Stacey's training course

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     slave stacey 

    I look nervously at the penis gag and thong that I had brought into the shower-room, the image of the maid still fresh in my mind. “You have seen how you will transform in a very near future, sissy,” Ms Lola had said. You will look fabulous in a dress like that and high heels.”

    I shudder at the thought, but know she will be right unless I can escape. In the meantime I have to think of what to say to her command.

    “Wh-when I have your foot and toes in my mouth,” I hope I say the right thing, “I feel very submissive and, er, and I feel I am in the right place, kneeling naked like this.”

    Unbidden, an image forms in my mind.

    Please no! But, I have to say “I would like you, Ms Lola, and Clara and Lea, to turn me into a good sissy.”


    Stanley says: “Wh-when I have your foot and toes in my mouth, I feel very submissive and, er, and I feel I am in the right place, kneeling naked like this.” and then she continues I would like you, Ms Lola, and Clara and Lea, to turn me into a good sissy.”

    She is still not broken but she is prepared for the next step, an important step.

    “Stand up and come with us, sissy. I want you naked except for your shoes. Follow me and don´t try stupid things, Clara and Lea are with us. “

    We take another door that brings us what it could be a medical centre. In the middle is a strange type of bed. I take a white catsuit and say to the sissy: “Put it on. Clara and Lea will help you because is very tight.” When they finish, the catsuit is like a second skin.

    “Lay down on the bed” and I put some straps to keep her in position.

    I take a syringe that is already prepared and I inject it. “Be calm and don´t worry. I don´t want to injury you. This injection will let you in a state where you will be completely conscientious, you can see and hear but you will be unable to move. Your catsuit, that is like a second skin, is made by the research and development centre in The Corporation. Is like spandex, but it has millions of tiny sensors. This sensor will sent information to our machine that will measure you in all parts of your body.”

    I see the injection has done effect and free her from the straps. “When the machine has finished this process, around an hour, it will show a 3D image of you on the screen and will propose what are your correct measures to transform your body in a more feminine proportionated shaped body. Not only the correct measures but some logical ranges. I explain myself, the machine can propose you to put C cap tits, but would let us choose between B and D cups tits. The machine will not give you extreme solutions like proposing you in that case EE cup tits.

    With the application I can adjust the new measurements you will have and the machine will calculate what is needed to arrive to this shape. It can take fat from on place and put it in another place, or can add artificial fat if necessary. And it can work on muscles and in same cases retouch bones.

    For the whole process you will be sedated to avoid you to feel pain and because you can´t move during the process”

    Let’s the process begin.” and I press a button.

    From the roof of the room descends what it seems a large box but without the bottom part. It covers me and the machine begins to work. I don´t know for how long was running the process, but the box gets back to the roof.

    “Let me see, yes the process has worked well and I have your measurements and the proposal from the machine. I put some corrections and we will be ready to begin the transformation process. Sleep well and when you awake from the sedation you will be a new person, your wish will come true, you will be a pretty sissy.”

    And I put her another injection  that sedates her.



     slave stacey 

    My last chance to escape this nightmare has come and gone. With Clara and Lea grabbing me by the arms to make sure I can’t get away, I am marched, naked but for these ridiculous shoes, to a room that likes like a hospital operating theatre. I am ordered to kick off my shoes and put on this skin-tight catsuit. I am relieved that I am no longer naked, but the catsuit is like another skin and Clara and Lea delight in man-handling me into it. As we struggle to get me into the suit, I feel the stirrings of an erection, perhaps the last I will ever have. The thought chills me as I am forced onto the bed and strapped to it.

    I am injected with something that immobilises me and Ms Lola explains the procedure to come. It is as bad as ever I thought and now I have no hope of escaping the inevitable. I feel the sensors in the catsuit probing every millimetre of my body. I can hear the hum of a machine as it collects the information from the sensors and see Ms Lola with some apparatus over her upper body. It seems to take hours for this process, though in fact is takes probably less than ten minutes.

    The apparatus over Ms Lola retracts into the ceiling of the room and now the process is about to start.

    “Sleep well,” Ms Lola tells me, smiling almost benignly, and when you awake from the sedation you will be a new person, your wish will come true, you will be a pretty sissy.”

    I feel the injection going into my neck and just before I lose consciousness, I have a vision in my head

    I drift into sleep, vaguely realising that Mr Coombs has beaten me.


    Lea and Clara help me to remove her catsuit. Then the equipment is prepared, the last technology in medical robots and it is are connected to the machine, reading all he information the machine has captured and calculated.

    The robot will reshape her body giving her a feminine nice shape. It will take fat from her belly and put it in her hips and bottom, will build her 2 nice C cup tits. The tendons from her ankles will be shorten to make her walking in high heels.

    Another robot, this one with laser system, is transforming her face in a beautiful and pretty female face. a

    The lasers are modifying nose, cheeks, front, reducing her ears.

    The process last some hours but finally finishes. Now she needs medical rest and she will be kept in sedation. But she will be dreaming all the time, dreams induce by the machine to begin her to think like the sissy she is transforming to.

    And she dreams a whole story



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    • This reply was modified 8 months, 4 weeks ago by  lola.
    • This reply was modified 8 months, 4 weeks ago by  lola.
     slave stacey 

    While I am unconscious while this machine is doing to me, my mind is still working, imagining, dreaming. I realise I can never think of myself as a man again.  Firstly, I think of high heel shoes

    then nice tits

    “Stacey I have made you a question. What are you thinking about?”

    Mistress Lola’s voice enters my sub-conscious and I realise that she is talking to me. Stacey? But, what am I thinking about? I am wondering what I will look like when I wake up and what other changes have happened to me. Obviously, I am now a full-grown sissy with a sissy’s body, and probably a sissy’s mind.

    I daren’t think about what my future is now, I just need to wake up…


    The required time has passed and the transformation has been done. Stanley is now Stacey. I look at her and she really is beautiful. Nice tits, nice body, her arms an legs have been shaped accordingly tp her new body, her face is really feminine and beautiful. She continuos bald but it’s something it will be correct later. And I gave her a final touch, I let the machine reduce her small cock to a tiny one. It looks more like a clittie.

    “Clara and Lea, please hold the sissy with legs open.” And I open the big box and take a Sissy Link Chastity Belt and from the smaller box a collar with her name. “I hope you like them because they will stay on you for a long time.”And I show her the chastity belt and the collar with her new name: Stacey.

    “Sissy, your new name will be Stacey and you gave us legal authorization to change your name Stanley Smallcock for the name we want. Maybe Stacey Mouthfull could be a possibility, but first we wait to know your habilites as sissy.”

    I take the sissy link chastity belt, and put it on Stacey, close it and press the button for configuration and automatic setup. After a few minutes, the setup has finished and the belt is ready for denying orgasms to Stacey. She will have a long time of frustration.

    Finally I take the collar and put it around her neck and an audible click says the collar is in place and Stacey can not remove it without help. Everyone will now her sissy name: Stacey.

    “Sissy Stacey, a pair of final touches and you will be ready for the next step. Do you like your new body, your tits, your clittie, your collar, your chastity? In other words, you like your new YOU? Tell me.”

     slave stacey 

    I regain consciousness  to be told the transformation is complete. I am brought to a full-length mirror to see my new self. Wow! I look gorgeous and could fuck that body. As soon as I think that I realise that a lot of men will want to fuck me looking like this. Then I look down at my shrunken cock, a slitty as Mistress Lola calls it. I realise that I am a real sissy now and cannot get away. Even if I could find me my back to the office and open the safe, the contents would be of no use to me now. My male clothing would not fit and my men’s watch and wallet are out of place for a sissy like me.

    So, my new name is Stacey, a slut’s name to be sure. I look in horror at the chastity belt and collar, but with Clara and Lea holding my legs open, I can do nothing about being locked into it. I hope I’m not in it for too long. Another lock on a collar and I see my new name of Stacey engraved on it.

    “Sissy Stacey,” Mistress Lola says, a pair of final touches and you will be ready for the next step. Do you like your new body, your tits, your clittie, your collar, your chastity? In other words, you like your new YOU? Tell me.”

    I am stuck for words as I see my enslaved self in the mirror. Do I like this?

    “Yes, Mistress Lola,” I hear myself saying automatically, “I love my new body, I love being collared and in chastity. I can’t wait for the next step.”

    Really? I can’t believe I said that. My mind goes back to the thong and penis gag. The thong would fit me now and the penis gag?

    I give a little shudder and think, but dare not say, “Oh please, no, not Stacey Mouthful.”


    Sissy is standing and is hold by Clara and Lea. I see that she has problems standing and she gets on tip toes.

    “Sissy Stacey, you are discovering one of the transformations you got. Your tendons at your ankles have been shorten a little. That means that standing flat is possible for you but painful. You will see that instinctively you will wear heels because they will be the only way to stand without pain.

    Clara and Lea, can you please put Sissy Stacey on the bed face down and be sure she doesn’t move?”

    I take what it looks like a gun from a drawer and I put it under her neck, at her back. But first put her chastity belt at maximum arousal. That will keep the sissy entertained.

    “You will feel a prick, don´t worry. “ I press the trigger and a chip is inserted in her body. “I have inserted you an implant chip from The Corporation. This is both a tracking module (GPS) and also a storage unit that contains all notes, information and training history from you, Sissy. “

    Then I take the place from Clara and Clara will tattoo a very small Corporation logo onto the back of the neck where the chip has been inserted.

    And then I begin to play with the belt to give her something to think about.


     slave stacey 

    At first I am grateful to be lifted onto the bed, because without high heels it is painful for me to stand. Obviously in future I must either kneel or sit without heels and cannot walk anywhere barefoot.

    I am held tight on the bed and can see nothing of what is going on. But, Mistress Lola has done something with her controller of this chastity belt and I feel as randy as a bull. But, I cannot do anything about it, I cannot touch myself, just feel frustrated and horny.

    As I feel the prick of something at the back of my neck, Mistress Lola explains:

    I have inserted you an implant chip from The Corporation. This is both a tracking module (GPS) and also a storage unit that contains all notes, information and training history from you, Sissy. “ 

    “Very good, Mistress,” I reply. The unspoken implication is clear. I am the property of the Corporation now, al my life is implanted in that chip and, what’s more, I can never escape from it; the Corporation can always find me. 

    I feel Clara get off me, but I still cannot get off the bed, Lea is still hold me down. I feel the needle where the implanted chip is. I can’t see it, but I know it is a tattoo.I am being marked as property of there Corporation.

    Mistress Lola is doing something to my chastity belt controller. She tells me it is also an exercise controller. There is to be a daily workout program for me and I had better do it and enjoy it, else….



    “Sissy Stacey, after all this work I think we can relax a little. Clara an Lea have done a great job and I think you can thank them and at the same time it will be part of your training as sissy. Clara it’s time you show your surprise to Stacey.”

    The Clara opens the fly of her leather pants and takes a big dildo from it like it was a penis.

    Clara grabs Stacey’s head and her mouth is almost touching the dildo.

    “Sissy Stacey, open you mouth and let us see if know how to suck a cock. If you don´t collaborate with your mouth, Clara will use your other hole. When Clara finish, you will need to satisfy Lea.”

     slave stacey 

    Is this to be my future? Clara pushes the dildo into my mouth and holds the back of my head to hold it in place. I am choking on it, but my tongue is working around it and I find that I am sucking while the three women laugh. This is so embarrassing as I kneel at Clara’s feet sucking hard on her toy while drool runs down my chin.

    Clara finishes with me , but before I can stand up Leahas taken her place. Her dildo is even longer and thicker than Clara’s but I have no option but to let her push it into my mouth. I feel my tiny clitty, as I must now call it, getting harder against the chastity belt and I wish I could do something about that, but I must suck on this dildo until they are all happy.

    i realise what Mistress Clara said that this is just the start of my sissy training


    I look how Stacey is sucking cock and she is accepting it without arguing. And I think she loves it.

    ”Stacey, looks like you are enjoying it a lot. Maybe you should spend several hours a day with your mouth full. And maybe you should suck a piece of real meat instead of that dildo. Giggles.”

    Clara is a long time fucking her mouth and after her Lea fills her mouth with a bigger dildo. Stacey is managing quite well and I let them to enjoy and I play with the chastity belt options, keeping her at the edge and highly aroused and horny.

    When Lea finishes I take a black big cup suction dildo and put it in a mirror. The mirror is on a table and to arrive to it, she has to bend over the table.

    ”Clara, can you take your handcuffs and cuff Stacey’s wrists at her back? And Stacey, I want to see how you are sucking this dildo with all your desire and love without using your hands. A sissy has to be always ready to suck a cock.”

    Stacey can see her reflection on the mirror while she is sucking and I can see in her eyes  that she loves it and her reflection makes her sucking with more enthusiasm. She will be a good cocksucker and maybe Mouthfull can be a good official last name.

     slave stacey 

    Oh no! Mistress Lola thinks I am enjoying this. It’s not my fault I feel so horny – it’s all to do with that infernal chastity belt controller. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be able to cum, just this once.

    i see the dildo with the mirror being placed on the low table and feel my wrists being cuffed behind me. I obey the command to get to the table and bend over to suck the big dildo and to do it enthusiastically.

    I am even hornier now, as if that were possible and Mistress Lola thinks I am enjoying this. Suck a piece of real meat? Does that mean what I think it does? Oh no! I couldn’t stand the shame of that, yet why am I so randy?

    it slowly dawns on me why this is called a customer service training course.


    OOC. Unfortunately, on this iPad I can’t download images to insert, Lola


    I let her suck the dildo for a long time and sometimes I pressed the back of her head against the dildo making her deep throat it. She is enjoying it, no doubt. She opens wide her mouth and I hear her tongue moving around the cock.

    I modify the program from the sissy link, making her to put more effort to get aroused. The arousal is there, but it is building very slow, but with time, the arousal is bigger and she gets more and more frustrated.

    At the same time I say touching her bottom: “Stacey, your ass is virgin? Any cock has visited you?”

    OOC: don´t worry about the images. I like to put them but they are not mandatory.

     slave stacey 

    As I suck on the dildo I feel by arousal decreasing. I suck harder and my arrows all gets deeper again. Am I enjoying this or is that rhe infernal chastity belt controller again? I hope it’s that controller, I would be more shaming if it were my enjoying this.

    I feel Mistress Lola’s hand feeling over my ass.

    ”Stacey, is your ass virgin? Has any cock visited you?”

    I take my mouth from the dildo to reply, “No, Mistress, I have never been either spanked nor fucked before.”

    Spanked? Did I really just say that? You idiot! Aren’t you in enough trouble that you have to put ideas into their heads? I still remember the hard face slap Mistress Clara gave me in the distant past when I was a man. Ashamed of what I have just said, I go back to sucking the dildo, but I am aware of the pre-cum leaking onto my thighs.


    She is sucking well. She answers: “No, Mistress, I have never been either spanked nor fucked before.”

    “Who has asked you about spanking? Naughty sissy, if you really want to be spanked, Clara and Lea will like to spank you later.” I put a latex glove and take some vaseline and insert one finger in her ass. I do it carefully and after some time I slide a second too. I have programmed the sissy link to give her pleasure. And then I go back to the big box and extract one butt plug, small size. When inserted looks like a jewel.

    I put vaseline and begin to insert in her ass, I play with it a lot of time being sure the plug inserts slowly and adapting her ass to it. Is a Little painful but not the same as if I had slide it quicly and pressing all the time to slide it in.

    Obviously, the plug connects wth sissy link. and I press a button and begins to vibrate inside her.

    “This is your second piece of jewellery, Stacey. First the collar and now this beautiful plug. If you want big jewells, don´t worry, you have the plugs in diferent sises. This is the smallest (giggles)!



     slave stacey 

    Thankfully my stupid mouth has not got me into more trouble and I am not to be spanked. But, before I have chance to congratulate myself on my good fortune, I feel Mistress Lola coating my ass with what I think is Vaseline or KY jelly.

    A butt-plug is being eased into my ass, and Mistress Lola is obviously making me know what she is doing, sliding it in and out, before pushing it all the way in. I know I should hate this, men should not have things up their asses, but I am hornier than I thought was possible.

    She presses a button on the chastity belt controller and the butt-plug vibrates. Oh, the sensation! Is this how it feels to be fucked?

    She laughs as she tells me this was the smallest of many different sized plugs and, though she does not tell me in so many words, I know I will be wearing the rest sometime soon.

    A slave-collar and a butt-plug are jewels? How romantic! Perhaps that penis gag will be added soon, too, and how long before all of these are replaced by men’s cocks?!


    It’s time to stop playing with Stacey and to continue with her process. For the moment, it looks like she is accepting her fate and we don´t have innecesary outbursts from her. It’s better for her, because Clara and Lea would deal with the outburst, and Stacey wouldn´t like it and she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a time.

    “Clara, would you be so kind to remove the handcuffs from Stacey? She has to dress up”

    Stacey is now standing and the handcuffs are removed but I see she tries to be in tip toe. I take her pink slippers and hand them to her.

    “I’m sure your feet are loving your pink slippers. You will love to use heels, Stacey.”

    I go to a closet and take a negligee

    It’s really short, showing her chastity belt, she will show part of her beautiful tits and when she presents her bottom, well, the negligee has a creative design. Halt of the bottom, the lower part is on display. This negligee with show her jewellery (the collar and the plug) in a perfect way.

    She puts it on, she tries to protest at the beginning, but a look to Clara and Lea made her change her mind.

    “Stacey, you look really great, your body is fabulous. It’s time we continue your process to be a sissy. Because you are behaving I will not handcuff you. If you think to do something stupid like try to escape, think better twice, Clara and Lea would be very happy to teach you a lesson.  “

     slave stacey 

    I had been thinking that I think it has been two days since I last wore any clothes and I am delighted when Mistress Clara takes off the handcuffs and hands me those horrible pink slippers. But, at least I am now able to stand.

    As long as I have clothes of some sort to wear, I can try to escape this hell. I think of clothes as something tangible that I can get away in, but Mistress Lola hands me a negligee that is worse than being naked. It emphasises my new tits, my slave-collar, chastity belt and butt- plug. Through it people can see my clitty and I am sure I look like the sissy I am becoming.

    But, it is clothing of a sort and I can perhaps escape and do something to reverse this process and become again the man I was only two days ago.

    i feel another buzz from the chastity belt controller and become aroused again. I am leaking again and and anybody can see that I am hot and horny. Oh, the shame of this, but I have to escape before we reach a point when I can no longer do so. I see a door to my right, maybe, maybe…


    I want to test Stacey. I have left a door slightly open and I call Clara and Lea come next to me. I’m not worried, I know this door give access to a room with no other exit. She has to take a decision, try to escape o r accept her new life.

    Trying to escape will have consequences. Let’s see what she is doing and meanwhile I put her plug at full vibration.

     slave stacey 

    I see the open door, but come to my senses. If I tried to make a run for it, I wouldn’t be quick enough in these slippers or barefoot. And with that GPS in the chip implant, they would soon hunt me down.

    instead of take off the negligee and hurl it to the ground.

    “I deman that you give me decent clothes to wear,” I shout. “I refuse to wear this slutty thing!”

    The three mistresses glare at me, and I realise I sound like a stroppy girl. I sheepishly pick the skimpy garment up again and put it back on.

    ”Sorry, Mistress Lola,” I say, but it’s too late, I am in a lot of trouble.



    At least she doesn´t try to escape. That’s good for her and for me because she is accepting her fate more and more. I’m sure she will do something wrong, it’s normal, but for the moment I’m happily surprised.

    And suddenly she has an outburst throwing the negligee  to the ground and shouting: “I demand that you give me decent clothes to wear. I refuse to wear this slutty thing!”

    Clara, Lea and me begin to laugh and then Stacey it’s aware of her mistake and says: ”Sorry, Mistress Lola.”

    I give a sign and Clara and Lea, they hold Stacey by the arms, one at each side and with their boots they take the slippers from Stacey’s feet. “You said you want decent clothes to wear. Until now you have behaved and for that reason I won´t have in consideration your outburst. Do you prefer to wear a dress and shoes, that can be arranged.”

    I leave the room and go to another room where I collect a box with a dress and a box of shoes and go back to the room where Stacey, Clara and Lea are waiting. I put the boxes on a table.

    “For your outburst, shouting and throwing your beautiful negligee you will not have underwear. And let me say something that I hope it will be very clear. I will take a dress from the big box and I expect that I can put it on you. If you try to resist, I will take your plug and change it for the biggest one, and I will let that Clara and Lea spank your bottom with the paddle, 100 times in each buttock. Believe me, you will not have that happen.”

    I open the box and inside there is a beautiful pink sissy frilly short dress. I put it on Stacey. In the box are some accessories: pink frilly cuffs for wrists and ankles and a nice frilly pink sissy purse. From the second box I show Stacey a pair of drilly pink sissy high heeled mules with platform.

    And then I put on her the clothes.

    “You are dressed and ready. You have a nice dress with matching shoes. It’s a petty you don´t have panties because you ar showing your nice bottom and your piece of jewellery. Now we will go to another room to continue your transformation process but we will take the long way and I want that you say to everybody we find in our way: “I’m Sissy Stacey and I lave my new dress. Do you like it?”

    And then we live the room.


     slave stacey 

    Me and my stupidity! Now I am dressed like a fairy and we are going the long way round to where we are going. To my horror, we meet a group of men on the way.

    ”I’m Siisy Stacey,” I hear myself saying in a horrible lisp, “and I love my new dress. Do you like it?”

    To my shame I hear them laugh and one of them gropes my naked ass. I wish the world would swallow me up.


    Continues in Stacey’s beautification


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