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    I take a final drag of my cigarette and flick it into gutter with a sigh.  Checking my watch and pulling the business card out of my shirt pocket, I glance at the handwritten information on the back.   “Interview 14:30”.

    20 minutes to kill”, I think to myself as I stare at the imposing set of glass doors .  “I know nothing about this company and Mellissa (my gf) manages to SOMEHOW magically fix me up with an appointment to see ‘someone’ about an ‘opening’ in their Human Factors and Behavioural Services department.  Typical Mellissa – so damned vague…”   After being unemployed for 8 months now, I was going stir crazy at home.

    I straighten my suit, check my watch again and push open the doors into what is essentially a cookie-cutter foyer.  Plants – check…  cascading water wall – check…. lots of grey looking men in suits wandering about – check.

    “Oh hello….” I think to myself as my eyes catch sight of a beautiful redhead walking past at mid distance.  Her rear perfectly emphasised by the tight pencil skirt she is wearing – legs encased in black nylons ending in a pair of very high peep toe heels.  I feel a stirring in my groin as my eyes fixate on her heels.

    Coming back to reality I snap myself out of my micro-fantasy and look for the reception desk.  Cookie cutter airhead receptionist who’s not smart enough to get a job higher up in the company – check

    Straigtening my suit once more I walk confidently to the desk.

    “Hey there”, I say with my best smile.  “I hope you can help me.  I have an interview this afternoon at 14.30 with your Human Factors and Behavioural Services department.”

    I take out the business card and slide it over the reception desk.

    “I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be meeting as this was set up by a 3rd party, but my name is Steve Madison.  I know I’m a little early…..”

     Shasta Minx 

    It’s my turn to play the part of perty peroxide  blonde beach bunny. Chewing a wad of gum as I watch the latest test subject approach. We decided that this the best way to see what the subjects are really like. Most men have that stereotype of blondes, especially that of receptionist’s.  When over to I go into my act. ” Oh for sure, I know that’s  always good be early.  “


    You can feel my eyes roaming your body and curves.  Your silk blouse unbuttoned just a little too much – with the hint of a tiny pinstripe miniskirt and glossy panthose as I deliberately raise myself on my toes to get a better look.

    “What kind of receptionist wears clothes like that?” I think to myself.  “If I was a woman I wouldn’t be seen dead having to greet clients or sit behind a reception desk like that.”

    “Better than being late ” I say, noticing your little name badge.   “I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be seeing today Shasta.”

    While you tap my details into your computer, I take a little peek down your cleavage before idly looking at the LCD screen behind you.

    “Does she even know how to work that computer?” I muse, smiling inwardly as I read one of the screens as it flicks past.  “Exciting opportunity for a junior receptionist…company benefits…blah blah blah”

    The wait is getting a little uncomfortable so I point at the screen.  “Recruiting for receptionists too I see…..”




     Shasta Minx 

    “Better than being late ” I say, noticing your little name badge. “I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be seeing today Shasta.”
    See the source image

    I nod and lick my pouty lips”Yes being to work on time counts here.” I pretend to have a hard time typing.

    His eyes roam over my body- management insisted-  that I get my boobs enlarged- now 40D




    Your lip licking doesn’t go un-noticed, as I realise they’ve been collagen enhanced to quite large proportions.

    You’re clearly having a hard time with the computer.  So I nod towards the LCD board behind you.  “Looks like you definitely need that Junior Receptionist to help you out.”

    I begin tapping my fingers on the desk a little irritated.

    “So who does your computer say I need to see Shasta?”

     Shasta Minx 

    Oh yes, this one does need to be cut down to size. Turning into a  sissy bimbette is going to be fun.

    H mentions my lips. MM  Management did that to me told me that I was eye candy for the clients and have to entertain the VIPs. I can have this one do that for me.

    “Well, I’m the Senior Receptionist so I get to hire my assistant.    I’ll get one of the  other girls to cover me while  we chat.” I buzz and my replacement comes out. “Ginger, I’m  going to interview this gentleman”

    Ginger takes my place and smiles


    I point to the back office “let’s go back here and chat- I lead him into the office.”  Making sure to swing my hips


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    “Well, I’m the Senior Receptionist so I get to hire my assistant”

    I look at you slightly confused.  “No.. no.   I think you got it wrong.  I’m here to see Human Factors and Behavioural services.”  I sigh inwardly and shake my head.   “I think you need to check again”.

    You tap the keys some more…. “No”, you say, “you’re here to see me”, and beam a big smile.

    I lean over the desk a little.  “Look do you really think I’m here for a receptionist job sweetie?”.  I give you a grin… “anyway I don’t think I’d fit those pantyhose as well as you do” – winking.  “Go on – have another look for me…”

    Before I have chance to answer – you push a buzzer.

    “Ginger, I’m  going to interview this gentleman”

    You step out from behind the desk and I catch full sight of your figure, and the impossibly high strappy heels you’re perched on.  Almost instantly I feel a stirring in my pants.

    “let’s go back here and chat- I lead him into the office.” 

    “No wait…..” I call out after you.  “I need to see……”

    “What the hell is going on here”, I think as I follow you towards the back office.



     Shasta Minx 

    I back a firm hold on his upper arm and guide him into the office.  “Well actually hon, I was told that you being a receptionist is part of that study.” Click. Go the door locked.  ” I sure you will make a lovely junior receptionist. By measuring  your physical and emotional reactions the managers hope find the best way to train future employees.”


    “What study?” I ask incredulously.  “I was sent here on the recommendation of a job by my girlfriend Melissa.  Not a study!”

    I watch you lock the door and my eyes widen.

    “Look… I’m not here to be the receptionist or a junior receptionist.  I mean – I’m overqualified for one.  I have a PhD.  Second, all your receptionists are girls and well…. I’m not.  Third, and all due respect, I am not exactly an airhead am I?”

    I pause….

    “And what do you mean physical and emotional reactions?  To what?”

    You notice that I can’t take my eyes off your shapely legs and feet in your towering heels.

    “You said…. LOVELY junior receptionst.  That sounds really…feminine…..”

     Shasta Minx 

    “Look… I’m not here to be the receptionist or a junior receptionist. I mean – I’m overqualified for one. I have a PhD. Second, all your receptionists are girls and well…. I’m not. Third, and all due respect, I am not exactly an airhead am I?”
    I pause….
    “And what do you mean physical and emotional reactions? To what?”
    You notice that I can’t take my eyes off your shapely legs and feet in your towering heels.
    “You said…. LOVELY junior receptionst. That sounds really…feminine…..”

    I smile and let him brag about how he is overqualified for the job.  The scent of female pheromones starts to fill the room.  I plan to gently nudge him into accepting being a lovely sissy receptionist. really don’t want to damage him.  “Oh, so I’m an airhead, thanks a lot but I’m the airhead that’s going to be your, Boss. Well in a way you are part of Human Factors and Behavioural services but as one of their test subjects. Your girlfriend was paid   $ 20,000 for getting you to take part in this study.   ” I all his physical reactions are being monitored.

    I stare at his crotch- “You have quite a bulge in your pants, Honey.”




    My hands instinctively go to cover my groin.  “No I mean……”  I look up at your face rather than your feet.

    “$20,000?” I ask…. “Why?”

    I look so confused and not knowing whats happening.

    “Look I didn’t come here to be a lovely receptionist.”  That word again… lovely.  It’s like it’s stuck in my head as if I can’t shake it.




    I’m trying to think properly but for some reason I feel calm, relaxed.  I want..

    I look down at the floor, catching a glimpse at your feet once more.

    Her heels are so pretty…

    Such cute pantyhose…

    I look up at you, clearly struggling with something.  “Look I can’t think properly right now.  There has to be some mistake….”


     Shasta Minx 

    “$20,000?” I ask…. “Why?”

    ” She did have a chat with our a Human Factors and Behavioural Services Department head, Ms. Davis. You’ll get to meet her later on.  Melissa said that she was tired of supporting you, that you turned down all the jobs that were offered to you. That you refused to help out at all with the housework.  She needed the money that HFBS was willing to pay a test subject. She insisted that she be paid, doesn’t trust you for some reason.”

    I wonder if he really understands what I’m saying- he is giving a blank stare. Those subliminal messages are working on him. Making him into a meek little lambie pie.

    “She thought you were worthless and a waste of time. ” I leave out the part about him being unable to satisfy her sexual needs.”.

    “You enjoy being a cute receptionist, you get all sorts of benefits- free room and board, uniforms and even a health plan. Best of all you get to meet so many important people. You will have to undergo some modifications but that happens to all the new employees and test subjects.”



    There was that word again.. “cute”.. A “cute receptionist” .

    “Uniforms?” I ask. “But cute receptionists wear women’s clothes.  I can’t wear a uniform”.  My response is so half hearted.

    You watch me struggling as I am overwhelmed with the pheromones.

    “I can’t wear pretty strappy heels.. Or lovely soft pantyhose”

    I look at you imploringly. “Or slide pretty soft panties up my legs..”

    You watch me blushing.

    “Cute pink toes in glossy nylons with 6inch barely there strappy heels.  A little skirt and pretty blouse. Perfect for a cute junior receptionist”

    My eyes are wide.. Almost imploring.  My resistance falling with each second.


     Shasta Minx 

    <p style=”padding-left: 40px;”>I go over and give him a hug “Oh you will make a lovely receptionist. the clients love well-endowed girls so we will have to do something about your breasts or you do have a pretty face.  Your facial hair will have to go and your eyebrows plucked and maybe fill out your lips just a bit. We have  wonderful surgeons, once they are finished no one will be able to tell that you are a guy.”</p>
    He will have to under liposuction to get rid of the fate around his tummy and waist. I will have the doctor shorten his tendons so he will have to walk  in spiky heels

    I give his cheek a gentle kiss as I unbutton his shirt. Slide my hands and play with his nipples.

    Maybe just a little plastic surgery for his face.Thinking about the uniform for him or rather her

    , something modest and conservative to start with. I do plan to change her look from time to time. Make her into my personal Barbie doll.  Barbie that just might be the perfect name  for my junior  receptionist

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    “But….but… I don’t want to be a girl”, I say quietly.  You could swear I was almost pouting.

    As you begin to describe all the physical changes, an eventual image starts forming in my mind….an image what I will ultimately look like after everything you say comes to fruition.


    “But I can’t be a girl…..”. It’s almost as my thinking is slowing down.  I’m trying to get my words out but it’s like wading through treacle.  Lovely huge breasts.   Lovely overfilled implants.   Enormous fake breasts would be so lovely.

    As you come over and give me a hug, everything feels suddenly so much better.  Your soft body pressed against mine, the smell of your perfume and my face buried in your hair.  Somehow I feel safer, calmer, more at ease.  Safer with you – like everything is going to be ok.

    Those words inside my head again – lovely…junior….receptionist. A flash of an image, sitting next to you at the reception desk dressed in soft feminine clothes.  My face covered in makeup – nails and toes painted a vivid pink.  Totally comfortable in my ridiculously high heels, favourite glossy pantyhose and little skirt.   An image where I am greeting a visitor.  Watching them come up to the desk and staring at my ridiculously enormous breasts as I smile.  “Hi there, welcome to the Melandren Corporation.  Like…how can I help you”.  Tapping their name into the computer…my long nails clicking on the keys.  “Umm like…I will totally find that for you right now…”

    You gently pull back from the hug and kiss my cheek, slowly beginning to unbuttoning my shirt as I feel a hand slip inside – gently brushing a nipple.

    “Wha…what are you doing?”, I ask softly. “Why are you undressing me?”

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     Shasta Minx 

    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Oh he has this far away look, must be day dreaming about his future life as Barbie, the sissy receptionist.  I think massive boobs are in order for her, 44DD, she might need a back brace and very tight corset. ” I need to check you chest hon”<u></u></p>

     Shasta Minx 

    I take her shirt off. and run my hands along her chest . ” Well you have slender build but just too flat chest, the male clients are attracted to girls with big boobs. Please  take off your pants and underwear.” I hand him a pink hospital gown . Our doctor will have to exam you. . Oh yes don’t worry about the paper work, Melissa filled out all the form, you are going to be with us the next 12 months”


    Somehow, you removing my shirt seems quite relaxing.

    “But… I don’t want to be a girl”.

    As it leaves my body, I find my hands reaching for my belt and unbuckling it.  “I mean I can’t be….”

    Already I am stepping out of my pants.  My complaints are so half-hearted and almost meaningless as I drop my underwear and reveal how small I am.  I’m gently blushing.  So calm and compliant.

    You hold out the gown in front of you as if indicating for my to slip my arms inside.  With its polkadots and soft looking fabric, it screams femininity.  I want to stop myself.  I desperately don’t want this to happen but I step forward to slip one arm in and then the other.  It feels strangely nice to do what you’re asking me.  Almost as if you’re taking care of me.

    “I don’t need to see the Dr”, I say to you softly, but already you are fastening the velcro back so I am encased in the gown.  It’s just words but my obedience is saying otherwise….

     Shasta Minx 

    “Well Barbie, you do look so very cute, and yes you do need to see the doctor. she going to  shut down exam you and then decide your hormone therapy schedule. She going to  shut those testicles by injecting T blockers into your  scotrum”‘ I wait for her reaction.



    I raise an eyebrow.  “Barbie?  I.. I don’t understand….why are you calling me Barbie?”  You watch as I fiddle with the gown nervously as if I already know the answer.

    As you explain about the T blockers, my eyes widen, almost pleading.  “But why do I need those?  I don’t need to see the Dr.”

    I continue fiddling with the gown.

    “…but I don’t have to be a lovely junior receptionist…”  My brain is obviously so conflicted as if I’m torn and fighting inwardly.  “You know like a lovely junior receptionist in my pretty heels and…..”

    The words my pretty heels” don’t go un-noticed by you, as I bite my lip and turn scarlet.  “No… I didn’t mean…..”

     Shasta Minx 

    I look up at the ceiling “Well if you are going to be my junior receptionist you have to look ever so feminine. Whoever heard of a male receptionist? M&R has a certain Rep and we have to help maintain that image-  the male clientele expect to see  pretty well-groomed girls when they come here. It’s too late for you to back out now, Melissa has already been paid. Now Barbie, let’s go see the doctor, she isn’t going to hurt you.”



    I am pushing him just a bit but there is no escape. I take Barbie’s upper and lead him

    to the clinic, the nurse smiles when she sees my cute assistant.

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     Shasta Minx 

    The nurse points to the chair ” Sweetie sit down and I’ll take your blood pressure and draw some  blood, No big deal typical exam.”

    See the source image


    OOC – I didn’t see you’d “double posted” til after I’d finished this post.


    Everything seems to be going so fast and I’m having problems processing it all.  Only a couple of hours ago I was preparing for a job interview as some kind of analyst for the Human Factors department.  Now I’m standing in a feminine pink robe about to be led to some kind of clinic.

    I come to my senses a little at the mention of Melissa’s name.

    “Look, this is silly.  I don’t want to be… know.”

    I take a step back as you take my arm.  “Look.. lets not….”

    But as you do, somehow your soft grip feels safe and non threatening.  Almost like you are coaxing rather than pushing.

    You take a step forward but I’ve planted my feet and don’t move.  I’m clearly unsure and obiously worried.  You gently tug again but a little more forcefully, and this time my feet move and allow you to lead me.

    You open a back door to the room into a brightly lit corridor with white walls and bright fluorescent lights.  We turn a few times and walk a little way until we reach a door that says “Medical Bay C” and you open it.

    Inside is what looks like a very high-tech medical room, with multiple monitors, devices and “things” I have no comprehension of what they are.  It smells very sterile and various beeping noises can be heard from the machines in the room. I am a little in awe.  There are a few “medical people” that could be Drs or nurses at the far end of the room at stations or working on computers.

    You notice me staring and you gently ease me more into the room where a pretty nurse in green scrubs is waiting..

    “Hey there”, she says to you.  “So who do we have here then….?”

     Shasta Minx 

    OOc That works out ok

    After the general exam- Barbie is ready for the OR, I shiver- flashing back to when I was in this room over a year ago.  The final step in my march to being a Post-op Transsexual Female. Fo now Barbie will be keeping her male private, they will be tuck away, for now, he will have squat when she pees.

    ” Nurse meets Barbie Doll,  our new junior receptionist, she here for some feminine modifications before she starts work. The nurse helps Barbie up on to the operating table. “Relax dear  when you wake you will be oh so sexy looking.”I put on my scrubs and the surgical team gathers around Barbie. “Sweet dreams little girl.”

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    As I’m greeted by the nurse, I turn to you in shock.  “What surgical modifications?  I thought you only said that T stuff of whatever it was?”

    On the other side of the room:

    Dr A:  “It looks like the patient’s here.  Let me look at the specs.”

    Dr B: “The chip’s all ready, I’m good to go”

    Dr A:  “Right… let’s see.   Standard Sissy Programme with full access to male memories.  Standard arousal patterns.  Err….wait…. we have a note here.  The ex-girlfriend has requested  heightened arousal to pantyhose and strappy heels.  Looks like a revenge thing if you ask me.  Seems he had a bit of a fetish in that area.

    Dr B:  “Stimulus level?”

    Dr A: “Let’s go for a 9.  I haven’t done an ex’s revenge for a long time.  Let our newest sissy fall apart at the sight of her own feet in hose.

    They both laugh

    Dr A: “Ok what’s next.  Subject #18446 is going to be her boss.  Management have requested…”  He turns the page on the notes.  “…oh interesting…. throw in a crush on her boss.. Arousal 6.  Standard coupling parameters. ”

    Dr B:  “Done”

    Dr A:  “Ok next….  Standard Bimbo parameters.  Usual IQ drop.  Ahh.. this subject is lesbian/trans sexuality only.  Strictly no guys.”

    Dr B:  “Really? I hate it when management pull that shit”

    Dr A: “Yeah looks like the female staff have been complaining to management about the sissy to male ratio again.  So this one is definitely “no dick”

    They both chuckle.

    Dr A:  Right.  Next up.  Personality traits.  Management want to test out the new upgrades on the ver 4.6 routines.  The nerds upstairs are insisting we use them on the next subject.  So this one is to be made quite unsure of herself.  A little bit vulnerable.  Gentle.  Emotional.    That’s  subroutine…. 454-12-84-88.

    Dr B:  Got it.

    Dr A:  Ok last but not least.  Fetishes.  Ok so we have…. light bondage, spanking, heels and nylons, foot worship.  Throw in the full AB/DL package.    Oh and there’s a side note that because Subject #18446 has performed so well as our senior receptionist, our newest subject will have a craving to be between her bosses legs.  Set Oral skills to 2 so she can be taught by Subject #18446.  And that….is that.

    Back at the operating table

    Despite my protestations, my robe is removed and I am guided up onto the table.  The nurse takes my hand and gives it a gentle squeeze.  “It’s ok sweetie.  Everything is going to be fine”

    A couple of other nurses come over.  “Just relax.  Nothing’s going to happen but we need to get some lines into you.  Just a couple of sharp scratches….”

    “Why is this happening…..?” I say, as I feel something being injected into the top of my arm.  “This will help you relax my dear.  Just try and relax”

    Within seconds I feel so floaty.

    A Dr comes over and peers over me.  “Hello Barbie.  I’m Dr Simmons and I’m going to be performing your surgeries today.  We’ve got quite a lot to do so you’re going to be asleep for quite a while.”

    I manage a small grunt.  Everything seems so heavy and floaty.

    “So Barbie, today we’re going to be giving you some 5500cc overfilled high profile saline implants. We’re going to put some permanent fillers in your lips so they’re very full and do a little bit of work on your face.”

    In my floaty haze I try to understand what he is saying but can’t quite comprehend it all.  I’m just aware of “words” and people working around me.

    “We’re going to do some work on your legs so we can get you into some pretty heels which I’m sure you’re itching to wear. A little bit of body sculpting here and there and fit you with one of our sissylink chastity devices.  But before we do that, my colleague Dr Thomas is going to be doing a full laser depilatory and using our special technology giving you a full head lovely platinum blonde hair.”

    He holds a picture up in front of my eyes.  It’s of my girlfriend Melissa’s best friend Katie….  Katie who I slept with behind her back

    My eyes widen.

    “Oh and just before we put you to sleep…. your girlfriend actually wrote management a letter explaining what a little shit you were to her.  I don’t usually do ‘requests’ but they were most INSISTENT I make you facially look like Katie as a permanent reminder of your infidelity to your lovely girlfriend”

    I try to shake my head but can’t.

    I watch as you come back over, in scrubs and take hold of my hand.  “Relax dear  when you wake you will be oh so sexy looking

    The next thing I remember is blackness…..


    14 hours later

    I’m aware of beeping… a machine.  BEEP…BEEP…BEEP…

    I hurt



    My face feels….. bandaged.

    My chest hurts

    My ankles too

    A voice.  “She’s showing signs of consciousness…. give her another 20cc”


    3 days later


    Someone holding my hand….. so soft…so lovely…just stroking it



    4 days later


    Strange dreams… the click click click of my heels on a hard floor.  I feel so horny



    8 days later


    “We’re bringing her round to full consciousness today.  The bandages are coming off.   Make sure her boss is here.  She’s going to need reassurance…”

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     Shasta Minx 

    OOC oh I love it!!! Covering you with kidses .

    Ioverheard what in store for Barbie, almost feel sorry for her but her loss is my gain. Going a very sexy assistant. Melissa has such a wicked sense of humor and I love it. The surgeons working on Barbie. Snip and tuck.   I hate the sight blood so I leave.


    I do make sure to sit by her bedside. To keep busy  I give Barbie a manicure, want long acrylic painted. fingernails. As I work  I talk to her. Really know if she hears me.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Barbie the say you are healing so nicely, your breasts are perfect size,- 44DD. They remove bandages from your face the other day and you do look look like Katie. Melissa has put a name for you so you might be called Katie. Once your out of recovery room you will  be moving in with me.

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    “……wake up sweetie…..”

    “Barbie, sweetie….”

    “…..time to wake up…..”

    My eyelids are so heavy as I open them to see smiling nurse above me.

    “Good girl… that’s it take your time”

    My brain feels so foggy.

    My face feels funny.  I run my tongue over my lips.  They feel huge.  Like two soft pillows stuck to my face.

    “Like….what’s wrong with my lips?”, I say softly.  I hear my voice for the first time – I sound overly cutesey…like an airhead.  “My voice…. it’s like totally like a girls…..”

    Why am I talking like an airhead? 

    I feel the huge weight on my chest and look down at the huge bandaged globes.

    I catch sight of a Dr behind the nurse.   “Don’t worry”, he says to the nurse, “the chip is just taking a second to engage now she’s conscious”.   He turns to me.  “Can you tell me your name sweetie?”

    “Barbie”, I say instinctively.

    “And do you know where you are Barbie?” he replies.

    “Umm..”, I look around.  “like at the office place.  I like came to be a junior receptionist”

    “You did!”, beams the nurse.  “What else can you remember?”

    “Like..” I try really hard to think.  “Like….I couldn’t be a boy receptionist so I had to be a sissy girl”.

    “That’s right”, says the doctor.  “And why are you a sissy girl Barbie?”

    “Cos…umm..girl’s clothes are totally yummy and I want to wear pretty shoes and pantyhose and I can’t do that as a boy?”.   I am not sure if that’s the right answer.

    The Dr turns to the nurse.  “Testing visual stimulus”.  He pulls out a pair of tan pantyhose from his coat pocket and turns to me.  “How do these make you feel Barbie?”

    I bite my lip and turn crimson.  “Like totally horny…..”  My hand instinctively reaches between my legs, only to find the metal chastity belt.

    “What is this?” I say…. pulling and scratching at it.   I look really concerned.  You come over and take my hand from under the covers.   “Ssh sweetie it’s ok…..”

    I whimper gently, clearly aroused.   The Dr walks to the end of the bed as I watch him pulling together one of the nylon legs.  Lifing the blanket he slowly begins to encase my foot in the soft nylon.   The feeling is like electricity.

    I whimper, gripping your hand.  “Oh my god!  I’m like….. ooh…..”

    The Dr pulls the nylon up my leg to my calf…

    “Please…. like….oh my god…..I…..”

    …over my knee….

    “I need to cum…… like……”  You hold my hand tightly so I cant scratch at the belt.

    “I can’t cum…..why can’t I cum”.  I look panicked.

    “Breathe sweetie…” says the nurse….”Just breathe…..”

    I feel like I’m at the edge of an orgasm but can’t quite make it.  Suddenly there’s a beep from the belt and the Dr removes the nylon from my leg and foot.  The feeling subsides but I am left feeling aroused.

    “Good girl”, says the Dr.  “A good bimbo is always aroused  and you’re a good bimbo aren’t you Barbie”

    I instinctively nod.

    I look up at you and you can see the desperation in my eyes.  How aroused I am. “But I was totally like a boy.. like why?”

    Before you can answer the Dr is beside me ad fiddling with the bandages on my chest.  Slowly starting to unwrap them.  “I know you’re going to love your new boobs Barbie”, he says as he removes the final traces.

    “They are a 34LL, do you like them?”

    I look down and a smile crosses my face.  “I like totally have boobies!”  I turn to you and  smile.  “Can I like wear cute bras now like a girl?”

    Everyone in the room laughs.

    The doctor begins to remove my bandages from my face.   “Now do you remember us telling you how your girlfriend Melissa said you were going to be punished for sleeping with her best friend?”

    Unable to remember, I just say – “Umm no”.

    “Well…”, he says removing some more bandage, “Melissa wanted you to be reminded every day about how you slept with her friend, so you’d never forget.”

    He removes the final piece of bandage and retrieves a mirror from the table and hands it to me.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” I cry out, the second I see my face.  “I can’t look like Katie!”   I am visibly distressed.

    “I have to give you this”, says the Doctor, handing me a piece of paper.

    “I can’t look like Katie”, I whine again.

    It’s a letter, which I open.


    Dear Bambi/Trixie/Cindi/Barbie or whatever you’re called now,

    I hope you like your new look.  It cost me enough.  Four years of you mooching from job to job, never reaching your potential.  Four years of fucking my friend Katie behind my back.  Four years of making me miserable.

    Guess what you’ve got a full time job now and you’ll be close to Katie every single day.  Every time you look in the mirror.

    Oh and remember that time you called me a dumb bimbo.  Who’s the dumb bimbo now huh?

    Your very EX girlfriend



    I drop the letter on the bed and burst into tears.

    “I’m like totally…. not a bimbo…….”  I look down at my huge boobs and for the first time notice my platinum blonde hair cascading over them.

    “I’m like totally not…….”

    You take hold of my hand and instantly I feel calm and safe.  I can’t but help smile as I look at you… instantly forgetting I was sad about the letter.

    The Dr hands you something.  “It’s a voucher for her first week’s worth of clothes. She’s all yours.  Her first shift is in two weeks.”

    As the medical staff leave, he turns to me and says, “Welcome to the corporation Barbie…..”



     Shasta Minx 

    Barbie ope her big blue eyes- so she looks like such a tramp- guess she liked  that type of girl  back in the day. Her boobs are so huge, make me look so flat chested compared to her.  The Doctor hands Barbie the letter- I read before so I’m not surprised when Barbie has her first girly hissy.

    “I’m like totally…. not a bimbo…

    I hold her hand- she been programed to trust me well maybe even more than that.

    The doctor hands me a paper

    “It’s a voucher for her first week’s worth of clothes. She’s all yours. Her first shift is in two weeks.”

    Once the medical staff  I  give Barbie a kiss on those full pouty  lips.

    Oh I have wicked idea. It won’t take much  for the Doctor to make me into Barbie twin.  I’m sure Melissa would love that.

    “Rest Barbie, e still have time to get you rady for your first shift.





    You tell me to rest but I’m not having any of it.  I cling onto your hand

    “Like don’t go…” I say quietly.  “I’m like……. confused.”

    I bite my lip and blush… almost like I’m a bit embarrassed.

    I look up at you.  “I was a boy but I like don’t feel like a boy” I point at my enormous boobs.

    “…and…” I pause  “…and… it’s like I got these thoughts in my head that I want to wear makeup and girl’s clothes…”

    I notice you are holding your cellphone and I take it from you.


    I bring up a browser and try to type something but my long nails are making it very hard.

    “…like…when I was dreaming.  I kept imagining this.” I turn the phone to you.

    “with stockings like this…..” I tap some more

    “and shoes like this….”

    “It was like the same dream over and over….”  I bite my lip and squeeze your hand.  “I don’t know what it means…..”

    I blush.

    “I don’t know if it’s bad……I didn’t want to tell the Dr….”

     Shasta Minx 

    I pretend to be puzzled “Well I don’t see anything wrong with your dreams, all of us girl love to wear spikey heels and in fact, all Receptionists are required to wear them. I wear frilly dresses from time to time and love wearing pretty stockings and tights. ” I had to keep from laughing when she tried typing with those long fingernails of her. Well’s it certainly not bad to think and dream such pretty things’ I kiss her painted and powdered cheek.

    ” I’ll  Take you shopping for some lovely outfits and cosmetics” I bat my mascara-coated lashes at her.

    See the source image

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