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Thank you to Melissa

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    Miss Luzette

    To the ‘ghost in the machine’ that makes all of this possible, a sincere and overdue thank you. As I see all of the little whiz-bangs and fiddle-dee-dees that miraculously pop up to make my rp experience that much more interesting, it takes effort to remember that the ‘Melissa-bot’ is roaming though the wires and tubes here, making it all possible. I remember and appreciate!

    Luzette <3

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    Me Luzette,

    Barbie Doll jean (aka Dromi’s Baby Doll and Doll) totally agrees with Your post.

    Doll has not been on much since Ms Andromeda Star, for reasons unknown to Doll, quit corresponding with her.

    Ms Melissa is who holds this site together and Doll wishes Her ALL THE BEST!!


    Much thanks for the thanks.  It’s all due to wanting to please those of you that live here!  😀

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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