Fragile: handle with care.

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    With a sudden jerk, I awaken to find myself in a small, dark box.

    “Oh god, where am I!” I scream in terror.

    Its loud outside the box. Sounds like some sort of truck. They’re taking quite the bumpy road. I keep getting thrashed around with each bump and turn. I bang my head against the side of the small box. Trying to nurture my head, I find that my hands have been handcuffed behind my back!

    “What’s happening? Where am I going?”  whimper. The last thing I can remember is speaking with my mistress. She asked me if I would like to further my training. I agreed thinking that there where more lessons for me to learn. Next thing I knew, her bull has me pinned down with rag on my face. I’m scared what’s going to happen next. I dont know where I am and I just realized my ass is really soar. It seems my unconscious body was used. The thought is getting me… aroused too.

    My little clitty starts to get hard. I can feel my clit press against a cage. I’ve been chastised too! She really is a professional…

    Suddenly, I feel the truck come to a halt, hitting my head against the box once more. It seems that I have arrived to where ever I’ve been going. With a rough jerk and thrash, my box is removed from the truck. I hear voices but I cant make anything out. After a few moments a crowbar peels the lid off the box. A bright light shines in my eyes blinding me for a moment. I hear a voice, “welcome sissy.”

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