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    <p style=”padding-left: 60px;”>I would like to start a online virtual roleplay relationship. Anyone interested?</p>
    We can chat, flirt, etc. No real goal accept the defined roles we agree to. I am open to any role that you like. I can commit to a few messages a week. And we can see how it goes.


    Message me if interested and let me know your fantasy and we can get started.



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     sissyfit boi 
    Looking for characters and roleplayers who are into the James Bond 007, secret agent genre. The villainess for this story is none other then…

    Known the world over as the notorious EVIL CRIMINAL GENIUS!!! She knows secrets that could bring down World Governments! She is a mischievous, sexually overheated Woman on Her neverending battle of the sexes for…

    Thanks to the PUSSY GALORE Spy School Academy where male agents will be masqueraded as members of the opposite sex to infiltrate Her secert headquarters in Zurich Switzerland.

    So, do we have any voluntees?

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     Tiffany Knightly 

    I am interested in an agent role, U can help look for a Wicked Wanda!

     sissyfit boi 

    Dear “Tiffany” Knightly

    It was decided that it was too dangerous for REAL Women to be send on these secret missions so a special group of men will be made to masquerade as members of the opposite sex to infiltrate the enemy secret headquarters.It shall be known as…
    The PUSSY GALORE Spy School

    If agreeable i shall start a story thread and invite you to beCUM one of your special agents.

     Tiffany Knightly 

    Agreed! 😊

     Maid Michelle 

    Hi I would like to be inducted and trained as a sissy maid to a Goddess please

     sissyfit boi 
    ”I like to be trained as a SISSY MAID!”

    For those who read and enjoy the book “The HOTEL” by Deborah Ford this story thread will be a spinoff on the theme. A strong dominating Female character forcefully transforming a gullible sissy boy who thinks this is all a “game”. But when his WIFE fails to rescue him at the end of the week, fantasy beCUMs all too REAL!!!

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