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    “Kiss my cock Jane, that is all you are good for”


    As degrading as it was I immediately unzipped his fly and gave his cock a long kiss. I didn’t want to get in his bad books.

    I look up at him afterwards.

    ‘does that answer your question?’


    I am not sure what surprises me more the derogatory comments about his wife, or the speed with which he moves across the room, kicking me in the calf.

    The comes more from the point of his shoe, rather than the force of the blow, but it still stops the interaction between myself and Yu and I drop to the floor, almost in slow motion.

    I hear Jane squeal, I think even she was shocked, before rubbing my leg, as I glance up and look at Rodney first, his eyes bulging with anger, before looking over at Yu to see how she reacts.

    Rodney it seems is intent on leaving …


    This is why it is advised in a new hotel to plant mother fucking bomb at the base.

    No no nonononon


    this is why you get real backspace.

    people running the show not amateurs.


    “Seriously?  everyone here are you going to fucking treat this place like it is your!???? fucking place?”

    I look around so many just casual walkins

    “If you think I have to be here to make sure you pay attention to the rules you should leave now”

    I throw the lighter out of my hand that was going to be used the cigar in my hand.

    “Get the fuck out, useless, partime”  rub my head.

    Look at the wife.   “Yu do you have any words of advice or is it just me losing it at the whore here?”  I lean back


    “Like I am gona read your shit”  I rub my knee again.


    Clearly my kiss on his cock was not suitable. Neither were my words. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don’t know what to do.

    ‘I don’t understand what you want sir, I’m trying my best here.’

    I plead into his eyes, he’s starting to scare me.


    Struggle much as possible can.. when avoid to get hurt.. anyone. His firm grip from my hair and .. joystick stays. I let out little SCREAM! as some of my hair pulled off. 

    I register there is others, but not really care.. 1 or whole world. I just want to satisfy my need!! Maybe because of that, I lose the little “fight” and he spin me.. push me on sofa “UUH!” How that come out sexy -Sigh- ? Swell on his hand.. twitch, wiggle my ass, not to offer easy target, or was it invite to..?

    “Aaaaa…” bite not hurt too much.. I did not have time to say anything back before.. just try to keep my balance as my legs spread and his hand make me dripping prejuices.. squirming with lust and need .. Ready to.. “Fuck…!” I was more than ready, yet he surprise me..


    sheer force that he pushes in surprise me.. it hurt a little, but almost immediately change something good.. as he goes furter in me.. instinctly push back.. “MOAAAAN!” Just when he find soo perfect rhythm.. -PANT!- I hear somewhere in my mind.. “CHAD”.. Sir’s voice.. also something about me and whores.. typical.. “Don’t..” can feel my new bodyguard “.. Stop!” 

    Something hit us.. and Chad’s hold of me loosen and feel his cock coming out.. leaving me open and empty.. “No, no, no!” Still not sure what happen.. turn and look. It is Rodney.. that hit on us, actually to Chad, but I was damm close.. maybe I crave this.. maybe thought.. oh fuck.. Sir asking maid about her relations.. NOW? I look at Chad.. he looks pretty much ok.. good.

    Rodney offer his hand ans ask me to leave with him. I grab it.. “.. But I am naked..” Like it change anything. I get up and soon as I did.. -still hard and juices dripping on my cock, I don’t care to cover.- Maid comes and kiss Sir’s cock.. why not mine as well.. think I need that more.. let my hand fell off from his hold.

    I listen Rodney’s burst.. try to get my breath stedy. He ask my advice? I don’t have any.. really. “Whore?” Shrug “Just cool down..” Grab his hand again.. “You run the hotel.. keep customers satisfied is hard job.. you need personel you can trust.. even better, if you like them. Don’t try to hard.. focus on things you like and ignore things you don’t.. you are the boss! This place is nothing without boss.. I try, but ..  place needs you.” he said he not listen to me.. something else is new? *laugh* to myself. “Slap and fuck whores, don’t ask too hard questions from them.. we all have our place and position.. Captain.” 

    Turn head and look again at Chad, -smile- He is ok.. then again my hubby. “Are we going somewhere?” funny He not want me to call him something that I think is “special”.Reason because I .. anyway.. he knows how I feel.. *Smile wide*


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    Captain! huh, for all I know this ship has already crashed into rocks.

    “Yu, you can stay and carry on with lover boy, tomorrow is a new day, I can start fresh,”  somewhere else maybe.

    I look at the mayhem, shrug.  Where dreams come true.  Yeah right.  “I will cool down Yu, I have calmed down”  I shouldn’t expect anything from anyone.  “It was my mistake to interrupt you.  You deserve a guy who wants to fuck you and I stopped it for nothing more than jealousy.”  I shake my head and sigh.

    “I should trust Jane too”  I look back at her meekness. “Yuhana is happy with her body guard and I am happy with my maid.”

    Maybe this is a good time to fuck this show right off.  “new rules Yuhana, from now on, our marriage has taken a turn not for the worse but different dimension.  You have no right to be jealous and neither do I”

    I walk over to the bar.  Get a new lighter and light my cigar.  I turn back around a second “Jealousy is such a putrid evil and destructive emotion.”  Turn again to the bar grabbing a bottle of champagne.  With my back to everyone I continue.  “Will everyone drink to our new rules?”  I start pouring into the flutes.

    The glass on the right, I pour in a sedative, stick my finger in and mix it around, then turn around carrying the glasses on a tray.

    I turn the tray so that the spiked drink does not go to anyone, until I finally arrive in front of the body guard.  I take the left flute, and take a big mouthful, leaving the last drink for Chad.

    “Forgive me for the kick Chad, you know I can get impulsive at times, with these new rules you can enjoy my wife’s company uninterupted.”

    I raise my glass before finishing “Everyone please toast with me to show me that you accept the new terms, NO MORE JEALOUSY”  I raise and finish my glass.



    Sir seem to calm down. “Yea, you can always get a fresh start.” raise corner of my mouth. He talk about jealousy.. *Shrug* something we can’t avoid, if it’s in you.. there is only various ways how we show it. “Trust comes in long run.. mostly. Should listen your instincts and enjoy whatever you do.” He continue telling how he see things. I look at my new bodyguard.. open my mouth to say.. well, sometimes there is no words.

    No right to be jealous? *Laugh* “Don’t worry about me..” I do that to myself.. I can agree about that “destructive emotion” thing. No one knows it better than me.. *glance at the ring in my finger* it’s still there and also finger.

    Looks like we have some celebration.. and we are going to stay in here. I pick flute from the tray.  Watch Rod go to Chad and tell he is sorry about interruption.

    He make announcement and toast to it.. “I agree.” Lift glass to my lips.. then wander to chair near by and sit.



    Happy that things are calm down.. -sigh-smile- “To new start.” Empty my flute..

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    I am handed a glass of champagne and, while still knelt on the ground, I raise my glass to toast. I am surprised I was even given a glass, considering my status.

    ‘To a new start and new rules.’


    I stand and watch as Yu quickly seems to calm down Rodney, it seems that she has a positive effect over him and perhaps has seen him act impulsively before.

    He starts to talk to us about new starts, shifts  in relationships and new rules going forward, whilst preparing glasses of champagne.

    I finish rubbing my leg and wait, watching as Rodney carries the tray, passing glasses to everyone, reaching me last.

    I take the remaining glass and nod, downing it in one.

    ”No need to apologise Sir….”

    I make sure I still refer to him as he wanted, not wanting to pour any more oil onto the flames that seem to be dying down.

    ”I did not mean to over step the mark and am glad we can start a fresh”

    I lick my lips, the champagne tasted a little strange, but that’s probably just in my head. I look over at Yu and smile, but my vision is a little blurred…..and my legs shaky.

    I turn back to Rodney.

    ”Is it ok if i sit Sir, I feel a little ….urm….unsteady”

    I turn and flop onto the sofa….my head spinning….eyes closing ………my arms and legs suddenly feeling far to heavy to move……


    “Yuhana, Jane”  I step over to the sofa and slap the face of the devil asleep softly to check just how deep.

    “Time to demote”  I walk back over to the bar and duck down and under pulling out my iconic big black bag.  Always full of goodies, always ready.

    “Ladies, you will derobe what is left”  I throw the tub of hair remover.  “Face, body, all hair completely”  I pull out glue, wigs, fake breasts, and a new chastity device which pulls and tucks the penis back an under more camel toe like that previous versions.  I pull out a range of womens clothes, a box of make up.

    I look back at Yuhana and Jane.  “Make this little bitch the hottest possible.”

    Finally, before I allow them to start, I hand cuff each wrist to the sofa followed by each ankle.  “In case she wakes up.”



    Finally, I think to myself, something I can enjoy. I hated my transformation into a girl, but the chance to inflict the same torment on a man who thought of himself as some ‘Alpha male’ type? Well I couldn’t turn that down.

    ‘Yes Sir! We’ll have her ready and pretty in no time!’

    And a plus, maybe if I make this guy look enough of a bitch, then he will be the one sucking cock instead of me.

    I begin with the hair removal cream, I make sure to rub my hands in it well and spread it all over Chad, everywhere from below the eyebrows and down. He looks wet all over, but it’s the cream working it’s magic, making his skin hairless and soft, just like mine.


    All well, Chad and Rodney have little chat. Chad takes a seat and smile at me.. Then.. he squint. Did he hit his head? I look at him worried. Only few seconds after that I hear Sir call me and Jane.. ok, I got it now..  “What did you do? He was mine.. I mean my bodyguard.. err Hotel security.” I should have known what is coming..

    I feel angry! What, if I poison everyone he.. I get up.. still naked. Sir keep giving directions. He not have to tell, I know very well what he want, just one look at the stuff he pick from the bag. I go to him .. still feeling angry. I mean to whisper, but it come out loud. “You did this just because he touch..?” ..Me. I look at poor Chad feel bit sorry for him. Looks like he is alive at least.. that’s a relief.

    When Rodney pulls out some women’s clothes, I remember I am still naked. “I need some of those.” Grab panties and whatever stuck into my hand. Rodney also cuffs our.. ex-security now I presume. “Is that really nescessary?” I start to dress.. panties..

    Jane already start to do as Sir told. I pick up more clothes.. even there is limited amount of them.. it is hard to choose.. or might be because I really don’t want to..

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    I am glad Jane has taken on her duty well, my wife however “Yu you still have a body guard, still a toy to play with too.”  I give Yuhana’s ass a squeeze.  “You just won’t be getting any real cock in your ass unless it is mine.”

    I look down at the devil.  Squeeze her cheeks to make her pout “Oh she will make you happy as a personal assistant”

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    As sir and his wife are talking, I continue preparing his new girl.

    Now that he is hairless, I take the glue and apply it to his scalp, followed by the wig Sir has provided, this should give him a feminine hairdo for quite a while, I think to myself.

    Sirs wife seems quite reluctant to femininise him. I notice this and try to hurry up the more ‘long lasting’ aspects of his transformation. That way she won’t have a choice but to deal with the new female.


    He use a word “she” .. I glance at my.. toy? Take deep breath to calm.. “But you say..” Yea, no point to argue either.. I don’t get any.. *laugh* not sure why, I guess there is nothing else to do. Sir mock him and also me.. I think.

    “I don’t need P.A!” Raise my voice.. as I tie my top on. There was not that much to choose, but at least get some cover. Jane is doing efficent job.. with MY ASSISTANT! I wonder “Where is the key to that..” I look at sir and point chastity “..Thing?” I don’t want to.. glance one more time my.. Oh fuck.. “I need to go ladiesroom!” I grab some make up and “donuts” .. and go to bathroom..

    HIT THE SINK! AAAH!! bite my lip not to scream! I know should not hit the sink, but I need to blow some steam! Now my hand hurt.. so thoughts not go circling on one thing..  wash my face.. and make up. Then start to renew it.. and add”donuts” look at the mirror..

    Yeah.. whore, he say! Fucking perfect one! After awhile I come out from bathroom. Look at others. “and this should be a Fucking party!” 

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    “precisely Yu, it is a dress up party, nice isn’t it that everyone gets involved.”

    I choose the blond wig with long tit length hair.  Pass it to Jane, as I smirk.  Next I choose the colours for nail polish, “Yu do you think she will look good with pink or red nails?”  I get involved to hurry this along, doing the toes.  When done.  mmmm.

    “high heels”  I clip them on and then finish the hands.  “Jane I think you will need to do the face make up, but I should think something girly coloured heavy slut style.”

    I go over to the clothing Yu left behind.  “Oh yes the device”  I wrap it around the cockette tie it back and slide over the camel toe device.  “Pass me some glue will you Jane”  I take it and superglue the parts in place.  That should hold well enough with no key necessary.  “Poor little girl will need to sit down to pee because she’s gona spray around down her legs otherwise.”  I have a chuckle looking at Yuhana’s spoilt look.  Back to the clothes, “let’s get her ready for the bikini show tomorrow under her other clothes.”  I pull out some pretty floral bikini bits and bow them up.  “Cute!”

    Now for the final clothing mmm slut for sure.  But first I stand up and look at her mouth wide open.  “Oh that looks quite fuckable!”  I turn to Jane and then to Yu.  “I had no idea she would look so dickable”.



    Sir make my jaw drop as he agrees with me. I look at unconscious Chad in sofa.. Jane and Sir keep working with him.. (s)he does look .. -to my utter amazement- .. like a girl. What the ?!?!? Glue!?!? “why you need to.. glue?” 

    Sir look at me.. can’t really say, if he likes or not my look.. it seem to amuse him. I slowly come closer.. “What bikini show?” I try my best not to look MY ex-bodyguard. Fuckable.. Sir say.. and what the hell?!? He is not joking.. I do my best to keep dead pan face. “Oh, you think?” my tone is low.. almost like whisper. “.. He is my P.A.”

    Wonder what’s bugging me more.. that (s)he really not look bad, or that Sir not mean me! “..Not just common whore, or fuck meat!” Glance at Jane..


    chad is starting to look quite good as sir works with me to complete her. He instructs me to give her slutty make up so I really lay it on thick, as sir said, she needs to look fuckable. The better she looks, the more likely sir will take his sexual frustrations out on her and not me.

    ‘Chad doesn’t seem like a fitting name now sir. Don’t you think we should give her something more appropriate?’


    “Jane, with the new rules in force, after I fuck you tonight”  I zoom in on her eyes “Jane You and I are going out to dinner together, while Charlotte here is going to meet her boss. ”  My dick gets hard just thinking about completing what should have been royally fucked… Jane’s ass.  “Yu tonight darling I need to attend to some business off-site.”   I wink at Jane.

    Charlotte however is going to have huge learning curve.


    I try to hide my.. inner feelings well as it is possible. I did lose opportunity to.. *glance at Sir*  and he knows that. Is that what makes him smile? and why I mirror that smile?

    I fisted my my hands when Sir tell me he is going to dinner with slut maid. Otherwise I look calm. I am like not notice him wink at maid. “Of course.. captain have so many.. ‘bussiness meetings’ and you leave me to .. ” point at Cha.. rlotte. “.. show to hotel? and what is exactly his new position in here?” My tone is ironic, jealous and disapointted.. everything but not normal.


    “Come on Yu, stop being such a little pussy cunt!”  I beg her “You should be excited your new little piss flaps here is going to please you no end.  HOney it’s only a night, Jane deserves a good bit of fun too.  Remember the mantra! ”

    I look around to everyone “At sirs hotel we never get Jealous!”  I hope all the girls understood it.  Even possibly unconscious Charlotte.  The name reminds me of my balls rolling round her face before they fall into her mouth.  Anyway rhoulette is quite different.  I gather my thoughts.

    “Wow here’s the party now!”  Yu could choose music too fuck anyone could.  but left to me. press play



    I have no idea how long I have been asleep, or why I drifted off in the first place.

    I sit up, feeling very odd and a little cold, something seems to be tickling my face. I reach my hand up and feel around…..confused….is that hair ???

    I stand quickly and almost fall over, finding it very difficult to get my balance…I blush and look down, seeing my bare, hair legs, my feet in heels….high heels….my toes painted.

    I spun round, staring at Yu, Sir and Jane….

    ”What have you done to me??”

    As I speak I blush again and feel the front of the bikini panties….what !!! I can feel something flat, my cock pulled back….

    ”What have you done to my cock??”

    I turn and stare at myself in the mirror…..


    “Charlotte honey”  I walk over while the sexy funk music pumps.  “HOney you fell asleep darling, wow I am glad you are ok, all the girls were worried about you, they wanted to call the ambulance but I just knew you probably had a drink or two too much”  I slap her bar thigh “Fuck Charlolette you really got into the dare and the dress up for the party darlin”  I look around at my wife, “Yu looks alright,”  Point to Jane “she’s pretty but not dress up  “Charlottle I think you are the winner at the dress up party darling”  I put out my arm.  “Come with me sexy’  I want to lead to the bar.


    I stand, mouth open as Rodney talks… eyes darting around the room at each person…..Charlotte???

    I gasp as I feel his hand slap my thigh, the fact that I am standing in just the tiniest of bikinis and a pair of high heels is bad, but having my cock trapped in some form of device and being called Charlotte…I blush and squirm.

    ”But….my name is not Charlotte….it’s Chad and I don’t remember drinking that much at all Sir?”

    I fidget, realising that calling him Sir when dressed like this is….humiliating….which gets even worse when he calls me sexy !!!

    I follow him to the bar, heels clicking on the hard floor, the music filling the room, I don’t want to take his arm….but trip as I walk and grab it to steady myself….not good.

    As we walk I moan…..

    ”Dare…dress up ??? Where are my clothes and how do I get this off…Sir?”

    I point to my flat groin, my cock twitch in the device, trapped…..

    ”Why did you do this to me??”


    It looks like my efforts to transform Charlotte still mean that I’ll be getting fucked later. I should’ve known it couldn’t have been that easy.

    Still, Charlotte looks stunning. There’s not trace of man left on the outside, just like myself.

    Sir takes her by the hand and leads her towards the bar. I follow behind and then head around the bar to pour them both a drink, I reckon Charlotte probably needs one.


    “Thank you Jane”  quite an appropriate choice of drinks too.

    Related image

    I take my beer and “ching” it against our new girl’s drink.  “Go slow on it babe, you don’t want over do it again do you?”  I smile.  Slide my hand around her back down to her ass.  Give it a little pinch while I wink Yuhana.  “Come meet the new girl.” Yu is still not too happy but I am sure she will find a use.

    “The dare”  I look at the puzzled Charlotte “is if you can convince everyone you’d do anything for the hotel”  I smile at Jane.



    Jane is clearly far more adept at walking in heels, as she manages to over take us and slip behind the bar, expertly preparing drinks….and most likely deliberately giving me the really feminine one.

    I am pick it up and then blush as Sir decides to take another opportunity to tease me, by suggesting, in an overprotective manner, that I shouldn’t drink too quickly as I can’t handle it.

    I am about to complain, when i feel his hand on my back….causing me to freeze on the spot, letting out a little squeal.

    I take two large gulps of the drink, as Sir tells Yu to come over, before he answers one of my many questions, with an answer I don’t want to hear.

    I look at him, trembling with anger and humiliation.

    ”Anything for the hotel Sir… what ?”

    I squirm, hoping he removes his hand.

    ”You can’t be thinking of keeping me like this ???”

    I look at Jane and Yu hoping they will help me…..


    Yea, I am not .. little pussy cunt. Not even have that organ.. really and not think I am that little either. I remember..  to me it is new start. Every time.  Oh yes.. not get jealous of.. “Yes, sir!” I say with honey voice and flapping my eyelashes. I start to swing my hips with the music.. “Yes! Partyyyy!” 

    While dancing I notice that Cha..rlotte is waking up. (S)he look at us.. and asking obvious, yet not very bright guestion. “I did not do anything, dear.” Teasing laugh. I wonder, if (s)he feel that we did a prank to one that pass out in party.

    Slowly Charlotte realise what is happen. Sir explain things from his point of view. That makes me *LAUGH!* Poor Charlotte not have a clue what happen. She have actually quite nice legs.. *grin* as they pass me. Fight against the urge to ‘SLAP’ that ass. Charlotte have so many questions, but in time she will get answers. I am sure.

    Sir call me to come over .. and meet Charlotte. “Aye Captain”I slowly go to them add extra wiggle like good whore would.. “Hi Charlotte.” Smirk “Looks like you get a new job.” Could not avoid sounding sarcastic.

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    My memory fails me too.  “Yuhana”  I watch shaking her sexy outfit.  “I remember we were playing a dare game, I know for sure Charlotte had her turn, but did anyone else?”  I scratch my chin.

    I wave off Charlotte’s questions as unimportant.  “Shhh Charlotte, it’s not all about you now is it?”

    Maybe Jane can remember.  “Jane did you have a go at the skull or dare?”  I could serve two purposes.

    I did drink quite a bit so yes let me recap “This is what I remember so far in no particular order:

    1. I evicted a slave
    2. I removed a chastity device from Jane
    3. I removed a man who tried to fuck my wife’s ass
    4. I brought in a new girl to work as a PA for Yuhana
    5. Oh yes I fucked my wife (should be first)
    6. I started fucking Jane but was interrupted”

    I shrug and ask the others who may remember things differently.  “Did I forget something ladies?”


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