Richard arrives for training…

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    Bethany whispers a caution in my ear abot ending up in the porn industry if i keep dancing like this! As much as i enjoy watching porn, like every other guy, imagining fucking the hot girls….looking like this i doubt i would be doing the fucking…but rather getting fucked….and looking at the size of the dick that guy looking at us just pulled out…i am fucked!

    Fortunatley the music stops so i dont have to worry too much about dancing anymore. Everything still seems a bit hazy, the plug in my ass continues to vibrate….Mr Bourbon invites the crowds to come up and INSPECT the girls and as people make their way up he goes o to make apologies for Rielle….me!

    I dont know why I didnt question it before but when did i start responding to Rielle? I dont have time to think about it though as people start to line up to inspect us like cattle …. i nervously look to Bethany for what to do but as people grope and pinch it becomes obvious that we are simply expected to stand there….and let them do whatever they want!

    At first they seem quite orderly taking turns as though inspecting a painting…. which feels a little flattering …..i guess…… then, a lady takes hold of my cock and starts stroking it….
    Its starts leaking immediately, my face goes bright red as those around me seem to discuss my appearance, the way i feel, my reaction, she continues to stroke but without even looking …….i worry i may spray cum all over her  and im pretty sure that us a big no no….. unless i am told to, i just about mabage to keep control……. and then someone else starts playing with the plug in my ass..leaning me over , they pull it out and shove it back in!
    pop in
    My knees buckle from the sensations passing through my body as instead of cumming everywhere a heat wave launches itself through my body…… As i start to fall i hear more murmuring as my eyes start to roll into the back of my head….my body erupting with pleasure
    pass out

    As i feel myself about to hit the floor floor………  I am caught by a strong set of hands that effortlessly set me back onto my feet, still holding my hand ….i force myself to open my eyes and look up to see a dark skinned, muscular man staring me in the eyes…….
    hazel eyes
    i blush like a stupid school girl, averting my eyes when i suddenly realize i recognise him….the man from the crowd with his dick out!

    The giant cock I now find my hand placed on! My eyes go wide as i look at it, my hand looking very petite and suprisingly feminine in comparison to it! My own dick feeling suddenly very small and pathetic.

    He tells me to stroke it ……

    I say “..No.. .” Ever so faintly but he just smiles at me as I look down to see my hand sliding up and down the length of his big cock……
    do it

    ……I rationalize that im doing it because i have no choice but a part me knows i was curious….. to see if it is even real ….but I realize that again I’m just too damn horny and curious… to know what i am really doing?!


    All these hands playing with me, pinching my nipples, pushing my plug in and out and now someone even starts playing with my pussy as well, get me to the edge of cumming so fast, I can barely stand.

    And Riëlle isn’t doing any better. Her cock is dripping and jumping in excitement as a woman is playing with her plug. She can barely stand on her feet. As I feel myself being bend over and getting my plug pulled out of me, only to be replaced by a couple of fingers, I see Riëlle stroking an enormous black cock.

    “Fucking hell! I wonder which of these two is the biggest slut. This one is practically humping on my fingers while the other one is playing with that monster cock ready to swallow it all.”

    “Yeah, it would be a waste not to make use of them for one of our movies. How about it, Mr.Bourbon? We promise to feed them, Hahaha!”

    If I wasn’t so damn horny, I’d probably protest but the fingers in my ass just felt too good.

    “Well, I suppose it’s alright. But I also have a request from facility’s. They’d like to put them to work as maids while the academy need some new pupils as well…”

    “Well that doesn’t need to be a problem, we can give them both their first experience in our movie. For now that’s just an issue of the right uniform, isn’t it? We can accommodate that quite easily.”

    “Ok by me, there is just one thing to do though first though. Could you guys help me out with a little precaution?”

    Mr. Bourbon pulled out a familiar device: a chastity cage.

    The big black guy grabbed Riëlle by her waist and pulled one of her legs sideways, thus displaying her hard cock. Mr. Bourbon stepped forward and out of my sight started locking Riëlle’s cock in the cage.

    I knew these cage’s, I had put several on myself. Hardness of the cock didn’t really matter. It was just a matter of pushing a little harder…


    Held in place by the muscle bound black guy his dick dripping on my back as Mr Bourbon pulls my erect dick back, with some difficulty at first wihh itvdesperatlyvwanting to spring back at full attention….even in his hands….. but as he pushes harder and twist slighty it continues to move…
    down and back…using my panties to help hold it in place momentarily.

    I feel a slight snap ….. i worry he has actually snapped it off but as my dick is pressed flat between my own butt cheeks, the tip almost reaching my anus i realise it is still attached….but how the hell is it back there!!!!

    I feel a cold metal placed where my dick should be and as mr Bourbon secures some straps around my waist firmly holding my dick in place as he lets go. I look down and see a the metal contraption over the panties.

    locked panties

    Click. Mr bourbon takes a photo….with my phone again.

    The black guy finally letting go of me as he does. Then he slide his big hands on me sliding his fingers under the panties and in on swift motion the panties are ripped out.



    The metal feels cooler and my front looks flatter. My dick still dripping but now on my own ass!

    Beep. Beep.

    I catch a glimpse of my phone…not that mr bourbon was trying to hide it…

    wife and boss

    A picture of Lucy and ….Michelle. there poses highlighting how much my tucked dick makes my pelvis look like theirs! Every minuit i spend here i look more and more like a girl… my wife!

    I can just make out some text on my phone  as the black guy throws the torn panties into the crowd as they cheer and focus on  where they land like a bucket of flowers at a wedding.

    ” …..developing faster than expected…..Not able to get there at such short notice for the auction due to ….other commitments. Thank you for securing Ric…elle. My client still has need her property and reminds you she is only on temporary loan until such a time as sufficiently adjusted to ….new role.”

    Beep.beep. Mr bourbon turns obscuring the view. more text…but i cant make it out but the pictures are clear…Lucy and Michelle looking sexy….but why is Lucy sending them to Mr Bourbon….she must know its not me…

    Not yet determined preffered training route for our precious Rielle. Please request pitch from each prospective training facilities with interest in acquiring temporary custody of Bichard……Rielle prior formal arrangements. Pleade note my client expressed particular intrest in a rounded training ….as her husband liked it when she…..cooked …

     ….and cleaned so she wants to ensure He will get the required training to do his share……


    But  I suggest that perhaps starting with grass roots training could suit him better to correct the failures in his education…

    ‘..To ensure he learns to enjoy all the little intricate parts of being …one of us. WE leave it in your capable hands as always. 

    Beep. Beep.

    ‘P.s. Ensure Rielle kows Michelle sends her love’


    That part Mr Boubon made sure I saw… Michelle blowing me a kiss ….. like she did for her…… girlfriends. She knows. … Maybe she always knew…. she WANTS this to happen! Made this happen! Lucy is working for her?! With the dawning of this meaning …. i realise ‘Richard’ isnt coming back. Ever.

     penny drops

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    Just as Mr. Bourbon puts Riëlle in her cage a phone starts beeping. I recognize it as Riëlle’s phone. Several messages are sent and by the look of it they are worrying. Mr. Bourbons lips clearly move in a motion that says – FUCK!-. Riëlle also managed to see some of the messages and it is clear she is neither very happy.

    “Sorry guys, something came up. Message from the owner. Seems you have to postpone your movie.”

    He shows the messages to the guys planning the movies. Their disappointment is clear.

    “O well, we’ll just have to wait I suppose. How about that Tess girl? Is she available?”

    Mr. Bourbon smiles. “No problem, have fun with her!” He gives a nod to one of the guards who immediately takes action.

    Mr. Bourbon turns to one of the ladies in the audience. A stern looking woman who I vaguely remember as one of the teachers at the academy. Out of reach from my ears they have a talk. It’s clear they are talking about Riëlle and myself.

    Then a few confirming nods, Riëlle’s phone is shown once again, this time to the teacher. More nods follow, a decision is made and then she walks up to us. She takes a stand in front of us.

    “Well girls, I’m mistress Richmond, head teacher at the academy. It seems you have gotten a chance to escape the porn industry. Looks like a certain Michelle has saved you…”

    She looks at Riëlle “She sends her love by the way.”

    “For at least the next 24 hours you’ll both get a chance to better yourselves at the academy. I suggest you make the best of it and behave like good girls and put some effort in your education. Remember our academy has strict rules and I have no problem enforcing these rules. Understood?”

    It was clear she was used to being obeyed and I knew better than to oppose her. I quickly answered. “Yes madam!”

    She turned to Riëlle and smacked her riding crop on her own hand. “Riëlle?”

    “Now let’s get you girls properly dressed instead of these slutty attributes, shall we? Follow me, hands crossed on your back!”

    “Yes madam”

    With a fast pace she walked out of the room, through long corridors, up the stairs until we reached a separate part of the building. Gone were all the dungeons and offices, this was more like a Victorian school.

    I glanced over at Riëlle. “Seems like we got out just in time” I whispered.

    “No talking in the halls, Bethany! This is your first warning!” I immediately shut up.

    Passing through the corridors we saw several schoolgirls, all nervously giggling about our nudity. The way we looked now was exactly what they were threatened by every day. ‘if you don’t behave, we’ll send you to the dungeons to become a sex slave!’

    We followed Mrs. Richmond in what seemed her office. From a shelve she picked two brown packages.

    “These are your uniforms. For now these are your only ones so take good care of them. Now, what are you waiting for? Get them on!”


    I hear mr Bourbons apologies to the crowd referring to orders from my owner… my wife. I picture her image in my mind the one tome core and devotion of my life whos successes lead to my bitter resentment and…..jealousy…how she could succeed when i could not. Luck? Looks?


    I see her now in a new light. Her one innocence and naiive behaviour towards me clearly just an act…. was this always her plan? Accidentally…. leaving her clothes out, make up, panties…her private ‘things’ evertime she went away for work …..  was it on purpose…..all this time?! Was this her plan?

    In the dawning of  my new reality I realize i am just another ‘thing’ she owns!

    As Tess is dismissed by mr bourbon and escorted out my that guy with monster dick…. i guess we all are commodities here…..and expendable.

    I follow misstress Richmond without hesitation desperate to get out of this place…. my head sobering up a bit… especially with my dick is firmly tucked and caged and the plug finally stopping its needful throbbing.


    Mistress Richmond i realize has stopped talking about rules and something about an academy… im not really sure what it all means but as its an academy i guess im about to learn.


    I say quickly taking my lead from bethany …. my voice seeming a little more subdued….and a little higher pitched.

    I Avert my eyes from Mistress Richmond’s stern gaze noticing the crop in her hand.

    “Yes Madam”

    I say again in  voice that sounds slightly off when she speaks disapproving of our clothes like we had a choice… as though we wanted to look like hookers or porn stars!

    I clasp my hands behind my back causing my chest to push out which as i look down makes even me look like i have cleavage in this outfit.

    Bethany whispers in my ear that we got out just in time …. Mistress Richmond somehow hears this and gives her a stern warning like she should know better… i wonder if there might also be some familiarity in her voice….has bethany been here before? Either way i don’t say a word my throat feeling a but tight….perhaps shrinking back down after having Mr Bourbon dick in there yesterday.

    As we are marched on we pass by numerous girls all looking like…. well looking like I had wished all the girls looked like when I was at school…. but thesevwerent little children but full grown women with developed bodies. Some cute, others hot but all sexy …. even with my dick caged i feel it twitching and dripping at the sight of them….. but in the back of my mind i know they are not seeing….Richard … but Rielle….. and just like Richard back at school, they a giggling at him….her… me.

    Finally we arrive and told to get dressed and warned that these are the only ones we have… As i sift through my pile of clothes for me while giving me better cover than i have now  it quickly becomes clear i will soon look like my own school girl wet dream!

    Bethany helps me out of my clothes, what little there is of it and i try my best to help her but with the but plug still in me, and the lack if release from before every makes me want to fuck her….or be f….no i feel mistress Richmond use her crop to gently push me away in warning not to get too close……. I’m relived that my dick is tucked away as I doubt she would be so gentle if she could see how much it was dripping.

    Blushing atv the thought, I turn away noticing mistress Richmond’s disapproving look narrowing on me so I quickly change my focus back to the clothes in front of me and get dressed as quickly as I can.

    The pink panties slip on easily over the belt….disappearing completely making it look like there is nothing underneath. The purple bra I clasp at the front and slide around slipping my arms through the strap….looking down my boobs look huge but I’m just guessing this must be a push up bra and  I’m just not used to staring at the from this angle…… yet….I feel my dick leak again as ibstatecat my own body….. God i don’t even recognise my body anymore!!
    bra and panties
    The shirt and tie are easy enough to fit if not a little more snug than the shirts im used to and the buttons are on the wrong side…..and unlike everyone else my tie seems to be pink!

    I step into the dress and pull it up and then zipping it up. The bottom seeming much shorter than it had appeard at first.

    I pull on the white socks which keep going well after my ankles, all the way up to my mind thigh….just below where the skirt of the dress stops.

    I slip on the shoes which pinch my toes and try to get a feel for the heel as I try to balance.



    Standing i turn around to see Bethany hasn’t finished yet ….. casually puttingbon her clothes in a gracefull, yet undiniably sexy way……… making me realise how quickly, eager and enthusiastically i just put this uniform on….like little kid…. a new kid no…. new girl…. school girl!

    I try to justify it on my mind that i was just happy to have something to cover me up after being so….exposed.

    Which is what bethany is now and i cant help but stare a little while she finishes getting ready… my hands clapping myvskirt but wanting to stroke my locked dick


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