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What a sweet place!

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    This doesn’t look like a super-active group, but I figured I’d stop in and say hi anyway.

    I haven’t been here a real long time yet, but I really feel welcomed at LiL. It’s so freeing to be able to just say and do things without judgment! And there’s so many helpful sissies and Dommes and switches out there to help all of us explore ourselves more deeply.

    I’ve met some really wonderful people in my short time who really helped me feel at home. And now I’m trying to make some of the new arrivals feel as loved as I did.

    Please feel free to share anything you’d like to share below, if you choose to.




    Hiya Tiffy! Please let me Echo the Sentiments of ALL you have met & extend a warm welcome & an offered Huggle!

    Yes, Lacy is a Special Place! I m thoroughly glad I found it & happy you ve joined & are enjoying too. ~Grin

    So, just an idea on something you said: “I’m trying to make some of the new arrivals feel as loved as I did.”

    We have a Group called the Lacy Place Group. It is a continuation of the prior incarnation of this Site, Set in a Shared Universe.  Hapless Boi s come & are Duped/Coerced/Tricked &/or Black-mailed into becoming Working Gurls!

    There is a Sorority of Gurls who are Charged with Welcoming New Gurls after their Inception.  Onhand to answer any questions, offer Friendship or a Sympathetic ear.

    Link can be found below:

    Maybe you would consider joining?  I am available to answer any questions you might have & genuinely wish you the best of endeavours here @LockedInLace! ~Giggle



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    Hi Lydia! *hugs*

    Thanks so much for the offer! So far, I’ve been exploring beyond the walls of The Lacy Place. Some in the “Role Playing>Start Here” thread, followed with some time in the Lacy Academy – then meeting some wonderful, wonderful girls and Dommes (I’m afraid to try to name them all because I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out). *giggle*

    I’ve been playing in a few different groups now – and just enjoying my time with people who enjoying their time. It’s refreshing.

    But I feel like I want to get a nice grasp of the groups I’m active in before I make the jump into the Lacy Place. (When I do, I will be sure to reach out and say hi first, though!) Thank you for already making me feel welcome!





    Hi Lydia!

    So, based on the wonderful things you said about The Lacy Place, I decided I should step through the doors. I just got to the Front Desk ( Maybe I’ll see you inside?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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