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    “Oh my gosh, Alina! Did Mister Jackson do this to you? He’s awful! And his daughter is no better!”

    I move to free Alina’s arms. I can’t image how sore the are.

    ”and sorry, Alina, about that stunt in Miss Porter’s class. I was just having some fun! I hope you’re not mad.”

    I also hope this whole situation isn’t traumatizing to heaenew girls. Tina, Trixie and Bliss all seem super nice.

    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr

     (R)Owen(a) Hero 

    As the naked girl came to us I was distracted from what was going on with my little group. That looked like it would be uncomfortable to get off.

    “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, girls, really I am, but maybe one of you could help me out of these bonds? My name is Alina, the Bondage teacher Mr Jackson didn’t set me free after the class and I can’t do this on my own. Pleeaaase?”

    This place had a bondage class?! That was less than surprising by now.

    “Uh… No, that’s alright…” I say, putting my hands up, “Nothing personal but I’ve already had my fair share of abuse today.”

    I gave Bliss a glare “, Coward, you belong here.”

    I grabbed Alina’s nipple clamps “, Uh… just so you know this is going to hurt even more than when you were wearing them, I tried these things once, they were not fun.”

    I opened the clamps, and gave Alina a moment to calm herself from the pain that hit right after. Tiffy also started trying to help, and untied Alina’s arms.

    “I know the three of us have to head to Discipline.  You think you can help us find the way.”

    “This place has a class about discipline too?” that was still surprising.

    Alina may have been free now, but she was still naked. Save for her belt.

    I reached under my blouse and undid my bra, it’s not like I actually needed it, my breasts were fake, so I couldn’t feel them and my tied blouse gave them support.

    “Here, take this, at least it’ll cover something,” I pulled it out from my blouse and reached around Alina, fastening it behind her.

    Despite the fact that my breasts were fake I still felt exposed now that it was off, but I couldn’t exactly just take it back.

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    One of the girls takes a step back, obviously afraid that she might get into trouble: “Nothing personal but I’ve already had my fair share of abuse today.”

    “Please, Mr Jackson said I would have to find someone to release me, so obviously it is alright to do so, I just can’t get out of those ropes myself.”

    I turn around to show them my tightly bound hands behind my back,the bulb swinging against my calves – great! All the time the bells keep jingling their happy song. The pain from the clamps is currently bearable, I just wonder what will happen when I finally can remove them…

    Tiffy steps up and starts to release me and suddenly I am not angry anymore about what she did to me in the other class when she tickled me, she even apologizes: ”and sorry, Alina, about that stunt in Miss Porter’s class. I was just having some fun! I hope you’re not mad.”

    “I was, but ouuchhh… the blood coming back into my hands…but not anymore, not after saving me, Tiffy.”

    One of them, a girl with glasses starts to unclamp my nipples and she warns me: Uh… just so you know this is going to hurt even more than when you were wearing them, I tried these things once, they were not fun.”

    I brace myself for the pain, but this is worse than I imagined when the blood rushes back into my oversensitive nipples:


    She is very nice, she even gives me her bra to cover me, although modesty is currently not my main issue. I reach around and finally manage to release the valve that is controlling the humongous inflated butt plug until it is back to the lowest size.

    “Phew, that feels better, thank you both, Tiffy and…?”

    I look at her questioningly, she is cute with her hair only to one side.

    /OOC Sorry, overlapping messages, hope this works?

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    I see Alina all tied up and with clamps, and everything and thank god Tiffy and Tina both release her.

    “Alina what class where you in that the instructor did that to you.  That’s really cruel hopefully it wasn’t just for fun.”



    Collared by the lovely Miss Andromeda Starr

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    The other girl looks worried at me and asks  what class this was:

    “Bondage class by Mr Jackson… he was teaching us about trust and acceptance… just accept that most of the teachers here are sadists, you can trust on that!”

    I have to giggle a bit at my lame joke, I am just so relived that I am finally free!

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     (R)Owen(a) Hero 

    “Great to know they have a type here,” I muttered, before speaking up “, Since you seemed to be wondering, I’m Tina, apparently, this is Trixie and Bliss and you already seem to know Tiffy, she seems nice.”

    I pointed out Trixie and Bliss as I introduced them, I also clipped the nipple clamps to the hem of my skirt… clamps could be useful at some point. Though those bells might get annoying.

    “B T Dubs Do you know where Discipline is? Apparently we all have it next.”

    OOC: Much better Alina, don’t feel bad we all missed some key points here, though your post overlapping mine seems very farfetched as there were hours between them.


    The girl who removed my clamps introduces herself as Tina and the other two as Trixie and Bliss, the latter being the one who didn’t want to help me cause she was afraid.

    “It’s down that hallway, then the second to the left and then it’s the first door to the right…. I think. As you can see I have no materials with me *giggle*.

    Be careful with the teacher though, Miss Porter can be harsh.”

    “I am sorry girls, but I need to get back into proper clothing, will meet you later in the courses, thanks once more for the help. Oh and Tina: thanks for the bra, I will give it back to you later!”

    I smile at them and wave my goodbyes for now.

    /OOC: I have checked and I think I simply didn’t see that there was another page, Bliss’ posting was the last one on the previous for me. Sorry!


    Coward? I belong here? And just like that, whatever goodwill I had towards Tina is gone. No one deserves this place!

    I glare at her as she helps out the poor girl in bondage. Hasn’t she ever heard the expression ‘No good deed goes unpunished’? Alina looks like she’s been through the ringer alright, but what good would it be if I helped her and ended up in the same situation?

    Shortly after Alina is freed, she disappears as mysteriously as she arrived, leaving Tina, Trixie, Tiff and I with directions to a discipline class.

    I pull out my own crumpled up schedule and check to make sure, and there it is. Presentation, and then discipline. Fantastic.

    “An entire class devoted to discipline, are you kidding me?” I groan, recrumpling my schedule and stuffing it in the hem of my skirt, “I don’t know about you three, but ever since I’ve entered this hellhole, nearly every five seconds has been about discipline!”



     (R)Owen(a) Hero 

    “That’s true,” I answered Bliss “, I’m sorry I said you belong here, I honestly don’t think i’d wish this place on my worst enemy, who coincidentally is the one who sent me here, I’m just really on edge right now… we all are.”

    From our instructions it seemed like this Discipline class was nearby.

    “Well, we should get moving. If we stay here we might wind up late and I don’t want to find out how they discipline people in discipline class.”

    I started in the directions given, the bells jingling as I walked.


    “Great meeting you, girls. I’ve already been to Discipline, so I’m not headed back just yet.  I had also had a private discussion with Miss Porter one time. She is NOT to be trifled with. Please be careful!”

    I can see a little friction between Tina and Bliss. I know how difficult things are here at the beginning. But some shared experiences should bring them closer.

    Calling out to Alina: “Hey, sweetie! Let me help you get to the Dorms, Alina! We’ll get you cleaned up and dressed in a jiffy!”

    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr

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    This is a horrible morning. i never experience such horrible education. my scored bottom reminds me that i must follow every instruction that Academy instructs me! And, the SissyLink – this must be a devil invention!!!

    With the break and rest after the presentation class, a most degrading class i never attend before, i stand at the hallways and sob because of my sad life in this Academy


     Chloe X 

    MI mince out of the Ean’s office, feeling so very weak and timid.    My tush feels like it’s on fire.   I pass a bunch of cute girls, they are so pretty.  I am going to have to make friends if I am going to survive here.

    Have to find Miss Stephenson’s office.


    Walking down the hallway, there’s a really hot new girl! Tall, striking blonde! Mmmm.

    “Hi there! I’m Tiffy!” *hug* “Are you new here?”

    Tiffy is:

    ⊂COLLARED⊃ by Mistress Andromeda Starr

     Rachel Darkholme 

    I walk down the hall in my new “uniform”,if that is what it could truly be called, and truly in a fowl mood. The uniform did not leave much to the imagination. A white shirt with the buttons done up to just below my new “E” sized breasts,a sparkly purple bow tie around my neck,a short skirt that barely covered my underwear,knee high socks and black high heels. I stumble a bit in the shoes,still getting used to walking in them and my oversized breasts not helping my balance any. I wear my new hair in a long pony tail and my face screwed up in a scowl.

    I see a group of girls in the hallway ahead,talking and some laughing. I try to walk by them,not wanting to talk to anyone,especially in my current mood.


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