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    So glad Miss Peters is sedated- she only one choice and that is accept the fact the being a woman is the best thing for her.

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     Shasta Minx 

    I   look up at the nurse- I’m still groggy. She is very pretty.

    Two operations?

    My throat is sore, so does my groin. I do feel different down there-. It sinks in “OMG MY  Balls are Gone! I’ll SUE. ” I try to get up but there are straps holding me down.  How could the Doctor make a mistake like that? My voice is so high pitch and girly sounding.  Oh, wait.  ,  I was screwing his wife- he must have found out about us. just hope my dick is still there.

    “I’m an Enuch? She nods her head.   I feel so very sick.

    “I want to speak with  Doctor Ryan , NOW”


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    Well, the doctor is cleaning up right now, he’ll come to visit you in a little while  Miss Peters. You still have  operation scheduled for Thursday and another one next week.

    Her penis is going altered and become her clit. The  Doctor wants Miss  Peters to a fully functional woman.

    I   inject a sedative into her IV bottle, she needs all the rest she can get.


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    O my cock and balls both are gone and now I have a pussy.Wait I am a girl now.It’embarrasing.How will I go back.Will they compeletco feminize me now by hormones ? Will I be a complete woman ?


    I enter the room “Hi there, Ms. Peters  Mistakes do happen, and you really didn’t need those things anyway.  ” I check her bandages, you are healing nicely. I am not only a  nurse but also a counselor and will help you adjust to your new gender.  I do think you’ll enjoy being a woman. Have you decided n a first name, I have to fill in the black space.”


    OOC computer died on me and it took me a while to get a new one.

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