Updated Code of Conduct- popup will not close out

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    There is a bug with the Updated code of conduct window that pops up when you login.  You can’t close it out and it blocks access to fields since it stuck in place and won’t close.


    I can’t replicate that. What address do you see in your browser address bar?

    I see this as the log in address:

    And this after I log in:



    I thought I posted this earlier but it didn’t show up when I came back to look for it.  Anyway, I am experiencing the same pop-up;

    Updated Code of Conduct
    Please be aware of the rules of this site before participating. You can always review the terms HERE.

    I joined the site yesterday and have only been wandering through it a couple of times, however, the pop-up is still here. How do I make it go away?



    I have posted this problem in the bug report section. Hopefully we will get an answer. I don’t see the popup, so I can’t help with explaining it or with getting rid of it.

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