Sissy Stacey maids uniform

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    Continues from posting Stacey’s Beautification

    I open the door and there is a big room that looks like a shop. At the store counter is a lady refreshing her lipstick. She looks at us and she finishes to refresh her lipstick, closes it and with calm come to us. When she is in front of us,

    I curtsey and say “lola, sissy maid trainee. Katie, we are coming for Sissy Stacey’s uniform.”

    Mistress Katie look at me and then to the rest. “Clara, Lea, nice to meet you again. You can help me in a few minutes.

    Lola, first you arrive late, you stare at me directly and you don´t talk with respect to a superior. What do you think you are doing? And how are you dressing? Where is your uniform? I will report Miss May. I have to deal with that now and quick!  Take the position!

    OMG, I’m in trouble. Mistress Katie is very strict and I haven´t behaved as a sissy maid should do. Without hesitation and take the position.

    I lower my panties until they arrived at knee level and I separate my legs to be sure they don´t fall to the floor. Next I bent over and I raise my skirt on my back to make my ass clearly visible. I lower my arms and I grab my ankles, legs straight. This position makes that my ass is completely accessible and sticking out, ready for the punishment.

    “Clara, take the cane and put you at lola’s left side, and Lea, take the other cane and do the same at her right side. Clara, when I say it,  you will begin to cane lola. Both of you will cane her alternatively and you will wait until she thanks you to give the next stroke. If I think she is delaying the thanks or moves during the punishment, the counting will start again from the beginning.

    Clara and Lea, I want full force strokes and you will give 5 strokes each of you, and in case in have doubts about the strength of the strokes,  you will take lola’s place, understood?”

    Clara and Lea say “Yes Mistress Katie”

    “Sissy Stacey, I want you watching at my side. You will be a sissy maid and I want to see you what happens when a sissy doesn´t behave correctly to a superior.”

    “Clara you can begin”

    The first stroke of the cane hits my left buttock and I feel the pain. Quickly I say: “Thank you Miss Katie and Miss Clara for the stroke number 1. ”

    When I finish is Lea’s turn and my right buttock receives the pain. “Thank you Miss Katie and Miss Lea for the stroke number 2. ”

    Pain again. “Thank you Miss Katie and Miss Clara for the stroke number 3. ”

    And my right buttock is next: “Thank you Miss Katie and Miss Lea for the stroke number 4. ”

    Every time is more difficult to keep the position and my bottom begins to be in pain.

    “Thank you Miss Katie and Miss Clara for the stroke number 5. ”

    Both, Clara and Lea and giving the stokes will all her force.They don´t want to  take my place. Another stoke arrives: “Thank you Miss Katie and Miss Lea for the stroke number 6. ”

    Next, “Thank you Miss Katie and Miss Clara for the stroke number 7. ”

    And another one: “Thank you Miss Katie and Miss Lea for the stroke number 8. ”

    And Miss Katie says: “Stop.” Clara and Lea stop with the caning immediately.

    My bottom is on fire, the pain is incredible but two strokes are missing. Will  Mistress Katie forgive me these 2 stokes?

    “Clara, give me your cane and Lea, give your cane to sissy Stacey. “

    And then suddenly I receive the stroke from Mistress Katie, stronger than the ones of Clara an Lea.  I quickly say: “Thank you Miss Katie for the stroke number 9. ”

    “Sissy Stacey, listen to me very careful. I want you at lola’s right side, and that you cane lola’s bottom with all your forces. If you don´t do it, or I think it was not strong enough, lola will start from the beginning again and you will take her place after her. It’s clear? You can proceed.”


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     slave stacey 

    Oh, what have I come to? Mistress Katie is waiting for me to deliver the last stroke and she looks at me as if she would love a reason to cane me too.

    I raise my arm and bring it down on Lola’s poor, red-striped bottom. How I wish I hadn’t had to do that.

    ”Sorry, Lola,” I say and Mistress Katie scowls. Oh no! I caned Lola as hard as I could. Was it not hard enough? Or do I need permission before speaking? Obviously, I have a lot to learn.


    “Thank you Sissy Stacey and Miss Katie for the stroke number 10. ” “Thank you Miss Katie for the this well deserved punishment. ” and I keep the position until Miss Katie decides what I have to do.

    Mistress Katie takes the cane from Sissy Stacey.

    “Sissy Stacey, you have done well stroking sissy maid lola, you can do it better but you tried. But what I can’t accept is that you spoke without permission. I want you to take the position.  No need to lower your panties because you don´t have. Bent over and your ass is clearly visible with that short dress.  Lower your arms and I grab your ankles, legs straight. This position makes that your ass is completely accessible and sticking out, ready for the punishment.

    “Clara and Lea, at each side from Sissy Stacey and you will give her 4 spanks, 2 each of you, with your bare hands. You will spank her at each buttock at the same time and wait for the thanks from Sissy Stacey. Sissy Stacey, you will thank Clara or Lea and me for your spanks. Remember that you have to do it for each spank. If you receive 2 spanks you have to do it twice or it will count only for one. I let you decide what you prefer. And keep the position without moving.”

    Mistress Katie moves to lola and she tells her to raise and show her bottom.

    “Nice bottom, lola. Clara and Lea did a good job. You did well during the punishment and for that reason I will put your sissy link at maximum arousal mode. It will keep your mind occupied and you will not think in your bottom, maybe. Enjoy it and I want you to look Sissy Stacey being punished.”

    I turn to have a better view of Sissy Stacey, keeping the punishment position, showing her new beautiful ass and Clara and Lea at her sides.

    “Clara and Lea, you can start.”

     slave stacey 

    If I were still Stanley Smallcock I would be handing out the spankings, starting with this Mistress Katie. But, I am now Stacey Mouthful and I am bent over with my ass in the air waiting for the punishment to begin.

    It seems to be forever coming, but then like an electric shock come a loud smack on both my buttocks.

    ”Thank you, Mistress Katie and Mistress Clara for my first smack.”

    I remember just in time. “Thank you, Mistress Katie and Mistress Lea, for my second slap.”

    it seems ridiculous having to thank mistresses for punishing me, but I wait again. It seems to last hours again before two hands come down hard and land on my bottom.

    “Thank you, Mistress Katie and Mistress Clara, for my third spank. Thank you Mistress Katie and Mistress Lea for my fourth slap.”

    I know I am expected to say to etching else, as Lola did, but I can’t remember what she said.

    ”Thank you, Mistress Katie,” I say, “for ordering my punishment.”

    But, suddenly I can no longer hold this position and totter forwards.


    “Not bad sissy Stacey but you have totter forwards. Clara and Lea will repeat the last stroke, but this time one after the other. Sissy Stacey, if you fail you will receive the same punishment as lola. Lola show your bottom to Sissy Stacey”.

    I move and present my caned bottom to Stacey.

    “Clara and Lea con can proceed” and Clara gives the first stroke.

     slave stacey 

    With a sigh, I reassume my punishment position. It seems to be ages before the first one comes and I suddenly realise something. Mistresses Clara and Lea had great respect for Lola while I was being transformed, but now she is a trainee sissy maid like me, all three of these mistresses regard Lola and me with contempt. They are waiting for me to move.


    this from Clara, much harder than before and I nearly yelp out loud with the pain of it.

    ”Th-thank you, Mistress Katie and Mistress Clara f-for my fifth smack.”

    I nearly lose my balance again, but manage to stay still, gripping my ankles tighter to keep them together. I am almost trembling as I wait for…


    This from Lea is much harder than Clara’s and I feel a tear forming. Behind me, I hear giggling.

    ”Th-th-thank you, Mistress Katie and Mistress Lea f-for my sixth spank.”

    I know I will be punished much harder soon, As much or worse than Lola’s, but I hope not yet. Even so,… wait!

    “Thank you, Mistress Katie,” I manage to blurt out in time, ”for ordering my extra punishment.”

    And I feel myself starting to lose my balance. No, I have to keep still, but I don’t think I can


    “Sissy Stacey, that should you make to think how to behave in front a superior. I have been magnanimous with your punishment because it was your first time but don´t be tempted by luck. And you have now a beautiful reddish ass.

    Now I want both of you completely naked. You lola because you are not dressing with the sissy maid uniform and you Stacey because you have to dress. Lola, you will be dressed later, meanwhile I don´t want you naked. You can use Stacey’s dress and mules. Your caned ass will be displayed wonderful. Clara and Lea, you can control lola’s sissylink to keep her entertain and during her waiting she can kneel and lick your boots clean. There you have two chairs.”

    I take Stacey’s dress and put it on

    and then I kneel and crawl to Clara’s boots and start to lick.

    [Note: Stacey can stand without heels because her tendons were not shorten. She received and injection in the anlkles that gave her pain when staying but now the effecthas disappeared.]

    Mistress Katie comes with a box and opens it

    “It’s time you begin to dress properly. as a sissy maid. Put your bra and panties.”

    Meanwhile Clara and Lea are playing with our sissy link controls getting us crazy.

     slave stacey 

    I remember to thank Mistress Katie for being so lenient with me and quickly obey her command to strip naked. Not that is much to take off, just the sissy dress that Lola now wears.

    I feel very submissive and vulnerable being the only one of five of us in the room naked, even watching Lola kneel to kiss Mistress Clara’s boots. I am also aware of being highly aroused. It cannot be Mistress Clara or poor Lola, so must be Mistress Lea working my chastity belt. As I stand before Mistress Katie, I am squirming with arousal, but try to stand still. I don’t want more punishment.

    Mistress Katie opens the box and it contains a flimsy pair of panties and bra. She orders me to put them on. I get into the panties okay, but cannot fasten the bra. I know punishment will follow, but I have to ask for help doing it up.


    “You have problems with the bra. Don´t worry I help you. In the few days you will do the basic sissy training that will deal with all the sissy task that are done usually by females: dressing in female clothes and underwear, make up, walking on heels, behaving as a woman and not as a macho, these kind of things.

    They look beautiful on you, Stacey. Now you can put these seamed stockings. It’s important that you put them perfect, that the seams are straight and that the tops are at the same level. And you have a matching garter belt.

    Meanwhile I continue licking the boots and now I start to suck her heels. I feel so good under her boots. Clara and Lea look gorgeous in her leather outfits

    I change position and I suck Claras heels and I notice Lea’s hand behind my head making me suck the heel as it were a cock. At the same time I feel her other hand caressing my caned bottom. I like the way she is doing and the sissy link is working its magic.

    “Put these shoes on. They are the official shoes for sissy maid trainees. They look nice on you. And the final touch, they have to be locked. No possibility to take them off without the key.”

    And then She comes with a big box and shows me a wonderful black pvc sissy maid dress.

    The dress has a matching white maids cap and white pinafore.

    “Put it on, Stacey. Let me help you with the back zip and now the lock, yes it will stay on until the lock is open. The maid cap, perfect and the final touch is the white pinafore, tied at the back with a nice shaped bow.”


     slave stacey 

    Wow! I look sexier than the sexiest women I ever saw. It’s a little worrying that this is all locked in place and I cannot take any of these things off myself, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

    i am jealous when I see Lola sucking Mistress Clara’s shoes. The sight of her enjoying this is making me feel horny, too. In fact, I seem to have been permanently aroused since I was locked into this infernal sissylink belt.

    looking at my own shoes, how am I meant to walk in these? The heels are a mile high and I wobble when I take a tentative step forward. Mistress Katie won’t expect me to do much in these, I feel sure because she was so forgiving and understanding when I had trouble with the bra. Perhaps she’s a kindly mistress, after all.


    “Stacey, your outfit is great on you and fits perfectly. Let me take all your locks and I want you naked. 

    Lola come her. I want you naked too. I have to receive a visit now and I can´t be for you. Lola, we have pending your outfit. We will deal with that later. I want that you go with Clara and Lea through that door, where we have our play room. Go now, you are in good hands.”

    Clara and Lea take one of us by the arm and we go to the room.

    Clara goes to a desk and opens 2 shoes boxes. They have 2 pairs of ankle boots, one in red and one in pink. But what scares me are the impressive 6″ stiletto heels with no platform. Wearing them some time would be terrible!

    Clara says: “lola, for you the pink ones with the locks. For you Stacey, the red ones, they are really beautiful.”

    We put on the ankle boots and they are terrible. We are almost standing on tiptoe. They are not ballet boots but the step before. Lea put me the locks.

    Lea says: “Go to the pole, put yourself in front of the pole and the pole in the middle of you.”

    Clara comes with some cuffs. She places a cuff in each ankle, and then locks me right ankle cuff with Stacey’s left ankle cuff, no chain, cuffs locked directly with each one. And they repeat the same procedure with our other ankle cuffs. And finally each cuff is chained to the pole with a very short chain.

    I can´t move my left foot if Stacey don´t move here right foot and our foot are almost connected with the pole. Moving our foot is complicated and that makes we have to stand in those extreme high heels almost without moving.

    Clara an Lea take some belts and they belt us together to the pole under the knees, over the knees and at the thighs. For our waist they take a very wide belt that is belted at one side, and they belted it very tight. At each of our backs is a ring and from each of the rings have two chains with a cuff each at the middle of the chain. Our wrists are put in that cuffs. My arms rounding Stacey and cuffed to the cuffs at her back. And the end of these chains are cuffed to the pole. Stacey has her hands like me but at my back. In other words, our hands are place over the others bottom, and the only thing we can do is massage or caress our bottoms.

    Then Lea and Clara put some nipple clamps on each of our nipples, connected with very short chains and then they belt us under and over the breasts.

    “We leave a moment, wait for us, don’t leave”

    There we are, tied to this pole in a very intimate way. Our sissy links are working in arousal mode. I say to Stacey: “These heels are killing me, this sissy link is getting me crazy, our breast are touching with our nipples on fire, and I like to carretees your new brand bottom. You are so pretty  Stacey.”  I bend My head at one side of the pole, face to face, this wonderful lips coated with her lipstick and her arousal, and I begin to give her a kiss, a very passionate kiss. I open my eyes and can see hers and then I introduce my tongue in hers looking for her tongue.

    At this moment Clara and Lea are back. “Look Clara, I think they are no wasting their time.”

    “Yes Lea, you are right. Maybe be should let them there more time *giggles. Look sissies. Lea and me thought that you have to remember that we are your superiors: first we are female and second we have a status and you didn´t refer to us with the correct treatment. Now you will stay here for a while but we want to have us present in your stay. 

    We will put you a gag, a special gag. Is called a double mouth gag.

    As you can see, is a ball gag, filled with holes and has two straps, one for each of you, That means you will share ball gag, your lips will touch in an endless kiss and your drool will mix through the ball gag holes. 

    But before placing the gag on you, we have another gift for you. During several days, four to be exactly, Lea and me have been wearing the same panties. Our pussies wet easily and we have been wearing vaginal eggs inside us. Apart from that, we are wearing leather pants and that makes us sweat a lot. In fact we have gone now to replace our panties and we had to use gloves to do it, so soaked are they in sweat and our pussy juices, and they have a seductive smell.”

    Clara places behind me and Lea behind Stacey. Our heads are pulled back, are nose pinched to force us to breath through the mouth and open it. Clara rub her panties over Stacey’s lips and under her nose and then she stuffs her soaked panties in my mouth, pressing them inside me with her gloved hands. And Lea do the same rubbing her soaked panties over my lips and under my nose and then he stuffs them in Stacey’s mouth.

    Clara takes the double mouth gag, press the ball inside my mouth. She put my head in front of Staceys head, and both of they take the gag straps and force them until the last hole. They are really tight, forcing the ball deep on us, forcing our lips to touch, our noses side by side smelling our breath and Clara’s juices in my mouth and Lea’s juices in Stacey’s mouth. And I begin to caress Stacey’s bottom.

    “The final touch, I have started the BFF mode in your sissy links but I have put it in variable distance mode. That means that if our chastity belts are not closed enough, you will be shocked and if you are close enough they will get you really horny, aroused and frustrated. But don’t worry, you can always think and taste us *giggles.





     slave stacey 

    I wonder what happens now. Having just put on my maid’s uniform, Mistress Katie orders me to strip naked again, and Lola also has to strip. My shoes and dress are unlocked and now  we are led naked into what Clara and Lea call the playroom.

    We can hardly walk in the boots but are attached by belts and chains to a pole, ankles locked to each other’s directly, wrists by chains so we are touching each other’s asses. Lola’s is hot from her caning and mine is warm to get cool touch.

    Our nipples are connected to each other’s and then Mistress Clara orders us to wait here, as if we could go anywhere, and the two mistresses leave the room laughing.

    As soon as they are gone, Lola and I long to kiss each other and fondle one another’s butts. I think our chastity belts on on full arousal, but soon the two mistresses return. As if I didn’t already know, they reveal that they are both full females and therefore much superior to us sissies.

    They are going to stay to watch what happens next. Firstly, they both produce old used pairs of their own panties and, wiping one pair first on my mouth, Mistress Clara Stuffs these smelly panties into Lola’s mouth. Then, Mistress Lea does the same with me.

    Mistress Clara now shoves the double gag into our mouths hard and ties the gag tight so our lips touch. I don’t understand about the BFF mode, but I do get that I can’t move far from Lola without getting an electric shock and while we are tied together like this, we will but be fully aroused.

    The two mistresses watch with hilarity as Lola and I squirm at the humiliation, the arousal of two naked sluts tied together.

    Unknown to either of us, too, everything that happened in this room has been recorded on CCTV and a copy of the video is going to be uploaded to the internet.

    OOC. Would you like me to play Mistress Katie’s visitor, or do you have plans for that?


    Meanwhile in the other room Miss Katie is working and waiting for the visit she is expecting. A knock in the door and the door opens. The visit is here, on time.

    “Hello Katie, nice to meet you. I hope you have all what we commented ready?”

    “Hello Maggie, nice to meet you again. Sit down. Yes, everything is ready, one of my maids will bring us the boxes with the equipment you wanted for your new sissy. Lucie, go inside and bring the boxes marked for Mistress Maggie. Don’t forget any or Mistress Maggie will use her tawse on you and you wouldn’t like it, would you?”

    Maid Lucie curtseys and says: “Yes Miss Katie I will do it right now and inform you when all the boxes are ready to show them to Mistress Maggie”, she curtseys again and go for the boxes.

    “Please sit down Maggie. You look really great in your attire! This tawse of yours looks terrible. I wouldn’t like to be sissy to be punished by you with it and I have heart that you are an expert using it. I hope our sissies will behave. (giggles)

    In the other room I have to sissies waiting for you, and both of them are now knowing each other, let me say more intimately. Clara and Lea are with them, I think you know Clara and Lea, do you?

    The sissies are lola and Stacey. Stacey is in the process of induction, almost finished, and lola is a sissy maid trainee in the barracks. She was ordered to do stacey’s induction. She has doing her role as a Mistress and now is required to remind her about her place. The task you asked me to do, well, stacey and lola will be perfect for it.”

    Meanwhile Lucie is putting some boxes on the counter and goes for more.

    “You asked me for some items for your new sissy. You wanted to reinforce her dressing to remind her about her new place under your orders and that this reminder should be very strict. But you don´t wanted to reveal her what you had in mind bringing her here. Well, lola can be your model and you can test on her everything you want and stacey can help you in the process of dressing her. lola has been strict to stacey and now lola has to pay for it. Maybe if stacey is not performing as you expect, your tawse can remind her that she has to follow your oders. The orders from a superior have to be followed without hesitation.”

    Maid Lucie comes to us and curtseys. “Miss Katie and Mistress Maggie, all the boxes marked for Mistress Maggie are on the counter.” And she curtseys again.

    “Lucie, kneel in front of Miss Maggie and kiss her boots and thank you Miss Maggie for let you kiss them.”

    Maid Lucie cutseys, kneel in front of Mistress Maggie, bends over keeping her bottom high and give to sound kisses to Mistress Maggie’s boots. “Thank you Mistress Maggie to let me kiss your boots”

    “Well done, Lucie. You can stand and help us with the boxes.”

    Maid Lucie stands up, curtseys and goes to the counter.

    Miss Katie and Mistress Maggie come to the counter and Miss Katie, with the help of maid Lucie begin to open boxes:

    Look, Maggie, to correct the posture from your maid, a corset is always useful, and this one can be laced very tight and of course is lockable. When can look later for the color you want.

    And of course an armbinder will help to show her tits and put her shoulders in a correct way.

    And you told me that she wanted to look everywhere and ythat she didn´t keep the correct neck posture. Well this incredible neck posture corset collar will remind her to keep the correct posture. And her mouth is free to gag her properly.

    This wonderful laced skirt showing her bottom is incredible or you can prefer a corset dress. Both solutions are fantastic, and terrible for who are wearing them.

    First you put the mask, then you introduce the penis gag locking it on place, and finally the neck posture collar. The mask is sensory deprivation. It has ear implants to make her listen what you want, the mouth is filled with this demanding 6” penis gag and her vision can be blindfolded.

    A pear butt plug is another great solution. You insert it and then you press this button. It opens inside, and you can lock it in that position. It’s wide open inside her and she can not remove it, and you can always lock the end of her armbinder to her butt plug.

    If you choose the corset dress, you can do it through the laces, and if you choose the option corset plus skirt, the skirt shows her ass.

    For the shoes you have 2 options. The first are these incredible pink ballet boots. Sehe will be in hell wearing them for hours. If you prefer her walking, then I recommend you the boots she is wearing right now.

    Do we go to the other room to meet out sissies, Maggie?”

    “Oh, Katie, these are fantastic items and I can´t wait to see them on lola and Stacey better do a good job helping to dress lola and follow my instructions or she will taste my tawse. Let’s go.”

    OOC: Stacey you can play Mistress Maggie.

     slave stacey 

    We are released from the pole and Clara and Lea lead us by our collars to the other room. We are introduced to Mistress Maggie.
    <p dir=”ltr”>“They both look well enough naked,” Mistress Maggie comments, “but obviously Lola curtseys better than Stacey. Still, with practice Stacey will improve. Now, Stacey, come here and kiss my boots and thank my boots for letting you kiss them. Lea, perhaps you will film this and send it to Mr Coombs (giggle).”</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Ridiculous though the command is, I obey and utter ”Thank you, Mistess Maggie’s boots for letting me kiss you.”</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>”Very good, but we are going to have to give her the injection for a female voice, a style B, I think. Unfortunately for you, Stacey, but not for us, the injection will also take another half-inch off your clit. Ha ha! For now, do you see the items on the counter?”</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>”Yes, Mistress,” I remember to curtseyand void making eye contact.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>“Let’s start at the bottom, so to speak. Fetch the butt plug, Stacey, remove Lola’s present butt plug and put that one in its place. Oh, don’t fret, Lola, it interacts with your sissylink controller just the same. Now, Stacey, push the new buttplug all the way in. Don.’t try to spare Lola else you will both taste my tawse. Now, turn it on.”</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>I feel sorry for Lola, but I have to push the butt plug home and she gives a little squeal as I turn it on.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>” So far so good. Now for Lola’s other hole. Fetch the penis gag, Stacey, and push it all the way into her mouth. But, to show I am kind, you might have a final kiss before you gag her.”</p>
    We are both grateful to be allowed this last kiss, then we are ordered to repair our lipstick with each other’s pre-cum before I have to push the gag into Lola’s mouth. 

    “I’m sorry to have to tell you, but you both failed to thank me properly for my kindness in allowing that kiss. Both of you will therefore assume the punishment position and be introduced to Misteess Tawse.”

     slave stacey 

    “Stacey, line yours and Lola’s asses so you both get one hit. That’s good. Now, Stacey, you are going have to give thanks for both of you because Lola has her mouth full tee-hee!” Mistress Maggie has clearly been looking for an excuse to use her tawse. “Clara, would you please give Lola and Stacey three strokes?”

    Swish! Thwack!

    ”Lola and I thank you, Mistresses Clara and Maggie for that stroke, “ I say. The tases hurts like made and I am glad we are only getting three.

    ”Stay where you are, sissies,” Mistress Maggie gleefully says. “Lea, your turn. Three please.”

    ”Lola and I thank you, Mistresses Lea and Maggie for that stroke,” I say for each of the next three strokes. I feel so sorry for Lola for this to be done to her so soon after her caning. My own ass is burning, so what hers is like I have no idea.

    ”Now you, Kittie, my dear.”

    The pain is almost unbearable as I have to repeat the thanks another three times. Surely, that’s all?

    ”Now it’s my turn. Then you may thank me and we’ll resume dressing Lola.”

    ”Thank you, Mistress Maggie for punishing Lola and me,” I say, when the punishment ends. We both have enough sense to curtesy and keep eyes down. A moan escapes from Lola’s mouth as her butt plug is set to maximum vibration and I am sent for the posture collar.

    ”Make sure it’s fastened tight, Stacey, so Lola can’t move her head when you lock it. Think of what you both just had as a demonstration of our superiority and what happens if you fail to please us. Lola, I want to hear you sucking on your gag.”

    Trembling with fear, I put the posture collar on Lola, not too tight as to strangle her but enough that she cannot move her head. I lock it and hope I have done it will.

    ”Your dressing won’t be finished today, Lola, but there are still three things left today. Stacey, fasten and lock the hood over Lola’s head. She can hear than what is ordered, but cannot see what I am doing. Excellent! Now the arm-binder. Pull her shoulders back as far as you can and lock the wrists to her butt-plug, so she’s not tempted to toy with her ass. Finally, the corset. It was designed for you, Lola, to show off your magnificent tits. You like them being called tits, don’t you Lola? Oh, I forgot, you can’t answer (giggle). 

    I fetch the corset and put it on Lola, pulling it as tight as I can. It does emphasise Lola’s finest assets and I’m sure she would like what she saw if she could see anything.



    We are released and present to Mistress Maggie. She orders stacey to remove my butt plug and insert the new one. It enters without difficulty, but then stacie press a button and the butt plug opens inside me. No way to take it out if it’s open and then I hear a click. It’s locked.

    Then stacey takes a big penis gag, 6″ of penis gag and she shoves the penis gag inside my mouth, it is really big!! Stacey straps it until the last hole and another click. The penis gag will stay in its place.

    Next comes the neck corset and stacey laces it really tight. The part under my chin presses to close my mouth, mouth that is fully filled.

    The corset comes next and stacey laces it very tight with the help of Clara and Lea. The arm binder is really terrible. It holds my shoulder back, elbows touching and the end is locked to my butt plug. Any movement produces a reaction on my butt plug.

    I’m still wearing my 6″ ankle boots.

    The sensory deprivation mask is the next item. With it on me, I can only hear what the earphones let me hear and the blindfold let me blind.

    And I’m testing all these clothes before putting them on the new sissy maid. It is really restrictive.

     slave stacey 

    Mistress Maggie and Mistress Katie leave for the night, leaving poor Lola trussed up unable to move anything other than her legs. I am taken by Mistress Clara to the other room and spend the night chained to the pole.

    Before the two mistresses return the following morning, I am released from the pole and can see that Lola had a sleepless night.

    Mistresses Maggie and Katie burst in. “Good morning, Clara,” Mistress Maggie booms, “please be so kind as to fetch the cane. Now, Sissy Stacey, you have to learn the lesson that you never make eye contact t with superiors and you curtsey whenever they are in your presence. Usual thanks, Stacey. Clara, three strokes please.”

    I am not fooled, but after the first stroke, as I say ”Thank you, Mistresses Clara and Maggie for the first stroke,” my voice has changed. The masculine voice I had was now a simpering lisp.

    I received twelve strokes, as I thought and again my butt was in flames as I thanked Mistress Maggie for the caning.

    ”I think we’ll have the hood off Lola,” Mistress Maggie says to Mistress Katie. “While she’s wearing it, I can’t tell if she’s sucking on her penis gag. Besides, it’s a shame for her not too see her great tits and ass and see what we do to Stacey. Stacey, take off the hood and put it over your own head. Clara, please lock it on Stacey for us.”

    Mistress Maggie then reveals the rest of Lola’s dress. A black skirt that has nothing at the back except for a thin strip of fabric to go round her waist to keep it on, a white apron that does up with a bow at the back, and a white cap.

    ”There! Lea, please lock these three things onto Lola, then take a video of it all, so we can send it to Doctor Gupto for his approval before we put it all on the new sissy. And don’t worry, Lola, your uniform is on its way soon.”


    I have been a long time standing on that extreme high heels. I don’t know how long because my mask deprived my senses. The blindfold kept me completely blind. The thick mask and the earphones didn´t let me hear what was happening. The earphones were repeating the same message every time with the voice of Mistress Maggie:

    “lola is a sissy, lola sucks cock, lola wants to lick Mistress Maggie’s boots, lola is a sissy who loves being butt plugged, lola wants to serve Mistress Maggie, lola loves being restrained, lola loves to wear extreme high heels.”

    All the time I was hearing that voice with that message. After some time I wanted to suck cock, lick boots, etc.

    My feet were in hell. All these hours standing in 6″ heels. It was a torture.

    Then suddenly I noticed that someone was touching my mask, and after some effort they take it off my head, but I kept the penis gag.

    Mistress Maggie told something about she wanted me sucking the penis gag and I did it very audible. She says something about doing things to stacey.

    Finally my eyes can see after that time in the complete darkness and I can see her, Mistress Maggie.

    She wears satin blouse, black leather flared skirt, leather gloves and over the knee leather boots.

    Stacey follows orders and my hood is placed on stacey’s head and Clara laces it very tight.

    They put me a leather skirt, but the bottom part is missing and my bottom totally accesible. An apron a maid cap finishes my new attire.

    Mistress Maggie says: “Clara and Lea, bring the chair and prepare lola to use it.”

    I’m happy, finally I will sit down and my feet can rest, I’m thinking. nd then I see the chair, better said the barstool.

    This barstool has a sit and then the slave is bound under it with the head in a stock at the sit level

    When the Master or Mistress sits down, they can easy access to the slave’s mouth. Clara takes my penis gag and goes to stacey to gag her.

    “lola, I will sit down, this flared skirt is perfect because your head will be under it. I want to feel your tongue deep inside me. Better don´t disappoint me. 

    I begin to work on Mistress’s pussy and clit.

    “Katie, I think we should find something to dress stacey until Dr Gupta comes. Do you have something in mind”

    “Sure Maggie, but I prefer to tight her corset more. She is getting used to it and it will give time for Dr.Gupta arrival.”


     slave stacey 

    Before Clara has tightened the corset, Doctor Gupta arrives. He is a tall Indian gentleman and describes himself as the Corporation’s Chief Product Inspector and Tester. He has come to inspect the new sissy and orders me to be stripped completely naked, including removing the sissylink belt. I am now only wearing the buttplug and collar.

    ”What is your name, slut?” he demands of me.

    ”Stacey, Sir,” I reply.

    ”I can see that, stupid slut. It says that on your collar. We have lots of Staceys here. I want your full name.”

    ”Stacey Mouthful, Sir.”

    He powers up his notebook and scrolls through some pages.

    ”Here we are. Stacey Mouthful, the former Stanley Smallcock, sent here by my friend Mr Coombs to be trained as a… never mind that. English. A lot of our clients like English sluts. You could make quite a bit of money for us if you train well, Stacey.”

    He sets to inspecting my body closely and I feel like a slave on the auction block as he makes comments on my file in his notebook. The sissylink belt is put back on me and set to maximum arousal.

    ”Good! Plenty of pre-cum, we like that in our sissies. Well, ladies, I see she has no navel tethering ring, the buttplug is too small, but she is meant to have the expanding pear plug. I would like the voice changed slightly to emphasise that she is English. You may dress her now, in the meantime I need to sit down and write my report, so if you’ll excuse me, Maggie.”

    He is making his way to the barstool, unzipping his trousers and taking out his cock as he does so.

    ”Hello, Lola, it’s been a long while since i’ve Has the pleasure of seeing you.”


    This Dr. Gupta arrives and after dealing a little with Stacey, Mistress Maggie offers him the barstool. I can´t see him but I hear the unzipping of her pants and quickly is sitting down in the barstool. I have yo open my mouth and the big cock gets inside and I begin to suck.

    Now is time to dress you stacey. lola, it’s better than you make me cum and swallow before I finish with stacey.

    And I do my best sucking, but the cock is so big and I have no hands to use it and his balls are out of reach.

     slave stacey 

    I do not know how long I have been kept in the hood and I have no idea of what has happened around me. All I know is Mistress Maggie’s voice in my ears saying over and over “Stacey wants cock, Stacey wants cum, Stacey wants to be a whore, Stacey licks boots.”

    I feel people doing something about my middle, and I get an injection, and to my re.ief, they take out the butt-plug, but that is only for a second as a larger one is pushed into me and a feel a click of a lock and it flowers inside me ass. Then they take off the mask.

    it takes a moment to adjust my sight, then I see Lola tied beneath a seat and Doctor Gupta sitting in the seat. He has his cock in Lola’s mouth, it is the biggest cock I have ever seen and Lola is sucking on it desperately.

    ”Ah, Stacey, ni e that you see what is happening. Or rather you don’t,” he grins evilly. “You are to be dressed in that lovely ensemble you saw Lola wear yesterday. By the time you are dressed, Lola here will have made me cum and she will have swallowed my sperm. If she fails, there will be consequences for both of you. You understand what I have just said?”

    ”Yes, Sir,” I reply, remembering before too late to curtesy and keep my eyes down.

    ”Good! Mistresses Clara and Lea will be dressing you and they will not deliberately loiter. Start with the penis gag.”

    I see the horrified look on Lola’s face as she tries desperately to take more of this giant cock as I feel the penis gag forced into my mouth and locked tight, then comes the posture collar, but Lola has not succeeded. It takes a while for both Mistresses to put me in the corset and push out my tits and ass, but when I see Lola, she is still sucking and trying to get Doctor Gupta to cum.

    ”Better try harder, Lola,”  h grins, looking at the tight corset, “it won’t take long to finish Stacey and if you haven’t finished it will be bad for the butts of both you sluts.”

    It doesn’t take long to lock me into the backless skirt, the apron and cap, but it does when the mistresses grab my arms and push them into the arm-binder. It takes some time, now with all four mistresses working to get my elbows together. I silently urge Lola on, and as they pull the arm-binder down to lock it to my butt-plug, he is in the throes of cumming, but too late!



    I try to make him cum, but he has a big  control and I can’t.

    ”Better try harder, Lola, it won’t take long to finish Stacey and if you haven’t finished it will be bad for the butts of both you sluts.” I hear he says. 

    I try harder but no way.

    Dr Gupta says “Clara, free lola from the barstool, and you lola, when free take the osition presenting your ass!”

    Clara let me free and I kneel, lower my breast and head until it touch the floor and my bottom is ticking up. My butt plug is taken off and suddenly I feel his cock inside me, his balls touching my but with force. I feel really full! And he begins to fuck me with force. He is wearing a condon.  He is fucking me for several minutes until he comes.

    He takes the condon and fills a little glass with his cum, it’s a huge load.

    “Lola, I think you are thirsty and he fills my mouth with it. Mistress Maggie will play with you now.”

    Mistress Maggie is wearing a big strapon and at the middle of the shaft has some rubber nodes. “This strapon will give me a lot of pleasure and will put your asshole in pain.” 

    And she begins to fuck me!

    “Stacey, now is your turn. I hope you will enjoy what I have in mind.”


     slave stacey 

    I stare in horror as I see Doctor Gupta fuck Lola and make her drink the contents of his condom. Worse is to come for her, as Mistress Maggie fucks her with a strap-on. Then Doctor Gupta tells me it’s my turn! For a few moments I feel safe, because with my arm-binder locked to my butt-plug there is no access to my ass. But as Doctor Gupta puts on another condom, Mistress Clara is unlocking my arms and taking out my butt-plug.

    I feel the Doctor’s cock forced into me and he sets to giving me a hard fucking. The tiny fragment of my masculinity protests at a man fucking me, but there is no doubt about it, I feel his balls bouncing off me as he pounds away. With the penis gag, I don’t have to drink the contents of his condim, but I stare again because he feeds it again to Lola.

    I have no time to recover, because now Mistress Maggie is ramming her strap-on into me. When she has had her fun, Lola and I have our butt-plugs replaced and I think they are set to maximum vibration. But at least nobody is fucking us.

    ”I have to go to a meeting soon, ladies,” he says to our four mistresses, “but first I think we have earned some entertainment by our little slaves. Stacey and Lola, you will tawse and cane each other, six strokes each with each implement, alternating in sets of three. If we think you are being to easy on each other, another three strokes each will be added. Lola, as senior slut, you will go first. Three strokes on Stacey’s butt with the tawse please.”


    Stacey takes the position, bending over and presenting her butt plugged bottom. Clara gives me the tawse and I give her three strokes all strong. Red marks appear in her already red bottom from previous punishments.

    Stacey can thank me because her mouth is full.

    Then I hand the tawse to Clara again and take the position to receive my strokes.

     slave stacey 

    Lola had not stinted on my punishment and the five people watching us murmured their approval when she handed the tawse to Clara as the third stroke whacked by butt. She then bent over to receive three from me.

    Silently I begged Lola to forgive me as I laid on the first, heavy, stroke. Lola thanked me for it, as instructed and begged for another, again as instructed. Our audience laughed at this added humiliation as I gave her the second stroke on her already badly-marked ass. After the third strike, I handed the taws to Mistress Clara, bent over for my next set and heard the swish of a cane.

    In all, we both received fifteen hard strokes because one of Lola’s on me was deemed to be too light. Doctor Gupta was delighted when he announced this extra set, he was only disappointed that it did not happen again.

    When he left for his meeting, he promised to return, as he had not finished my inspection and Lola’s and my testing. After he left, I was stripped again, so Lola and I were only wearing these agonising boots. With a laugh, Mistress Katie produced a short length of chain and fastened it to our tethering rings, then she set our sissylink belts to BFF mode again.


    Mistress Maggie speaks to us: “Stacey, if you don´t know what is the BFF mode of your sissy-link, I explain you quickly. I can define a distance. If I activate your sissy-links and they are not inside the defined distance, the sissy-links will shock you, and yes, I can regulate the intensity and duration of the shocks. If the sissy-links touch, you will be rewarded with pleasure. BFF stands for BEST FRIEND FUNCTION. If the sissy-links don´t touch but are inside the distance, the sissy-links will arouse you and make you crazy to make you touch them.

    Before we begin, Clara will remove your chain and then 2 chains at the back of your sissy-link will be added. Clara, please, clip the chains in lola’s sissy-link and Lea, do the same in Stacey’s sissy-link.

    The play will be the following. Clara and me  will be at your back holding each one a chain. Lea and Katie will do the same with stacey. I will activate your BFF and define the values and we can play. We can separate you pulling the chains. You will need to struggle to be a pair of lesbians and just in case,” Mistress Maggie comes with a very short chain and chained our tongue piercings together, “that’s only to be sure that you use you tongue when kissing.” and she giggles.

    She goes back and press the BFF mode. Instantly I’m completely aroused and I need stacey so much. They are holding the chains keeping us inside the distance but not allowing us to touch the sissy-links. I’m getting crazy and I introduce my tongue in stacey’s mouth, our tongue playing together and I put my hands on stacey’s tits playing with her nipples, oh yes, it fills so good but I need more, I try to move forward but the chains hold me in place and stacey is playing now with my tits.

    And the suddenly, I feel that the chains are pulling me apart and a shock on my balls makes me shout and the same happens to stacey, we are shouting with our tongues together and that makes me even hornier.

    Then they let us come back inside the security distance but without touching our sissy-links.

    All of the 4 are laughing loud. “I forget to tell you that I can decide were to apply the shock. Your balls are not very useful being sissies and sometimes we castrate the sissies but in your case, I have found a use for them and you can finish having fried eggs. “ she says and laughs. “If you want to have a reward, you have to show us, and make us in the mood to give you a reward, and if you bore us, well, maybe we have fried eggs for breakfast.” and all of them are laughing loud.

    I look at stacey and begin to kiss her with all my effort and I introduce my index finger in her ass and quickly I’m playing with 3 fingers (after having that butt plugs is easy).

     slave stacey 

    I am kissing Lola hard and I want her so badly. Maddeningly, the two Mistresses hold my chains yank them back and instead of ariusal, I get an electric shock to my balls and Lola and I scream out together. Then we are allowed to approach each other and I feel Lola’s fingers up my ass. It feels so fantastic, but as I try to do the same for her, we are yanked apart again and another electric shock jumps on my balls.

    i realise with horror that the four mistresses are talking about castrating us, fried eggs for breakfast if we bore them.

    ”We’re not allowed to do that,” Mistress Katie sounds serious and the laughter and chain-pulling stop while she speaks. “Body modification, including cutting off balls, is the sole authority of Doctor Gupta. Sometimes he likes the sissies to keep their balls to remind them that they were men before they became sissies, other times he likes to see them gone to demonstrate that their transformation is a one way process.”

    ”So, we don’t get that fun,” Mistress Lea pouts and yanks on my chain in spite, sending another shock to us.

    ”When these two whores have been released from the chains so they can fuck each other with the strap-on, the video will be uploaded to the internet and Doctor Gupta can see them. I’ll recommend to him that he take their balls and we can have one each for breakfast ha-ha-ha!”

    ”If he takes their balls,  can we watch? I love to see the fear in their eyes when they what’s going to happen, plus the screaming.”


    The four females were doing jokes about our balls but we are only sissy maids and they can do these kind of things, including dr gupta.

    W e continue kissing for long time and we get a lot of shocks but we couldn´t touch our sissy-links. We were completely frustrated, aroused and horny.

    Finally Mistress Maggie stopped the BFF mode and they prepared as for the night. For that reason we moved to another room.

    Mistress Maggie says: “First we fix stacey. Kneel on the floor and bend until your breasts are touching the floor and I want your hand under you, between your legs and the wrists are ankle’s level. Clara put her the stokes.”

    The stokes were made of metal and had four holes. The ones in the middle are for the wrists and the outer for the ankles.

    “In that position, your booted ankles are not a problem, you can rest and your bottom is sticking out and anyone can fuck it .”

    “And know for lola. ” She points Clara and Lea to a wooden frame and they go and take me, each one at each of my sides. The wooden frame is like a big H, being the horizontal wood at waist level. The pieces of wood are very wide. In front of the H, in the middle, thereis another horizontal wood that is 90º from the first horizontal wood and at the extreme has a wooden leg to rest. Clara and Lea place me in front of the horizontal wood and I have to bend, resting my chest in the other horizontal wood. My legs are separated and chained to the vertical posts, and my arms are chained to the same vertical posts. I look like a big X. A thick metal collar is put around my nech and chained to the wood and my head is adjusted between metallic bars.

    “In your case lola, you can see that you are in a demanding position. You are staying on your heels, your bottom is fully accesible and at the perfect level to be fucked and your mouth is ready for some fucking, or you can be spit roasted. A collection of gags and dildos are ready to be used on you. Any of us can come, select one and you can´t do anything to avoid it.”

    And I can see the four ladies with her tools on place and ready to be used on us.

     slave stacey 

    It has seemed for ages now that we have one thing that was happening to us end, only for something more dreadful to begin. Lola and I are no longer chained to each other, the pain and exquisite pleasure of our sissylink belts end with Mistress Maggie switching off the BFF mode.

    Instead, I am made to kneel, my tits touching the floor and my wrists between my ankles, where they are all locked together in stocks. As Mistress Maggie says, with my ass sticking up in the air I am ready to be fucked. Then I see how Lola has been locked into some contraption that has her mouth and ass at waist height. To my horror, I notice that all four mistresses are wearing gigantic strap-0ns. Mistress Maggie sees me staring at them.

    ”Don’t worry, little sissy Stacey,” she says smoothly, “you’ll get to try all four of these before your mistresses leave you for the night and go out for dinner. And look, your friend Lola gets to try them in both her holes, at the same time. We’ll start with Lola, in fact. Your Mistress Clara will fuck your mouth and Katie will fuck your ass. Oh, and enjoy it, Lola, or you’ll feel the tease again too. You’re our video stars, after all.”

    As Clara and Katie start on Lola, Lea comes behind me and I feel her strap-on shoes roughly into my ass and she humps me, telling me all the while that I was born to be a real person’s fuck-toy and cum-bucket.

    Ominously, for Lola and me, Mistress Maggie is talking to Doctor Gupta on the phone. I try to ignore it, but I think I know what they are discussing. I don’t have time to wonder, because Mistress Maggie has taken over from Mistress Lea.


    Clara and Katie begin to work on me, Katie in my mouth and Clara in my bottom. As I am is nothing I can do to avoid it. Oh my God, I’m spit roasted the strapon are really big and I’m completely full.

    Lea is pumping her big strapon on stacey.

    At the same time, my poor feet are in that extreme high heels, at least I’m bend over the wooden frame and can rest part of my weight on it.

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