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    I squirm a little as you kiss my cheek.

    “I like have to stay here tonight but like can you help me with like girls clothes tomorrow?”

    I pause.  “umm do you think you could find me something nice for sleeping in I stead of this silly gown?”



     Shasta Minx 

    “Oh Yes, I’m sure we can do better. You are going love being a junior receptionist”

    I give her a another and head out.


    The next day

    After being woken up by the nursing staff, and having a small breakfast, I am seen by the Dr once more.

    “It would seem that everything is in order Barbie”, he says.  “We’re going to be discharging you today into the care of Shasta.”.

    He hands me some forms.

    “This confirms that you start your new position as a junior receptionist in TWO WEEKS time – to give you time to heal”

    “This confirms you will be lodging/staying with Shasta for the time being.”

    “This gives details of what procedures you’ve had undertaken.”

    He goes to leave but turns back to me.

    “Shasta has already been called.  She is on her way with an outfit to go home in.   As part of your re-adjustment you will have to learn to dress yourself as a sissy from now on, but I am sure she will help you learn.”

    My brain feels very foggy, as if I’ve been bombarded with way too much information in one go.

    “So like…. she is bringing me clothes and I have to like dress in them?  Like girls clothes?”

    The Dr nods.  “Exactly that”.   He turns and walks out muttering something about ‘brainless sissies”.

    Even at the thought of your name I feel a yearning for you. That I need you .  That I am somehow dependent on you.

    I get out of bed, not even taking account of the fact I am stark naked – and walk to the doorway waiting for you – totally oblivious to the stares of people walking through the medical bays who are looking at my gargantuan boobs.


     Shasta Minx 

    I pick out a very sexy outfit for Barbie- it will really show off her sexy figure- especially her boobs.  The Doctor gave her a very trampy look- she doesn’t even realize it. Oh she’s standing in the doorway stark naked- she really is so very shameless. A bunch of nurses gather around and check her out.

    I  get her into the room- giggling. “Oh you really are such a tease- those girls were ready to jump your bones. Let’s get you dressed.”  Once she is dressed I bring her over her to the mirror.

    “Barbie you are one hot looking bitch”



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