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    Charlotte asks if Sir plans to keep her as a girl. I almost chuckle to myself. Of course he is. Does he not see me? It’s not like I’ve been granted my wish of being turned back into a man since I’ve gotten here have I?

    She’s naive but she’ll learn.

    Damn! I forgot about skull or dare. So much has happened it seems like so long ago. I don’t even remember what skull meant. It sounds violent and not a clever choice at all.

    ‘Umm, Sir I don’t remember if I had a go, I’m sorry. If it is my turn now, I choose dare sir.’

    A dare will probably involve some sexual act that I’ll hate, but I don’t want to find out what skull is on my turn.


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    “Janey darling”  I wiggle my finger for her to come around the other side of the bar.

    I want to know about that little pretty thing dangling at her front.  “J baby,”  I reach for under her skirt, catching it between my finger and thumb (so small!)  “does this thing get hard or not and what exactly makes it hard if at all?”

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    Sir begins playing with my dick, which makes me nervous. I’m embarrassed to say that just him touching it has made me aroused, the lack of contact from it being locked up for so long will do that.

    I gulp, ‘Um, well, what you’re doing now apparently sir. Among other things. I haven’t had a release since I was first locked up sir.’


    “oh really, it still feels small”  I pull up you skirt to see.  “Yes you do get turned on by men then”

    I go over to some of our decorations.  Pull a ribbon off a balloon and return to holding your thumb size little excited clit. Tie a cute little ribbon around it.  “There so pretty”  I pull on the end of the ribbon a little.

    “Jane said she isn’t into men”  I look at Yu and Charlotte, there are girls there.  “But you could be honest little pussy cat Jane”  I run my hand around your smoothe little girly balls.  squeeze gently with one hand and pull back and forth slowly with the other.  “no chance to lie now is there honey?”


    Centre of attention…all about me…I just stare at Sir as he talks, shaking my head, I guarantee that being the centre of attention dressed like this….quite vulnerable, is the last thing I want.

    To make matters worse, he then reels off a list setting out what supposedly happened. Some of it true, other things a slight twisting of the truth.

    I fidget in the heels, relieved that Sor’s attention is now back firmly on Jane, whose little clitty seems very excited to be touched and teased by him, especially when the bow is added.

    As they play, i glance around trying to see if there is any other clothing for me to wear, as standing in the skimpiest of bikinis is making me nervous. I am also wondering what Yu is up too…..she seems quite quiet.


    It’s so embarrassing as sir ties a ribbon around my penis, presenting it to the world as this small little thing.

    I hate that I’m hard aswell. I now can’t hide it. Sir has touched my dick and it’s gotten hard, proving, he says that I’m into men. But I’m not! It’s just because it’s been so long since sexual release. That’s the reason, I think to myself, right?

    Sir is waiting for my answer, I’ve gone bright red.

    ‘It’s the lack of release sir, it’s confused me dick. It just wants to cum.’


    “Yea, we were playing dare game.” Try not to pay any attention about Sir undress my whorish shape with his eyes. Stop dancing and unwhorishly cover my boobs.

    “We can always make new round.” Sir answer all Charlottes questions with telling her it is not about what she say, or think. Sir’s memory is ok.. even all the alcohol he is drinking. Nod to show I agree that he remember most things. “Surely not forget anything that have any meaning..”

    Maid tell it is her turn and choose dare. Think she did make other choice earlier, but not say anything. I watch Sir lift her dress and when I look elsewhere. Mocking her little clitty. Can’t avoid hear more of their discussion about that little thing. Obviously she got excited and try to explain that it is because prevent release so long. Yeah sure..

    Sir look at me and Charlotte and keep talking about maids sexual preference. Charlotte feel very unease. Once awile look at me. Scared? *smirk*

    I go to bar and grab bottle..  not really care what it contains.. any will do.


    Yu agrees with everything Sir states, her tone a little spiky as she watches him play with his maid, before heading to the bar and grabbing a bottle of alcohol…..clearly not bothering what it is, giving me a smirk as she passes.

    I continue to search through the bag of stuff, hoping to find a pair of trousers and a shirt….anything to cover myself up a little.


    The options exponentially increase. The goals to complete intertwine.

    I see Charlotte pussy footing through the fun bag.  “Choose your own choice of clothes, girl’s love changing and who was I to choose for you”  The only problem is that there is nothing but sexy hooker clothing in the bag and a few other sexy chick uniforms.

    The curious thing is “Yuhana, why are you wearing what seems to be a maids costume at best?”  carrying a bottle of something that will wipe her mind clean and anyone else’s who even breathes the vapours.  I grin at the bottle choice.

    Jane’s denial, suggests more action needed.  I pull out my cock and push it up against hers, and start rubbing it up and down with my cock growing hard.  As I consider the dare.

    I have to reconsider the registry.  As it stood.  Security would be above a maid obviously.





    But considering Charlotte is PA to Yuhana and Jane is PA/Maid to me it should be





    Finally, I talk over Jane’s shoulder to the crew: “considering, Yuhana’s poor demenour with respect toward her marital status.  Yes, Yu, it takes two to tango.  I can’t just blame Charlotte for her actions earlier, poor bitch was seduced my your powers more than mine.  And considering Yuhana, you look like you love dressing like a maid.  And considering how Jane has shown attention at all times.  I believe we have a new order at the hotel.

    1. Sir
    2. Jane
    3. Yuhana
    4. Charlotte

    Until further notice and a change in performances here,” I put my cock back in my pants, giving Jane’s little cock a hard squeeze to follow me.  I walk up to Yuhana, “just because we have been married does not mean you reached the goal of finding me a maid.  I found her. ”  I put my hands on Yuhana’s shoulders pushing her down onto her knees “Kneel”  I pull Jane in front of her.  “Yuhana show me and Jane that you understand the chain of command around here.”  I walk around YUhana, standing behind her and stick my Jane’s precum covered fingers across her lips before thrusting her head forward into Jane’s little cokette.  “Appologise to Jane for depriving her of the ass fucking earlier too with your jealousy and outburst”

    I look at Jane’s eyes “Your dare is to show me you can come only thinking about women and not my big cock hammering your tight little ass”

    The logic is that if Jane can come only by Yuhana’s mouth then I may be wrong.  If she fails to come, she is mine for good.

    “Oh and Charlotte when you are dressed make sure you show Yuhana some personal assistance that you agreed to”  I point at the spot next to Yuhana



    I have heard of quick demotions, but you would have thought you would actually have to start your job before you slipped to the lowest of the low.

    I blush, realising this feels like it has been planned for ages….the honey trap, the feminisation….how could I have been so stupid.

    However, I am quickly surprised ….firstly by the fact that Sir let’s me select my own clothes from the bag and two that Yu is suddenly demoted below Jane….now that is a turn up for the books.

    I look over at Yu as he me outfit choice and the dalliance with me are both laid at her feet, in a way that cannot be argued with…especially by me. I sense that Yu chose the first outfit she found, with out considering the consequences ….of dressing like a maid and perhaps secondly Rodney wasn’t as happy to see her play with me as he suggested.

    I can only watch in shock as he forces his wife to kneel before Jane, ordered to suck her tiny cock…..perhaps another trap is being set for both.

    I decide to focus only on the clothes…..which again turns out not to be a great thing…as the choices are all feminine and all….slutty.

    I search frantically, but struggle to find anything even half acceptable….so choose the only dress available.

    I slip it on and look at myself…..oh my 😳😮

    I then realise the next part of the order….to kneel by Yu.

    I walk over, kneeling nervously….watching Yu and Jane….

    ”What should I be doing Sir ?”



    Oh my God. I can’t believe it. A girl is going to suck my cock. A smile forms on my lips as I put my hands in Yuhanas hair as she takes my dick in her lips.

    I can feel her tongue on my cock and get ready for the pleasure, but my penis doesn’t stir.

    Yuhana is trying bless her but my cock is not becoming fully erect. I look around, surprised and worried. I hope sir doesn’t notice.



    “Nice choice Charlotte, I bet that feels quite a treat with your smoothe skin”  I wait on Yu.  “You’re her assistant not mine, yet if you ask with out respect to her wishes”  I point to my fly.


    For reasons I cannot work out, I blush when you say my dress choice was nice…..I mean I wasn’t even trying to look nice, get compliments and then to get them from you ……I immediately start to play with the hem of my dress, getting nervous.

    ”Oh….ermmmmmm thank you Sir”

    Your next set of words and actions mean I literally kneel and immediately apologise.

    ”Yes Sir, Sorry Sir”

    I glance at Yu not wanting anything to do with your cock.


    I open the bottle and take a sip straight from it.. -COUGH!- fuck that is strong stuff. Charlotte search Sir’s fun bag, but not seem to find whatever she is looking. She should satisfy to what is offered, like I do.

    Not again! I hear Sir saying that I wear maid’s costume. He still see me like that? I guess it is few drinks too many.. that is speaking in his voice. “There is not much of choice in your bag.. and my other clothes are torn to rags.” Nod towards Charlotte and take another, this time more careful and little sip from poison from the bottle. It burns in my throat.. “I think Charlotte agrees with me.” *laugh!*

    Sir keep teasing poor maid. Something I don’t need to watch so I focus on charlotte and green stuff in the bottle. I barely register what Sir talk about me and hotel hierarchy.. or whatever. “Sure.. yeah..” Mumble my answer and smile to skull bottle.

    My lips tangled to bottle head for needy “kiss” I hear Sir saying something about our old “dare”.. and before I can do anything my “Kiss” with the bottle is interrupted so rude way.

    “Kneel” he say and push my shoulders so hard that I find myself doing that.. Maid’s barely an erection is front of me and can taste her excitement from Sir’s fingers.. that pressed against my lips.. green poison in my mouth burn.. “Apologise” he say and tell maid what is her dare.

    Soon as his fingers leave my lips.. Maid put her hands on my hair and  push her cocklette into my mouth and I give it absinthe bath. It burns in my mouth and on my lips.. can only guess.. effect it make on Maid! At least I have great mouthwash already in my mouth. 

    Sir call Charlotte and she soon join with me on the floor.I decide to stay quiet.. instead of saying “Uups, I am sorry.. that was accident..”


    *Grin* at Charlotte.. “Just go on where I left..” 


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    I watch the scene unfold, this must be the biggest domestic argument in history, Rodney using this opportunity to humiliate his wife, who seems to both enjoy it and rebel against it at the same time.

    As the absinthe shoots from Yu’s mouth, covering the tiny bow encased clitty, i realise that if I don’t make a stand I could end up in Jane’s position.

    When Yu looks over at me and grins, telling me to go on where she left i know what she was insinuating, but I am not going there.

    But let’s give that away yet….instead I smile.

    ”Yes Mrs Scott, Of course, you are the boss.”

    With that I rip the skull shaped bottle from her hand and take a huge swig, before spitting the remains over Jane’s hairless balls.

    I turn to Yu and smile.

    ”Picked you left Mrs Scott, her balls …you missed them”

    I take another swig and then slide the bottle back to her and wipe my mouth, smiling.


    What transpires seems horrific, Did Yu just bite off my maid’s cockette?!!! “What the fuck YU!”

    I take a closer look and both girls look now like they are their rags.  “Disgusting”  I should have expected nothing more from my wife.

    Well that dare just ended in ways I didn’t imagine.  I step away.  A second.  The whole lot of them letting me down again.

    “The whole lot of you need to cool down.”  Should we go to the showers I wonder to myself.  Fuck that.

    I grab a bucket of cold water left over from champagne ice.  And throw the lot on them.




    And to my utter amazement Charlotte do exactly what I say.. She can be a great P.A. I see her now complitely new light. My already wide, devilish grin gets even wider, if that is possible as I look at all of them.

    Rodney seem to take things quite well, yet I know it is extremely hard for him. “I did what was so nicely asked.” Can’t hide winners tone in my voice. Oh god that feels great! Though to drink for that.. but..

    “Uuuh!! Fuck!!”

    I get icy shower.. good thing.. if there is any.. it clear my head.. inside. Thoughts clear as Icecube, that I pick from my top.. throw it towards Rodney. “Bastard!”


    “You think that is funny”  I almost catch the cube to stick it up her ass but it slips by.

    Fuck.  “FUCK”  These hidden functions of the bar and surrounds were meant for others not my wife.

    I turn around hitting the emergency button for when everything goes wrong.

    Main Product


    As a winch starts lowering from the ceiling I give Charlotte and mighty slap across her face enough to knock any pussy onto her ass.

    I jump onto YUhana ripping off her costume “If you don’t appreciate your new position!”  I pin her down lasooing her, chain locking her, no key available around.

    “Have you got something to say YU?”  I straighten up my clothes and walk over to Charlotte.  “Stay the fuck on your knees or ass or it will get worse for all of you.”

    I hook up the winch and press the button again to start to winch up again, pausing just before Yuhana becomes airborn.  “You want to go up or down YU?”

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    Loyalty, it’s a funny thing…who do you pledge allegiance to, and why?

    Firstly the cold, ice water covers us…….not good….fuck I knew the drink spitting would have an impact, the slap across my face proves that even more….but shit it hurt for a second and the freezing water makes me gasp…… but neither are a punch.

    So as I refocus I see Rodney moving towards Yu, stripping her and chaining her into some form of device…..before threatening me.

    I smile, this is perfect, the arguments between Sir and Yu and Jane freeing me up.

    i stand and walk to bar.

    ”Worse, fuck this can’t get worse for me at the moment…:”

    I grab a beer.

    ”So I don’t give a fuck if it gets worse for anyone….so let’s talk like men and whilst you abuse your wife and maid we can agree how I get out of these clothes and everything.”

    I position myself by the bar to prevent surprise attacks and even in heels I am bigger than Rodney….so this will be easy.


    Yes, I think it is funny. Not mean that cold water, still dripping from me to the floor. Shivering lightly. My mouth and lips feel funny. Dry, like burned.. but it was worth! I feel bit sorry about Rodney.. on the other hand happy from my victory. It was not planned, but he knows, give me a chance and I use it!

    Just now notice that my P.A have nice dress on. “Classy dress.” Smile at her.

    I hear CLICK like switch is pushed and then something that resembles some kind of motor start running. I wonder and look at Rodney questioningly. He slap MY P.A. with force that I almost feel it! That is not nice.. 

    “What the..” was all I manage to say before Sir start ripping my wet clothes. I try to retreat.. lean back and only manage to help him to tear my clothes off. Second time in this party when my clothes are torn. Should not use so effective perfume! Actually my situation is not funny at all..

    I make much resistance I could, but he is stronger and I was already kneeling on the floor. So I don’t have a chance.. “Ok, I believe you. Stop being ridilicious.. I behave!” Shouting under him, pinned down. Looks like he is not listening me. tying me?! “Ok.. I said, I behave.” use everything I got to struggle, but manage only slow him down a little and get few bruises. I feel cold steel.. on my neck and limbs. CHAINS!! Now he really scares me..

    “I am sorry, darling! .. now stop this silly game. I got you.” My tone is soft, little raspy. Catching my breath.. no point to struggle against the metal chains.

    I have lot to say! But I stay quiet, because all I have to say will not help my situation a bit. Let Sir calm down and then I can talk some sense in his hot head. “Fuck you!” Of course I could not stay complitely silent.

    I can’t believe I hear Charlotte stand up against Sir.. no not against Sir.. only using opportunity to get out from gutter and leave me there. SHIT! (S)he not have anything to lose.. smart move, till I get free..

    I can’t believe (S)he leave me as fast as (s)he join me. Can’t count on any help now? “You fucking piece of shit!!” I aim that to both of them.. not help me, but makes me feel little better..

    Pulling against shakles just to get to know how well they hold me.. how chains connect everything. Locks? Not see keys anywhere.. not even Sir have..? “I told, I will behave and do what you say dear.. Sir. You have your fun.. get these things off. I am your wife.” do my best not to beg.

    While talk, I struggle against chains. I know it is vain, but makes me feel I can do something. “You do have the keys? So use them.” Of course he have, but hope he falls on that and show me by a -look, gesture or words- where the damm keys are.. and I might need ally..

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    I can’t believe what I’m seeing, things have truly taken a turn.

    Before I could recover from the absinthe on my cock water comes rushing our way from Sir. Luckily not too much is spilled on my, my maids outfit isn’t too wet, but damn is it cold.

    Sir is in a particularly forceful mood. Stringing Yuhana up in chains and dipping her clothes, this is a clear example of what could happen if you disobey him, this is as much a message to everyone in the room as it is a punishment for her.

    I stand in stunned silence, my feet aching from my heels, not wanting to interrupt.


    “Disrespectful both of you.”  I turn around to see Jane cleaned off at least but wet as fuck.  “Go get dressed for dinner, first class, no maid’s uniform, I want a classy date tonight love, and I will make it up to you Jane”

    I turn back around, do I tend to Charlene or Yu first.  Obviously Yu isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.  I smile and change my expression smiling.  I walk towards Charlotte at the bar and start clapping slowly, and then faster as I have a chuckle, “Charlotte! ”  with a happy and surprised expression nodding, “you got the Job”

    I walk closer still clapping.  “You showed you can pass the dare, maintain rank, follow orders from Yuhana first and foremost, that is exactly what I was hoping for and you nailed it.”  I turn briefly back to Yuhana “HOney” I call out to Yu.  “You were right honey Chad is the right one for the job alright, and oh sorry I will let you down now”  I reach for my pockets to get out the keys.

    “Um Yuhana did you move any or see any keys on the bar table?”  I walk near the bar next to Charlotte.

    “fuck” raise my eyebrows and look closely at Charlotte.  I look over her shoulder and call out to Yuhana.  “HOney just stay there I will get a spare set soon.

    I whisper to Charlotte “Chad I am impressed”  I dangle a set of keys in front of Charlotte.  “One key is to unlock your pee pee back to being a man, the other unlocks my wife from the machine.  Oh.. here you are”  I dangle the keys in front of her.  Enough so she has to reach.  “go free yourselves up and we will get out the contracts and security uniform for you buddy”



    I wait for the explosion, making sure I am ready….watching as Yu wriggles in her chains, dangling above the floor.

    First Jane is ordered to change, it seems she is getting a night out on the town…which is fair given what she has just been through….then attention is turned back to me….and Yu.

    I tense as his hands rise up slowly…..waiting the the charge..but instead he starts clapping….faster and faster as he approaches, even smiling.

    I glance at Yu, seeing if her expression will give anything away, if she expected this…..but I can’t really see much as she sways in the air.

    My shock increases as he then explains that was a test, to see if I could follow orders, maintain rank and pass the dare.

    I look at myself, as he comes around the bar…well I seem to have passed the dare…though I don’t remember getting changed…..I smile and raise an eyebrow.

    ”Oh….ermmmm…thank you Sir, I have to say this was the most elaborate interview I have ever had to face”

    I straighten the see-thru dress stil fidgeting in the heels.

    ”And the outfit was unexpected, but I do know that Jane is right, wearing these heels kills”

    I grin more broadly as you tease Yu, pretending not to have a set of keys, before leaning over and whispering in my ear, dangling a set, one to unlock me and one to free your wife….saying that once it’s done we can sign the contracts and I can get the security uniform.

    ”Thank you Sir, it will be a pleasure to protect you both and I am glad I passed the test….I will of course unlock your wife first and then free myself…”

    I laugh and tap my flat groin….pleased that my cock will soon be free.

    I then reach for the keys, having to lean forward a little, as they are further away than I expected…my balance a little off due to the heels….


    Oh that moment took all the strength in me to control.  I wanted to send her with a slap up the ass to land face first.  Instead I am a gentleman.  “Sorry Charlotte”  I pull away the keys and stick them in my pocket as I walk away a touch putting my index finger up to her mouth.  “Shhh”  I take out my phone to answer a message.

    “Ruby what?  Jane what? ”  I walk over to my future girl friend, Jane second in command, put my arm around hers, “Come on darling”  I talk to Jane and then the phone.  “Yes she is about to leave the building now.”

    I sigh.  I look at Yuhana and Charlottle, Ladies I am so bummed right now, Jane is going to leave us.  “Come on Jane the door is right here”  I slap her up the ass out the doors and lock them.

    I look back around, “Now there are 3”  FUCK I love this game.

    “Yu, Charlotte (I swear still sounds like rhoulette and everything will land on green)

    We be having a party. ”  I howl at the moon.  “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”  I laugh my head off “HAHA”

    “Yuhana, you will be happy to know that Jane has resigned to drink tea with Ruby somewhere”  I for one am ready “Did you for once consider it might be my turn for a dare?”  The wife looks fucked up in chains, but atleast I didn’t gag her and slut bitch is my next interest.

    “Charlotte darling this is a party you will never forget” I laugh and finish coughing, dam cigars!


    It only takes a second for my grin, perhaps it was even a smug one, to disappear. As the rules of the game….if it is one seem to shift again and each time in your favour.

    The keys, so tantalisingly within my reach, are suddenly gone, as you slip back into your pocket, whilst taking a call….your finger placed on my lips, making it clear I am to be quiet, in a condescending way.

    Finished, you announce that Jane, is leaving, but don’t say where, as you usher her out of the door.

    I immediately start to feel nervous, very nervous , especially when you announce that we are having a private party, just free of us.

    I back away, feeling very very exposed in this skimpy dress, worse when you look me up and down and announce this will be party I will never forget.

    I blush

    “But Sir, what about the contracts and the uniforms and stuff…..and are you doing a dare?”

    I fidget nervously as you cough.

    ”and what do you mean by never forget?”



    “Ah yes the contract”I look at Yuhana and point “she does the paper work usually”  I put out my hand.  “Come sit down with me my brief case should have something I can write up”



    As you point at Yu, slowly swinging from the ceiling, suggesting she is the one who does the contracts, my nervousness ratchets up another notch….which given the situation is amazing.

    Still, you say your brief case should have something that will suffice, perhaps a notepad where we can agree on the terms and Yu can get them typed up for signing when she is released.

    Your hand out stretched, I take it (which feels very odd and I cannot fathom why I did) and let you lead me to the sofa, sitting down next to you, trying to cover my legs, which given the dress I am wearing is see-they seems a pointless gesture.

    ”Well Sir, I am in your capable hands, so where do we begin?”

    I blush realising what I just said sounds quite dodgy….



    Jane seem to be ok. Good. Damm, why I care is she, or not! Sir rub everything onto my face. Classy date, Love? making everything up for her. He tell everything so clear that I must hear. I want to kick his nuts harder than last time!! I want to SCREAM!! But all I do is pulling against the shackles. They start to feel tighter. I know it is only in my mind. Way I am bend also start to effect. Muscles are not to used to be long in position like they are now.

    I don’t know what Sir have in mind, but I know he is not going to accept Charlotte’s behaviour. I could warn her, but why bother. She just throw me to wolves!

    Sir tell Chad?!? He say Chad? That he pass the interview?! “What..?” Now I am little puzzled. He really let me down now! I don’t believe him.. but want to.

    My try’s to get off from shackles make me swing little. “Oh, yes he did pass.” I don’t see any other option to get free. So it is easy to agree with Sir. -smiling- but then he ask, if I see the keys! Oh, fuck! For a moment he really got me on that. “What? No I haven’t seen.. ” he is not that careless. Just teasing me, or..

    Sir tell Chad something.. I can’t figure out what.. or hear anything. Anyway looks like Chad is agreeing with Sir. “Hey, I don’t plan to hang on here all night!” I try to sound funny.. yet there is also lot of tension. I just want them to let me down fast as possible. “This position make my muscles hurt already” 

    Of course Sir was playing and soon find out that he not have any intention to free me.. and again rub his filth onto my face.. he tell that Jane is leaving with Ruby?!? Yet still call stupid maid as “Darling” I find myself swing more as I struggle against shackles in rage.. it only make mywrists and ankles hurt.

    Sir stays with Chad.. Charlotte? Not sure if they get agreement, or not. “Yes It is your dare and I fucken dare you to let me loose!!!” Not smart to yell him, but what I have to lose anymore.. maybe if he gets angry.. I could grab keys or make them fall on the floor.. yeah what are the odds? Millions to one.. but better than none. “Show me that you have guts and release me NOW!” 

    But they sit and go through papers.. I get some breath.. struggling and shouting when bend like I am.. is tough. I just stare at them.. loathing eyes.


    “How about we begin from the bottom.”  I leave one hand on her pretty thigh lean forward take out some paper and a pen.  “Shut up Yuhana”  she is really distracting even like this.

    “So let’s negotiate since you proven how great you are”  I hear Yuhana dare me “If you move Charlotte from your position here at the sofa mid negotiation consider any terms discussed null and void.”

    I turn around and throw the keys as close to Yuhana as I can. “My dare is done”  and see that I still got a good accuracy.  the keys slid right to her face.  Nice.

    “I am not sure what you are bring to the table for negotiations but I have an enormous sum of money that will come soon.  If you would like to know how that money will be available, I would be happy to tell you as long as you fully understand the depth of the hole you would dig in the Nevada desert if you were to ever betray me.”  Fuck I don’t even know that Yuhana knows the exit strategy.

    I look back at Yu.  “Darling what the insurance valued to on this place for a sudden unsuspiscious fire?”

    I take my cigar and lighter and light it up.  I stand up and turn around looking down Charlotte.  “Right me down some things there to sign off on or write off”  I take a drag and blow it at the moon.

    Dam my cock is feeling heavy again.  I jiggle up and down to get it in a more comfortable hard position in my pants.  “Dream big”



    “SHUT UP!?!?” I know It would be smart thing to do probably, but when I am nervous can’t help become super active verbaly. Find it help me to get out off current situation often, but not always lead easier position.

    And I did sucseed! Kind of.. Sir toss keys to me.. and tell that his dare is done as keys stop sliding when touch my cheek. “Thank you, darling!” Sarcasm ooze out of my words. Anyway, I am closer to get free.. now just need to find out how can I use the keys.. or make someone else to do that..

    I try to think my next move while I listen to then “negotiate” Sir once again tell he expect to get lot of money. -sigh- I know he really have plans, but like mine what comes to big money.. somehow it never happens.

    Once again my thoughts drift to Money Case that I stole from White Slave trader.. -it always makes me sentimental- He was not all bad..

    Case was.. maybe still is hidden in storage room at lacy basement floor.. M & R is already after it and.. those mobsters also. Both getting closer ..

    Sir ask me about insurance policy.. “You mean.. burn the place?” I get goosebumbs.. already imagine place burning and myself.. hanging here.. surrounded by flames.. feel the heat increase.. HE got to be kidding! He loves me! “Enough for US to live like.. rich and famous for rest of OUR lives.” Make it clear, money will be enough for BOTH of us. Exact sum? 20 million about.. 10 times more, when hotel is fully operating.

    That probably is not enough for his style of living.. but I don’t like to get grilled. Thought also makes me think of keys.. my life may depend of those.. I grab them between my teeth and use tongue to pull them in my mouth.. not going to lost them.

    I get excited.. maybe it is sense of danger.. feeling totally mercy of anyone that comes by. Can I find a way to get free.. what those two really planning.. something that involve my helpless state? Yeah.. Sir probably know what all this do to me and enjoy that from bottom of his heart!

    I keep staring at them with fire glowing in my eyes. Staying silent.. would sound funny when talk with keys in my mouth. I need Chad to free me.. think it is my only option at the moment.. FUCK!

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