Would anyone be up for a Naruto RP


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    I’m in need of a dom female for this Naruto idea I have.


    After losing in the chunin exams Boruto is  given to Sakura as punishment for cheating in the exams (he becomes her child) and Sakura chooses to force feminizies him with the help of her daughter Sarada. Who is in control mainly and is the main dom is up to you. he is stripped of his ninja rank and has his charka sealed. He is forced to wear girls clothes and eat salad in place of hamburgers as he must lose weight. Sarada conditions him into liking boys and they slowly break him. She uses her medical knowledge/justu to transform Boruto into what another daughter of her and Sasuke would look like. Boruto is trained to not eat fatten food like cheeseburgers and eat salads and watch his figure. He is trained in girly manners. Crossing his legs, taking small bites, being demure and quiet. He is tasked with being a mommy’s little helper as he learns to be a proper housewife. Sarada works on breaking his old interests as a girly girl should not being watching action movies or playing video games or making crude jokes. She should be polite and read girly romance novels and watch romance movies. Gossip and love shopping. Basically The Doms Sakura and Sarada turn Boruto (me) into a perfect little girly girl in body and mind. These are just the kind of things I would like to happen. I don’t care how this kind of stuff happens or anything like that just something like it if possible.


    Perfer use of discord but can br used here too.



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