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    My name is Roger.  I’m a computer programmer.  For years, I’ve been frustrated with my job.  While I’ve been making money for the company, I’ve seen my peers make more money and get promoted, and yet I’ve been stuck.

    Finally, I found a head hunter to help me.  Email from Dream Jobs Come True talked to me.  She seemed inexperienced, but she looked good, so what can I say.  She threw a position my way from Corporation, but there were very few details.  I didn’t even listen closely.  I need out of here and practice interviewing, so I agreed.

    I looked on LinkedIn.  It wasn’t very descriptive either, but I did see there was a lot of female leadership.  In any case, I’m here today with resume in hand wearing my best suit.

    I walk up to the beautiful receptionist trying not to get distracted by her cleavage and say

    ”Hi.  I’m Roger Sanders.  I have an interview at 9am.”

    She replies with a smile saying

    ”Yes. Mr. Sanders.  Have a seat and somebody will be right with you.”

    I sit down. Although this is just a practice interview, I psych myself into putting my best foot forward and wanting the position at all costs …

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