Tim turn Nacy shipped to new owner

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    This is ending of <u>Tim to learn to serve</u>

    Nikita, the woman who met you at the door, supervised your preparation for Nooki, told you her life story about being an Australian man, that woman now supervises your tea staining, stopping it only when Nooki thought you had ‘steeped’ enough.

    Then she had your disoriented, semi-conscious, naked body wrapped in a comfortable, stain absorbing fabric, loaded you into a hearse to avoid unwanted attention and had you driven from the mansion to the waterfront.

    Papers were transferred, money exchanged and clothing provided to the container ship captain who placed you into container number P-1245 where six other world travelers were ensconced. The next morning found you steaming from the West Coast of America to a new and hopefully better life.


     Bon Voyage Nancy!


    I am trap in this box naked. I was a man, but I kidnap an Asian woman and use her as my sex toy. I did not know she was the judge’s daughter. Instead of prison he sends me to the M&R. It was there that they change me into an Asian woman.



    The ship is going somewhere in Asia and I have been sold to somebody. I do not who and what I have to do. But when the ship is a hundred miles away from land the Captain tells the crew to let me out of the box and tie me to the fence inside the ship. I am tied spread-eagle to the fence and the men fuck me whenever they want.



    When we were a hundred miles from the port, they hose me down and put me back in the box. I do not how many days we have been at sea, but I am trap back in the box and has been well fuck by the crew. The ships docks and the box are move to the ware house. I lie there waiting for the person that owns me.


    Door to the crate opens, I walk in naked in shackles. “They did it to you too huh?” “Im so confused, I was just selling pot to a few ladies and after I got arrested and sent to the judge… Well I guess you know the rest, any idea how we can get out of this mess?”


    “No, I don’t but we should hide.”


    I look around and find a nail. I grab it and go to her. I use the nail to pick the lock on her shackles so we have a better chance.


    “Well, thanks but where the hell are we going to hide? This is just a box, I hate to sound pessimistic but seriously, even if we could hide if they found us again (which they will) they would punish us severally…” Before dianna can answer the door opens. “Oh no!”…


    The door is opening. I grab her and we hide behind some other crates. I am not going to give up a chance to get out of this. My future as they want is not good. I will take my chances. If we can get off this ship, I could get to a phone and get some help. We lay on the floor hoping they will leave and close the door.


    Two men come in, one with a machine gun strapped around his torso. “Where are you sluts?” He walks slowly and horrifically almost as if hes trying to give us a heart attack. He quickly looks behind the crates and finds us, as we look up into his eyes with horror he slaps us to the ground, he grabs dianna and unzips his fly, he continues to fucks her in the ass as hard as he can while the gaurd holds me as he makes me watch. “Ahhh, that was nice.. Jessie.. I require a blowjob.” As I let out a slight yelp the gaurd strikes me to my knees as dianna watches in horror. After that he puts us in chains attached to the wall of the small dark crate he locked us inside of. “Its a long way from the good old USA ladies, you will reach your destination soon enough…” We sit there hopelessly after he locks it up wondering if one of us should dare say something to eachother after that incident…


    The men catch us hiding. We are grab and I am bend over as one man fucks my ass. After he cum in my ass, they grabs the other girl who I found out her name is Jessie. Jessie had to suck the man off. They take us out of the ware storage of the boxes and move us to another room. We are locked in another crate and he tells us about going back. OH GOD NO, they take us back to them to train us more harder. I cannot say anything. I watch the crate be close on us.


    “So.. How long have you been here? I got sent here a few days back after the gender reassignment. I dont even want to talk about that place… Anyway the weather seems to be getting warmer so maybe we’re going to end up in the caribbean somewhere. I just cant stand the thought of sucking off some old jamaican… Who knows, maybe we can get out of this mess..” Dianna wakes me up to the sound of the doors opening, the two men return naked with two pairs of thigh cuffs. “OH GOSH NO PLEASE PLEASE”…


    The door open and the men come to us with cuffs. They put them on us as she is so upset but I do not understand why. This is only going to prevent us from running. We are still cuff in the box but now with the cuffs on us. I still wonder why she is so upset.


    After they have attached them they make us bend over as each of them fuck us, the crate is filled with the sound of small yelps and groans… I can hardly bare it, the feeling of his hard dick going back and forth in my stomach, but what am I going to do about it? A moment later I feel the sticky warm juice fill up my ass, I let out a small scream and after he finished he slaps me to the ground. They take us both back on deck to the gate again and chain us on to be fucked by the crew daily.. “How the hell are we ever going to get out of this?!”


    They fonle us as the theigh cuffs are tighten, One man knock the other girl down and fucks her ass. After they are done, they force us to walk. The cuffs force us to take small steps and walk like a whore. They put us back up on the deck. The boat is at sea. I cannot see any land. They take us to a large fence and chain us to it. I hear one of the men state that we can now pay for our passenger fe. They laugh. But with the cuffs I cannot spread my legs meaning they will fuck us in the ass.


    While one of the men fuck dianna in the ass one man walks up to me and since my arms are tied upwards and my feet the other two ways I litterally cant do anything but look into his eyes with horror. He unzips his fly and continues to insert his penis up my vagina. I look upwards groaning as he moves around in me. “Oh fuck no!” He unchains me just so he can spank me consistently. Dianna is too distracted by the other gaurd. After he chains me again he continues to fuck my pussy, after about two minutes of pure agony I feel it fill up. I loose all my strength and hang off the chains like a corpse, when they finish Dianna notices what happened. “I cant have a baby!!!!”


    We remain at sea chain to the fence. Days has pass and both of us are used every day by the crew. Days pass as we remain on the deck. I cannot tell where we are going. But I am at the point that we get to where we are going to so this will stop.

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