From the Vault: A Lost Lissa Daniels Story

Playing the Part

A long time ago, I wrote a story called ‘Playing the Part‘.  It was one of the first ‘forced feminization’ stories I ever wrote and actually shares a lot more in common with my lesbian fiction (that is under a secret pseudonym in other places on this great big internet).  I recently found it on an old hard-drive while looking for other things and was tremendously surprised at how much I enjoyed reading it.  I enjoyed it so much that I took some time to do a minor re-write and reformat and even got my beautiful wife to go in and add some slick graphics and help with the layout.  I hope you all enjoy it… Remember:  if you orgasm while reading one of my stories, we expect you to donate $5 towards this site.

So relax, slide your hand down inside your panties, and enjoy. *evil grin*

Click here to go to our fiction page… and enjoy Playing the Part.

  1. Felicia Wood 10 months ago

    Oooh, a lost classic! I can’t wait to devour this one. Thank you so much!!!

  2. Vicki Leone 10 months ago

    Fantastic! It’s been so long since I’ve read this one. Thanks so much for bringing it back. The photos are so perfect too

  3. (R)Owen(a) Hero 10 months ago

    I’ll be sure to look into it. Always nice to see some work from the top.

  4. Satin Summer 10 months ago

    Just read “Playing the Part” I’m so glad you brought the story back! As I was reading it I had to step away several times just to cool off. The story of Jane and Kyle/Kelly is mind blowing! I am still hot and bothered by what I just read. I don’t know how you let this slip. I would’ve put this on the front page.
    Yours forever


  5. Becca 7 months ago

    Satin , loved the story as well, so nice that a boy can be taught to enjoy being a girl and please her girl friend

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