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     Kitten O’Neil 

    I did it. I got one past the old man. He is the worst boss ever, but I am so damn clever, I got a transfer and pay raise from the son-of-a-bitch. I cant couldnt take another winter in this city. The cold, the traffic, the soul killing, mind numbing repetitive work… I just had to figure out how to get one past the old man.

    Fortunately, Im so damn smart, I did it. I just explained, Ive been with the company since I started working part time in high school. Now Im graduated, and experienced more than some of my supervisors, I deserve a chance to be more valuable and productive, in a new position, and… a transfer to somewhere warmer.

    He fell for it. The stupid son-of-a-bitch fell for that line. I cant believe it. He smiled, nodded, told me I definitely was prime for a position on one of their sundry island facilities. All I had to do was, cut ties with my girlfriend, and move there. Well, I did think it was weird that I could not take her with me, but honestly, she has been treating me kinda crap, staying out at all hours, ignoring my calls, always criticizing me, maybe the old man honestly cares. So yea, I told her, its over. She shrugged and just packed her stuff and some guy picked her up. Im not sure I should be upset about that, or what it implies, but since Im off to an island paradise, I really dont care. Im in it now for the hot little native girls, cocktails on the beach, easy winters, and more money than I have ever had.

    So the flight was long, took forever, I swear. That is probably because of my eagerness to get here. I had to spend a night mainland, until the little boat could take me to the facility, which was ok, I had a hell of a night, drinking and dancing, and woke up with some girl in my bed that I dont even know. I probably should have woke her up or at least asked her name, but… well, Im sure shes fine.

    The boat ride was fun, a beautiful speedboat, I mean beautiful. The driver… are speedboat drivers drivers or are they called something else… was fucking HOT! I mean, dayum… it was all I could do to not keep glancing at her. If shes the water taxi driver around here, i think i will be finding as many excuses to go mainland as I can, jsut to see that tight little ass.

    So, here I am, with my two bags, in the reception area of this beautiful building. It is clean, smells kind of nice, but there is a strange hum or something, I cant really explain it. I feel a little out of place in my casual suit, two words that normally do not go together, but this outfit looks like something Don Johnson would have been wearing on that old cop show. Considering Im kinda slender and not really tall, if anything Im kinda on the short side, I need a flashy suit to stand out.

    Looking around, I try to look disinterested, but in truth, Im so excited, I could practically vibrate. I cant wait to start my new life here, in paradise, as a big shot, with money, chics and the world turning my way.

     Shasta Minx 

    I look so very different now, gone from being a blonde to being a raven-haired island native,  now have a deep dark tan. Wearing the typical island girl outfit.

    I oh there’s the speed  Boat that’s bringing that clueless gentleman. He actually believes that he is being rewarded, the joke is on him.

    I have been chosen to first seduce him and then being in charge of his transition be to being one of the girls. Heard that he is the typical macho male, so full of himself.

    He comes to the desk, ” welcome sir, how can I make your day better”

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     Kitten O’Neil 

    Well, I certainly did not see this one coming. A pretty little island girl. Well, when i say little, that is sort of misleading. I assume little because height wise, we are pretty close. I am short though so…

    Anyhow, wow.. what else do you say to island girls? Then she asks how she can make my day better? I doubt it could get any better. I find myself smiling, though not sure just why, but hey, this is the best day of my life. Finally I am getting the recognition I deserve from my job, my life is starting to look like its worth living, again, and Im going to be able to maybe find a special local girl to settle down with.

    Sure, it can be fun being a playboy, different girls every week, different dynamics. While I am a fan of reinventing yourself until you find who you are, the single life really isnt for me. I play at it because, well, thats what is expected for someone my age, but I had hoped things would turn out better between my ex and myself. I mean, hey, when we met, she was sharing a dorm with three other girls, barely eating every day, and walked everywhere because of having no wheels. I bought her a car, gave her a place to live rent free, did everything I could, and Im pretty convinced she was just using me to get all that, and was seeing someone on the side. That hurts. Maybe its just me, am I just one of the “nice guys that finish last?” I mean, hey, not that it matters, water under the bridge right? Im better off now. Boy am I better off.

    “Ummm, how… umm, oh how are you?” I stammer, forgetting how to speak as I gaze into those eyes. A man could drown in them. I feel myself blush, am I blushing? Please dont let me be blushing, I gotta look stoic and all that horse shit they say guys have to do, to be cool. I am SO not cool.

    “Actually, maybe you can help me find someone to report to, I umm… think i work here now. Do I report to you? Im so sorry, i have no clue where to go, or who to talk to, if you know what I mean.”

    I brush some of my hair from my ear and try to put on a confident smile, but Im such bad luck, I probably just treated the general manager or whoever, like a receptionist. PLEASE, Eric, dont screw up on your first day, please, just keep cool… ok well too late for that, but try to keep it together…


     Shasta Minx 

    “Actually, maybe you can help me find someone to report to, I umm… think i work here now. Do I report to you? Im so sorry, i have no clue where to go, or who to talk to, if you know what I mean.”

    “Well, I am in charge of the Island and all the girls that work here so, Yes If you are supposed to work  here  then you report to me.” Giggle    ” Oh, by the way,  I’m Ewa and your name is?  Communications with the Mainland has been down for a couple of days so you are kind of a surprise. Wasn’t expecting a new employee “

    I am such a liar but giving him a chance to talk about himself, I’ll check if what he says matches up with the report.

    Hmm he’s checking me out, I do  hate having to wear this skimpy outfit but orders are orders. He’s just about my size,  5′  2″, he’ll fit in quite nicely. 

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     Kitten O’Neil 

    “Oh hello Ewa, my name is… ” oh great, c’mon Eric you knew this when you came in… “…oh yea its Eric. I just got transferred from Chicago. Isnt this place amazing? I mean WOW, its beautiful! Its just like paradise. Its too bad Emily isnt… well, thats her choice. I cant wait to get started. Oh please forgive me…” I say holding out my hand, a formal handshake, after all, the LAST thing we want to do is offend someone where we work, especially here in paradise. One slip and its back to Chicago, and nobody wants that.


    I try to offer a smile, its difficult. Shes amazingly beautiful, impossibly so, and my height, so rare. But, you dont shit where you eat, thats my motto. No playing with the fellow employees, townies, fair game, if they want me, but co-workers, hands off. I avert my eyes, so I dont accidently stare at her, which, I dont have to tell you, well, maybe I do have to tell you, is no easy feat. “I realize Im not really supposed to report until tomorrow, but, I really want to get cracking, and do this right. It was next to impossible to get Mr McHarrow to even see me, much less agree to a transfer out of the Chicago office. Let me tell you, its hard to get people to even work there, its horrible. So, if I seem over eager, its really just that I want to please everyone here, so I dont have to go back there, ever again.”


    Even despite my flashy suit, and the spikey hair, that I swear is NOT frosted, I just swim a lot, and well, my lack of tan, because to swim in Chicago, you do it indoors or you freeze to death, I think i look unassuming enough as to be unintimidating.

     Shasta Minx 

    My he is a talkative little thing, bet he tries to con people all the time, especially the ladies. I pretend to agree when mentions Chicago-  they guess the truth about what he is really like. Read the report about what he did to those office girls. Being a former NYPD cop, I’m hard to fool, dealt with so many guys just like him, sleazeballs and con artists.

    Working for M%R I get to deal out real justice to men like him

     Kitten O’Neil 

    After looking down at my hand a few times, then kinda lowering it, I get the hint. She isnt having any part of me. Well, thats ok, as much as Id LOVE to get to know the little island girl, as I said, I dont date the co-workers. That is just bad news waiting to happen.

    I smile, and adjust my sport coat, taking in the room. Yes, this will do nicely. I just need to find myself a way into some unimportant job, where nobody will notice if I dont show up for work a lot, the work is easy when I do, and I can coast my way through to retirement, one day. After all, its not about working hard, its about working smart. I learned that in school, being an average grades kinda student.

    I miss school. Best years of my life. I learned a lot about a lot, and most of it was about how to succeed in life, without really trying. High visibility, low mobility. Or in other words, look busy, but be chilling the entire day. I had set up a macro on my computer, at my old job, using the skills I learned at school. I could have whatever I wanted, streaming on my work computer, so long as I held the mouse button. Then when someone would enter my little teeny tiny cubicle, I simply took my hand off the mouse, and turned to address them, looking polite and sincere while the computer screen would go back to some boring spreadsheet. It worked for a couple years, till I got reassigned here. Well, I can always reprogram it. Getting paid to watch Hulu or Netflix all day is a great gig, if you can get it. I highly recommend it.

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