Tim turn Nacy shipped to new owner

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    This is ending of <u>Tim to learn to serve</u>

    Nikita, the woman who met you at the door, supervised your preparation for Nooki, told you her life story about being an Australian man, that woman now supervises your tea staining, stopping it only when Nooki thought you had ‘steeped’ enough.

    Then she had your disoriented, semi-conscious, naked body wrapped in a comfortable, stain absorbing fabric, loaded you into a hearse to avoid unwanted attention and had you driven from the mansion to the waterfront.

    Papers were transferred, money exchanged and clothing provided to the container ship captain who placed you into container number P-1245 where six other world travelers were ensconced. The next morning found you steaming from the West Coast of America to a new and hopefully better life.


     Bon Voyage Nancy!


    I am trap in this box naked. I was a man, but I kidnap an Asian woman and use her as my sex toy. I did not know she was the judge’s daughter. Instead of prison he sends me to the M&R. It was there that they change me into an Asian woman.



    The ship is going somewhere in Asia and I have been sold to somebody. I do not who and what I have to do. But when the ship is a hundred miles away from land the Captain tells the crew to let me out of the box and tie me to the fence inside the ship. I am tied spread-eagle to the fence and the men fuck me whenever they want.



    When we were a hundred miles from the port, they hose me down and put me back in the box. I do not how many days we have been at sea, but I am trap back in the box and has been well fuck by the crew. The ships docks and the box are move to the ware house. I lie there waiting for the person that owns me.

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