RP Idea, Sissy Canary and Cupid

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    I just had a fun idea I thought I’d share, I’m sure plenty of you know about the DC hero Black Canary.

    Well, who here has heard of the villian Cupid?

    Basically she’s crazy and in love with Green Arrow so she hates Black Canary.

    So the idea would be a domme deciding to have a bit of fun role play with their sissy, making them dress up as Black Canary and they dress up as Cupid and, well just let some hate out.

    So, anyone intrested? And know what thread this wouls be approprate for.

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     Kathy lynn 

    OH you are so funny yes I seen all the green arrows.. crazy and love.. but the canary is dead… I know they keep bringing her back I think she has used up her cat lives. Crazy and in love my kind of story…

    But not yet baby I’m just going slow another word for afraid..

    im  teasing you



    Heroes always die, they just always have a way back. *giggle*

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