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    Finally, the hotel is complete.  We will be needing some staff to run the place, and all staff are welcome to come up off duty and enjoy mingling with guests too.  Let your hair hang down and enjoy!

    First drink is on the house, as long as you say the “Sir’s Hotel staff mantra”, if you don’t know it, then you have not asked him personally yet!


    As I wait for guests and staff arrive for the party I check everything is prepared.  Should be a good night.

    I pour myself a gin and tonic and savour the experience of being on top of my own hotel.

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     Nikki Wade 

    “Okay I give what is Sir’s hotel staff mantra?”

    Miss Nikki


    A very direct surprise “Nikki welcome tonight, what are you wearing?”  Mantra is post greetings I should think or “you could try nikki nikki wants to suck you diki” lol

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    “Let’s check your ID since you are so good at standing up for those that stand up for you”  I stick my hand in to check she is not a mole.

    “Yes feel free to try to ruin my hotel”  this one knows I know I am watching her now.

     Laura Luv 

    Still new to Sir’s resort ,, I have an invite to the new roof top bar…wonders if this will be business or pleasure or one and the same…

    Strut into thebar overlooking the city.

    Hope Sir likes latex.


    I look over Nikki’s shoulder and see a very appropriately dressed new addition to my organisation arrive.

    “Laura you look ravishing.” I do a quick run up and down skin and latex.  “You and Ruby will be matching I am sure… she’s not here yet… but she has a thing for rubber.”  I smile.  Look down at the drinks I was making.

    “Ladies would you like a drink?  and would you like to be bar staff and get paid or enjoy being freelance tonight?”

    I put a few gin and tonics on the bar.

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    Manage to finally arrive to opening of new Rooftop bar/Restaurant opening.. not seen place it is full glory. Looks good. -Smile- as I enter slowly to bar.

    Looks like I am not that late. Place is not full yet. I grab one of the glasses at the bar and sip, Gin and tonic.

    “Hello.. looks like I don’t miss anything, yet.” I look  at everyone around.. “So much to do.. so little time. You serving today Hun?” Smirk at my hubby.


    Holding the invitation, I make my way through the hotel and up to the rooftop garden, where the party seems to be just kicking into life.

    I look around to see if I recognise anyone, especially the owners, as if I want a job then it’s always important to make a good first impression.

    I stroll to the bar and check what’s on offer…..scanning the faces, all of whom seem to be in conversation.



    If I wasn’t already like a boy before xmas, my wife strolls in raising the dress code standard even further, “hot fucken hot”  I take Laura’s hand and lead her over to my wife.

    I take my wife’s hand and raise to my mouth and kiss it, and then kiss Laura’s hand to.  “Ladies, you look extremely accommodating”  and I nod to a guest who has come in.

    “Go get this man what he wants” I whisper to both these irresistible assassins, as I squeeze both their voluptuous and needing asses lovingly.

    “I will serve the bar unless we find someone else to darling.”  I chuckle to Yuhana.


    I arrive at the rooftop bar after my interview with sir. I am clad in my maids uniform as I am going to be serving drinks for the evening.

    I stand nervously to attention and wait for my first orders.

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    After I release my wife and her PA / cumslut Laura Luvcum onto the victim, I mean guest to our party and hotel, I beckon the waitress to the bar.

    “Jane”  I wave her to me and put my hand out to lead her “you will serve all the drinks”  I show her the bar area and follow her behind to see her ass better.

    “You see my wife and Laura are going to have first duties at the man that has walked in”  I push Jane’s ass to fit through the gap into the bar “You honey supposedly aren’t into serving cocks as they are, so will be confined unless you ask for permission and can explain your request for leave.”  I nod and raise my eyebrows if she has understood.

    “Do you know how to serve bar?”  I raise one cheek in a grin.  Being pre-emptive “make a cocksucking cowboy for our guest and offer it to him.  You may leave the bar for this.”  Jane’s ass looks so inviting and I wonder if she is a virgin.  My eyes are unashamedly watching the fine shapes beneath her skirt.


    Sir walks me towards the bar and instructs me on my duties. I am going to be making as well as serving the drinks tonight. Luckily I was bar man before my capture and transformation so I remember a lot of the skills.

    I scan the bar as he explains that he wants a ‘Cocksucking cowboy’s a cocktail that I’ve never made before but I notice a cocktail list behind the bar so I pick that up.

    Throughout this he has being touching my ass numerous times the way he stares at , I can tell he is thinking about something, I just don’t know what.

    But eager to please so I don’t get into trouble I say ‘It’s okay sir, I won’t need to leave the bar, all the ingredients I require are here. I’ll have it over to you as soon as I can.’


    “over to me?”  huh.

    “you will serve the cocksucking cowboy”  I slap her ass.  “don’t get me into the next lesson so soon young lady.”  I push my cock up against her ass.  “go serve our guest”


    Sir slaps my ass hard to highlight the mistake I made.

    ‘I’m so sorry sir. Yes I will serve him right away.’

    I quickly look at the cocktail recipe and pour a cocksucking cowboy to the best of my ability. It’s is coconut white with a variety of spirits mixed in. It looks a lot like cum honestly, but I think that’s the point. I grab a tray and walk over to the guest.

    My high heels cause my ass to sway from side to side and I notice sir watching me as I walk over to the guest.

    I lay the drink down at his table. ‘Here you are sir. The cocksucking cowboy.’

    I watch sir from the corner of my eye, hoping he sees me doing a good job.


    First I have to say I am surprised a little that Rodney kiss my hand like a .. ok, he is charming when he wants.. but still. I like that and sip again my gin & tonic.


    “You know I am.. very accommodating.” One reason he marry me.. I guess. “Well, mostly anyway.” My eyes catch the man that walks in.. hmm, he looks familiar..  but not sure from where..

    Hubby whisper something that I don’t first believe..  so whisper back with a grin. “You know.. that can lead to.. yeah serving.. but not in the bar.” saying teasing tone. Let my fingers cares lightly his front.. like accidentally and wink. His answer is squeeze that makes me jump slightly.

    MMM.. love that too when he is less gentleman like.

    “Nice to see you here co.. umm Laura.” -Smirk- and head where the man is. I try to think where I have seen him..

    “Hello, I am owners wife.. nice to meet you Mr…?” I don’t introduce myself.. just being careful, because this man is so familiar looking.. just being careful.

    Soon as I manage to open my mouth.. maid, or waitress..  think Hubby told she is his maid bring funny name drink on  the table. “She know you already?” Just have to ask that.. and do my best not burst laughing. Only little smile comes to my face. “Sorry, just ..” -Giggle- then realise, he not order it. Glance at Hubby. “.. compliments from the house.” -Giggle- and the message Hubby send is obvious.. thats why hubby send me to meet this.. -not need many looks to tell- hunk..


    I watch as the small group interact, the gentleman clearly orchestrating the situation, his hands freely roaming over the three girls curvy body parts, though his relationship with the red head seems a little different….perhaps I have spotted the owners.

    As I contemplate the situation, a maid appears in a very sexy and revealing outfit, not overly practical for cleaning, but certainly designed to catch the eye and show off her body.

    I smile as she approaches, her heels clicking on the floor, as she reaches me, placing a rather strange looking cocktail in front of me …..calling it a cocksucking cowboy. I raise and eyebrow and am about to speak, when the sexy red head appears, introducing herself as the owners wife, her face extremely familiar. She glances at the drink, smiling, before realising I didn’t order it, looking over at her husband.

    ”Its nice to meet you….the name is Mr White, but you can call me Chad”

    I take her hand and kiss it, then turn to the maid.

    ”Thnk you dear, I assume this is the complimentary welcome drink?”

    I smile at her.

    ”Ermmmm interesting choice …”

    I look down at the strange white mixture.

    ”Perhaps a beer as well?”

    I let my fingers gently brush her side…..before looking over at the smiling man and then back to his wife….could be an interesting evening. But as I am here looking for work, I don’t want to upset things just yet….so I take a sip of the drink….which is horrendous, then smile.


    The guest seems happy with his drink but mentions a beer as well. Probably to wash the sweet cocktail down.

    Eager to please and not get in trouble I quickly mince to the bar, open up a bottle of cold beer and bring it to the guest.

    ‘Here is a beer as well sir. I hope you enjoy.’


    More people are crowding in now.  I know my wife is on the same wave length as I am with all the guests around.

    I lean on the bar a second and give Jane a wink.  So many hot bods so many options.  I try to remember the blur of the party we had at DX, how many variations are possible with the beauty?  The sunset sky and the gin relaxing me, so much potential for a marvellous evening of debauchery.  Really um how can it get better?

    OH yes!  Music and entertainment.   Totally forgot the music station.   I was planning to make this chilled…

    I pick up the speaker phone, I think of all the trouble I get into when I got a mic in my hand haha.   It’s like I be uncontrollable when on this. Fuck it, I pull out my vile and snort a line off the bar.  Ear phones on.   Party has started.

    “Dj. Sir in the house Ladies…. oh and Lads”  I announce before put on some party  music.  I’m losing it!

    All guests are in good moods lovely.  I call out to “Laura”  do an action to drop some of her clothes.  “I want to see some entertainment!”


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    I carry on making and serving drinks as it gets busier. My feet begin to ache towering on these heels and moving quickly all the time. Sir gives me a wink as he leans on the bar, causing me to get flustered and mess up a drink order.

    I then see him snort a line and begin to get the crowd going. The party is starting to get a bit rowdy.


    I see Jane getting tired of real work.  I come over behind her “darling you are doing dam fine… I am quite impressed.  Few mistakes here and there”  My hand comes to her ass finding the valley that goes down to a sweet place. “are not anything we can’t deal with”  I look over again to My wife who is chatting with some guy, and Laura I hope will show us some more skin…. “Hey Jane, what do you think of Laura over there??”  I come up closer behind, so my mouth is on her ear.  “You can rest a little if you answer a few questions honey”  I look down at her heels.

    “Would you like to fuck her pussy?  Maybe lick out her hot wet cunt?”  sorry I lost my depth I should start slower “how about tongue pash her like the straight guy you are.?”



    Sir has now come up behind me, he has been watching me work, and begins asking me questions. He points me towards his partner Laura and asks me about her, all the while touching up my ass.

    ‘Shes very beautiful sir. Having sex with a woman again would be amazing sir, but due to my chastity I can’t. Being able to pleasure her like I used to other women would be nice sir, yes.’

    A shiver runs down my spine as his mouth brushes against my ear.


    I smile and take the beer from the pretty maid and then watch as she goes about her business, the party picking up pace, the music already kicking in….it seems the owner can turn his hand to anything.

    I turn back to his wife.

    ”Seems we are alone….look familiar. Have we met before ?”

    I smile

    “I have a good memory for faces and if you tell me your name I will remember you I am sure”

    I sip my beer.


    Jane seems excited by this prospect so I probe deeper mentally and physically.  I gently push my finger against her tight little warmth at the back with each thing she finds sexy.

    “Well how about you imagine fucking her while I fuck her pussy in front of you with my real cock not your little useless one, you can kiss her and imagine while sucking her tits and feeling her and … ”  My finger keeps pushing harder on Jane’s little hole.  “You would prove so much to me you aren’t gay that way.  That would be even better for your time here instead of being used sucking off cocks all the time.”  I slide my hand under Jane’s skirt and search around till my hand gets under the underwear ban and now my fingers find the real whole no barriers.  “I can make your dream come true kissing, licking, sucking her hottness,  and I promise if you prove to me how good you are, I will make sure you and Laura end up bunk mates in the staff dormitory here.!”  My finger just slips a touch into the warmth it wants.  “Oh Jane your life will be lovely”  I lean on her a little and push my finger in up to the first knuckle.    “Oh Jane”  I kiss her ear.


    What sir is describing sounds beautiful.

    ‘Yes Sir, I’d love that, id love to be with her like that.’

    He begins to caress and kiss me, making me uncomfortable, but what he says I could do sounds so great that I’m trying to move past it.


    I grab the whip cream usually used for cocktails and spray a line on my middle finger before returning it to it’s home.  As I push my finger back in:

    “Making everyone’s dreams come true is my mantra darling.  You will sleep with her in your own room as soon as I can get her attention to get her ass over here to discuss the matter.”    My finger slides in to my second knuckle.  “You girls are going to have so much fun.  I look over at how sexy Laura is and imagine her moaning with her new bunk buddy.

    <hr />

    Hard to keep that out of my head I see the Mrs has found a handsome guy to keep her occupied.  The night is going to messy but I got the keys to the place.  I raise my freehand with the gin and tonic to an air cheers to the guy who has caught my eyes interest.


    I feel the wetness of the whipped cream enter me and it feels arousing, which humiliates me. I shudder.

    ‘oh yes I’d like to discuss that with her sir.’


    Fuck her ass is so tight I would have to have an ambulance ready if I fucked her with my cock.  I bring my free hand with my drink in it and put it to Jane’s mouth.  “Drink and relax”  I tip it slightly.  “You have finally come home darling and I know you are happy that everything is how it should be”  I kiss her neck as I slightly lean her over the drinks bar.

    Sliding in my finger out a little and deeper a little in time to the music.  I can see hairs on her neck standing on end.  “Don’t fight being yourself anymore Jane, your Master will make it all better”  my cock is rock hard pushing against ass cheek.


    As he has me bent over the bar and is feeding me his drink I can feel myself getting more and more aroused as he caresses me. It’s humiliating.

    I try to protest but a moan escapes my lips instead.



    Not that I need to but it is obvious she succumbing to being entered, I grab a wrist and push it over to her other until I can wrap my hand around both wrists.  “Yes maid?”  I answer her saying my name.  Continuing my finger asault until it is full length.  “Tell your master how you feel about being in his presence”  I whisper in her ear.


    My breathing has become quick and rapid. I try to answer but I can’t. I take short quick breaths, reacting to his finger inside me, it’s the first sexual contact I’ve had in months. I don’t want to be with a man but I can’t control myself.

    ‘i feel…’

    ‘Helpless sir.’

    I let out a low moan as his finger reaches deeper inside.

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