Richard arrives for training…

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    As the girls talk and laugh I mostly keep my eyes down and focus on my walking……. trying not to think about cream…..



    a picture keeps appearing in my mind with a girl wanting me to kiss her but her mouth is full of cream….. my stomach twinges but my mind seems to accept it and want more…

    I guess …..cream would be ok..”

    I say licking my painted lips slightly. My footing wobbles but Tess firmly corrects my stance.

    I’ve never been out I  heels before …..or a dress, bra, nylon pantyhose, or panties….well maybe i wore panties that one time-

    I nearly roll my ankle as we have to navigate some small steps but Tess and Bethany keep me upright.

    We arrive at the restraint and there are people everywhere, women dressed in sexy dresses. Men suited and booted.

    Why arent they wearing dresses?

    Bethany talks to the guy who is supposed to seat us but has no room.

    I worry that this might backlash onto me but Bethany manages to come to an agreement with Henri who quickly gets a waitress to escort us to a table.

    I didn’t catch much of the details as I was too busy staring at the waitress….her breasts visible through her shirt.

    As I catch her staring at me my eyes lower taking in the view of her sexy legs in stockings and heels until……my eyes come to rest on my own sexy legs in stockings and heels. My erection still firm a throbbing, leaking more my panties getting very wet now.

    For a moment I half remember I’m a man  nd I shouldn’t be dressed like a girl but then the voices in my head tell me to calm down, why shouldn’t I be wearing a dress and looking sexy…its who I want to be….

    We arrive at an ocupied table and the waitress speaks privately to the man at the table who suddenly stands to welcome us and has me in a firm hug before I could even try to refuse.


    I start to say as I feel his overly large hand squeeze my bum! Flustered my face reddens and I feel I want to disappear.

    He casually introduces his assistant Georgette and nudges me into the chair next to her., which I do half falling into the chair relieved not to have to concentrate so much on my balance for a while

    Then it clicks that Bethany introduces me as Riella!!


    I consider correcting her for a moment but stop myself in time realising it might be a bit awkward to say my name is Richard…..since I don’t look like a Richard…..I think looking down at my little cleavage….. I don’t much feel like Richard either…I think as I taste my lipstick on my tongue as I wet my lips.

    wet lips
    Tess talks with Georgette and suggest that her and I are alike….not likely! We might both be here for the first time but I bet she doesn’t look like she started the day dressing as a man!

    Talking of men, Mr Bourbon slides into a chair next to me….right next to me! So close I can feel his hands animating his words … wait is he putting his hand on me on purpose!!

    I look around for support but Tess is too busy with Georgette and Bethany just sits there smiling at me.

    I move his hand aside but it comes straight back like nothing is wrong, sliding his fingers along my thigh.

    I bite my lip as he continues….


    … sensitive legs covered in nylon already keeping me aroused the addition of his big warm hands send sparks flying up and down my leg with each stroke. More precum spilling out.

    I try to move his hand again but he finds a way back soon enough….

    …. I hate how good this feels! But no! I don’t want a man touching me!! My cheeks burn red in my confusion …wondering why I can’t or don’t say anything!!

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    Judging from the looks on both Georgette’s and Riëlle’s faces the girls are under ‘attack’ by Tess and Mr. Bourbon. The mix of confusion and horny excitement in both of our new girls is undeniable.

    Underneath the table Tess and Mr. Bourbon are exploring everything under the waistline of our girls who are simply too horny to put up any resistance. Tess even goes so far to take one of Riëlle’s resisting hands and put it on one of Georgette’s breasts.

    “Can you believe how hers are just so firm, and then these nipples…Wouldn’t you just love to suck on them, Riëlle?”

    In moving her hand she turns Rielle to face Georgette, bringing them almost in kissing distance. At the same time it gives Mr.Bourbon access to her ass. He closes in even more and his hands start to grab Rielle wherever he can; her ass, her waist, her legs and even down to her crotch. The fact that she still has her cock out only excites him more which is clearly visible in his own pants.

    I glance at the clock…I’m truly hungry and the way this is going…Just as I’m thinking of taking care of ordering Nanette is back with Champagne. She puts the glasses on the table and starts undoing the cork.

    “O Fuck!”

    This is getting messy!

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    His hands persist in their continued exploration of my thighs, his warm hands caressing the nylons sending sparks throughout my already overely aroused body,

    When I give up my futile attempts to keep them at bay his hand slips between my thighs, teasing ever higher until he slips under the edge of my dress….my short dress! It doesn’t take long before his finger traces the edge if my panties –


    I begin to shout but it was too late. His hand rubs over the buldge trying to burst out of my panties!

    I brace myself ready for the reaction, the anger…..confusion but he doesn’t even flinch!

    There is no way he could have missed it… so does he just not care?…..was he expecting to find it? hoping to? Does he like it? The way he keeps caressing the buldge in my panties suggests that maybe he does….oh god! Why does this feel so good?! No man has…ever ….touch there before….oh!

    A sudden dawning in cloud of my thoughts shines through as I recall his introduction to George…tte! It was her first day too….. was she actually a…. he…. like me?

    No sooner did I have that thought as Tess spins me face to face with Georgette our noses practically touching as our lips quiver with anticipation of kiss that would normally happen at this proximity ….Tess grabs my hand and presses it firmly onto Georgettes breast… large hands start to massage my bum with exoratory fingers finding their way underneath my panties….

    I try to ignore the shivers tingling around my bidy and focus on the breast in my hand, not as bug as my wifes but her breast felt firm and definitely like a breast….

    “I thought …oh….she was like ….mmmmme but I mean she has ….oh…breasts! She is a girl

    I say between gasps of unexpected pleasure as a finger worms its closer to where no one has EVER gone before..


    So close and so horny I cant help but go in forca kiss


    Georgette doesnt resist, her soft lips eagerly locking onto mine. I stop briefy, remembering that Georgette could be a george….confused my eyes frantically scan her face for clues of any masculinity but all I can see is a pretty woman staring back at me with a desperate look I  her eyes ………..much like my own.

    For a moment its just us…alone a picture flashing in my mind


    Tess suggestion of sucking Georgettes nipples rattles around my head to a point where im not sure if i was fantasizing or actually doing it.


    Between the hands caressing my body, the hand massaging my bum, the finger….doing god knows what i feel like Im going to explode when suddenly there is a loud POP!

    When suddenly it feels like i woke up. I stand up suddenly noticing im in a dress! Theres a man akwardly trying to pull his gand out of the womens underwear and stockings i seem to be wearing! Somehow i am balancing in high heels and i can taste lipstick on my lips though lookingcat the girl infront of me it could just as easily be hers…

    I recognise Bethany from the interview sat next to a girl I seem to kniw as Tess…though the details seem blurry…

    “What the hell is going on!!”

    I say loudly, looking down noticing a big wet patch on the dress I’m wearing….which is clearly my own cum starting to drip down my leg!!!

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    I enjoy watching Riëlle getting totally caught up in all these new sensations. Kissing Georgette, feeling up her breasts and even enjoying Mr. Bourbons hands underneath her dress. It’s even so much more fun as I realize the hypnosis worked… And then Georgette! For the first time it at least seemed she had accepted her new life as well.

    Things would have been fine, wasn’t it for Nanette who made the champagne bottle pop. Somehow it seemed to have woken up our Riëlle from her hypnosis. Damn, I didn’t count on this! And that in front of one of our Patron’s!

    I had to think quickly to save the day. It would have been nice to finally find a way to simply transform boys into girls without relying too much on force, but it seems there is no other way.

    “What the hell is going on, you dare to ask? You have been behaving like a total slut! Look at you! For god sake you even have cum dripping down your legs!”

    I step over to her and scoop up some of her filth and hold it in front of her face

    “I thought that you at least could show a little bit of restrain, but no, you had to loose yourself by grinding your horny body against both Georgette and her patron Mr. Bourbon like some dog in heat!”

    “I’m so sorry Mr. Bourbon, please accept my apologies for Riëlle’s behavior. It’s clear she isn’t ready to behave herself in public yet.”

    Grabbing Riëlle’s arm I moved her away from the table and put her in front of Mr.Bourbon.

    “Now apologize to Mr. Bourbon for behaving like a little slut!”

    Not sure what her mental state was, I moved into dominant mode. If necessary we would take the tough road. For now I was just glad she already had enough hormones so she wouldn’t be strong enough to resist physically. Mr.Bourbon knew that as well and was still horny enough to appriciate this sudden twist in the events.

    Somehow Tess didn’t bother at all. She just kept on playing with Georgette like nothing happened. Nanette, wisely, took her job more seriously and was cleaning the table and attending to Mr.Bourbon’s pants which were soaking with a mix of champagne and some undefined white stuff.

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    Bethany explodes at my outburst, accusing me of behaving like a slut!!

    She scoops up some of the cum from my thigh and waves it in front of me…I flinch and try to pull away but she is surprisingly strong and holds me in place.

    She goes on to describe watch have been doing and I have blurry images in my memory that suggest it may have been true …… but why would i behave like that! And in public!!

    I feel my face redden with a mix of both embarrassment  and anger as Bethany turns me to face this Mr Bourbon… insisting I apologise for MY behaviour!

    “I? I ….behaved like a slut?!” I’m sorry b -“

    I start to say feeling my anger rising to bury my embarrassment, intending to say……

    ‘I’m sorry but you are the slut, using everyone around you like your personal plaything. Clearly this is breaking so.ekind of law and I intend to report this to the authorities!!!’

    Or at least something along those lines no doubt with more swearing and hopefully some wittier  retort…. but before I could get that far Bethany yanks me away.

    Like I said before she is surprisingly strong and the heels on my feet didn’t exactly help me put up much of a fight unless I wanted to end up flat on my face with my ass in the air in front of that perve….with big, warm hands – where did that memory come from?

    I glance back to see Tess teasing …..Georgette the waitress with her head in Mr Bourbons crotch….what the hell is this place?

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    I notice the anger in Riëlle’s eyes. O fuck, I hope she won’t flip! Just in time I pull her back, ready to take her to a more controlled environment, but then I see Mr. Bourbon’s reaction. It’s clear he has seen the anger as well.

    “Well, that isn’t a real apology, is it? Before I hand you back to Bethany I think I better teach you a little lesson”

    He pushes Nanette away from him and grabs Riëlle’s wrist while with his other hand grabbing a chair. Before I get a chance to interfere he already took a seat and pulls her over his knee. Her dress is pulled up over her ass and without any warning his hand lands hard on her sexy ass.

    The sound of the hard smack immediately turns heads. Within seconds there is a whole group of people surrounding us. And, as if he waited for this audience, he raises his hand, ready to smack her again.

    “I want an apology, Riëlle!”

    A second smack lands on her ass. It was so hard several of the other girls shriek. Some of them probably know all to well how painful this must be.

    “And just so you know…”


    “…I won’t stop…”


    “…until I get it!”

    It’s probably lucky for Riëlle Mr. Bourbon is still very horny because after each smack he lets his hand explore freely over her ass, rubbing and kneading it like some peace of dough. I bet his cock is still so hard she can feel it.

    This public spanking is quite a sight and several members of the audience don’t hold back on the comments.

    “Look at her hump…She truly is a slut”

    “She is all wet between her legs like some little whore…”

    “Can you hear her moan…such a perv”

    To make things even more humiliating Mr. Bourbon pulls down her pantyhose and panties and starts smacking her bare ass…

    “O my god, she isn’t even caged! No wonder she is still hard!”

    Riëlle’s ass is getting redder with every smack. There are slipping words from her mouth but even I can understand them…

    Then he stops for a moment, just softly caressing her red ass.

    “Well Riëlle?”


    Mr Bourbon drags me back demanding a proper apology and his intent to teach me a lesson. Perfect – I’m up a for a fight with this tosser!

    I try to square up to him only to find myself yanked face down over his knee!

    Before I know it there is a firm slap on m ass!!


    Is he spanking me ?!!

    “Get off me!”


    I try to wriggle free but he holds me firmly in place.

    “Ow…I said get the fuck off me!!”


    I try with all my strength to get up but it doesn’t help….even with just one hand he is stronger than me.

    “What the he’ll are you doing!…oww!!”


    This time the slap connects with skin. Burning slightly. The underwear and nylons pulled down.



    I squeal as his hand rubs and explores my whole bum. A familiar feeling but hazy in my memory….a little too pleasurable on the burning, sensitive smooth skin.



    My resistance starts to fade but the burning intensifies. He hand explores every crevice,  my dick straining with pleasure….why do I have an erection! I’m not gay!



    I say but my voice now barely a whisper as my eyes fill with tears as the pleasure pain sequence continues and my pride is slapped out of me as I hearvthecgowing sounds of a eager crowd enjoying the show.
    Spank face



    I whisper over my sobs.



    I say pleading.

    He stops expectantly.

    “I am…(sob) …so ….so……..sorry….(sniff).. Mr Bourbon for acting like a …little ….slut.”

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    It is good that Riëlle finally yielded to Mr. Bourbon’s strength. Her bum is really red now and several of the other guests kneel down behind her to take pics with their phones. Mr.Bourbon even provides them some nice ones by grabbing her hard cock and showing it off while turning her head in the direction of the photographers.

    “There… here’s a real slut if I ever saw one”

    From his pocket he pulls a pair of cufs and puts them around her wrists, making sure she’ll keep her hands on her back, away from her cock.

    “Show is over, everyone. Sorry for the interruption. You can go back to your table’s now.”

    He grabs Riëlle by her neck and pushes her underneath our table and gets back to his seat.

    “You stay there and keep quiet. You don’t want me to spank you again! Nanette! Please refill our glasses!”

    Tess was still playing with Georgette. By now she had her panties down to her ankles and was teasingly playing her hard cock. Damn, I had no idea she had such a large one. Tess had her mouth switching from her lips to her tits, teasing her constantly. Perhaps her wrist were also bound because she kept her hands on her back as well. From her trembling lips her feminine voice kept moaning.

    “Please… please miss Tess… ooh… yes… please!”

    Mr. Bourbon had his legs in a wide manspread, his cock clearly bulging in his pants. With one leg he prevented Riëlle moving away from the table, with the other he was just pushing her around the single leg of the round table. It was tight underneath the table with all these legs, giving her barely place to move.

    “Well now, Bethany, let’s talk about this one underneath the table. It is clear you did a lousy job with her…”

    This definitely caught my attention. I quickly sat upright, not really conscious where I put my legs, although surely somewhere against Riëlle’s body.

    “Her behavior isn’t really up to standards and her overall transformation still needs some finetuning. And since I had to intervene I am doubtful if you have matters in hand. Do you want me to help you? Perhaps with a little assistance from me she can grow out to be a real asset…”

    Now I got really nervous. Mr.Bourbon was so … dominant… I knew my panties were getting wet by this kind of behavior from him.

    “…Or perhaps you want me to take over completely?”

    It was really hard to concentrate with Tess on my left bringing Georgette cock to edge after edge…O my god, was I really pulling up my dress now as well…

    “O, thank you so much for your offer, sir… but I think…”

    I had to stop thinking with my pussy, otherwise things could really get out of hand.



    Suddenly under the table with my hands cufffed behind my back….my bum red raw..panties around my ankles and the heels on my feet catching the sensitive skin on my bum as i try to find a position on my knees that doesn’t cause me to put too much pressure on my backside….made all the more difficult by the legs that seems to be coming at me from every angle!

    For a moment though i am relieved to be under the table out of sight and not be the centre of attention for the entire restraunts……listening i can hear Mr bourbon scalding Bethany for my behaviour, but she holds her ground confidently but for some reason i feel bad for putting her in this situation – wait what am i thinking!! She put me in this situation…right?!

    I finally blink away the tears from my eyes frustrated i cant just use my hands , as as my vision starts to clear i see that my humiliation is far from over!!

    By the sound of it Tess is making short work of the girl i recall being called Georgette…but unlike the treatment i just got from mr Bourbon she is getting the full pleasure of Tess which stirs a lustful, jealous reaction in me though im not sure why.

    I try to look around for a possible escape or at least a more comfortable spot only to find a fully erect penis being wanked off practically in my face!


    Someone moves their leg – mr Bourbon, I think pushing me even closer to the two entwined girls…..i try to wriggle awsy but there is no where to go!

    Just as i get so close that i can smell Georgettes ….scent when a better option open up


    As I hear mr Bourbon talk about taking over my training I dont hesitate sliding over grimacing through the as my ass hits the ground while i slide over to Bethany.

    As i adjust my position onto my knees a new scent fills lungs and i feel myself drawn in … mind filling with images of what i should do ….my body willing …I hesitate, still not fully grasping my situation…..but one thing is clear. I cant let myself be handed over to mr Bourbon!

    I give in to the voices in my head and hope this will be enough to persuade Bethany to help me.


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    Just as I was about to tell Mr. Bourbon I would be able to handle Riëlle on my own, I felt her head move in between my legs. I instantly fell still.

    Fuck! Even with her hands tied behind her back she managed to go straight for my pussy. I don’t know how she did it but she even moved my panties out of the way and dived right in. And wow! Her tongue felt just terrific and I had to grab the edge of the table to prevent myself from cumming immediately.

    But there still was the conversation with Mr. Bourbon I had to finish! If I didn’t play my cards right with him both Riëlle and myself could get into big trouble.

    “…But I think…” Riëlle’s tongue was moving so fast it almost felt like…”…OOoOOo… she is… doing so …ooaahAHAhh…yes… so good…”

    I knew I really had to stop her but it felt just too good. I tried to close my legs and even managed to move a hand underneath the table. But I already was so overwhelmed with excitement that I was just too weak to really resist her flicking tongue.

    “Really, Bethany! You are babbling and not making any sense whatsoever. Do you want me to take over or not?”

    As My hips started to slide down my chair in an attempt to make Riëlle’s tongue go even deeper, Tess noticed what was happening.

    “O my, Mr. Bourbon! It seems that our little slut Riëlle is trying to top from the bottom. She’s eating out Bethany like she is really hungry! Hihihihi!”

    Dammit! My eyes spilled fire towards Tess for betraying me, especially since I was quickly reaching release. Now I was really fucked!

    Knowing that I lost I decided to make the best of it and grabbed Riëlle’s head and pushed it hard against my crotch. At least I should get an orgasm out of this!

    But as soon as I did, I even felt my juices starting to spray, Mr. Bourbon pulled me by my hair away from Riëlle’s licking tongue leaving me unsatisfied.

    “I’m really disappointed in you Bethany. It’s clear you are not up to the task given you! You’re perhaps an even bigger slut than that animal under the table!”

    I was ashamed and embarrassed and quickly pulled down my dress.

    “I’m really sorry sir, but she just started licking and…”

    “Shut it Bethany! I will take care of this now. Tess, bring these sluts, and that also means you Georgette, to my suite. It’s time to learn you girls some manners!”

    The way Tess happily followed his orders made me worry even more as I knew she had real kinky attitude.

    She pulled Riëlle from underneath the table onto her feet and simply motioned Georgette to stand up as well.

    Not giving the three of us any chance to adjust our clothes she scurried us towards the exit like a flock of sheep. It was quite a site as both Riëlle and Georgette had their panties, and Riëlle her pantyhose, around their ankles, their skirts pulled up around their waist and their hard cocks swaying.

    Of course a few of the guests were taking pictures and some of them were even applauding, making our humiliation even bigger.

    “Hurry up sluts! Time for class!”

    In the elevator up to the patreons suites it was clear georgette was still very horny, pushing her cock against anything that moved, mainly myself and Riëlle.


    Tess drags me out from under the table Bethanys juices still dripping off my lips….

    smeared lips

    Well that didnt exactly go according to plan….. Mr bourbon was not pleased when Tess landed me in it….right along with Bethany it seems….clearly i have much more to learn about who wears the trousers around here ….which, as i look down at my erection standing firm pinning the front of the dress im wearing up, my ass still burning red and panties down around my ankles, standing in the middle of the busy resteraunt….. it is very clear that it is not going to be me.

    I look around at Bethany for reasurance… with a sad look on my face as if to say… sorry…

    lost sissy

    ….but not sorry at the same time as that was the most responsive anyone has ever been to my attempts at oral sex….i had tried many times with my wife, sometimes for hours but i could never get it right…for her…. but Bethany, there was no denying she enjoyed it…and so did I.

    I try to focus on that ….and not the random strangers taking pictures of me and Georgette with our dicks on show made up like girls…..Georgette at least seemed to be embracing everything ….or was it she was just so horny she didnt care?

    I do my best to stay up right, as Tess says its time for class….I would worry about what that meant…. but Georgettes keeps bumping into me, making keeping my balance all the harder …..and speaking of harder…….. her big dick keeps pressing against my bare sore bum …. and judging by how often its happening it is not an accident. She bumps into Tess too but like a slut she loves it, grinning at me with a wicked smile…….. desperate to maintain my modesty? Masculinity? Pride? I try to  stop Georgette  with the only means I had available which was to attempt to pull my skirt down to at least give me some kind of protection from her penis….

    panties down

    This prooves more difficult than expected while being marchec out of the restraunt due to the hand cuffs, high heels, panties around the ankle, shoving by Tess and a couple of close enouters with Georgettes probing arousal……..I finally think I’ve done it but my hand I realize is covered in something wet and sticky…. and it doesn’t take me too long to figure out that it is precum…..a lot of precum smearing my skin……..dripping now from my hand ……and for once it isnt mine!!


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    With both worry and a strange excitement we are guided into Mr.Bourbon’s large suite. At first sight it’s just a similar suite as Riëlle’s but I know patron’s suites are always equipped with a special playroom, more something like a dungeon. For now Tess simply lines us up in front of the large couch.

    “Well, girls, let’s prepare ourselves for Mr. Bourbon, shall we? Bethany, you know the drill, just heels and stockings. This time you are no exception!”

    This is getting very real now, it has been quite a while for me since I was in this kind of situation.

    “Tess, c’mon, cut me some slack. This has gone far enough…”

    She steps up to me and gives me a hard slap in the face.

    “No way, Bethany! I’m not taking any blame for you! Take your clothes off and down on your knees!”

    She steps towards Georgette and with one movement pulls off her clothes. It’s clear her dress was prepared for this. I can’t help but look at her curvy body with that big hard cock. I suppose she didn’t come for quite a while, clearly a perfect gimp.

    Riëlle’s clothes take the same route to the floor. She is left with just her pantyhose, heels and cuffs. But then Tess stops in her tracks.

    “What’s this filth on your hands? O my god! It’s Georgette’s precum! UNBELIEVABLE! You are such a slut! It doesn’t really matter to you what kind of sex someone has, does it? Pussy or cock, it’s just the same to you!”

    She grabs her cock and pulls her towards the couch. It is hard and dripping just like Georgette’s. Tess pushes her down on her knees while she takes a seat on the couch. She pulls up her skirt and her panties off and spreads her legs.

    “Well, that being the case, we might as well make use of it. LICK  IT!”


    She pulls Riëlle’s face down to her glistening wet pussy and points at Georgette.

    “You! Go on, try to get into her little ass! Give her some encouragement to lick me to orgasm before Mr.Bourbon is here!”

    I look on in amazement. Tess really is a pervert. She knows very well she is crossing boundaries.

    She doesn’t give Riëlle any chance to escape and Georgette is just too horny to resist her commands. Just for Riëlle’s sake I hope she has enough freedom in her cuffs to prevent

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    We arrive in a room that i nearly mistook as my own but this one lacks all the feminine touches that mine was filled with…

    I fall to my knees as Tess finally lets me go.

    Bethany and Tess have what seems to be a shift in power as Tess slaps Bethany accoss the face and for some reason Bethany does not respond……something about the imminent return of Mr Bourbon has changed something….the dynamic… control…. and im worried im about to find out why.

    Tess orders us to take our clothes of ready for Mr Bourbon. I watch as Georgette eagerly responds quickly but carefully removing her dress.

    Bethany likewise start to remove her dress but far less willingly.

    With my hands cuffed behind my back all I can do is remove my panties trying to do so without removing my shoes as  instructed ….struggling to get them over the heel.

    Tess somehow has my dress off in less than a minute despite the cuffs. She stops noticing my glistening sticky hands….which sets her off calling me a slut wanting sex with anyone.

    She grabs hold of my dick, yanking me up and dragging me to the sofa, the contact causing more of my own precum to leak onto her hand…she throws herself on the sofa switching her grip from my dick to my head thrusting me down to her dripping pussy.

    Her scent is different to Bethany.. more like a red wine than the floral white. Her need is more urgent and her hands quite forcefully.

    I don’t know what choice I have so I start licking my tongue and jaw already feeling tired after testing Bethany…..gently testing and savouring the thicker flavour…


    When she indicates for Georgette to fuck me in the ass my eyes go wide and I start to panic trying to pull away but Tess holds me firmly down.

    Georgette grabs hold of my ass and I try at least to push her off with my cuffed hands wriggling my ass this way and that anything to stop that probing dick from finding a way in.

    Tess slaps my red ass the pain shoots through me … I hesitate and georgette has her hands on my thighs trying pulling in closer.

    I start to buck and I can feel Tess preparing to slap me again…I have a crazy notion to distract her and start licking furiously, trying to remember every spot that she responds to and lick those areas even more.


    Her grip on me eases and I manage to wriggle my bum just in time to deny Georgette entry….I keep moving my bum in way to avoid another slap from Tess but also prevent Georgettes dick fucking my ass….from fucking …me! So far….it seemed to be working.

    Georgette seemed content by my movements satisfied by her dick sliding upband down on my bum……


    or was it me rubbing my ass up and down her dick?! It wa hard to tell….her dick resting on my butt crack….. I could feel the warmth of it ….. the size of it! My arousal was making this whole situation confusing… it reminded me of those nights fantasizing about…. something just like this ……but this isn’t a fantasy it is ….real….is this what I really wanted…..??!

    I could feel Georgette dick at the end of my fingers and I am tirn for a moment between grabbing it and stroking it or  grabBing it and ripping it off!!

    I turn to look for help…for guidance…. for assurance. ..but Bethany remains on her knees with her back to us not getting involved….for a brief moment i see her glance back with….concern.


    But then I see a wry smile as she turns to face the door with her head down in an act of submission……as the door opens!

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    Even though my power was stripped away from me by Mr.Bourbon and his accomplice Tess, I can’t help being excited by the whole situation. Perhaps it was the near orgasm Riëlle gave me, perhaps the orgasm she is giving Tess…

    Without being aware of it one of my hands finds my pussy while I watch Riëlle’s tongue pleasure Tess’s dripping pussy.

    It was only this morning when Richard entered our company, forced by his boss and a loving husband, and look at him now! Licking pussy like a true lesbian and playing with Georgette’s cock, bucking back onto it like some…

    Georgette’s cock is huge and I wonder if Riëlle is aware that she is about to be fucked by it. One of the few rules we have at our company is to ease our pupils slowly into anal, if only to prevent them to dislike anal sex in future encounters with patron’s. If that big cock on her tight butt didn’t look so incredibly hot, I’d definitely interfere…

    Perhaps Tess doesn’t notice it in her own excitement but Georgette is clearly getting so horny that there is little doubt that she will penetrate Riëlle’s ass any moment now.

    “TESS! Stop this! Riëlle is still a virgin. You have to stop Georgette! TESS!”

    But she doesn’t listen as she is just on the brink of an earthshattering orgasm.

    Then, just as Tess is cumming, I can see from the corner of my eye the door opening… Mr. Bourbon is entering.

    “Dammit, TESS! I can’t leave you sluts alone for a minute or you are all out of control!”

    He steps over to Tess, snapping his fingers to Georgette, pointing out to stop and giving me a stern look to do the same. As he reaches Tess, he immediately pushes three fingers into her dripping cunt and starts fucking her hard with his hand. It rudely awakens Tess from her post orgasm relaxation. He is not giving her any chance to recuperate and fucks her so hard with his hand she can’t stop cumming. Her clit is so sensitive that he is practically torturing her into orgasm. She is helpless to his strong hand and she can’t help but squirt all over Riëlle’s face.

    And he doesn’t stop either! Tess is trying to fight herself free but it is no use and within seconds she starts squirting again. The only thing that might help is begging him to stop.

    When he finally does both she and Riëlle are one big wet mess. Shaking and trembling he lets Tess slide down to the floor. While he dry’s of his hands on Tess’s dress he sways his head to me to come closer.

    “Good call, Bethany. Riëlle’s ass isn’t Tess’s or Georgette’s to take, it’s my call and so is your ass!”

    “Tess, Georgette! Make yourselves useful and start prepping them. Just tongue’s for now!”

    He takes Tess her place on the couch, kicks off his shoes and opens his pants.

    “And now for you two! Lesson one in pleasing cock!”

    He grabs both mine and Riëlle’s heads and pulls them close to his crotch.

    “Tongue’s only!


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    I finally bring Tess to her peak as Mr Bourbon takes Tess in hand….. and gives her a rapid succession of forceful orgasms within seconds of taking over, with each orgasm I am literally soaked in a river of ….pussy fluid ….gushing out of her all over me still kneeling in front of her.

    For a moment i am shocked never having seen this before…but then a wicked smile crosses my face at the thought of Tess getting a taste of her own medicine and Georgette cowering away leaving my ass alone…. and cold.


    ….i watch Tess struggle and this monster of a man who holds her in place pounding her pussy relentlessly….Tess who so easily held me in place now is powerless to Mr Bourbon…..I almost feel bad for her but after my last run with him ….and her…. but I can’t help but be amazed at the size and amount of orgasms he is giving her….frustratingly arousing watchingvfrom the front row covered in her juices.

    But the distraction is short lived. Mr Bourbon takes a seat in front of me when he wss done with Tess. Bethany joins me on the floor quickly at his command wiping a cloth over my face and pulling my hair back…..

    Next thing i know is there is a big dick slapped against my face!!


    My jaw drops in shock as he slides it down my face, i can feel something stick to my lips as it passes.

    Mr Bourbon intructs us to lick it!!

    Bethany leads the way smiling..


    Looking at me sternly to do the same….I know that if i do this I won’t be the same…I think back to my life, my wife and all those lonely nights when my curiosity lead me to those sissy sites….. but that was just a….a bit of fun…. fantasy …if i do this can i ever go back…… if i dont do this what will he do?


    I feel a tear run down my cheek as I know I have no real choice…I can’t risk a more severe….spanking….or worse…’s already clear I havn’t the strength to resist him if he wanted to…

    Noting my hesitation Bethanys eyes go wide indicating i should start. Now!!


    I copy her movement up and down his big dick…..trying not to think about it too much….that moment has gone. … i can feel his veins in his dick and a strange pulsing to it….after a while i almost forget what I’m doing…. then as we get to the top i feel her tongue slip into mine adding a hint of excitement. But then she indicates i should lick the whole think on my own..


    I get all thebway to the top, tasting the ….his….pre cum …..again and again….suprised that the flavour is……addictive….

    Bethany nudges breaking me out of my trance like obsession…. gesturing for me look up ….at Mr Bourbon…who is watching me….us lick his dick!


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    I have seen a lot of guys turning into cocksuckers but Riëlle seems to top them all. With just a little encouragement from my side she is starting to lick Mr. Bourbon’s cock like a pro. At first she is just copying me but as soon she tastes his pre cum she seems hooked on the stuff as much as I am.

    And Mr. Bourbon seems to like our attention as well. He looks down on our licking faces with a triumphant smile. As both Riëlle and I look back up at him he pulls out a phone… Is this Riëlle’s one?… and starts taking pictures of us.

    “Very nice, girls! Now put those lips around it and start sucking on it!”

    I’m a bit startled as he pushes Riëlle’s mouth to the top of his cock, slowly forcing the head between her lips. All I can do is keep licking the shaft and his balls.


    With our faces so close to his cock I had lost track of Tess and Georgette. I presumed they were just watching but then I suddenly felt a wet tongue slide along my asscrack. Slightly shocked I looked around but immediately my head was turned back to Mr. Bourbon’s cock. His strong hand forced my lips over his glistening wet cock, forcing the tip against my throat.

    In the short glance I had looking backwards I had seen Tess licking Riëlle’s ass with a hand playing with his cock and balls. I could only presume Georgette was playing with me. Her hand was rubbing my pussy while her tongue was licking my rosebud.


    She did that so well I got really excited and started bobbing my head up and down over Mr. Bourbon’s big hard rod, sucking it as if my life depended on it. But just as I was about to push his cock down my throat he suddenly pulled me off it and replaced me with Riëlle.

    “C’mon Riëlle, seems Bethany can’t take the whole length, prove to me you are better at this!”

    And with that he started pushing her head over his cock, not giving her any chance to back out. I looked in awe as his cock started sliding in Riëlle’s mouth deeper and deeper. But then Georgette intensified her playing by pushing two fingers into my tight hole.

    “OO FUCK!”

    I screamed as at the same time she started rubbing my clit fast and hard… Within moments I started to feel my orgasm rise…

    “Please sir…OOH YES… Can I …aahoooHH…please cum!?”

    He gave no other reaction than pulling Riëlle off his cock and replacing her mouth with mine, forcing me to take his cock deep into my mouth. The rubbing of my pussy stopped and another finger was added into my ass.

    Bringing me to the edge of orgasm while forcing me to open up all my holes was driving me crazy. I didn’t dare to imagine what this treatment did to Riëlle…

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    Looking up at Mr Bourbon smiling down at us licking his dick is a strange feeling…

    it wasnt so long ago i was on the other side of this, one of my wife’s treats for our wedding anniversary ……..she didn’t like doing it…..which usually resulted in a lack lustre effort….. I called her out on this last time telling her she should enjoy it…. I mean how hard can it be?

    …..Now look at me…

    …On my knees, practically naked in front of this monster of a man, all muscle and power. Terrifying!

    In a sense I am pleased he is happy… that i am able to please him………

    ..pleased that he doesn’t want to punish me… again…. my bum cheeks still burning and sensitive. The voices rattling around in my head tell me I have to keep him happy….to please him…

    As he smiles he brings up a phone….MY PHONE! He starts taking pictures of us licking his dick..



    and .. then he orders us to start ..sucking his dick!!

    I sense the undertones of the ‘or else’….wether this meant he would send the photos or take me over his knee again…i wasnt sure, just as i wasn’t sure which was worse… I hesitate for a moment  but Mr Bourbon makes the descision less complicated as I find my mouth suddenly wrapped around the end of his dick!



    My eyes go wide briefly but as i stare him in the eyes  this look changes to something else as it’s size slips into my wet lips, filling my mouth… there is an on sense of wonder after so long fantasizing with sissy hypno and online games, stories ….it started as curiosity …what’s it like to dress as a girl….feel like a girl….cum like a girl ……..i never fancied men and fantasizing about sucking my own dick was as far as it ever went….. but to think like a girl has certain side effects…. that when aroused leaves you open to ……. new possibilities.

    I gasp for a moment as I work out how to breath….the pre cum leaking directly into the back of my throat fuelling my addiction as the tip of his huge hot pulsing shaft resting in my mouth.

    I react by trying to pull back…knowing this isnt just a late night porno fantasy …knowing that this isn’t what normal heterosexual guys do…. or fantasize about!

    His hand pushes me down slightly each time i try to pull away again with what seems like very little effort…until I find my head bobbing up and down without his help.



    ..his hand becoming more of a reassurance that this is the only option I have. I look at him again as he smiles at me as I start to lose myself on the end of his cock.



    My tongue betrays my curiosity even further as it begins to explore the shape and texture of his erect penis in my mouth.

    I feel my hands being uncuffed perhaps due to my obedience …… and instead of using the opportunity to try and break free I find my hand resting on his thigh as I try to get a better position…to suck his cock?!

    As I stick out my ass to do so I feel a soft hand quickly taking hold of my own dick and balls as something wet presses against my anus!!



    As I react with panick and intense arousal i somehow wriggle out of Mr Bourbons grasp ….or perhaps he is simple bored of my efforts as Bethany takes over with a renewed effort showing a skill and experience I obviously lacked.

    I look behind me to see Tess with her head buried in my ass! Her tongue licking an area no one has EVER explored before…. my own attempts never caused this much pleasure…her hand gently tugging on my dick simultaneously holding me in place and bringing me closer to cumming….though she somehow manages not to succeed.

    “Teesss, pleaaaase stooooohhh”

    But then my attentions are turned once again to mr Bourbon as he pulls Bethany off his dick insisting I show him I can do better by taking the full length of his massive dick!!

    Clearly intended as a challenge  I panick as he grabs my head…. parting my lips again with the tip of his shaft ….he continues to push down!


    And down…his dick in my throat, checking me it as he also thrusts his dick up at the same time!

    Mmm ooohhhh!!

    My own struggles to breath are drowned out by Bethanys screams of ecstasy next to me and I suspect a few of my own Tess gently probing with her tongue!

    I am no further than halfway down the length of Mr Bourbonscock as he suddenly releases his hold on me.

    As i come up for air and open my eyes  he already has replaced me with Bethany who as I watch in in shock or amazement takes in the whole thing!




    I then hear the all too familiar sound of message sent….coming from my phone!!

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    Which ever way we try, it seems we can’t satisfy Mr.Bourbon enough. His cock, although releasing enough pre-cum to satisfy our need, stays hard like a steel rod. With his cock buried deep into my throat, I realize it’s not about satisfying him, but with our surrender to him. For me, surrendering to my inner slut, for Riëlle to her submissive femininity.

    He winds his hand into my hair and starts bobbing my head up and down his cock until my mind starts shutting down. Somewhere close I hear the beeping sound of a phone receiving a message. I’m too busy to compute what it might mean…

    “Ha ha! Your boss is fun, Riëlle and really seems to enjoy your wife’s company as well!”

    He turns Riëlle’s phone so she can have a look at the screen. I can only see her reaction but I can’t really make out if it is a good or bad. She is mostly confused.

    Mr. Bourbon doesn’t give her any time to consider the message as he once again simply switches my mouth with hers on his cock. Not that he gives me any chance to ponder. I hear the sound of his snapping finger and next thing I know I feel something hot and hard push against my butthole.

    In panic I look around and see Georgette position her cock against my little star!

    “O no, please! Not in my bum! It’s just too big!”

    But it is clear Georgette has her orders and she is just too excited about this, not to obey. Tess is obeying Mr.Bourbon as well as she is putting on a strap-on dildo. It is considerably smaller than Georgette but nevertheless it’s still probably more than Riëlle ever received.

    My thoughts are interrupted as Georgette slowly starts to enter me..


    I think I’m loosing my mind


    OOC: I consider Lucy and your girlfriend as your characters. It’s up to you if and how they answer 😉


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    As mr Bourbon chuckles to himself i catch a glimps of a new picture on my phone…..Lucy!


    Oh god no…. she knows!! Worse than that she has to behind this all….i wonder if my wife knows….or how long it will be … thank god her phoned died….if i could get my phone back maybe i could….i dont know what but something…


    I moan as Tess probes her tongue deeper into my ….into me. Her hand stroking my smooth dick…constantly leaking…. i dontvthinkbiver ever been so stiff for so long….i feel like i might pass out…

    I continue to lick the long of his muscular dick as Bethany wraps her mouth around the tip and forces it down into her throat like a pro..

    Another picture tone…this time mr Bourbon shows me a picture of lucy drinking a glass of milk… and some text:

    “Oh no i couldn’t, I dont even like it….oh well if you insists”


    “Carefull sissy… you always seem to take on more than you can handle”

    My terror as to what this all means is broken by a scream of pleasure from Bethany as Georgette start to slide her enourmous dick into her pussy…..its then that i realise Tess has stopped licking and tugging at me….her abscence should beca relief but my body wants her back…. when I glance back briefly before mr Bourbon guides me back to his still erect dick.

    Tess is fitting on a strap on!! With Bethany already screaming and all too many late night porn sessions …. i know whats coming!

    I start to panick…. this is all so beyond anything ive experienced… which makes it increadibly terrifying and immensly exciting….

    Mr Bourbon sees my confusion and firmly takes hold of my ass no doubt his hand print still clearly marked, pulling me closer causing me to go face first into his balls.

    No knowing what else to do i continue licking…

    Tess returns her small soft hands replacing mr bourbons hands with her own. Sliding what i can only assume is the strap on ….my heart races even faster as i feel it tracing my bum. She continues to…..tease me with it…until…..until….i stick by ass back and up!

    ass up

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    As soon as Georgette enters me she starts fucking me like an animal. I am totally overwhelmed by her size and force and within seconds I hear my loud moans scream back from the walls. The intensity of it is just too much to comprehend and I can only react to it by a desperate attempt to escape from it.

    Of course it is useless. Georgette is just too excited and keeps pounding her cock into me, stretching me out beyond what I could imagine. As she starts fucking me faster, I crazy enough feel my body starting to response differently. I start bucking back into her like some whore who wants her client to cum.

    Even though this is all very humiliating, even degrading, I feel very excited. My hands seem to have a life of their own as they start playing with my tits and my pussy which is extremely wet.

    Beside me things aren’t much different. Riëlle is either too horny to stop or has totally surrendered herself because she is sticking her ass up and out, almost as an invitation to Jess to fuck her. At the same time she is still licking and sucking Mr.Bourbon’s cock like a pro.

    It doesn’t take long before Tess makes use of the invitation and enters her bum with the strapon, holding her tight by the waist.

    “O my god, Mr Bourbon! Look at what a slut you created! She really wants it!”

    Her hand slides down to Riëlle’s cock and starts jerking it a bit faster.

    “Damn, she’s still hard…and o my god…she is dripping like crazy now…. Please sir, can I make her cum?”

    My own body is starting to shake and tremble as an orgasm is taking over control. Just at that moment Mr. Bourbon once again forces his cock into Riëlle’s mouth. She looks so hot pinned between these two cocks. There is no escape for her.

    Then suddenly, in some crazy excitement, Georgette picks me up and throws me over Riëlle’s back. Georgette’s cock slips out and next thing I know I feel her hot jizz squirt all over my ass and back. She squirts like a fountain, clearly things have been really pent up with her.

    Then I hear Mr. Bourbon make some grunting noises…

    OOC: Sorry, It became to late for me to find some suiting pics this time…


    I feel the strapon slide into my ass and i cant describe the sensation as the fear and excitement combine into an overwhelming pulse of energy that flows through my body each time Tess excitedly thrust the strapon into my ass…into me ….. she slaps my ass each time i lose my pace with mr bourbon causing me to suck and lick his firm dick inside my mouth…. i can feel myself close to cumming.


    I can feel his dick start to swell and I know what is about to come…cum! I try to pull away but he holds me down long enough for my mouth to fill, causing me to gasp and choke on its warmth and thickness…. he lets me go….but it just keeps on cumming and there is no avoiding it with Tess thrusting her toy inside of me.


    No sooner was the cum in my mouth than i find myself cumming unable to take another thrust from Tess…I cum but nothing like mr Bourbon .. i feel my body tense and relax at the same time as a tidal wave of heat washes over me in a sense of pure exctasy.

    As Bethany finds herself ontop of me Tess pulls out of me we both collapse in heap on the floor as fresh cum rains on us both from Georgettes as my own cum dribbles down my leg…


    My eyes close as i feel myself close to blacking out from utter exhaustion

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    After both Riëlle and I got thoroughly fucked we end up on each other in one big sticky mess. Our warm, still trembling, bodies are covered in cum. Without any thought I scoop some off Riëlle’s body and lick it from my fingers. I just can’t help myself.

    Mr. Bourbon cleans his semi hard cock on Riëlles hair while Georgette is already putting her clothes back on. Only Tess was denied orgasm and was still helping herself by frigging her fingers in her pussy.

    I felt ashamed at how enthusiastic I had joined this perverse sex party. I didn’t dare to think how it musta have been for Riëlle. Being forced to suck cock and get fucked in her little starhole on her first day at the company. On the other hand, looking at her, I also see some true satisfaction. Even now, her almost hard cock was still dripping cum. It was quite the adventure.

    Mr. Bourbon put his cock back in his pants, stepped over us and watched Tess enjoying her orgasm. As soon as she finished she looked up to him.

    “Thank you, sir, for letting me cum. How can I be of service?”

    He helped her on her feet and smiled. “You did very well, Tess. Get these two down to the dungeon and get them cleaned up. Put them each in a separate cell. I’ll deal with them tomorrow.”

    Fuck! It was clear I had lost just about any authority I had and was now handed over to my former assistant. And Tess was totally enjoying that.

    “Come on, bitches, on your feet! Wiggle those hot asses to the elevator!”

    She somehow got her hands on a crop and used it to force us to the door. The sharp pain on my ass immediately got me moving. Neither I nor Riëlle had the strength to resist her and walked out to the elevators. Waiting in front of them I felt the cum still dripping from my body.

    Down in the dungeon’s where I only had been to pick up new slavegirls we were forced to the ‘bathroom’ which was nothing more than a big tiled space with a hose hanging from one of the walls.

    Tess waisted no time and before we knew it she cornered us with a hard blast of water. As if we were animals on a farm she hosed us down. She threw us each a bar of soap and a hard brush.

    “Get yourselves clean! And speed it up! I don’t want to be here all night!”

    Cleaning was difficult as she kept on pointing the hard beam of water on any unprotected part of our naked bodies. The beam of water was so hard it colored our skin bright red. It was so hard I could barely make out if the water was warm or could.

    Barely finished she pushed us, without giving us a chance to dry ourselves, to the cell’s. These were just like in the old days, steel bars and just a basic bed with a rough blanket. It took her no trouble to push us on the beds and chain our ankles and wrists to the bed. These made it impossible to either get up or touch ourselves in any way. Last, she threw the blanket over us and gave us a last look.

    “All comfy, girls? Now, no more talking, you don’t want to wake up the guards! Sleep well!”


    Exhausted we are lead away by a very smug Tess taking any opportunity to hit us with her crop…though i notice Bethany gets the worst of it… clearly trying to stamp her authority on her one time boss.

    Naked we huddle together on the lift when it finally arrives… our cum smeared bodies rubbing together, the smell of it all over us.. lingering the whole way down on the lift. I dont kniw if it was me or Bethany leaned in first but her warmth on this cold lift was very welcoming.

    I try to ask her where we are or whats happening.. but everytime i start to speak Tess gives mw a short wack..on my thigh, bum, arm whatever she can easily get to. So i quickly stop trying.

    We arrive in a dark empty room, Tess shoving us into a corner and disappearing again into the dark. Bethany and i still huddled together.

    When suddenly bright lights come on and Tess sprays us with ice cold water driving us apart as i stumble under the weight if the water as i try to pick up the brush and soap. I begin furiously scrubbing the cum and washing my face clean….makeup and cum washing away..

    I loom up to see Bethany standing her ground somehow determined not to show complete submission or defeat to Tess.

    hosed down

    Naked, dripping wet and cold Tess finally finishes hosing us down like common animals. My skin raw from all the scrubbing but relieved that the traces of what just happened are cleansed off my body….i just wish Tess hadnt been so accurate with her hose as my shrivelled dick and but hole feel bruised and sore…

    As Tess clears the hose away i find myself huddling with Bethany who holds me in what feels like a protective embrace… and just before Tess returns she gives me a tender kiss…which for a brief moment makes me forget where we are.


    Tess obviously sees the kiss and she doesnt hold back with the crop and quickly drives us into seoerare rooms….cells would be more appropriate. With nothing left to fight back with i find myself tied to the bed…warned about waking the guards!

    She leaves slamming the door and as the lights go out despite my exhaustion i lay there still as a mouse listening to every sound. …afraid if what might happen if the guards DO wake up!!!!



    Laying bound on the cell bed, there is little else I can do but get lost in my own thoughts. Of course there was the hot sex with Mr.Bourbon, Georgette, Riëlle and that crazy bitch Tess, but my mind also wandered to what happened earlier. At which point did I loose control over the situation…how the hell did I end up here bound as some slave girl ready to…

    Ready to what? What was going to happen next? Of course I had heard stories about ‘girls’ being sold abroad to either stay in some sheik’s harem or working in a brothel in east Asia. But then again, there were a lot of cells down here and I knew girls were also kept to seduce prospects into transformation or just as sextoys for the patron’s and other guests.

    Fact was that I didn’t know, all there was, was this cell and the sounds that crept in. I heard soft cry’s, excited moans but also chains and male voices grunting. I had no doubt the guards in this place used some of the girls for their own pleasure. On the top floors they might be seen as freaks or servants but here they were the masters of lust and pain.

    I tried to listen if I could hear Riëlle. I didn’t hear her but didn’t know that was either a good or a bad sign.

    Eventually I managed to fall asleep hoping that tomorrow this whole mess would be seen as a big mistake and I could go back to my normal living.


    The next morning I awoke with some fingers playing with my pussy. I was already soaking and I heard myself moaning. Fuck, sometimes I wished I wasn’t so easily excited.

    As I opened my eyes I looked straight in the eyes of one of the guards. A big guy. He seemed startled by me waking up and immediately pulled back his hand from my pussy. Not saying a word he placed a leather collar around my neck. With a chain he connected my wrists to the back of it, released my ankle cuffs and finally connected a leash to the collar.

    He gave a short pull on the leash and I obediently followed him. I found it wise to keep my mouth shut, the last thing I needed was being disciplined by him.

    He led me through to Riëlle’s cell. She was already awake and looked at me with scared eyes. She as well was collared in the same way I was, but she also had a big red ballgag in her mouth. Saliva was dripping down her chin onto her breasts.

    During the night the hormones in her body had done their work. She was looking more feminine now then yesterday. Her boobs had started to grow and were now close to a b-cup. Her hair had grown down to her shoulders and I even thought her hips were either wider or her waist had gotten tighter. Her nipples were protruding and were pointing out hard. Her cock was also hard and I was wondering how her night was. For now I just smiled at her as comforting as I could.

    The guard took our leashes and pulled them down to the floor and connected them to a big ring. We couldn’t do anything else but follow and ended up knelling on the floor, side by side, our bodies rubbing against each other.

    From the hallway I heard footsteps approaching, clearly male. In came Mr. Bourbon.

    “Morning girls! Ready for today?”

    He threw a big carton box in front of us.

    “Today you will be presenting yourselves to the department heads. So I brought some stuff for you to put on. Heels, nylons, corsets and butt plugs. After breakfast, which is being prepared right now…”

    He turned his head to the entrance, our eyes followed his automatically, where another guard was jerking his cock over two small bowls. A few green leaves were sticking out the bowls.

    “He’s just adding some salad mix.”

    Mr. Bourbon snapped his finger and the guard started squirting his big load all over the bowls.

    “There… So after breakfast you two get yourselves all dolled up and presentable. There is  make up stuff in the box as well. These two will make sure you behave, so be good girls!”

    With a quick move Mr. Bourbon released Riëlle’s ballgag while the guard put the bowls down before us.

    “Enjoy your breakfast, girls”

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    I finally fell asleep….passed out might be more like it but I don’t feel like I get any rest….image after image fill my mind…


    Flashbacks …..from somewhere deep within…


    Recent Memories or are these something older?


    ….a fantasy, dream or nightmare….


    A longing desire to fuck and or be fucked….No….No … i dont want this…. right ……. these arent my thoughts…. but i keep revisting these ideas in my mind….. my memories of yesterday mixing in with all the girls pleasing a di k and being fucked from behind…… why is that idea so hot….. I love my wife! I want to be – my thoughts are broking by a strange feeling on my chest – suddenly I wake up realizing i am not alone!


    It takes me a moment to realize what im seeing! A dick pushing between a pair of tits…and i can feel it moving has he pushes my chest…no breasts ..together as he fucks them!!

    “What the fuck!! Get the fuck off me!”

    I shout out struggling in my panick my hands still tied up at the man thrusting his dick up and down between MY tits!!

    “Im a fucking dude! A man! You can see my dick! Get that fucking thing off me you prick!! What the….”


    I shut up as he slaps me accross the face.

    “You sure bitch like a girl…”

    He says grabbing something hard and shoving it into my mouth and fastening behind my head.


    “Boss said to get you…..but didnt say nothing about not having some fun first…”

    He says with a grin sliding me off tge bed onto the floor.

    “Mmmmmph mhhhh mpgckk!!!”

    The floor is cold the only warmth i feel is his hands as he start to play with my chest…massaging them gently at first as though he was doing somekind of foreplay….like i was a girl….and damn it my body responds, my chest feeling sensitive and tingling from his touch contrasting with the cool air, my dick growing, i feel myself forgetting where i am…who i am…I don’t even know how long this went in for.


    I moan my drool leaking out of my mouth around the gag…..When suddenly he stops and starts practically picking me off the ground by my nipples!!



    “Now you know what i felt like bitch, think about that the next time you start acting like a prick tease!”

    A prick tease?! I was asleep…what the fuck did i do?! I try to say with my eyes….not daring to even try to speak, my nipples burning and my..chest…breast more sore than I though possible.

    He drags me onto my knees by my hair, somehow long enough for him to do that and fits a collar around my neck stacking me to the floor…. my drool still leaking out, dribbling on my breasts and then dripping onto the floor.

    He brings Bethany in and shackles her next to me..her warmth a source of familiarity and growing comfort.

    Mr Bourbon enters causing me to flinch as he drops a box in front of us on the floor… telling us have breakfast, straberries yum….and then to get dolled up and make ourselves presentable… oddly my dick twitches at the thought but I know there’s no way I do it without help..


    I look to the guard who only a short time agao was rubbing his dick between….my boobs is niw jacking off over the strawberries which as my gag is removed I know  mr Bourbon expects us to eat.

    I would say I can’t but after yesterday…. I know it’s more that i don’t want to…. willingly…. but I know I don’t have a choice…as i look up at Bethany and anxiously pick one up and tentatively take a bite.



    As i try it my stomach rumbles and ibrealize how hungry i am….i guess its not ….too bad….. and i am hungry…so i pick up another…and another…

    eat up

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    I look surprised at how eagerly starts eating from the strawberry’s. Damn, it’s not like its whipped cream they are covered in! It’s fresh cum!

    She takes one after the other from the bowl and to be honest I feel a bit disgusted. Sure, I swallowed my fair shares of cumloads but that was always in the heat of passion. But this is different!

    But as I look at Riëlle enjoying her breakfast the smell hits my nostrils… oh well, maybe just one… hm, not too bad… and before I know it I am ravishing the bowl like it’s haute cuisine, enjoying every bite.

    It’s only when I put my tongue in the bowl to lick up the last drops, it dawns on me. This isn’t normal! Fuck, something I have eaten or drank must have been spiked! I knew the lab had developed it, fuck, I even used it on some of my pupils, turning them in total cumguzzlers. And now it has turned out I joined their ranks!

    Much time to ponder wasn’t given us though. Mr. Bourbon shoved the carton box towards us.

    “Get to it, girls. We have guests waiting for you!” Then he turned to the guard. “Make sure they hurry and then bring them up. Wrists and ankles cuffed. O, and keep them clean! No hanky panky!”

    And as Mr. Bourbon left, the guard turned the box upside down, spreading the contents in front of us. I immediately grabbed the stockings, gave one pair to Riëlle, and started putting them on. Then I took the corset and the heels, put them on and started brushing my hair and put on my make up. For me it was a natural thing to do but I noticed Riëlle had some trouble with that so I started helping her.

    Softly I whispered to her while the guard was again stroking his cock.

    “Just go with the flow and don’t resist. If someone asks you something, just answer honestly with yes sir or yes madam. Whatever you do, don’t look them in the eyes, just keep looking straight ahead. You don’t want to…”

    “Enough talk, girls! Hands and knees, stick out those asses!”

    I knew what was coming and obeyed the guard. Next I felt some lube drip in my asscrack followed by fingers in my pussy and a rather big butplug pushing against my little star.

    Within seconds I was dripping wet and started pushing back on the plug. Even though I got some thorough fucking last night I was still tight like a virgin.

    Dammit! Even though this was all so humiliating I was already horny enough to start last night all over again. And that just from a little rubbing and a plug.

    As the guard turned to Riëlle, I put on the leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, but couldn’t help staring at how the guard plugged Riëlle. She barely needed any attention to get hard again but the guard still played with her cock until it once again was dripping.

    Then the guard picked up our leashes and shoved the cuffs with his foot towards Riëlle. She looked confused so I started helping her put them on.

    “You’re doing great sweety” I planted a kiss on her lips and helped her up from the floor.

    Another tug on the leash and we started following the guard. In the elevator the guard started playing with his phone. I recognized the program he was opening and I tightened my butt. Ever so lightly I felt the plug starting to vibrate.

    By the time we were entering the small theatre my wetness was dripping down my legs and my eyes were turning in my head.

    The theatre was more of a nightclub setting, a small low stage in the middle, a bit like a short catwalk, on three sides surrounded by two rows of comfortable chairs. Mr. Bourbon was waiting on the stage and took over the leash from the guard who stayed at the side.

    The chairs were filled with both men and women. I recognized some of them as department heads, others as patrons. But there were also quite a few people I didn’t recognize.

    “Welcome ladies and gentlemen, some of you might recognize our Bethany here, one of our former staff members. Unfortunately she failed one time too much so her availability will be limited. She is on stage only to help her remember her servitude.”

    “This other little slut is Riëlle, came to us only yesterday and is, as you can see, still in development. She is here mainly to be placed in one of our departments, but of course is available for other entertainment as well.”

    “So, please allow me to show you their hot bodies. In a moment of course you will be getting a chance to get a more hands on approach.”

    “Maestro! Music please!”



    Once the strawberries are done. Bethany grabs the bowl and licks up the last of the cream…and i find myself disapointed she didnt save me any….what am i thinking its cum!

    Mr Bourbon tells us to get ready and Bethany leads the way…putting on stockings, corset and i do my best to copy her….but i lack her finess and speed…my previous experience…. dressing up….was only for me and under far less….. scrutiny.
    Fortunately Bethany sees my hesitation and helps me out…putting on makeup again making my dick twitch and start to get excited. .

    make up

    …and fitting a corset…way tighter than any costume thing I may have tried in the past…


    All the while the guard look on stroking his dick…. like I want to do with mine……I run my hands up the corset amazed at how ..curvy and feminine it makes me look….

    feel shape

    …and how sexy it makes me …..feel. The guard speeds up as he watches me….. what a pervert …but for some reason I it makes the my cheeks glow and my body tingle……and a little smile try to creep onto my face….and then i remember it was his cum on the strawberries ive just eaten! Partly thrilled and partly holding back vomit…. my thoughts and feelings becoming very confusing!

    Bethany whispers reassuringly into my ear to just go with the flow ….and advises never look them in the eye – she is interrupted by the guard instructing us to get on our knees with our buts out!

    I worry we are going to get another spanking but following Bethanys advice I figure I best do as Im told.


    I say getting onto my knees and nervously sticking out my ass. He moves to Bethany first but it isn’t a slap she gets but he’s putting something…in her. She moans in pleasure as she does …. despite the violation of her rights as a human being I can’t help but be turned on even more.

    I look straight ahead as he leaves her and makes his way to me

    eyes wide

    My eyes go wide still staringvforwards as has he takes hold of my dick! I resist the urges to fight back… that hasnt worked too well go me so he slowly insert something into my ass….seemingly struggling as it goes in and out repeatedly….causing my knees to turn to jelly and a lot of precum excitedly dripping out if my penis.



    Flustered but horny and feeling suddenly very sexy i get back upright on my knees daring to look up at the guard as I could tuck the hair out of my face..feeling like some kind of flrty teen girl with a high school crush..

    looking like this

    He almost laughs at me completely dismissing me as he picks up the leash fitted to my collar.

    He nudges some cuffs at me and i look to bethany in confusion. She helps me up and as she fits the cuffs to me she telss me im doing great and gives me another sweet lingering kiss.


    The guard yanks us away by the leash leading us back to the lift. As i walk i can feel the plug in my ass affected not only how horny i am but the way i walk.. being able to feel it inside and out between my cheeks causing me to sway my hips a little with each step…and each step making me more conscious of how i am starting to move like a girl!

    As we stand in the lift heading back up the guard playscwith his phone …ignoring us for a moment …but vefore i can take a breath the plug starts vibrating!

    It causes a deep down wave of heat to surge through my body….my knees feelvweek again and i wamt to roll my eyes back in my head….i barly even notice thatvi started walking again following my lead almost blindly…until i find myself standing in the middle of a crowded room a sudden rush of music snapping me nack to awareness.


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    The jazzy tune was playing soft and was in its rhythm slow and seductive. Without any specific order my hips start to sway and I start to dance slowly. Dancing was never my thing but this tune somehow really grabbed me.


    I looked at Riëlle who seemed almost like in trance, just standing there her eyes focused on nothing particular.

    Realizing that if she stayed like this Mr. Bourbon would surely interfere I nudged against her.

    “Dance, Riëlle! Dance! Do just like me.”

    I bumped a little harder against her hoping to get her moving as suddenly the vibration of the buttplug was turned up.

    “FUC…aaah…ooo…yes” I moaned as it felt my whole body was being vibrated. Shit, that felt good!

    The vibrations went up and down in a very random way and I couldn’t react in any other way than by moving my body in increasingly seductive ways, Swaying with my ass, turning with my shoulders and moving my hands over my body as much as I could.


    The eyes in the audience were following our every movement closely. Some of the guys were clearly getting excited as I could see their hands moving around their crotches. Other men and most of the women were talking to each other, sometimes pointing at either me or Riëlle.

    I saw lips moving but was too involved in my dancing to really pick up on their conversations, nor did I pick up on what Riëlle was doing. Probably better as well, because what was being discussed was nothing good.

    “Well, at the academy one of the first things would be to put her dicklette in a cage. If we didn’t the other girls would be all over her and their studies would be influenced in the worse way. We already have trouble keeping them disciplined wearing chastity, if we gave them the chance all they would do is play with each other”

    “Well, luckily we don’t have that kind of trouble at maids services. I worry more about her tits and ass. They are just too small! Our guests need something to grab hold off. It’s the same with that dick of hers, it’s too small for her to be a real shemale so we’d probably put her in faux femme…”

    “…Yes, those pussy panty’s. These things are so good these days, you can’t tell the difference with the real thing anymore and for her it’s the same as a chastitycage.”

    “I wonder if she is secretary material. Sure, she looks the part well enough although I agree that she could use some extra volume. Her sex is indifferent to me, a cage would probably be best, just to keep her horny enough.”

    “As far as the dungeons are considered, it is indifferent to us as well. It’s more down to skills anyhow. We’ve got some video productions coming up in which her look would be just perfect. We have ‘sissy boy transformation’ coming up and ‘sissy boy gangbang’ so she could be filming as soon as this afternoon. Otherwise I could have a real use for Bethany as well, for her it could be, let’s have a look… ‘dark meat entering’ or some of our fetish films.”

    “Well, as far as trophy wife is concerned, there is only one route, and that’s total transformation. Wasn’t that what her boss requested?”

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    I snap back into reality as Bethany gives me a nudge at the same time the plug in my but starts to pulse harder and faster almost in time wuth the music, the surge from inside sparks my body with electricity as i turn to her..


    As i watch her move i can see she is experiencing the same sensations as me..i do my best to copy her but dancing was never my thing…but as i watch the reaction from the crowd i can tell something is different…


    As I start to move it sends shockwaves through my body….my heart start to beat with the pulsing within..the music filling my mind….making my body want to ….move in time with the beat..


    …and the more i moved the more the sensation inside grew, making me want to move more, every move feeling making me feel like I’m alive like never before…it isnt long before i start to lose myself in the music, intoxicated by the sensations coming from my body. I didnt know you could even feel like this…


    My hands running over ever curve of my body that i can reach surprised at just how many curves i could feel, curves that were not there yesterday. Its nit long before my body and Bethanys move in syncronisation like we are a girl band on stage trying to please the audience

    girl band

    As the sensations deepen our syncronisation become harmonies and until we are dancing likecthe hot girls in the club driving all the boys crazy….boys like i remember being…but somehow now find myself seeing things from another point of view


    Throughout it all my mind partially recognises some of the words from the surrounding crowd but unable to comprehend their meaning … Academy, chastity…maids…..secretary…slave (I shiver at the reminder of where i just came from hoping not to return)…. and trophy wife!

    My thoughts turn back to my own wife and how i used to love watching her dance like this….wondering what she would think if she could see me now…


    Within seconds after her but plug started vibrating Riëlle is dancing like a professional. Swaying with her hips, seductively moving her hands over her curves while her face clearly reveals her excitement. I doubt if she is aware that this dance could be key to her future.

    Her dancing is definitely drawing the wrong attention. A big dark man has taken out his cock and shamelessly started stroking it. Even though it is difficult to concentrate with that vibrating plug inside and that impressive cock in my eyeline I move closer to Riëlle and whisper in her ear.

    “Tone it down a bit, Riëlle. If you keep dancing like that you will get us both ending up in the porn industry.”

    Then Mr. Bourbon steps back on stage and the music dies down.

    “Well, Ladies and gentlemen. I hope you got a nice impression of our girls. Please feel free to join us on stage and give them a hands on inspection. I must ask you however to give everybody a chance so not everyone at once please.”

    Immediately some of the audience got up and started approaching the stage.

    “If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to ask. Please be aware that Riëlle still has to be trained so don’t expect her to respond as you are used to. She isn’t that familiar with how things are dealt with here.”

    Even before his words died down, I felt big hands touching my ass and boobs while someone else was pulling on my plug.

    “…hmm, I love how tight she is…”

    “Yes, and firm tits as well. Look at her nipples harden as I pinch them…”

    “Yeah, she is perfect for some hardcore bondage shoots!”

    “Hey, and is it possible to take them both? Would love to see them together in some fetish shoot or something…”

    As hands kept playing and squeezing my body, Riëlle was handled by some other people. One woman was jerking her cock, while another was pushing fingers in her mouth and a guy was playing with her plug. The man who had his cock out had taken one of her hands and had placed it on his cock, telling her to stroke it.

    Near the entrance Mr. Bourbon was talking to someone I hadn’t seen before.

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