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    The M&R Corporation – often called M&R or The Corporation for short – is the longest-running game here at LiL, having been active since 2005. It has a well-defined structure to help set the scene and define the ‘forced’ aspect of the game – but within that structure, there is still a massive amount of story freedom.
    The Corporation is a fictional, evil company that forcibly feminizes men into sexy, submissive girls. They are then trained in various roles – schoolgirls, secretaries, maids and slaves – to give service and pleasure to the company’s wealthy clients. The managers of the Corporation help to train and discipline the girls as appropriate.

    The sub girls have to dress and behave in certain ways, and must wear locked chastity belts to ensure they are constantly horny. These belts cannot be removed for sexual release, without management supervision and approval (which is rare!). Many girls are also required to wear collars as a mark of the Corporation’s ownership.

    All belts and collars have GPS trackers built in, and there is extensive camera and microphone surveillance all over the campus, including outside areas. This means the company knows where everyone is at all times. The sub girls may not leave the campus without permission, and their belts will activate very painful pulses should a girl attempt to escape the perimeter. There are security guards in place all over the site as well, who can deal with wayward girls as and when necessary.

    The guards, managers and teachers can, of course, all go where they wish, on and off campus – though the Corporation will still keep an eye on them to ensure there is no corruption or cheating of the system. Anyone found to be helping a girl to escape or avoid her training is dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

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