The Coporation Dress Code

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     Shelley Roses 

    OMG , the day had arrived OR I HAD ARRIVED, my first day at work in a dress and 21/2” heels. I had a real problem talking to my girlfriends at work and my wife Karen of course about my first dress to wear to work. I had been wearing pants and tops and jackets in women’s versions of men’s styles. Omg , I was totally embarrassed by my anxiety over my first day at work in a dress. I had a short blue cami over a demure elegant sheath flower dress of blue flowers on a white body shaping sheath dress . I was wearing subtle bracelets on one hand a a small necklace and matching earrings. Of course it was obvious I was wearing makeup and especially red lips glossy yet subtle. I was a pretty glamour girl not a man dressed in metrosexual female versions of man’s clothing. I was a lady and beautiful, long overdue to wear a dress but humiliated at the thought of not being able to pass .

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     Shelley Roses 

    I was so happy and grateful that I was able to really look beautiful but at the same time some of my former friends totally embarrassed me or made me feel like a husband who simply had lost their masculinity. One party at a friends house we were drinking wine and Cindy who had too much put her hand up my halter top onto my  breast and expressed shock that my breast were real . Omg , Cindy exclaimed , “ your breast are real “ . I was so humiliated!!! My face  turned beet red and I started to cry as she overstepped normal social bounds and made me feel like a little girl. My friends laughed and said it was unfair that I was so gorgeous and had such a beautiful figure. My friend Allison was tipsy and said Shelley we are all your friends so undue your halter and so us your beautiful breast. I laughed in embarrassment but once Allison though I was into going on and undid my tie on my halter top and exposed my breast. Everyone was stunned at how beautiful and perfect my breast looked.

     Shelley Roses 

    Omg my wife dyed my hair a golden honey blonde and put my hair up in bouncy curls that totally helped me look gorgeously beautiful

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