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     sweet jazmine 

    It had been a long day, and I was out of funds. Many people had told me there was a discreet place for people like me. Oh, if only they knew what I would go through in order to become the person of my dreams.

    I enter the place, and take a look around. Gosh, it seems awfully quiet and I am a little lost. The girls look so gorgeous. What the hell am I doing here?


    “Well hello there.”

    I always feel like a powerful Amazon around the shorter ones. The extra height of my heels only emphasizes it. I suspect I startled him as he spins around, his slightly chubby face flushed.

    “I see you’re admiring the … place…”

    The two blonde bimbos mincing past us catch his attention. How could they not? They’re blouses are barely containing their gigantic breasts.

    With a single finger, I nudge his nose just hard enough to bring his attention back to my face. There seems to be a hint of a blush on his cheeks.

    “Can I interest you in a tour?”

     sweet jazmine 

    I blush as someone comes around, and startles me, as she talks.

    “Ummmm, yeah, I can’t believe how gorgeous the girls here are,” I say, really flustered at the blondes walking by, and the gorgeous woman talking to me, and I give a soft smile.

    “My name is Sean Whitman,” I tell her, and blush. She is like an amazon. How could she even be possible, I wonder to myself, and I laugh softly.

    “Ummm, a tour? Well, I am not averse to one, but shouldn’t I check in first,” I ask her.


    “And let one of these girls have a shot at someone as handsome as you?”

    I chuckle as the big-breasted bimbo behind the counter gives me wide eyes. I make a mental note to send the bimbo to another session of the “pleasing men” class. The slut should have been all over this guy before I even walked in the room. She’ll learn.

    I turn my attention back to the target.

    “I assume you’re interested in a job here? Yes?”

     sweet jazmine 

    I blush as she seems to make eye contact with one of the girls. They seem to know something I don’t, but then again, that is not really unusual. I am usually slow on the uptake.

    I adjust my glasses, and she turns her attention back to me, and I nod. “A job would be good. I was kicked out of my home. My parents decided I needed to get a job, and well, it all got me ent here. Although, I am not sure what I would be good at,” I explain.

    “My ex wife wanted someone more manly, so….

    I ended up with her finding another man


    “What a time you have had…”

    I smile, a warm and inviting smile.

    “I’m sure we can find something for you here.

    My hand finds him, warm and inviting.

    “Come along… I’ll take you down to personnel and we’ll get you sorted right out.”

    A squeeze of his hand, a quick wink and then I’m leading him into the elevator and riding it down into the bowels of the Corporation.

     sweet jazmine 

    She seems to be leading me somewhere, he says Personnel, but I am not so sure about that. Why would they hire someone sight unseen. That has never been my experience anywhere, but she seems to not worry about that, and I blush as she keeps squeezing my hand, and winking. She has to be up to something

    “Personnel? Well, if you think that will help,” I say to her, and blush. “I am in your hands, although I don’t seem to even know your name,” I inform her


    “You can call me Miss Daniels,” I say booping his nose with a finger, “I’m sure we can find a place for you here.”

    The doors open revealing a different, smaller lobby… with a single desk. Behind it sits a very busty and vapid looking secretary. Her name tag reads ‘Kissi’.


    It’s hard not to roll my eyes. This girl is not fully trained yet and should not be in this position. I really needed to talk to the scheduling department.

    Nevertheless, I smile at the bimbo sitting behind the desk. She shivers slightly at the smile.

    “Kissi will be conducting your interview. It’s really more of a personality test… but I’m sure you’ll do fine. Here, have a seat.”

    I guide the man towards the chair facing the desk. As he sits, Kissi crosses her legs, letting her skirt ride up to mid thigh, exposing the bare flesh above her stocking tops. She squirms and pulls down on her skirt trying to preserve modesty in the clothes that are just a little too small for her.

    “Hi, I’m Kissi,” the slut says in her giggly, slightly lisping voice, “Ready to take a test?”

    Glaring at the secretary from behind the man sitting in the chair, I give her a warning look to behave herself.

    “You are in good hands, Chris. I’ll be back after Kissi has put you through the paces.”

     sweet jazmine 

    I can sense there is a little bit of tension between these two, and yet Miss Daniels informs me that this Kissi will be taking me through some sort of test. It seems this Miss Daniels must be an important person in this place, as everyone seems to shiver slightly at a look from her, and I flush bright red at the girls voice.

    I can see that the woman, Kissi, is very well dressed, and the uniform seems to not entirely work for her, being a bit too small, but it still seems like she is used to it, and as I see her cross her legs, I am a little taken aback at her demeanor, and I sit down, and blush.

    “Well, I suppose I have to be ready for the test,” I tell her, and give a small smile. “So, whenever you are ready,” I tell her


    I let Kissi administer the test, her supple female form a constant distraction for our guest. The test is really psychological bullshit with very little meaning. It is really just a delay so my team of researchers behind the mirror can dig up information about our new acquisition. Kissi is really turning on the charm for this one… the constant denied edging that her chastity belt is causing must be driving her nuts today. She is practically throwing herself at this guy. She licks and nibbles on the end of her pen as if desperately needing to suck on something. There is little doubt that her appearance and demeanor are having an effect on our young man.

    My phone buzzes alerting me that the new target is acceptable and I interrupt Kissi’s incessant flirting.

    “Kissi… We need to take Sean over to the Health Center for his physical. Will you kindly lead him to Dr. Vestra’s office? Please don’t dally. She’s waiting for him as we speak.”

     sweet jazmine 

    She is practically begging me to get on top of her, with her constant flirting, and it is all I can do to keep myself from doing that, considering there is someone else in the room, just behind me.

    I have noticed the little looks she gives the girls, and I would hate for them to be directed at me, and as Kissi drones on with her questions, Miss Daniels interrupts her, saying I need to be led over to the health center.

    That could be very good, as it might mean I have a job?

    The other girl looks a little disappointed, as I have held on to my sanity with her constant flirting, and she takes my hand, guiding me towards the medical place


    I watch on the monitor as the little slut, Kissi escorts our new victim towards the health center.  I click the button to activate audio mode on her chastity belt.  While a little muffled I can hear their conversation well enough.

    “If you’ll just follow me, sir.”  Kissi coos, her hips swaying back and forth with each step.

    As they approach the door, Kissi leans in and brushes a hand through his hair flirtatiously.  She leans in as if to give him a kiss on the cheek, but the video feed in the hall shows her lips whisper something in his ear.  A warning…

    I send a little electric current through her belt as a warning… and make a note on her account that she should be punished.  I think it’s time for Kissi to go up a chest size.  She’ll hate that.

    As the new acquisition slowly enters the Health Clinic, Kissi stands weak-kneed in the hallway and waves goodbye… she is trying not to let on how much the little shock just hurt.  After all, if she does… she’ll have more of a punishment than just bigger tits.

    Doctor Vestra greets our new victim with a smile… It’s not a warm smile, but what Vestra lacks in warmth she more than makes up for in loyalty.

    She shakes hands with our new pet, breathing in as she says hello.  It causes the top button of her coat to pop open revealing her ample charms.  She shrugs as if it were not a big deal… and as if it were not intentional.

    They interact a little.  I can’t hear what they’re saying since Kissi is no longer in the room, the little microphone in her Sissylink only sends whimpers from the slutty secretary as she scurries back to her desk.  For fun, I crank up the arousal mode on her belt and leave it on a high edging.  Let the little slut squirm the rest of the afternoon for being such a disobedient twat.

    Her muffled moans fill the room as I watch our new acquisition hop up onto a paper-covered exam table.

     sweet jazmine 

    Kissi leads me on the this health place, and as she does, she tries to whisper a warning in my ear, but something stops her.  She looks like she is in a lot of pain, or very frustrated.  I can’t help but wonder what that exactly means, but she seems to have a purpose here, and as she tries to warn me, it is like something takes the words right out of her mouth.  As she starts talking, I hear a short gasp, and then she is looking around anxiously

    After that, she leads me to the Doctor, who seems to have a certain charm about her, although her bedside manner may have something lacking, as she welcomes me, and guides me towards the table to take a look at me


    I can’t hear what is going on, but I watch on the monitor as Dr. Vestra speaks to our new pet.  She is clearly trying to both put him at ease and yet take no nonsense from him.  Whatever she does, seems to be working as he slowly and awkwardly starts to disrobe.  She has no doubt told him that she needs to do a quick physical and drug test.

    His reluctance is palpable, and it is good to see Dr. Vestra turn on a little charm and begin to help him unbutton his shirt.  Her body presses close to him, and the slight squirm from him indicates that he may be concerned about removing his pants and revealing what has just appeared beneath them.

     sweet jazmine 

    I am more than a little reluctant when it comes to this medical exam.  This doctor inspires no confidence in me at all that she has a bedside manner, and yet she is flirting like all the others have so far.

    To say I am beside myself at the amount of flirting is an understatement, and with this doctor, she seems to do it very subtly, like Miss Daniels, while Kissi was more over the top, and I blush as she helps with my shirt.

    I try batting her hands away, saying I am more than capable of doing that, but she keeps working, and eventually, she wants in my pants.

    Well, since there is not much there to write home about, I am very reluctant about anyone getting those off, but with her prodding, I unzip them, and blush bright red.  My two inches is tenting my underwear


    I watch on the screen as the Doctor recoils from the tiny tent pointing at her.  It’s sort of fun watching it with no audio cause I can make up my own words for the intense conversation they appear to be having.

    “What is the meaning of that?”

    “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

    “What kind of woman do you take me for?  I’m married…”

    “I just… you were… I mean…”

    “I could sue you for this you know…”

    I chuckle… giving them both little voices in my head.  It’s probably no where close to what they are ACTUALLY saying, but the body language leaves little doubt that she is ‘angry’ at him for the erection and he is embarrassed at her reaction.

    The Doctor threatens him again… a finger pointing…

    He apologizes again… ashamed?  Almost begging it looks like.

    The Doctor storms to the other side of the room talking all the while.

    He tries to pull his pants back up but trips on them and staggers to the ground.

    He looks up and sees the Doctor approaching him, holding the shiny, white electronic gadget.  I smile, noticing she has chosen the smallest penis sheath for the chastity device.  It will be tough to cram him into it, even with his tiny package… and once it is in there, it will remain no bigger than a thimble.

    I smile… crossing my arms and feeling the familiar arousal down below as I watch the Doctor extend the device to the young man.

    Will he put it on himself, or are we going to have to force him?


     sweet jazmine 

    I look at the Doctor, extremely embarrassed at the situation, and she seems a trifle angry at me.  I am sure I am being recorded somewhere, but the doctor doesn’t let on anything, other than her deep disappointment in her eyes, and her demeanor.

    She rushes across the room, grabs something, while I try to do up my pants, but fail, almost tripping over my own two feet, but when she returns, she is holding some sort of chastity device, and I recoil from her.

    That seems a little drastic, but the implication is there.  Either you put it on, or we put it on you.

    I back away from her, blushing deep red, as I take it, and try fitting it on myself


    Dr. Vestra stalks him like a cat, even as he back away she invades into his personal space.  Gently guiding him back to the examination table, she pulls his underwear down in one fluid movement.  She takes the penis sheath part of the belt from him and holds it beside his semi-flaccid penis.  It is impossibly tiny.  Had I not seen it happen before, I would wager there would be no way to fit this Sissy’s already minuscule appendage into a space not much bigger than a thimble.  Yet the Doctor does so, pushing and twisting and sliding it until his little thing is tightly constrained in the little container.  Wrapping the belt around his waist, and between his legs, she slides it around the container and holds the two ends of the belt only inches from each other.  Should she push them together, the device will lock.  She could so it easily, but she doesn’t.  She leans in and whispers something in our soon-to-be Sissy’s ear.  She wants him to do it.  The question is, can she manipulate him into it.

    I realize I’m leaning forward in my seat watching.  Without audio, this whole scene is much more exciting in some way.   The Doctor looks at him seductively, holding the belt with only that little bit of space between the latch.  Less than an inch now.

    I wonder if he knows how close he is to a lifetime of aroused permanent denial.

    I hold my breath and watch…

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