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    I hit the next button on the music for something a bit more funky and porno sexy.

    Behind the bar, the music cranking, all drinking, the sun setting, my maid melting, I am master of this establishment.

    “You are apart of the hotel now Jane, it is you and you are it.  Sir’s hotel is where you will complete yourself and accommodate your need for submission to clientele and feeling helpless, feeling humiliated is not even the beginning.  It is what you want to your core darling.”  I wave my hand in the air in complete satisfaction that I am training a key girl.  She will eventually lead by example.  I continue to fuck her ass with my middle finger.  “Dirty little bitch”  I whisper softly.  “You need me as much as I need you darling.”  The music climbs into a crecendo exploding into the next beat.

    Image result for roof top bar sunset

    “GET ME SOME FUCKEN TEQUILA!”  I am suddenly thirsty to start looking for the train into oblivion.

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    Is sir right? Do I need him as much he needs me? Do I crave submission? It’s hard to have serious thoughts about these things as he continues fucking my ass with his finger. He’s so much stronger than I am, there’s nothing I can do about it. He’s the Alpha here.

    He screams for some Tequila. I attempt to pour him a shot, but my hands are shaking with his anal invasion.


    I wave to Yu, Laura, and the new guy to come over to the bar.   It’s getting crowded with others I want us in ear shot.. here behind the bar, my maid is not going anywhere if I have my way.

    I continue to explain to her how her life will be perfect as I pour myself her drinks (her own useless whilst concentrating) “Jane you can have lots of pretty women that you can have sex with.  I know lots that will happily you keep you in chastity just to watch on while I fuck them, but you’d soon tire of being so passive I would think when you could be the centre”  I pull finger out down a shot.  “AHH”  and then pour one for her.  “drink”  I tilt another one to her lips.    “imagine yourself pinned down”


    as I spray more cream onto two fingers and try my hardest to ease them a little in at to the first knuckle.

    “You’d end up getting tired of just watching Laura getting to enjoy all the wonderful come for herself”

    watch-and-learn “she’d be blowing and loving it all up for herself while you get denied any participation”

    I finally get both fingers in deeper half way.

    “I know you are the type of girl who would love to be appreciated for what you are, a craving girl needing your ass licked out”  the music just changes to dreamy porn like where dreams come true.

    “Imagine girls and guys tongue fucking your ass”  I push in and out my two fingers.

    Image result for chastity maid behind bar

    “We are even experienced at chastity removal if you ever accept it.”

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    He has two fingers in now, while explaining my life with him. He’s saying these things but I’m struggling to concentrate, I’m too aroused. I just want to cum, it’s been too long. I put one hand down to my crotch, and rub at it like a girl. It’s the only thing I can do but it’s still no use.

    My breathing is even heavier. ‘Yes Sir, it all sounds wonderful.’

    He shoves both fingers as far as he can.

    ‘oh my God.’


    “Chad.. Mr White..” Name not ring a bell. Still Thought of met him before haunt me. He kiss my hand. Wow, second time my hand get treated like that in so short period of time. I could use to it. Look at him with satisfied smile on.

    Look at him handle situation quite well, I mean not get embarres at all. Actually get top of it.. and get a beer. It is obvious Chad not like his drink.“You not like umm.. cocksucking..” Ok, that does it – BURST ON LAUGHING!!!- Do my best not to spill my drink. Doing so my dress shoulder strap slide down, make attemp to lift it back, but with Gin&Tonic in my hand only manage to spill some of it to my arm. DAMM! Ok let it be then. “Eh, Sorry.. just something I remember” Calm down after laughing and act like an”adult.”

    I notice Chad eyes at the maid, just like my hubby. It is the uniform.. try to convince myself that is not anything to do with sex appeal. Why lie to myself!

    Hubby becomes a DJ soon as stop being bartender. He moves fast as always. Leaves me wonder what kind of entertainment Rod wants, but knowing him as well I do.. there is not many options.

    I look at Chad. His question make me startle just enough that is clear that I am surprised a lot. My head turns side to side. Kind of checking, if we are alone and also telling no! We are not met before. “Eh alone as can be in crowd.. and I would remember, if we have.. Mr White.” Flashing slightly nervous smile. “My.. Name.. oh I did not..?” Nervously try to lift shoulder strap back. Really need to focus. “Mrs Scott.. people call me like that.” -Sweet smile- that I hope distract him enough that he forgets to ask more.

    “Enough about me, what brings you here, you look a man that really take care of himself. What you do? For living.” Trail my finger on his chest.. up.. to arm. “Surely not any office work..” -Squeeze- his arm to feel muscles.

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     Laura Luv 

    Hmm ,  Sir wants his wife Yu and I to entertain his first guest , but Yu puts me in my place at  once letting me know she will handle this , Smirks and starts to call me a name , so I back off…

    Then hear the music start and I start to wiggle my ass as I enjoy my drink, have a feeling this will be a wild night…

    ”  do an action to drop some of her clothes.  “I want to see some entertainment!”

    Sir spots me and decides I should be entertainment….slip out of my dress and start to dance right in the middleof the dance floor.



    It seems that you don’t recognise me, which at lacy is often a good thing….being remembered can often get you into trouble. Still I smile.

    ”Well perhaps we haven’t, but then I would never forget a beautiful face.”

    My distaste at the cocktail seems to amuse you and even I chuckle when you state that I don’t like cocksucking.

    ”That is correct, being on the receiving end, now that is a different matter”

    However, the laughter has one bonus, it causes your dress strap to slide sexily off your shoulder and your attempts at replacing it just cause you to spill some of your drink onto your arm.

    As you reveal your name, well how you say you are addressed here, Mrs Scott, I run my fingers up your arm, collecting your drink on my fingers, gently sucking them before replacing your strap back into place, grinning as your finger runs across my chest, up my arm.

    ”Well my main profession is poker and I do ok out of it, but the games have dried up at the casino since the renovations took place, with most of the high rollers heading off to different hotels, so I need a job to keep me occupied whilst I wait for things to pick up”

    I smile.

    ”Office work is not my thing, as you say….I like things more physical……like security or something”

    I wink at you and then gasp, as the pretty blonde steps onto the dance floor, strips to her underwear and starts to dance sexily.

    ”Things are hotting up Mrs Scott….”

    I stare over at the bar.

    ”and your husband seems to be calling us over.”

    I take you by the waist, my hand on your sexy bum, gently squeezing it playfully.

    ”Shall we join him?”

    I wink as we approach the sexy dancing blonde on our way to the bar.


    It would seem that without force, but lots of little mind control games is all it takes to steer my new staff member to submit to all that I want.  I pull down Jane’s uniform while finger fucking her ass to get a much better view of the prettiest ass in the club.  “Oh Jane you will require so much attention darling”  My hand pulls on her hips to my crotch.

    Image result for blue lingerie sexy roof top bar

    “Laura looks so hot”  I watch over Jane’s shoulder in her blue lingerie.  “I can’t wait for her to come over here”  Jane however is proving to be useless in this state as a waitress.  “Jane I know you said you will be my maid… but I would like you to make a full declaration”  I remove my finger, I push down on your shoulders “Kneel and state in full how you feel about me, who I am to you, while you rub that thing between your legs.”

    Related image

    I take some mixers and automatically start catching up with orders, trying my hardest to concentrate with Laura and my wife and wife’s “friend” approaching.



    I am so aroused and it’s been so long since I’ve cum that I would do anything at this point. I do exactly as sir asks. I kneel before him while he serves, furisly rubbing my crotch, even though it does nothing to help me.

    ‘You are everything sir. You are my superior, my alpha, I will be your maid. I will be whatever you want. I’m yours.’


    I do love hearing it, I never get enough confirmation of what I know.  I look down a second from what I am doing making drinks “You will also pay attention to me even if I am busy with my other interests, I will test you, I will continue your training when I want and only when I want.  You will only get my attention by showing attention to the hotel and the aims of growing it.”  I push her head against the bar cupboard door and pin it there with my crotch.  My cock only grows and signs of submission.

    “There is only one thing that will have to change and that is the chasitity device will be removed and if needed a new one will be put in place with a key that only I will keep.”

    I will not be bothered any protests to negotiate on this matter.  If there is a problem with this happening “You may continue to serve as you do now but you will find I will pay less and less attention to you.

    I close my eyes a second and imagine.

    Related image

    “You don’t want to be neglected by me do you Jane”  I smother her face with my hard cock in her face.



    The idea of getting of him having the key to my chastity is fine with me. As at the moment with the current belt on I have 0 chance of getting any release. But with him in control at least that ups my chances a little.

    His cock has been shoved right in my face, but at this point I don’t care. I’m aching for release.

    ‘Please sir, take control of my chastity. I need you to do that. I don’t want to be neglected by you.’


    “Good girl”  I pat your hair, and pull you over a little to see the chastity device.  “that will require grinding off so tonight you are stuck with that – tomorrow you be fully mine as long as you pay me full attention”

    I push your head down further to see her ass again.   “At all times unless nature calls”  I pull out a device from the cupboard, squirt more whipped cream on.  “You will carry this pager”  Her ass has loosened enough from my fingering, to only find a little resistance as I insert the device.  I slap her on the ass.  “there is wifi through out the hotel Jane”

    I show her my remote.

    “This button”  I press it “or should I say your feeling indicates that your service is required and you will make your way to me immediately.”

    I turn it off.  “Understood?”  I take her hand and pull her up.  “You may also remove it at bed time while you are bunking up with Laura your new room buddy.”


    Sir presses the button and it vibrates inside my ass, arouses me further, the vibration almost brings me back down to my knees.

    ‘Yes Sir, i understand. Thank you sir.’


    That is what I am afraid. Doing many things in this area before. If we met in.. situation that not match one I am in now. Dangers of double life. So far everything looks fine.

    We get entertainment. Laura do as Hubby “suggest” she does looks great.. even without uniform, damm.

    Chad confirm that I was right. “Maybe you get use to it.. it is not that bad, just open mouth and use your lips and tongue.. to guide stuff down on your throat.” Wink. I glance at his crotch instinctly. “You know, some can bite.” 

    I get help with shoulder strap. Chad lift it and even dry my arm.. He really surprise me -again- as he lick fingers clean. “You like the taste..? Not sweet at all.” -grin-

    “Gambler? So how much you would bet?” -Smirk- “I can play with high stakes.” Saying that makes my body tingle.. Mmm so nicely, but he is actually looking for a job.. sip my drink and offer it to him as well. Another squeeze to his arm. “Security job? Hmm..I may need a bodyguard.” -Wide smile- I did say it to tease, but more I think of.. that does actually sound great. “Is it physical enough?” 

    Laura drop off clothes and Mr White also notice that.. and he also notice that My hubby is calling us. I look at hubby’s direction and Chad place his arm on my waist. Bum actually. Feel gentle squeeze. He ask me, if we should join my hubby. “You like to? Well he is owner of the place..” lean closer to him and whisper.. “Taking my offer seriously I see, already cover my.. ” ass.

    Offer my arm to him “Let’s see what Rodney wants.” and we move to the bar..

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    It seems that Mrs Scott is a natural tease, which is fine by me, heck a little teasing is fun after all and what harm became anybody. I chuckle to myself, given where we are….in lacy teasing has often been like cheese to a mouse trap…but fuck it is still fun.

    “It sounds like you have lots of experience Mrs Scott and I truly believe in leaving things to the experts”

    I grin

    “And biting doesn’t scare me, I have had all my shots”

    You watch as I taste your drink, yiur arm still glistening, then add another tantalising question.

    ”Not sweet, but very intoxicating …which is much better, don’t you agree?”

    Your response to my statement about a job is even more enticing and I raise an eyebrow, licking my lips slowly as you speak.

    ”I bet as high and as far as I need to to win, you have to be prepared to lose to big to win big….as my dad said….you need big balls”

    I smile

    ”And I am an expert body guard, in fact I do have practical experience, many female celebrities owe their safety to me….and I would gladly protect you Mrs Scott…head to toe”

    I chuckle as we walk to the bar.

    ”Well his name is above the door, so I feelits only right we go chat and I have to admit I am intrigued to see what he is going to that maid on her knees….he seems very persuasive”

    I lean in..

    ”And i take personal security very seriously and wouldn’t want anything to happen to you under my watch”

    I playfully spank your arse as we walk. When we reach the bar I extend my hand.

    ”Rodney….it’s a pleasure to meet you….”

    I nod to the maid.

    ”Such great service so far”



    I help Jane recover and pull what little underwear over the lip of the contraption.  “All good now”

    Finally, my wife turns up… mm maybe all staff need one of these I grin.  “Good evening”  I say to the new guy.  “Welcome, and can I get you anything Misster….?” waiting for a name as I shake his offered hand.

    “Yuhana Maid Jane here is fully on board with her service duties”  I take out my remote and show it to Yu and MR.  “watch this”  I press the remote fun button.  And look at Jane.

    “Anyways can I get anything for either of you?  I just thought we can do a big get to know you, as I have been with Jane”  I chuckle.   “She”s moving in with Laura and I look forward to them being on the premises 24 7″

    Endless fun.

    I look down at the bar fully equipped more than just bar items.  Some of the crowd is starting to thin out too which I actually kind of like.  We can lock the doors to the public eventually and really let the party start.

    I look through the cupboard and find another favourite item… I put on the bar some collars.  Choose one for myself.  “You guys know that parties are more fun when we dress up right?”  I put my choice on.

    Image result for bondage collars I have a chuckle “Suits me right?”  then I scrummage through more:

    “One for Jane,”  I pull her over and slide it around and buckle it straight on.

    Image result for bondage collars

    “One for Laura,”  I leave it on the bar till she finishes her strip tease.

    I look over the bar

    “One for my wife or our guest?”  Image result for bondage collars “Or for both of you or none of you”

    Image result for bondage collars





    The reason Jane’s has no label is apparent when I put the rest of the extensions on “Jane has a problem controlling her hands, did not ask her master if she could touch her thing down there and she could barely mix a drink when I commanded her for one, so well”  I pull out a tray, and attach it.  “Jane it’s for your own good,” I pull her hands behind her back.

    Image result for waitress with collar on bondage

    “Hold steady”  I pull off her bra and place the drinks on it.  A soft slap up the ass “go offer our guests a freebie and don’t forget to smile.”


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    This is stupid because what happens is that the mod can impersonate the character.

    I thought this was an anommaly when I noticed it but now I realise this is totally wrong and it seems we totally lost the last post.

    Again I say sorry I did not mean to delete the last post.  I hate the fact that I have lost a part of the story.

    Sorry Chad in particular.

    Written by Sir somehow!!!

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    I answer his praise for my management skills “Mr white thank you for your kind words, but action is key”

    I am well aware of where his hands are exploring.  “I hope you will enjoy yourself here this evening, and do ask me if you have any plans to touch my wife,”  I smile.

    I point to Nikki, Laura, and Jane “Plenty of action without consequence is possible.”

    I laugh and appreciate joining in the collar fun.  “Yes devil suits you.”

    I make a mental note.


    “Yuhana, how do you know umm… what’s his first name?”  raised eyebrows.  Checking to see what name basis she is on.

    “We have rooms you can acquaint yourselves better if required tonight”  I am sure Yuhana knows what I mean, possibly the laundry room.


    My hands are now bound behind me and a tray with drinks is set just under my breasts. Sir requires me to serve the guests which means my device is now vibrating inside my ass.

    I try my best to teeter over to the guests. I need to make sure I don’t fall over. Without the use of my hands that could be very painful. I am extremely aroused by the vibrations which is making this whole situation torture.

    I eventually make it to the guests. ‘Would you like to have a drinks ladies and gentlemen?’


    Innocent smile “I know what I like, just give it a try, maybe you like it, with right person? Umm?” He does seem that he is serious, even that his tone is playful. Just feeling the ground. He actually banter with me. Nice! “Good, we not have time to test whole personel yet, but biting is not always a bad thing.. unless teeth meet opposite ones.. ” clatter my teeth a bit and giggle.

    “So you been winning lately.. always?” Again like to know how he react , more than what he answer. “You inherited big ones, or trained yourself.. or just way too long when meet any real pro?” -smirk-

    Looks like he take my offer -getting job as my bodyguard- seriously.. nothing hint that he is joking. How would I sell that to Rodney? “I can bite.. and kick when really threaten, but I have weaknesses.. guns that explode so huge force.. how could I protect myself against those? You have a big gun.. ready and fully loaded?” This time my lower lip brush his ear.. boob press lightly against his arm. Half of that was purposely done.

    *SLAP!!* Laura’s BIG ass as we pass her.. 

    Yea.. I could not notice also Poor Jane getting handled.. “He can be very .. persuasive. Think he is testing one of our new employee.” I hold Chad’s arm tighter.. to control myself not to do anything that makes a “Scene” Chad lean and tell he not want anything happen to me, on his watch. I know what he mean, but I am different mood. “But that would be boring.. your gun would rust if not use it.. right?” 

    Is it because of our banter, or something about guns.. but Chad makes unexpected move. I can feel and hear! His hand -SMACK!- on my ass! That does effect my walk.. bite my lip and smile wide like just get a treat as we reach Rodney and company. 

    Chad offers his hand and .. instead of introducing himself.. comment on great service.. probably ment kneeling Jane, but love think Rodney believe he also mean me.. I keep my pleasant smile on to point out that I really enjoy..

    “Mr White, Chad White.” I introduce my companion to my hubby. Good thing Chad not say that hear about my hubby a lot. I glance at maid. “Under the board.. you mean.” Snap at hubby, but nod aprovingly when he demonstrate remote.

    “I always love to get .. “ Raise my glass. “.. Some more good stuff.” I look at Chad.. he not have slightest Idea of Rodney’s “Get to knows” but I have.. “You mean 3 of us? No one else?” my voice shake a bit.. He is mating Laura with Jane? Make another look at Maid and then Laura..

    Then he pull out something that makes me..


    OOC: More to come.. will post rest as Part 2



    PART 2

    “Dress up!?! But those are..” My eyes pick up txt’s of other collars.. of course he have already pick one that indicates.. HIM. It does suit him, but I am not going to tell that..

    He is obviously thinking what suits for each guest and me. Jane gets one without txt.. Laura also? I look at Chad and Sir by turns. I wonder if Chad is ready gamble at hig stakes. I am, but only when I know I can modify odds the way I win.. now, too many things that I can’t count for advance and this is Rodneys game.. not mine this time.

    Nameless collar get soon explanation. I nod aprovingly. “Suits well on her.” As Sir kind of tie her hands behind her back and expose her breasts I have to touch them.. make little squeeze. “Are these real?” 

    Turn to Chad. “So are you sextoy or boy toy?” Try to think how I can get out of it.. “Maybe both..?” -Grin- then no collar for me.. unless there is Mistress txt. Hold both collars on my hand and offer them to him.

    Boys seem to feel the ground of each others. Actually Chad do also something more. I try NOT to squirm, but that is actually very hard.. and so think the prisoner of my panties. DAAAAM! I am not sure, if Rodney notice it.. but I don’t try to push Chad’s hand away.. because that he surely notice. How the hell Chad get Devil collar? That is MINE! Now I know.. he can cheat, careful from now Yu.

    Then Rod ask me a question that surprise me.. totally.. “I didn’t.. eh I mean .. umm I don’t think I ever met.. before -gulp- I mean.. ” I remember now.. it was in the club.. and think few times before marriage.. “Yea.. just met him.. He likes to work for me.. umm Us I mean.” -Nervous smile and then fast look down.. before he add that can.. “What!?!” Is he serious? Or am I get him all wrong.

    Our lovely waitress comes by and I take a glass of gin&tonic. “Thank you sweety.” pinch her nipple.. not pleased of her reaction so make it again harder..

    Damm, still have collars at my hand.. Look at our entertainer and -grin- saved! will put on her neck both..

    New guest.. arrive. I know this one.. (s)he arrive hotel some time ago .. “rubber slut comes over and kneel in front of hubby and me and also greet both of us properly.

    “Nice that you manage to come here, this evening, pet” way (s)he is packed on latex.. that must hurt some. “Hmm, think there is only two collars left.. Laura can take one and Ruby other.” -Winning smile- first deal winner!

    OOC: because not know what one post is about.. make few guess hope guess were right.

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    (OOC: You are doing fine Ruby.)


    The tension is building and building nicely. The incredibly sexy Mrs Scott, a woman who clearly loves to tease, responds to my comments about betting, weapons and jobs with deliciously sexy remarks about the size of my weapon, whether it could rust with lack of use and the size of any winnings, so also hints at my skill being minimised when better players arrive. Interestingly she also doesn’t shoot my offer of personal protection out of hand, which is positive, as is the way she rubs her body against mine as we walk.

    ”Well Mrs Scott, I have yet to see someone with the same skills as me at the table, or any where else to be honest.”

    I chuckle

    “and my weapon is in constant use, I can assure you”

    I smile at the new sexy arrival, who like the maid before her, instantly submits to the big boss.

    Rodney, whom I expect doesn’t miss a trick, quickly makes it clear that my interactions with his wife are not welcome and even hints at a while in the laundry room.

    I remain quiet whilst Mrs Scott details out last encounters before speaking again.

    ”Apologies Rodney, i certainly wouldn’t want to upset you or do anything untoward with your wife”

    I smile at Mrs Scott

    ”I was simply offering to work for her, as her body guard”

    I grin as collars are snapped around the other girls necks.

    ”Mrs Scott surely you should be joining us with a collar?”

    I turn back to Rodney

    ”I hope I haven’t offended you so early into the evening ?”


    “Welcome Ruby and you chose the right choice.”  I take the leash.  And pull on it to be followed.

    I walk around in front of the bar a little and walk up in front of Chad and my wife.  “You want to work in security?” I ask Chad face to face.  I whisper in his ear.  “Not everyone that enters our doors wants to stay” I look straight into my wife’s eyes over his shoulder.  “Asset retention is something special we run here.”  I lean back and look at Chad’s eyes again.

    I look down at Ruby.  “Ruby you see the Devil here in front of you?  His new job is to make sure your stay here is”  I was going to say happy, but that is irrelevant. “long”.

    “Mr White if you are happy to work here you will have accommodation as a part of the package. ”  I hand the leash handle connected to Ruby over to Chad.

    I pull out my remote and buzz my maid.  I look at my wife with Chad.  “Have you ever used a grinder”  I pull out my phone.

    Image result for grinder

    “hey siri, grinder las vegas”  I listen to the options, press a few buttons… “bought.”  express delivery.

    “tomorrow I am going to get Jane’s chastity off” I look at our approaching maid.

    “I will also be applying a new one with a key.  I hope that my wife will not need something similar,” I look at Chad.  I look at his hands.  “I lose keys often and the more you grind away at things, the more there is a chance digits might get cut.”

    I laugh.  “so serious”



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    I have been serving for the past half hour. It’s such a struggle without the use of my hands. People have been taking advantage of me, squeezing my nipple or my ass as I serve, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I feel so emasculated and objectified.

    The device in my ass begins to vibrate again, making me jolt and moan under my breath. It means sir wants me. I teeter over in my high heels. It’s a struggle not to fall, they are starting to hurt from the constant standing. I dare not sit down or rest because I don’t think I’d be able to get up again to serve people.

    As I approach I can hear sir talking about me. I don’t know why though.


    I watch as, leash in hand, you slip from behind the bar and approach me, stopping before me, close enough to make sure you invade my personal space, looking to assert some control over the situation.

    You lean in,  challenging me about my request for a job, leaning in and whispering in my ear that not everyone who enters here wants to stay, before mentioning asset retention.

    Knowing the situation here, I smile and nod. Recruitment is, shall we say, innovative here and not everyone is happy about the jobs they get.

    ”Well, I can understand the need to retain assets, especially when you have invested time, effort and money into training them.”

    I causally nod to the maid and the latex clad girl, whose leash is placed in my hand, smiling as set out my role to her.

    ”Don’t worry, I am sure that I won’t need to persuade her to stay ….she seems happy and eager to please you Rodney”

    I give the leash a playful tug.

    ”accommodation, that is a very generous offer”

    You then glance at your wife, before ordering a grinder, the aim, I assume to scare the poor girl whose chastity cage needs to be removed…..such a device would make such an operation scary to say the least….to suggest to my that such a device could be used on wondering hands and hinting to your wife that if she continues to tease you she may end up locked away herself.

    “Oh I have experience of using such devices, I have worked on many building sites…..though for certain jobs a lock pick can be just as effective and less…..likely to remove digits”

    I chuckle

    “or damage the assets”

    I smile at the maid as she reaches us.

    ”And I am sure that your lovely wife here is more useful to you uninhibited”

    I smile at you

    “so on that basis I am more than happy to take up your job offer and protect everything that is precious to you……”

    I grin devilishly and tap the collar.


    “Ah Jane” I put my drink on the tray.  “Promise you will ask for permission to play with yourself in future”

    Oh and I almost forgot our silent slave is with us.  I notice her yank on the collar and our security guard yanking one back.

    I untie my maid’s arms, take another contraption from the bar.  “Jane your hands are free” I untie them.  “if you make another mistake with them you will be joining Ruby on her knees.”  I present the new mouth piece.  Related image“There are more of these for those who don’t speak their mind, it keeps you more open to conversation.  “Go introduce yourself to the Ruby slave and I am sure you know how to prepare the little latex whore for a good night at the club.”  I feel Jane’s ass as I remove her tray.

    I look around and the crowd is totally left except for the key players around the bar.  Lovely.

    “LOCK UP time.”  A few more will be allowed in but they will be granted access and only with notification from the front door staff.

    “Excuse me”  I head to the roof top doors.  Lock them and return.

    I give my attention to Chad now.

    I listen attentively as he accepts the position.  Of course he would, who would not with some much free ass and a place to take all that you want.

    “I hope we have great working relationship”  I put my hand out to shake again on confirmation of the job.

    “Let’s start the party games.”  I look at all the girls and boy… we are rather clothed.

    I reach over the bar and bring over the tequila and a plate of salt and lime.  “If you answer incorrectly”  I announce loudly to all that are present “you have the option of skull, dare or clothing removal.”  I look at the devil, the slave, mistress Yu, Maid Jane, cumslut Laura and um… down at my cock…. MASTER OF CEREMONIES.

    I unfold a $100 bill, with that I take out my vile and pour out a good amount of coke.  Snorting it up “The winner gets the money”  haha I slap my leg as my nose burns.

    I lean back over and press the play button to get the music started.

    • This reply was modified 4 months ago by  Sir.

    Sir approaches me and asks me to promise I won’t touch myself without his permission. That’s a very tough ask with how aroused him and the women here make me. But I’ll have to try my best.

    ‘Yes Sir, I promise I won’t without your permission.’

    He then places a ring gag in my mouth keeping my mouth firmly open. These are usually used to easily fit cocks in, I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that later. I go and tend to Ruby now I have my hands free.

    ‘Wuhlcum to the bar’ I say, I can just get words out with this gag around my mouth. As sir asks us to join him for a game I help bring Ruby over.


    I just love how for the second time Jane has confused my explanation and taken upon herself to enjoy what she had no reason to accept.  “Jane the gag was for ruby!”  I call out and grab another one, just as I warned and throw it out to her “catch!”

    Dam she looks hot too.  Ruby is going to love having one in her mouth.

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