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     Chloe X 

    I  check up my sissy display window model. She is so clueless and quie he slut. She thinks s that she always wanted to be a   slutty sissy- She is very much a nympho whore, loves giving to the male clients. She does attract so much attention. from the onlookers. Those ruby red lips of hers are so inviting

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     Shasta Minx 

    <p dir=”rtl”>The store had so much fun transforming me into a prissy sissy. She put a very frilly satin dress, she even put a diaper on me. I have to pretend that l love being sissy bimbo. I lick my fully pouty lips as the  knock the display glass window and make nasty comments about me. I just smile and bat my my mascara coated lashes.</p>

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     Chloe X 

    Shasta sits and plays with her blonde hair and licks her cum sucking lips.  she one was the Assistant DA but made the mistake of investigating M&R. The managers cut a deal with the DA, so  Steve  Jennings could be kidnapped and transformed Shasta Sweetheart. The DA was afraid  Jennings was going to start investigating him. Surgery and hormone therapy have given Shasta a body to die for, her knockers 36D and a 24-inch waist. She is so petite now- formerly 6′ she is now 5’4″,  so very top heavy. The tendons in her legs shortened so she needs 6inch  heels or ballet slippers in order to walk with pain.


    Because of her hormone therapy, Shasta does produce milk and has to be milked.

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     Shasta Minx 

    As my tits get milked, I think just how far I have fallen in just 6 months. I once was sleazy PI, working for a high priced Divorce lawyer. Spying on people and collecting evidence and photos . I got a little too greedy and tried to blackmail this rich bitch.  I was kidnapped and had to undergo major alternations. I now slutty bimbo now courtsean/ porn star.

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