Sissy Foundations 12 – Secretary Exam

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    hi! hi! girls,

    this lil sissy is ready to take her Secretary Exam but is having trouble finding one that is active. pretty please please help a sissy in distress 🙂

    thank you,

    krissi kisses xxx



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    I’ve been looking for that one too.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Same here</p>

     Alison Anderson 

    I’ve been around at LiL for 10 years and never heard of a secretary exam. Maybe Melissa had ideas to make intro courses but with her limited time they never materialized

    The way it used to work was that after your sighing the contract and your transformation, you would take a short (10 question) quiz which was supposed to be a profile of what you the real life player likes and what the character you created likes (it was called the Lie Detector test because you answered it both in and out of character).  Partly this was to get enough posts to be able to “buy” your way in (in the early days you needed 25 posts in your intro threads).

    After that you were taken to a stage in the auditorium and one girl from each profession (secretary, schoolgirl, maid, and slave) would tell you about their profession (or maybe only the good parts -lol-) and entice you to join.  Once you picked a profession you went with them to get your uniform and start your adventure.  This had the effect of introducing you to new girls here and to give you a quick head start playing in the forums of your profession.

    Even though the rules are less stringent this still is an effective path into a profession.

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