I lick the cum from her pretty face.

    “You sissy sluts are enjoying this, I know. Remember, Stacey, you have the honour of tasting your Master’s cum and, Hatsue, you also have the honour of having your Master cum all over your face and my cum spread over your tits. Haaa! Lick it off and swallow it, Stacey, then you and Hatsue kiss with my cum in your mouth. I forgive sissy Hatsue and will let her taste my cum this way. Stacey has her mouth full, so Hatsue thank me on behalf of both of you, then you see what we will do next.”


    Stacey does what Mr Aoki said that she licks my facecheeks with her already cum covered tongue!  She is not able to ckean my face but spreads the cum gently on every area of my face! NOW all my face and breats are wet with mixing Dtacey’s saliva and Master cum.



    The pleasure starts again regardless i want it or not when we are ordered to kiss with mouth with mouth.  Master’s cum now sallowed between Stacey and my mouth!  This should be disgusting as we are sallowing another Man’s cum but the sissylink brings me to edge now.  i  cannot control myself but twist my tounge with Stacey!

    Yes,  kiss each other like doggie,  sisses and good sisters should share the invalube cum.  Hatsue,  roll your face on SStacey’s face.  Glisten face with cum will nake sissy face smooth and smell good. YES…haaa… good job sissy hatsue, learn it good now…. now, both  sissies slurp cum into your belly before i stop the pleasur! Remember this,  a sissies can only have pleasure as cum are over your bodies.

    All a sudden the pleasure stop but i still kiss with Stacey as i hope that i can get high from this disgust kiss!

    Haaaa… naughty Hatsue…. you and stacey will not have satisfaction without a Super permission! Now stop your kiss or i will punish you.  Keep still and smell another like doggie that feel how smell good of your Master cum on each other face and titts!

     slave stacey 

    Both of us have our faces and breasts covered in our Master’s cum. We both smell of it and, as ordered, we stop kissing, though I would have loved for us to go on kissing each other. As ordered, we smell each other’s faces and nipples, while Mister Hatsue laughs and calls us doggies.

    “Okay, sissy slaves, stop smelling each other. You both smell nicely of Master’s spent cum and will wear it all day like perfume. Now, because you are such poor cock-suckers, you will punish each other. Stacey first again. Hatsue, tie Stacey over the desk, then give her a dozen with the cane. And hit your sister slut hard or the strokes won’t count. I want to see you both crying again. Haaa! when you finish caning her, leave her as she is for a big surprise.”



    my hand is uncontrolly trembling as gtasping a crop! i am ordered to spank Stacey hard!! i feel my hands are so weak and even i make all force but the crop still not hurt Stacey too much!

    Stupid sissy! you only hurt your sister! I will press level 2 punishment till you say sorry to Stacey and promise Her to give her real hard spanking for her sissy pleasure!

    Being Spanked is pleasure! How ridiculous this is! i hesistated at first but i see the pain on Stacey.  i know no choice.

    Sorry sister.. i do not spank you hard.  I promise you i will give you pleasure with 12 hard cane spankings!

    I then close my eyes and give a hard spanking on Stacey firm bottom!


    Yes,  keep on and spank harder with swinging the arm higher! AND open your eyed to witness how joyful your sister is.  Close the eyes not count!!!  Stacey,  i will press level 2 pleasure now.  Enjoy your 12 spank and not forget thank and count! ONLY COUNT THE REAL HARD SPANK


    i spank Stacey once more.  Then,  i continue spanking and i cry sadly!


     slave stacey 

    “Th-that’s one – thank you, sister Hatsue, p-please give me another.”


    “Th-that’s two – thank you, sister Hatsue, p-please give me another.”

    I am crying through the pain and humiliation as Hatsue lays into me with the cane. Fourteen strokes, because two did not count.

    “See Master Aoki is a man of his word. Hatsue you will give Stacey a nice surprise. Put this on.”

    “Now you will have hard sissy sex with slave Stacey. I want to hear slave Stacey moaning with pleasure as you fuck her, Hatsue, then it will be your turn for a caning and fucking. Haaaa!”

    OOC Hatsue, sorry, I am off site from 24th of this month for six weeks. I hope we can pick it up then. More surprises in store…



    i have finally given 14 strokes as Stacey only counted as 12. Mr.  Aok chuckle and says,

    you see, sissy will not satisfy and count a stroke if she does not feel pain enough.  Stacey,  is your Master right,.haaaa

    Then He turns to me and say in cold tone,

    hatsue you have 3 unsuccessful spanking which you will be demerited 3 marks.  Later you will know the consequence of demerits.  O! Why you are so slow to wear the strapon?! You should know that a sissy is never able to pentrate and satisfy another sissy/girl without strapon.  Do you understand,  stupid sissy!


    my sore bottom is spanked by a paddle again and this makes me wearing the strapon quickly.


    Another demerit point added! Tell me how many demerit points you get and beg my mercy for you,  as a sissy,  to pentrate into your sister! And tell your Master why uou use strapon but not your penis? 

    BEG?  i never want to use strapon,  which just like a woman!  i have my cock! BUT, i do not have choice and thus i beg shamefully,

    Please… Mr Aoki… i am a useless sissy who.., penis..ahhhh.. plesse Master forgive… not press the punish button… i,,.. ahhhh.,, i mean my sissy clit…is never able to use… <cry>,,, please permit me to use strapon to plesse Stacey…my purpose to please and serve.,, please let me use the strapon to make Stacey cry with pleasure…

    When i say peni,  the pain from sissylink hits my groin till i use the term sissy clit.  i even do not have any choice to describe myself now.

    Finally Mr Aoki nod His head and say,

    Now.  Push your hip forward with all energy! NO ANY LOTION. And,  break this sissy pussy thoroughly.  Your Master want to listen the loud moan of sissy stacey!

    i do not have choice but invade the rosebud of Stacey and push striaght foward into the deepest prostrate of Stacey!


    Occ :This is no problem,  my dear sister.




     slave stacey 

    So, now I have touched rock bottom as, still crying from the spanking, Hatsue is forced to invade the last strand of my masculine self. She has been ordered to fuck me with that strap-on, no line, just that thing ripping my ass apart.

    Sissy slave Stacey, beg your Mistress Hatsue to fuck you hard. You want her to pound your butt, right? Then beg her to give you a good hard fucking. If you’re not crying out, she’s not satisfying you. Haaaa!

    “Please, sister Hatsue,” I am forced to beg, “please fuck me and fuck me hard.”

    Surely, as Hatsue pounds at by butt and I weep with humiliation and pain, things cannot get any worse. Oh, but they can…


    i keep on pushing my hips forward and make the stapon invade as keep as possible. This is surreal to fuck a so sexy and beautiful girl. i now see the smooth small back of Stacey and her round and fat bottom is tightly toughed with my thigh. i cannot believe that she is not a real girl!Though i do not have real physical satisfaction, i feel mentally high and my penis ached again in the sissylink! When i feel tired and my pounding become slow, i listen what Stacey says,

    Please, sister Hatsue,“please fuck me and fuck me hard.”

    Though i know she is forced to beg, this still stimulate me so much. i feel as if i am a real man to fuck a helpless girl and she beg for my hard fucking. i cannot control myself but loudly moan,

    Yesss… i am your man.. i am fucking you… you are… so… shameless.. you are giving up your masculine self to ME… Yess… I will GIVE YOU A REAL HARD FUCKING. BEG ME! Sissy… you are my sissy.. BEG ME SISSY…

    i madly pound her prostrate buy move forward and backward with all my force and i want to listen her moan and her beg. i finally know why Man want to fuck sissy/girl hard. Even though i do not use my penis, i feel high and my penis start to get hard in the tube!!! i want to spur my seeds into her!!! i want to mark her as mine! i am not  a sissy wife and a Husband to this sissy! With such fantasy,  my each forward pounding is put more force as if i want to occupy her pussy full!!! i feel so high but sudden…

    Ahhh.. o! What wrong… i have been fucking hard.. why painful electricity hitting against my sissy clit…Master..plesase let me high to heaven…

    The pain in my groin makes my movement slow then.

    With chuckle, Mr. Aoki, He says,

    Stupid sissy is stupid sissy! Sissy is a product to please Master or Mistress but not please yourself, Stupid! Master just order you to fuck and please Stacey, but not get your own satisfaction. Without Dom’s permission, you cannot have satisfaction, understand?! And, that is one of very important function of SissyLink! Once you try to get your own satisfaction without permssion, your Master and Mistress can stop your naughty behaivor and silly fantasy! O! No… why you are so lazy!!! your sister has begged you fucking her hard. Keep on!!! Haaa.. Maybe your Kind Master can increase your motiviation!


    If you are slow, your bottom will be slapped just like This! And, your punishment mode in your SissyLink will not stop till your Master see Stacey dripping from her clits!!No tricky, you cannot touch her nipples, naughty sissy hatsue!!!


    Another slapping on my bottom that make me painfully moan! And Master ties my hand on my back again. i can only move my hips with much efforts to make Stacey cum. This is pain in my groin but i cannot stop or else my bottom will be spanked by paddle! i cry with begging as i keep on madly pound Stacey, disregard if the pussy is hurt or not!

    Stacey.. please cum.. please… moan loud… loud as a sissy bitch and please cum… go to your heaven …. please… i will fuck you die if you not go to your heaven!!!! PLEASE


     slave stacey 

    I feel Hatsue pounding hard into my butt and I hear her calling me her sissy, which I can’t deny I am, then Mr Aoki tells her she is not allowed to enjoy what she is doing. But, now I start to moan with pleasure, too, and I feel a pain from the sissylink belt.

    “You are enjoying this, sissy slave Stacey, and that is not allowed. You and sissy slave Hatsue are here for my pleasure not yours. You are sister slaves only. Your Master and Mistress get pleasure. Yes, Your Mistress, I said. Mrs Aoki has been watching on CCTV how you slaves enjoy serving, so now you serve both of us. You like that, don’t you, slave Stacey.”

    “Yes, Master,” I manage to grunt between Hatsue’s thrusts. What will that mean, serving both Mr and Mrs Aoki?


    O! Why you make Stacey pain too…What Evil you are, Mr. Aoki?! Ahhh…… sorry… nooo.., i do not mean that… i am sorry,  my Master …

    The painful elextricity suddenly incrased one level till i say sorry that i am a bad mouth.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”> stupid sissy should learn the lesson as well as know another good fumction of SissyLink.  Your Master and Mistress can set the words that His/Her property (sissy)  cannot say or pain electricity will hit the naughty sissy.  I have set evil and some other words that you two sissies cannot say.  Do you want to know what other words are? Haaaa… you can test but you are warned that next painful electricity has been set double time! So,  if a sissy is not too stupid,  she will not dare to test.  Your kind Master can ensure you that,  Thank you Sir/Mistress/Master and Yes Master/Sir/Mistress will not tricker the painful electricity.  HAAA,,, DO you think the SissyLink is an excellent learning tools for stupid sissy as you,  hatsue? Reply me! You are free to argue if you want to test your sissylink…haaw</p>
    my heart sinked as i listen how the sissylink can control even what i say automatically.  i still want to argue but not dare to test the sissylink.  i sigh with keeping pounding Stacey and reply,

    Sigh.., Yes,  Master…

    Master Aoki fingers moves and taps on the phone and say

    Better now,., but the word *sigh*… ummmm… Next time you better not say.. What should a sissy says when her Master kindly remind her bad mouth in advance? O! No slow motion! Keep on hard fucking Stacey… Her moan is lower now!!!



    i know that i cannot even show a little bite sense of negative emotion with sissylink.  i can only say what my owner wants me to say.  The sissylink make me and Stacey like dolls to please our Master!

    When i keep fucking,  Mr Aoki says that we are now on live show to another woman!

    O! No,.. how you can let other see our humiliation.  And this is a woman….. Ahhhhh… sorryyy…. please stop…..the pain.Mistress Aoki please…no.,, pain…..please…

    From now on,  every bad mouth of sissy hatsue,  will tricker both you and stacey sissylink….haaa.

    whack   ..

    Ahhhg..hatsue will.die…please not slap my bottom.. i will keep fucking and … please…Sir…please teach me how i.can make Stacey dripping….

    Mr Aoki needs not say anything.  Just the sissylink and the paddle makes me knowing what He wants me to do now!!!!  The fucking on Stacey now not my pleasure but i just want to make Stacey cum and dripping so that my ordeal can end.

    As I say,  sissy is stupid! And,  sissy never qualify to make another sissy/woman cum even a strapon is provided.  Ok,  your Master is kind.  I teach you but 5 demerit points added.

    Stupid sissy, follow my instruction now! PUSH you hips forward with swinging it right and left.  SWING MORE AND THEN YOU CAN LISTEN YOUR SISTER CRY MORE!

    Yes,  you should feel that your strapon hits the base! No… dont move back Stupid sissy.  NOW PRESS MORE FORCE ON IT, RUB IT WITH THE STRAPON BY MOVING YOUR HIGH AND HIPS IN A CIRCLE! Then,  move a little bite backward and then with sudden and great power to push forward to hit the base.  NOW,KEEP AND REPEAT THIS MOTION!

    Now, sissy hatsue tells your Mistress if this is your first time to make another girl/sissy cum. DONT TELL LIES AND YOUR.MASTER KNOW. AND,Tell your Mistress Aoki what are you do and why you do? Keep on rub Stacey’s prostrate when you say to your Mistress

    i want to say i have experience in fucking girl but i dare not test if Mr Aok know the truth.  And,  the word *No* is not allowed.  i do not have choice but keep on fucking Stacey as Mr Aoki says and reply in short breath,

    Mistress Aoki,..Yes… This is my first time tofuck other… (blushing)  i am a virign on both my bottom and my pen…sissy clit.  i am now fucking my sissy sister.  I…i…am..fucking her for pleasing Mistress and Master… we are on sex show for you but not our pleasure..

    learnt it.  This is not difficult to learn with sissylink.  WHCK Faster and swing more with presure rub on the base! Ok,  now Stacey,.. tell your Mistress how lucky you are and why you are lucky?  And,  you drip,  tell Master and Mistress if sissy hatsue satisfy you.  Tell truth if she is a good fucker.  I will know the truth.  Chuckle..,.DONT fogert what the SissyLink function haa.


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     slave stacey 

    “Oooooh!” I moan, and I am shamefully aroused as Hatsue keeps pounding away. And Mr Aoki gives us both a bolt of pain as he is not satisfied. “I am very lucky, Mrs Aoki. I am lucky that I have my sister Hatsue to fuck me and make me understand what a sissy slut I am. I am lucky that I have you and Mister Aoki to be my Master and Mistress to teach me and my sister Hatsue that we are just sissy slaves.”

    I feel arousal tripping from my clit down my thighs, surely Mr Aoki can see that? He comes to my front, stings my tits with his cane, then lifts my face. Smiling evilly, he slaps it.

    See, sissy slave Stacey, you love your sister Hatsue to fuck you, don’t you? DON’T YOU!

    “Y-yes, Master, I love Hatsue to fuck me.”

    You love your Master to fuck you with his real cock, don’t you, sissy slave? well?”

    “Y-yes, Master, I love you to fuck me, too.”

    Okay, Hatsue, you can stop now. I have a special surprise for you. We have sold many copies of the film we have made of you two, so are pleased that you make money for us. As a special treat, my wife, your Mistress, is coming to see you in person and she and I will fuck both of you. How do you like that? WELL? HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, sissy slaves?




    As i keep pounding into Stacey pussy and listen what she says, i have very mixed emotions. Stacey’s words ache within me as tears forced their way to  my eyes.  On one hand i am sad as she acknowledge we both are sissy slave as toys for Mr.  Akio.  On the other hand,  i feel good that she thanks my fucking.  i try best to lower my upper body to lay my breasts and face cheeks on Her back,  smelling her girly scent.  Keep bouncing the strapon and twirl on her prostrate,  i whisper to her,

    Dear darling sister,  thank you to let me feel as if i am… i wish you can enjoy my pouding in you.

    i even extend my head a little forward to lick her sweet neck to comfort her.  Suddenly i feel her bottom contracting.  Then i see some white transparent liquid dripping onto the floor from Stacey’s thigh.  Unlike the white thick semen of Mr Aoki, which ejects powerfully onto my face,  Stacey spasms and drips drop by dorp onto the floor and some even weten and spoil her thigh and leg. This is so soft,  so girlie.  This is so surreal for me as if i am fucking a real girl.

    Regardless if Stacey say truth or not,  i feel pride that she thanks me fucking her high.  i.whisper to her shyly,

    Thank you my darling too.  You are my first girl to have penetration.  Thank you Darling

    Finally the painful electricty stop but i keep on bouncing.  i wish Stacey can have real satisfaction.

    But her reply to Mr.  AOKI makes me disappointed!

    “Y-yes, Master, I love you to fuck me, too.”

    O! Stacey you are mine. are not …..AHHHHH….my cock AHHHHHHH,,,,,,SORRRYYYY…MASTER…

    Great painful electricity hits my sissy clit that i feel as if all my gorin will burn and destoryed!!! i cannot bear the pain and i fall on the floor that the strapon also leave Stacey’s bottom. And i cannot help but peeing on the floor.

    O! Why hatsue never learn lesson.  You also hurt Stscey too.  YOU see,  she is peeing too! Sissy,  you need to learn.  HAAAA… But,  I believe the audience always love to see stupid sissy loses her bladder control.,.no.cry as the camera not stop yet.

    i feel so humilated that all my ordeal has been reocrded and be sold.

     Mistress, is coming to see you in person and she and I will fuck both of you. How do you like that? WELL? HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, sissy slaves?


    i cannot say yes but the word no is not allowed.  Instead of giving any reply,  i crawl to Stacey and lay on Her with sobbing.  i just want to hug her in my embrace but my tied hand at back probits my choice.



     slave stacey 

    It is the first time that I have ever had anybody fuck me, so I am glad it was Hatsue that took away my anal virginity. At least, when Hatsue was pounding my ass, she could make out that she was still a man, in spite of our earlier kissing and cock-sucking. Being fucked, that last scrap of manhood has gone. Hatsue is so lovely and in another time and place, we would probably have a lot of fun together. But, what has happened in this class has been too humiliating. So, shaming, I can’t control my bladder and I notice that neither can Hatsue and we are both wetting the floor, this on top of the arousal that is dripping down my thigh.

    Hatsue tries to comfort me, but I am crying with shame and pain and Mr Aoki is laughing viciously.  HAAAA… But,  I believe the audience always love to see stupid sissy loses her bladder control.,.no.cry as the camera not stop yet.

    We’re still being filmed? And this that is happening to us is something for us to smile about? Mr Aoki slaps my face again.

    See, sissy sluts, you are both mine to deal with as I please. Now, slaves, I asked you a question – how do you like that your Mistress is coming to join us and we are both going to fuck the two of you? Stacey what doing you say? Answer well, and I might let Hatsue raid your butt again, you both like it so much.

    “It is an honour to have my Mistress and Master fuck me, Master,” I say, through further tears of shame.

    Correct answer, Stacey. Well, Hatsue, what about you? What’s your answer?



    Stacey chooses Mr Aoki and His wife rather than me.  Even i know she is forced to say so,  i still cry on her small back.  Honour?  Why this is *honour* being humilated not only by Man but a woman too. This is never be honor but shame! And,  why Stacey not chosse me? Do i really not satisfy her and does she really annoys my little sissy clit?

    Now is my turn to give my reply.  Though i cannot say no,  this is too embarrassed and shmae to beg for humilation by a woman! i then meekly reply,

    i agree with what Stacey said…


    Sissy.. you think you are clever to avoid your Master question,  aren’t you? Stupid Sissy! YOU must directly reply to your Master! 5 demerit points added.  YOU have earned 10 demerit points already!

    Sissy Stacey,  do you think your sister is naughty?  What is your suggestion to motiviate and encourage her to speak her true heart to Us? *Chuckle* You should know you must have good suggestion or else you and your naughty sister will be punished seriously!

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     slave stacey 

    “Oh, Master,” I am sobbing. “Please don’t punish my dear sister Hatsue. She only agreed with me that we would be honoured to serve you and your wife. If you want to encourage her, you should just be kind. Please, Master, forgive poor Hatsue – we both want to please you and your wife.”

    Haaaa! What a pathetic pair of sissies you are! Stacey, for that miserable answer, you also get 10 demerit points. Soon, we will see your Mistress, but in the meantime, since Hatsue is more of a man than you, Stacey, she will fuck you with the big strap-on while I decide your punishment.

    I see Mister Aoki free Hatsue’s hands and he hands her the big strap-on. That won’t fit me, surely?

    Well, sissy slave Hatsue, get on and fuck Stacey hard, else Stacey will be fucking you. Beg, Stacey!

    “Please fuck me, Hatsue,” the humiliation seems never to cease. I am sobbing uncontrollably with shame. “Make me scream.”


    A pink strap-on,  which size is double than the former one.  i am forced to wear it and then my hands are tied at back again.

    This is not only bigger size.  With my remote,  this can vibrate in pussy.  Do you think yoyr Master treats you well,  Stacey? Sissy hatsue… I am also kind to you. Your sister choose your Master and my wife but not you.  Sissy hatsue,  shows if You qualified to satisfy Mrs. Aoki.  Now,  thank your kind Master and beg permission to fuck sissy stacey.

    Thank you Master and please give hatsue the chsnce to fuck stacey.  Please… i will be good….<blushing> fucker… 

    your sissy wish is granted.

    While i start fucking, the painful electricity hit me again.  Then,  the pain level is double than before.   my eyes beg Master but He just chuckles,

    I have said sissies are just my toys. Double sized strap-on means double electricty.  Dont beg me.  This is the fault of your sisters.  Do you want want my. Paddes to encourage you? 


    WHACK,.WHACK Yes…Yes… i will start…and.fuck stacey. Mad… 

    i push the strap-on and hit stacey pussy hard,  regardless my pain.  Once i hit her base,  i feel the strap-on vibrate against her.

    While i pull the vibrating strap-on backward,  i sadly whisper to. Stacey,

    Why you not choose me??!! i can satisfy you…,.i can! 

    With the word. *can*, i fastly push the strap-on hitting her prostrate with swinging my hip with full force.

     slave stacey 

    “Oh Hatsue,” I whisper to her, “I do want you. I know we can be happy on our own, but we’re with the Aokis. I don’t choose them over you, but what can we do about it?”

    As she pounds into me, I feel the pain from the sissy-belt and that huge dildo vibrating and pulsing in my butt.

    Push harder, sissy slave Hatsue, make your sister moan louder, make sissy slave Stacey ashamed and humiliated. You will be her Mistress and she will worship you, won’t you, Stacey whore.”

    “Y-yes, Master. Oooooh! I will worship you, Hatsue.”

    Mr Aoki slaps my face again, and gives poor Hatsue another welt.

    You want your Mistress Hatsue to drill you harder, don’t you, slut? Then beg her.”

    I want it to end, but I know it won’t until they say they have made enough film. Hatsue and I are entertainment for the Aokis and we will be all over the internet. How will we ever live this down?


    Stacey confess that she does not have choice but not able to choose me! SAME as my situation now! i do not get any satisfaction but receiving pain electricity as i pound more!  Yet, whenever i slow down my motions,  my already sore bottom will be spanked. Fuck another seems to be annoying job for me now.

    What i do now just add humilation to Stacey and i get more pain.  Pain now associate with penetration into others.

    Please Master..forgive hatsue… i beg You allow me stop fucking stacey..i do not like fucking. A sissy does not invade other pussy…..plaase…

    i never believe i beg not fuck others but the association imprint in my mind now.

    O! hatsue you do not want to be a man?! Stacey,  do you listen that?! hatsue does not enjoy fucking you?! How ungrace that stacey not attract hatsue enough?

    sissy hatsue,  you want to stop without making stacey dripping? This is what you originally beg for! How can you change your mind so fast?

    Whack! Whack! Whack! [/color]

    Three consecutive spanking arrive my bottom but at least Mr. Aoki does not reject my begging for his mercy.

    Thank Master spanking.  Yes… hatsue is a useless sissy, for a sissy to take initative action.  Please hatsue knows her position now.  Please let me stop… i cannot bear the pain from SissyLink anymore ….please…

    No any response but Master slaps the breasts of Stacey and me hard,  make both of us scream loud. i know my begging is not enough.

    Wowwww… yesss… Master slapping on sissy breasts making hatsue feeling so. Good… i.want to worship Master rather than fucking.  YESS…AHHH,,, i am jealous that stacey has two chance to be fucked…please….Master…

    Finally Mr Aoki stops HIS slapping with chuckle.  He make firm eyestares on me,  making me very anxious and He shows me that i should have somethings to say.  NO choice,  i meekly say,

    Please.. Master… i do not only want to worship Master but also Mrs.  Aoki.  sissy hatsue wants to please and serve You.  Please…. Mr.  AOKI, i cannot fuck anymore.

    With a great paddle slapping against my bottom,  Mr Aoki finally says

    Grant your sissy wish! And,  Master also grant sissy stacey wish that. Worshiping hatsue! But,  remember,  i only allow stacey worship the strap-on.  TELL you two a secert – your. MASTER SEMEN has been stored in the strap-on.  Whenever your Master satisfy your performance,  Stacey will be granted the seeds! Hatsue,  when stacey suck the strap-on,  you play your nipples yourself.  Play it hard as the audiance will see your nipples erotic hard and grow.

    Thank you Master and hatsue want her nipples hard!

     slave stacey 

    Gratefully, I feel Hatue’s begging to stop fucking me is granted and I am relieved when that ends, even though it cost poor Hatsue three strokes of his cane. Her poor bottom must be black and blue by now. He grabs my tits roughly and starts to slap them.

    Mister Aoki is about to make me suck the contents of the strap-on when his phone rings.

    OOC Black = Mr Aoki, Red = Mrs Aoki


    Husband, I have great news for you. We make even more money than from films of your sissies.

    Yes, how have you done that?

    I have rented out the sissy Stacey for six weeks.

    Are we allowed to sell the pupils?

    Of course, we can sell them, they are only slaves. This one Stacey being collected on Thursday, going to work on pig farm. Haaaaa!

    Haaaa! Excellent news. These sissies worth money after all.

    I only hear Mister Aoki’s side of the conversation, but from what I have gathered, either Hatsue or me, or maybe both of us have been sold by this sadistic pair. We are both waiting for him to tell us.

    Slave Stacey, drink from the strap-on, and make the most of it. You are leaving for a few weeks soon. Hatsue, play and squeeze your tits.

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    When Stacey suck the strap-on, i start to play my nipples myself. This is so shame to stimiluate my nipples hard in front of a Man. But i do not have other choice. my only choice to to bite my lips that not make any silly moans to further entertain this evil Man!

    When i and Stacey experience our ordeal, Mr. Aoki has a phone chat and His hand signalize we need to continue and work harder to enetertain HIM!

    Sell the pupils?! This is shocking me so much and i open my mouth wanting to ask. But the sound unlike what i want to have when my lips are released.

    Arughhh…arhh… s…ell…arughhh… us..arughhh….

    Mr. Aoki slap my face cheeks twice and chuckle once He cuts the line.

    Who allow a sissy disturb Master to chat. This is long way to you to learn!!! This is not sold. We have right to rent sissy to Other place for her to learn more. Do you know what internship is?! This is sissy internship!!! Haaa.. And, do you know this is honor for a sissy to be rented!!! At least, You, SISSY hatsue, do not have such honor to be rented! You are not qualified to be rented. You are too inferior!!!!

    i cannot understand what the logic is!!! Mr. Aoki says that i will not be rented because i am inferior! i just wish me never be qualified but this is still shame to hear that i am inferior even compared with other sissies students.

    He presses a key on the pad and I feel the strap-on vibrates in full power. my front groin even feel the vibration!!!! And i am ordered to squeeze my already hard nipples. The stimuliation and vibration of the strap-ons on the sissylink make myself losing control



    sissy hatsue has high potential to be milked for your Master and Mistress though you only have a  pair of small breasts. I will mark them in your training record so you should thank your Master to recommend you to learn to be a milking cow. Haaa..O! NO… who premit you have your final orgasm. OK, The SissyLink can help you to learn. I am sure.. Haaaa


    The pain forces me from attaining my pleasure and my moan changes to painful moan. Yet, even the pain, i dare not say the word no now. my tearful eyes can see Mr. Aoki nods with approval as the word *no* finally not said in my moth. The SissyLink indeed changes my behavior a lot! He then stares to Stacey,

    Sissy stacey, you need not jealous your sister. You have tasted your Master seeds twice today. And, tell you a great news! You have very good performance in LiL and you have earn an honour to have your internship!!! You will be rented to a pig farm on this thurday! Though you need to be seperated from your darling sister a few weeks, you will have good chance to learn how a good sissy is, not only for a Human Dom, but also being a pig sissy. And… **chcukles** maybe you will teach your darling sister how a sissy can milk for Other after you come back LiL.

    i some thick and white semen leaking from the lips of Stacey and her eye is full red now.



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     slave stacey 

    Oh no! How sadistic can this pair be? Not only now are we sissy slaves, we are not even regarded as human.

    Mr Aoki says we are to be milked, like cows.

    Not only that, but I am being sent to a pig farm as an internship. I bet the Aokis made money out of that, but Hatsue and I won’t see a penny of that.

    Yes, sissy Stacey, you are to be a sissy pig on the pig farm, and you had better make the farmer pleased with you or I may sent you to the animal market and sell you permanently. For now, you and Hatsue are to get each other’s tits ready for milking by sucking each other’s nipples. Haaa! Mrs Aoki and I start another film – of sissy cows!

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    <p style=”text-align: justify;”> i am not a cow.  i am not even a woman whose breasts will ) provide milk.  Please Mr.  AOKI, i and Stacey have been tortured so much.  PLEASE give your mercy to us.  ….</p>
    Yes,  this sissy really knows her status.  You both of course are not women.  You are only sissies! Sissies are just toys for Man and Woman.  Ummm… you should attend the class :Sissy Life 101. Husband,  am I right?

    A female voice rises from us behind.  Soon She walk close and i can see She is wearing Kimino as an elegant woman.

    i feel particularly shame as She wear a beautiful kimimo but i am totally naked. She look my breasts for a while  and the Her hands cup and plays my breasts.  At the same time,  She move her foot to press on the breasts of Stacy(she still keep her kneeling post for sucking the strap-on.  AT the same time,  Mr Aoki says,

    Yes.  They will attend Sissy Life soon.  *Chuckles* hatsue, you will be happy to attend this class as you will meet your old friends…

    Atugghhhh,…Old friend? N….please not make another victim..sigh,…Ahhhh

    Though i have alerted the word *no* but i forget sigh also reuslt in pain!

    O!  Does sissy get electrity hit?? Mrs Aoki gives you compensation. [/b]

    She suddey squeeze my nipples with two figners tightly that make me have another moans.  SHE just smile and contunues to say,

    At this moment,  you both still not able to produce milk.  BUT, LATER… I promise you….haaa… once you earn enough previlege as a good sissy,  We will make you producing milking.  NOW you just practize how you can squeeze the milk.  This is specially helpful for Stacey.  NOW, sissy hatsue see how I squeeze you and then you make practice on stacey. [/b]

    She message my right breast and then She use both hands  push from the base of breast to nipple that make my nipples grow a little high.  She then squeeze my nipple with two figners and rub it from. Root to. Top.  This makes me very pain and thus i try to move for escape! She slaps my face hardly and orders me to stand still.  SHE then squeeze my nipple again and She moves the mouth to suck. the tip of my nipple.


    SHAME AND PAIN but She has made my nipple very stimiluated and i can moan silly.  Suddenly i feel great pain on my over sentisitive nipple as She bite it hard!


    SHE seems not care my painful moan and says

    Now,.sissy hatsue practize once on sissy stacey [/b]

     slave stacey 

    How elegant Mrs Aoki looks in her kimono and how that contrasts with Hatsue and me in our naked state. I think that perhaps she is kinder than her husband, until she plays with Hatsue’s nipples and steps on my back to squash my tits painfully.

    Then Hatsue is ordered to squeeze my tits, saying it will be helpful to me in producing milk. Helpful? In what way? I know that we have been pumped with hormones that will make us produce milk, but why is that helpful. Mr and Mrs Aoki see the confusion on my face.

    OOC Red= Mrs Aoki, Black = Mr Aoki

    Haaaa! Sissy slave Stacey, don’t you understand what will be happening to you in the pig farm? You will not be just a pig, you will be a sow, giving pig’s milk. Haaa!

    Yes, dear husband, This will be very good practice for both of these cows, Stacey for when she is a sow at the pig farm, Hatsue to be our cow. Now, slave Hatsue, you practice on Stacey’s tits, to make her ready to produce milk. Haaaaa! What a good idea you have, husband, you train these slaves well.



    How can i make Stacey producing milk. How can a man, even she is a sissy, can have milk. I stare the Stacey’s huge breasts with puzzle. i ask innocently in a shy voice,


    Why Stacey can have milk? Is this because she has a pair of huge breasts? …<Face cheeks red and hot>… Will I have such huge breasts if I need to have milk to please Mr. AOKI?


    O! My Dear Husband, Do you think if this sissy hatsue is navie. Hatsue, your Husband, Mr. OHHI, does not want you have a huge breasts. So, you may be jealous against Stacey. But, don’t worry…. GIGGLES.. We will have method to make you milk in nearly future… Giggles.. my lovely kitten.Now, don’t waste our time, make your practice NOW!!!

    Humiliated comment of Mrs. AOKI makes me very shameful and embarssment. Yet, this is not the time to be sad. i am rush to cup Stacey’s huge breasts before the SissyLink gives me warning.

    All my fingers press on the soft muscles of Stacey and i push the muscle toward her nipple as Mrs. Aoki makes on me. i try serval time as i listen Stacey moans. Then, my thumb and index fingers twirl her nipple and pull the nipple a little bite.

    Once i feel her nipple grows, my fingers squeeze the nipples and push it as long as possible and rub it hard.

    O! Amazing.. why my fingers feel something wet…. O! Stacey.. you see… your right nipple dripping some white liquid drop by drop. Are these milk???? How you can have milk…. why… AHHHH…

    A pair of Hands squeeze my nipples hard that making me feel very pain. Mrs. Aoki voice also rise from my behind,

    O! Sissy hatsue.. when will you learn a sissy should not speak and ask?! Stacey is a good sissy and We grant her milking. Are you jealous? You work hard then you can have your milk to us too. Ummm. Dear Husband.. 2 or 3 weeks are enough?

    Yes… at most 3 weeks, this useless sissy then will have some milk to please others. Mrs. Aoki, you are so smart… one of the way to make her custom to produce milk is to squeeze her nipples often. Sissy hatsue.. you should thank you my wife to train you good… Ummm.. sissy hatsue.. don;t forget to taste the milk from Stacey nipples. Don’t shy! Sissy stacey, why you not invite your sister to taste your milk? Do you need some encouragement from SissyLink?

     slave stacey 

    I don’t need any encouragement from the sissylink belt.

    “Oh my sister Hatsue,” I sob, “would you like a drop of my milk? Please help yourself.”

    Mrs Aoki’s phone rings as Hatsue debates what she should do. It’s a brief conversation, then she rings off.

    “Good news, sissy slave Stacey. Your transport to take you to the pig farm is here.”

    “Very good, my wife. Haaaa! Stacey, you kiss my feet and those of Mrs Aoki, then you and Hatsue have long kiss goodbye. You will fit in very well on pig farm. You remember pigs are superior to you. Haaaa!”


    i finally not dare to suck Stacey nipples and cry loud as Mrs. Aoki announces the transport of Stacey arrived. i speak to Stacey, with crying

    Please take care, my sister. i will wait you back…

    i cannot help but hug her tight and give her a passionate kiss.

    NPC : Mr. AOKI

    O! hatuse.. who give you permission to hug and give kiss to another sissy? When We handle sissy stacey well, thenWe will give you a good training later. [/color]

    Then two securities come in and seperate me and Stacey. Force Stacey to kneel and kiss the shoe of Mr.& Mrs. Aoki. Then, Stacey is forced to leave the room.

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