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    Hard to believe being a professional model for a menswear mail order catalog I would have moved up from modeling undergarments to fashion designer clothing by now. Six months and yet no one has ever seen my face in any of our monthly mailers. Hundreds even thousands have seen me but don’t recognize me because the photo shots are from my neck down to my knee caps. Appears another 6 months I may be able to advance into that area. In the meantime I starve to death with an intern income with this firm.

    Responding to an ad for a full time Professional Model and potential 6 figure income I get the phone call to come in for an interview at a place called the Corporation.
    Out of the shower and getting ready for my interview I look at myself in the mirror and study my face looking at my dimpled smile with these pearly whites and conclude that my charm any personality should win over any interviewer. I am confident that with my clean professional look and experience as a professional model, landing this job at “The Corporation” would be easy.

    The doors open automatically as I enter through the set of double glass doors into a very tall and large building. The floors are designer marble and the walls are a dark stained rich oak. The curtains are a velvet red and flow to the floor at each window. There are many women i pass as I walk toward the receptionist desk. My mind drifts as I marvel at all these gorgeous women. All are wearing thigh high skirts with low cut shimmery blouses that boast their voluptuous breasts. Their makeup is impeccably perfect. My gosh, they must be models too! I am in Paradise!!

    I regain my focus and arrive at the desk with my portfolio tucked under my arm. Looking down at the lady sitting at the desk my eyes wander between her beautiful eyes and her well endowed 36d breasts. With a confident smile I speak politely “Hello, my name is Ricky and I have a 9am appointment for a modeling position. Would you be the person I am to interview with?”


    Oh good, he’s on time, hate it when an applicant is late.   I did see him checking the girls- bet he would be stunned to learn that these girls were once men. Well, I was a man once too, but now am complete female- had that final op and now have my own special time of the month.

    “Hello, my name is Ricky and I have a 9am appointment for a modeling position. Would you be the person I am to interview with?”

    “Yes, Ricky I will be conducting your interview. Please sit down- Oh you have a portfolio, please let me look at it. Oh   I’m Harley Quinn- but you can call me Quinn.”

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    “Thank you so much for scheduling this interview Miss Quinn. My name is Rocky. I must admit quite nervous to be speaking with you after walking through your magnificent facility. I had no idea this company was of this magnitude. You are obviously Equal Opportunity compliant as I only see very attractive women plus Based on the caliber of talent visible, just from the Unisex Salon shows you spare no expense for quality talent. I bet many men make it a point to get groomed here . I for one will be your new customer. Who wouldn’t like this?”
    Realizing I may be talking way too much I settle in on my purpose today.
    “I am very interested in this position I feel I have the qualifications and good looks to be employable. Just asking for a chance .”

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