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    I let out a small moan, as I feel your hand rest on my now, sensitive, smooth thigh…a high moan, that seems strangely feminine given how I currently and am dressed.

    I fidget, wondering why is going on….glad my cock is trapped at this moment so it cannot react….but my smooth, hairless skin is suddenly full of goosebumps.

    I wonder what you mean by bottom up and look down at my toes, which wiggle in my open toe heels, as you berate Yu, telling her to be quiet. I nod as you order me to remain seated, as you stand and look at Yu, sliding some keys towards her, amazed when they stop right before her mouth.

    “Yes Sir, I won’t move”

    I tremble as you both shout as each other, before she picks the keys up in her mouth.

    You then turn back to me and ask what I bring to the table, himting at some plans you have, big plans which if you reveal to me and I betray them…well trouble doesn’t seem to be a big enough word to explain what I would be in for. You then wiggle, you now clearly hard cock protruding in your trousers just be my face…which causes me to blush and look down at the pad.

    ”Well ermmmmm Sir, I am sure I can fulfil a number of roles for you and Mrs Scott, security is my main skill, but I also have a large amount of money secured from my poker days to invest in the right opportunity”

    I smile

    “Plus I am willing to explore any ideas you have”

    I run my hands over my legs, then shake my head…did I just try and flirt then ???

    I look over at Yu and smile, I guess I need to help her out of the chains once things here are agreed……but she looks very sexy tied up.



    I start to yawn, listening to the offer, I look back at Yu “Yu I think it the last dare was for you to skull, then I had mine and now it is um Charld’s again”

    it is a party

    “Negotiate this correctly and then you can help my wife out of her chains, fail to do so, um, you know quite a bit too much now.”


    Chad.. well looks like she is become Charlotte again. Smile at me just before Sir pulls out his cock.. and because I can’t reach it from here.. it is charlotte who have pleasure to treat it.

    Does not matter what was my dare, or who is next..  I nod slowly to Sir.

    Charlotte better make a good job, so I can get free.. I am not sure, if she can.. not think she have any experience of sucking cock.. so big chance that I am still screwed..


    I sit back down on the sofa next to our unsigned applicant.  “You look pretty honey, just lock lick from bottom to the top”  Turn to Yu, “plenty of bottoms to choose from”  my hand sits back on her thigh sliding around a little.  I look at my cock and the contender: “Do it for my wife, she really wants you to show me all your skills, especially those devilish red lips of yours”  well the ass isn’t bad and can be improved with some hormones to be 100% actually 120% is possible too.

    “What’s the matter?  your little dick feeling overwhelmed my the sight of real one puss puss?”  I put my hand up on her head and wrap my fingers around her hair.  clench my cock muscle a few times to show her I mean business.




    I do wonder why she slows down to no reaction.  “Nastazia are you coming?”


    My eyes pop open as your huge cock appears, twitching a little as it slowly sways before me. I look at youband then at Yu, who gives me an evil grin, like she knows what I have to do.

    I start to panic a little, especially as your hand slides back on to my thigh, caressing my skin, your words now teasing, commenting about the size of my cock (thankfully you didn’t call it a clitty) which is now trapped and helpless.

    I try to argue…

    ”Sir… that really….ummmmm necessary surely…we can..”

    My words are stopped as your fingers slide into my hair, gripping it, pulling me a little forward, your cock pulsating….you clearly mean business and dressed and locked away as I am….I am trapped.

    I slowly slide to the floor on my knees, looking at you, feeling so submissive….

    I blush, looking up at you….my stomach churning……as I lean forward….my tongue teasing the tip of your cock, circling the head, as I slowly open my mouth…easing you inside, my tongue caressing the shaft as your cock slides in.

    I let out a moan, a mixture of nervousness and panic, as your fills my mouth…..not sure if I can do it without choking….

    I wriggle, feeling my own cock stir in the strange cage….as I start to suck, slowly at first, sliding up and down your length, not sure if I am doing it right….picking up speed…..your cock almost slipping from my mouth, before I slide it back in fully….into my throat…I cough a little but continue….eyes looking up at you….humiliated, yet I moan a little….oh my god what is happening to me !!!!


    “mmmmm”  I keep my hand on the top of her head but don’t need to force her  “Yu she’s a natural cock sucker”  I smile.

    Why I for a second wonder, Jane I miss so much, and slave Ruby oh well they could have been here sucking away too, maybe my balls.  But “Charlotte you suck cock really well for a virgin head job giver,”

    “You are a good girl”  I turn around “you’ll be free in no time Yu!”  My hand finds it way all the way under the skirt, finding a finger hold. I whisper “Char, you gona do us proud tonight”

    I need some cocaine again “would you like some?”  I spill a line across my cock anyway.

    “It will hurt much less and you know”  I wait for our new girl.


    Sir keep bragging his small victory, but I am in position not to argue.. about exact numbers of “bottoms” to choose from. If they would be closer.. that would be easy to read from my eyes.

    I must say Charlotte did surprise me and probably Sir as well. Suddenly I feel like a winner.. Sir is right! She really seem to be natural.. Cock sucker! That makes me *Grin* wide and relax.. as much my tensed.. lighly aching muscles let me.

    Watching them.. keep me excited.. good thing they can’t see it.. but what is Sir doing now?

    Oh fuck! Sir is going to get high and Charlotte is forced to be also! That is not good.. so much about me relaxing! I hope Charlotte finish him quick and release me before that stuff really start kicking!

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    pop the cap back on the coke vile and look at Yu.  I could have stuck a gag in her mouth but it is clear I don’t need it anymore.  She is happy watching.  I give her an air kiss on Chars down stroke.  “ooh”



    I am not sure what is worse, getting compliments for something I really don’t want to be seen as being good at or actually liking them…to the point that my trapped clitty (did I just refer to it as that???) twitches.

    I blush, but keep sucking, harder now….bobbing back and forth along your shaft….moaning a little louder.

    On a back stroke, I see you place a line of coke on your cock….which I immediately sniff up…..hmmmmmmmmmpmmmmm I feel my nose tingle and i wiggle my arse in the air.

    It’s then that I feel your hand under my skirt, caressing my inner thighs, before a finger slides into my rosebud.

    My eyes open and I gasp…..taking your cock deeper into my throat….oh my god…I am sucking your cock and you are fingering me.

    The emotions are strange…but apart from humiliation the overriding one is pleasure.

    I glance over at Yu as I really go for it….sucking, licking, harder and faster, my tongue caressing your shaft, as my throat muscles contract around squeeze you.

    Lost in the moment, my fingers caress and squeeze your balls….my only goal to make you cum.



    Quite a deal finisher, my rod hitting the back walk of her throat is the best when I here that gag.  I feel the rushing seeping, shouldn’t fight the inevitable I lean back, head rolls back to look at the moon, finger slides in her dirt hole.

    I explode with my free hand pushing her head down as far as possible and I jerk forward once twice.  Pulling my cock seeing the last shot fly across Charlotte’s mouth and face.

    I give up flopping back lifeless getting my breath back.  “Not bad”

    “Now go get Yuhana”  I reach and pass up the rod.  “Give her 10 of your best and you can unlock her.”

    Image result for bdsm rod whip

    “Simple duty,”  I look back over to Yuhana, “Almost done hon, but you need to remember to be nice next time”



    Yet down deep inside I miss Yu so much hanging off my shoulder.  “Fuck that Charlotte, disregard.”

    I walk over to the bar take Yuhana’s present out of its sheath.  Spin around and slice the predictable whipping leather into half.

    Related image

    “Sorry YU”  I undo the shackles, the key actually would not have opened anything.

    I pull her up “Sorry honey”  You are my Valentine’s darling.  I am not a red rose type of guy, but I got you this. ” I rip it back out of the sheath.  to show her

    “Hope you like it.”  I do need to be a good boy now.  I giggle.

    Image result for samurai sword


    “I got no roots, but you Yuhana, I love you, Happy Valentines’s day darling.”



    I know it’s coming but the way you tense, the way your cock twitches in my mouth…..the little moans and the way your head flops back and the way your finger drives into my rosebud deeply, playing with my prostate.

    I squirm and moan and then gag as your cum explodes hitting the back of my mouth. I immediately suck and swallow harder, as you cut again and again…your finger still probing me, before you pull and and, holding my head in place, cum once more time over my face.

    Spent you flop back and slump to the floor, used, humiliated and yet excited, my clitty twitching in its prison.

    I look up as you order to me to whip Yu, then sigh in relief as instead you release her and pull out a present….not your normal Valentine’s Day roses….but a huge and very sharp looking sword !!!

    I sit quietly, looking for something to clean my face with…..wondering what the hell is going on.


    I really not want to watch, but still I do.. worried as I know both getting high and I am in helpless position, if they get something really nasty thing in their minds.

    Sir get served and can see he is very pleased. Good.. now there is nothing that he may unload onto me.

    He tell Charlotte to free me.. my relieved smile wiped away as soon as it raise on my face.. “Youf baftald!” I don’t trust Charlotte.. especially as on drugs.. can use whip like it should. Though Shouting not make things any better except my in mind. At least manage to tell him what I think..

    I don’t know what to think?!? Rodney stop Charlotte before she even grab the whip.. instead he take.. something that makes my eyes go wide!! “No, no no!” It is primitive reaction.. I pull against chains hard as I can.. swallowing the key accidentally.. it not matter if he is going to use that.. Katana! He comes over and start to open shackles! “PLEASE, SIR! I love you!” He is high on drug.. and I am really frightened!

    I get slowly up.. muscles ache, but they can wait.. whatever coming .. I look at him feeling calm, like accepting whatever is coming.. feeling surprisinly peaceful.. “Sorry honey” he say.. and.. Show me my valentines gift!?!?!

    Tears came into my eyes.. sudden relief to be alive? More likely because he do something that makes me.. Love.. he is high on drugs, but I like to believe that is what he feel.. no matter what! His most inner feeling.

    “Darling!!! Thank you!!!”

    I take katana from his hand and.. smile like sunshine. “Yes, I love it!” quickly wipe my moist eyes. Then he say something beatifull.. that I am his.. roots. “Oh darling.. you know I always will be!!.. and.. ” grab him and hug tight.. careful not to accidentally hurt either of us with my .. “You don’t have to.. I love you anyway.. silly.. right?” Pressing tightly against my.. -look at him- and kiss.. soft, long and passionfilled. should I tell him that I know how to use katana?

    Then I remember.. something he must already feel against his thigh.. how excited I am!! “Erm.. that key.. it was nothing important, right?” whisper and nibble his earlobe.

    We been go through a lot..

    and we will..


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    • This reply was modified 3 months, 1 week ago by  Yuhana.
    • This reply was modified 3 months, 1 week ago by  Yuhana.

    I watch quietly and smile. Hopefully, now that Yu and Sir are back on good terms, very good terms it would seem, they might decide the games are over and release me from my chastity device and let me get my Male clothes back.


    I smile and watch the two love birds, even if the choice of gifts is a little crazy, it seems to suit them.

    I slowly slide off behind the bar, grab a bottle of gin and settle out of sight, knowing that they should be enjoying Valentine’s Day in some form of privacy giggles


    “honey nothing is sexier than a woman that can swing that.”   Well her little cock is hard against my leg although I met the Katana.  “just don’t get any ideas with either of your swords.”  I have a chuckle as I lean in and pick her up in a hug and lock lips.  “You PA needs to kiss your ass darling”  I can’t help let that slip quickly.  “I want to see her tongue fuck your ass so badly.”  sucking on Yu’s lips slurping stupid dirty sounds.  “Ice cream?”  suddenly want something sweet.  But I know we can settle that else where.

    “So everyone is dressing up but I am always the same old.”  But I fucken love the other sword too, so addictive.  I grab it like it has more power than my cock.


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    ooc just love how you can suggest an ending to the story basically complete the ending yet pull back at the last second to continue in another direction.


    “I am going to get some popcorn ladies.”  Flick the switch on the big screen and turn on a movie


    Charlotte look at us.. Or maybe just one of us.. my naked form , or Rodney.. Is she curious, or shame of her quite good performance of sucking cock.

    Actually not really care.. Rod tell that woman with katana is sexy..

    powerful.. threath even? I know most actually like feeling some uncertainty.. his remark about my other.. hard object that he feels against him bit lower. Make me laugh.“Too late I have plenty of ideas already…” always have.. often keep them to myself, but he can be so tempting.. like now when he lift me. Instictly move my arms around his neck.. katana is bit hart to hold.. the way I can be sure, it not cut anything on his back.. I know they are super sharp!

    Another Kiss.. perfect as one before.. breathless. Then he tell that my P.A. should go through another test.. “I do love to get shown a proper respect.. but I hate those who kiss their boss ass only to get high! You think my P.A. is one of those, or she really want to worship me.. and show some respect?” *sexy grin*

    Ice cream.. he say and I imagine.. that added with My P.A showing respect.. I know I just leave a stain at his suit.. “Yes.. anytime, I love that.” Eyes flash.. twinkle.

    He grab sword.. accidentally take wrong one.. or purposely right one? Telling he is same old.. “You say that like it is a bad thing.. I love that in you.” Way his hand feels around my sword.. make me grab him tightly with my legs. Not want to let go.. but..

    I am not dressed.. or did he mean my naked form now is something he see me “dressing up” “Only you can think of me being dressed up.. like this.” *laugh a little* I can too, but deny if ever asked..

    All good and beatiful things end.. my feet touch floor again and Rodney tell he is going to watch. He makes me forget (to do) things.. like cover my sword(s). Oh, before I place katana back in the holster.. smile the thought of posing..

    I really was once so close to use katana I found.. in that class room..

    I look at him and Charlotte by turns.. “You mean you will look at her umm doing.. -gulp- to me?” 


    I watch the interplay from behind the bar, sipping my gin and giggling ….so many metaphorical swords on display and being handled.

    Yu seems to be even more aroused, perhaps not only does she like her sword being played with, but idea of being tied up and helpless at the hands of Sir gets her juices flowing….literally, as I notice the stain on Sor’s trousers. In fact, just thinking of being tied up and helpless dressed like this had me excited, luckily my trapped clitty is not on display so my arousal is hidden.

    Now relaxed, Sir decides to watch a film, where the katana features prominently, whilst Yu seems suddenly nervous about Air forcing me to fuck her ass with her tongue…..surely I am the one who should be nervous ….I blush.


    Yuhana looks so cute holding the sword although it looks heavier.  “Maybe a trip to Japan together darling?”  We can get a special one made.  Now back to the topic.

    “We don’t lower ourselves to bitches who just kiss ass to get places now do we YU?  So”  Look at Char  “It is not a matter of the physical act of her tongue lapping your hole and demonstrating how she can now fuck your ass”  BE it the jealousy has eased.  “Her front thing is not to be trusted”  I hold my sword.  “She is actually going to show that there is a fine line between ass kissing for diplomacy, promotion and how should we say… showing worship to the goddess you are.”

    I turn back to the film.  Throw pop corn in the air and miss the first one which tumbles to the ground.  “Try again!”  I throw and this time it lands on my tongue.  good it didn’t go straight down my throat.

    I swing my sword the same as in the movie.  “Simple request don’t you think and after that I believe Yuhana will be in charge.”

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    • This reply was modified 3 months, 1 week ago by  Sir.

    I blush as I listen to Sir talk about me like I am not there, slowly describing why I am going to lick and pleasure Yu’s ass… worship her, because my front thing cannot be trusted ????

    I squirm on my seat, wondering how I respond to this, I mean Yu seems unconvinced by the idea, but Sir, well he seems determined for it happen.

    ”I ….ermmmmm…..I guess it’s a simple request Sir, but can’t I worship Mrs Scott in some other way, one that doesn’t require me to walk such a fine line?”

    I look at them both, nervously…the way they handle the large swords is quite scary…..


    I bring over a few drinks.  Hand out the first one to Pussy cat. “Drink up and don’t overthink honey, it hurts your brain ok?”

    With that I walk over to Yu.  “HOney forget the Japan trip, how about I take you to Pattaya Thailand?”

    I take out my phone and type in Thai air ways, see the prices.  “fine”   I just wait for her to confirm the option.   “Come on Yu, we need a holiday out of the states.”  I can show her just how the rabbit hole goes in the real world.  Even pussy cat could come if she drinks her milk.


    “considering the fact that there is not one other staff member apart from you Yuhana, I expect you cut Charlotte off from the hotel for good.   It was with disrespect that she did not accept her new self.  ”

    It is time to delete.

    I push my sword up against my wife’s.

    The game / dare reached it’s final conclusion.  =  see who is the last one standing.


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