Richard arrives for training…

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    It was a long flight. I hate long flights. It was a long taxi transfer, I hate that more than the long flights.

    I dont know why I couldn’t do this closer to home… This is a long way to go for quality training. Then again i didnt exactly do so well at the in house training.

    I dont know why i went for the job in the first place….. Well thats not entirely true, my wife convinced me that we needed this.


    Michelle (wife)

    my wife had used her influence with my boss –

    Lucy (boss)

    Lucy my wifes lifelong best friend, to get me the job in the first place but i just dont seem to quite dp anything good enough for her. I’m sure Lucy thinks im an idiot. She only just tolerated me before I started working for her but now…..

    Every chance she gets she likes to remind me of how she expected more from someone who married her best friend and that i dont deserve her.

    The taxi comes to a stop.

    I look out the window on an impressive building. All glass and mirrors, no real way of seeing inside. The strong, M&R branding on the side indicates this is it.

    I get my phone out and message my boss that I have arrived as per company policy and send another to my wife to let her know I will call when i get to the hotel after my induction.

    I grab my bag and get out of the car.


    A message from my Boss:

    ‘Don’t forget this is your last chance, pay attention and do everything as you are instructed. They are the best training providers around. If you fuck this up don’t even bother coming back…………. to work.’

    Great. No pressure, like travelling to the other side of the wirld wasnt tough enough……This just gets better and better.


    Another message

    ‘P.s. your wife says hi
    Lucy and Michelle (Spa day)
    Have fun Bichard!’

    I hate it when she calls me that! Shes a fucking bitch! Why is she always taking photos with my wife, Michelle hates those kind if photos……(so fucking hot, though…they both look like actual proper model, glamour models!). My mind races through what i would want to do with them….both) Forget it they are practically sisters….so damn hot though, forget lucy. I havent seen Michelle looking this hot since we first met….fuck she is hot, at least oart of my life isnt a fuck up.

    The taxi drives off. Snapping me vack into the here and now.

    Its time. I open the doors and head back in….(maybe one more look….NO! Concentrate!).

    I try to find my course details on my phone but it seems to be stuck on the picture of my wife and my boss….

    I hear someone ask if the can help, I dont even look up trying to fix my phone..i start to speak

    “Hi, yeah, im here for some, er its here somewhere ….”

    Still stuck on thst damn photo, fuck it

    “Im here for training”

    I finally say looking up, my eyes finally locking on to the gorgeous woman in front of me. My jaw drops a little, she looks like a model too….am i dreaming?


    “I can see that’s necessary! Please understand that I have more work to do than waiting for you to get through watching sleazy pictures.”

    It’s fun to see how Missy is exploring her dominant side. She might be a receptionist now, I can see she has some real potential. Glancing at his phone like a headmistress.

    “So you are here for training, are you. So what’s your name?”

    She looks back on her pad, looking for his name. Her fingers run over the screen, selecting his file.

    “Yes, you will have an intake with miss Bethany first…”

    She then turns her pad around and puts his right hand on it. It immediately starts scanning.

    “Just running your biometrics to identify that you are truly who you are…”

    Actually it’s much more than that. It is also a digital signature underneath the contract that will practically make him our property. At the same time it is also a method to measure his physical well being.

    It takes some moments to measure everything and Missy holds his hand tightly onto the screen.

    “Very well…O wait…what’s this? Bichard!?”

    She laughs out loud, straight into his face!

    “O my, so sorry. Must be some glitch…”

    Still laughing she points at a cart.

    “You can leave your luggage over there, Bichard. It will be brought over to your room. Hihi, sorry again…”

    “Just wait over there, I’ll give miss Bethany a ring. She will be here in a moment.”

    From the control room I give Lucy a call. “Yes, he’s here. I’ll let him wait in the lobby a bit so if you would like to ‘distract’ some more, be my guest. Thanks again for sending him to us. I think we can have a lot of fun with him. I’ll make sure I send you some pics of his development. If you want something specific, just let me know.”

    In the lobby Missy was making sure the other girls at the desk got to know Richards knickname as well. Their laughs shattered loudly through the lobby.


    Im a little taken back by her abrubt greeting….sleazy?! Thats my wife your talking about! I think to myself but but I don’t quite get around to responding as my eyes run down the full length of her sexy legs…

    Thats right, my name is Richard Sh-“

    I begin to respond when she cuts me off and grabs my hand and put it on somekind of tablet. She says its just scanning for identification, but this takes longer than any scan I’ve had before…it even tingles a bit.

    The light goes green clearly identifying me, it even brings up a picture.


    But what the hell is that. I catch a glimspe of the name…Bichard! Seriously?! I cant believe my boss booked me in under Bichard! Not even my last name…and she has the nerve to call me unprofessional.

    I hope the receptionist doesn’t notice…


    She burst out laughing, barely even pretending to be sorry! I roll my eyes but don’t let myself get baited by her comment……it hardly even compairs to the abuse my boss gives me on a daily basis…but that was Lucy, we may not get on but at least there is history.

    I try to shrug the second ‘Bichard’ reference but find myself having to actively hold my tongue.   Walking away without saying thank you ….or anything else, simply choosing to walk away…. I try to keep my cool, like Michelle always tells me ‘Lucy just likes to wind people up’ me in particular! She clearly wants me to fail but I wont let her win this time.

    l take my bags to where she was pointed and take a seat…why are hot girls always such bitches?! I already hate this place.


    A message from Michelle:

    ‘ We had a nice massage today and swim at the Spa. Sorry you missed out again. Just getting ready for our girly night out…wish you were here xx p.s. my battery is low and I forgot my charger so if you need me call Lucy xx hope your course goes ok. Just be you ok xx’

    I send her a quick i love you too message and suggest she buys a new charger….so i dont have to speak to my bitch of a boss just to get hold of my Wife.

    Everytime I’m away those two go to the spa, this time they are making a whole weekend out of it….i swear Lucy plans my trips away on purpose to keep me out the way.


    A message from Lucy.

    Michelles battery died. Don’t worry Bichard (hehe) I’ll take good care if her..

    friends getting ready conentrate on your training”

    Holy shit! Michelle never gets ready like that at home! I dont know if I should be pissed off or….fuck it, thats so hot!


    As I walk into the lobby I notice that our new pet is already confronted with a message from Lucy. He is so busy with his phone he doesn’t even notice me until I stand in front of him and  speak to him.

    “Checking up on your make up skills, are you…?”

    I just love to embarrass boys like this.

    “Or is it some new lingerie you are shopping for?”

    I smile at him, not expressing if I’m surprised, disgusted or just having fun with him.

    “My name is Bethany, I understand you are Bichard…” “…sorry, I mean Richard. Sometimes a name just sticks to someone uh…” “If you are finished with watching sexy pictures on your phone, we perhaps could do the interview”

    I turn around and walk away, snipping my fingers after a few steps. “Keep up!”

    Passing the reception desk I wink at Missy as a sign she can check Richards luggage on it’s content. Sometimes our guests bring along stuff that might give us clues which we can use in our process. At the same time she can add a little ‘extra’ to his cosmetic products like shaving cream or bodywash. It is so much easier if our clients do part of their transformation themselves.

    Walking Richard over to my office, I give him enough opportunity to check out my curves and general appearance. Some swaying hips, a whiff of perfume are sometimes just perfect to get him into the right mood.

    As I point out a place for him to sit down, on the big sofa, I take a seat across from him, slowly crossing my legs, letting one of my heels dangle from my toes. When my skirt slips a bit, showing the top of my leg, I just let it.

    “So, let’s start. Can you tell me a bit about yourself, the reasons why you are here and what you would like to work on?”


    I am startled and embarrassed when the newcomer asks if I’m looking at Make up tips??! I didn’t even notice they were doing make up! I can feel my face go red
    red face
    “…Sorry,  no that’s actually -“

    I start to say not knowing what to say….oh no yhat my boss and my wife half dressed looking like they are going to make out – oh god! It dawns on me they are in their underwear and it looks like they are going make kiss, soo hot! My thoughts get cut off, lingerie shopping!?!

    I race to come up with an answer…

    “No – it’s for my wife….I mean it is my wi-“

    I look up as i cant tell from her voice if she is joking but even looking at her (pretty) face I can’t tell if she is serious or not, she gives nothing away.

    I take a moment to take her in. She looks professional and smartly presented but that doesn’t hide or undermine her sexy figure ….or presence.

    I assume she must have been joking, a sly look to the receptionist suggest she was told everything including…..  Bichard!

    “…………..!?!” I scowl at the receptionist again.
    At least i intend it to be a scowl but it sort of mixes with shock at being called Bichard by a complete stranger. I consider trying to correct her but i know from experience that it wont work – everyone finds it far too amusing………particularly the first time they hear it and this isnt the first time that name was dropped in by Lucy….(though never before when she wasnt around to gloat in my embarrassment…..and never at work), but I know it won’t be the last time I hear that name. When she mentions the sexy pictures I try to close the picture down but instead it shows another picture.

    clothes off

    When did I get another message……wait why are their clothes off!! I want to look more but I hear somebody snapping their fingers and notice Bethany has already turned and started walking away instructing me to keep up!

    I shove the phone I  my pocket and try to catch up but with my mind racing and my dick twitching wanting more…..i decide to hold back to catch my breath and try to check im not being too obvious in my arousment. I try to just focus on the moment but as my eyes fall on Bethany but sexy view of her butt and sway of her hips…are not helping!!

    Focus!!! I’m Married – Take a breath. Calm down – wait …….did she say interview?

    We head into an office and she points to a sofa for me to sit down while sitting herself into a chair opposite. I can’t help but watch as her skirt slides a little higher exposing more of her sexy, smooth legs…as she crosses her legs I almost see her –

    At this point I almost get eaten by the big sofa, I half  fall in as it lower and softer than expected… i try to adjust my position to appear more professional but there doesnt seem to be a simple way to do this …..I akwardly cross my legs trying to hide my growing bulge.

    Leaning forward I try to introduce myself properly and answer her questions. I need to concentrate, clearly  this must be a very expensive course to be looking at bespoke training, I was expecting more of a conference type session.

    “Well erm, my name is Richard”

    I say emphasising the R. Her eyes lock on mine and I decide not to push this further

    “I have been married for 5 years and after a number of years working part time I have just started working for a new firm.”

    I say ignoring the part where my wife mostly supported me throughout the part time phase of my life… She doesn’t say anything but for a moment I think I catch a knowing smile on her face but her cool unreadable face is back in place. Must be my imagination.

    “I am a quality auditor, inspector….Well I’m training to be, which is of course why I’m here…..Lucy, sorry my Boss, believes I would benefit from additional, external training to further my value to the company”

    I say practically quoting Lucy. 

    “To do this I need to learn how to improve on my presentation skills and how to better anticipate and fulfill the needs of our clients….Well thats what Lu- my boss thinks. …..Personally I think it is a simple case of gaining more experience and learning to pay attention to the little details…… or at least knowing which details to look for…..”

    I say my eyes again drawn to the top of her legs, distracting me. If I was single I would…….doesn’t matter your not single. Concentrate….to late my dick is telling my brain  what it wants to see

    red bed


    Ah, the poor boy is already quite indoctrinated by Lucy. It’s all the obligatory answers like she told him. ‘further the value to the company’, ‘improve on presentation skills’, etcetera, etcetera. I almost wonder why she needs to send this boy over. She should be able enough to turn this boy into her slave within a day.

    It takes an effort to keep listening to him… bla blah bla…but I manage to keep looking  interested.

    “Quality auditor? How Interesting, so you are familiar with the ISO 9000 series and the work of Evans & Parker on safety audits? Or maybe you are more into Pyzdeck’s work?”

    It’s clear he is basically auditing my physical quality’s. His boner is getting more obvious with every second that passes. Just to make sure he’s paying attention to details I let my manicured hand slide along one of my legs.  

    “So it’s presentation skills, anticipating on the needs of clients and paying attention to details that you want to work on…?”

    I let one of my fingers slide along my full lips, again testing his attention to details.

    “About your wife, is she supportive to your ambitions? In what way does she help you? Does she work herself or is she…”

    I’m thinking sexslave to his boss, judging on the pics of her with Lucy.

    “…taking care of things at home? Perhaps you have a picture of her?”

    I step over to him and take a seat beside him on the couch, making sure my hips touch his and hoping he will show me a picture on his phone.

    At the same time I’m exposing him a bit more to my pheromone filled perfume. I slowly let my leg ‘accidently’ brush against his. When he shows me his phone, I even put my hand on his knee and lean in close.

    O my, I think his boner is really straining inside his pants.

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    “We mostly focus on the 9001 with the recent upgrade the 2015 version….”

    I reply trying to stear away from the other names She said which, let’s face it I have no idea about, they seem familiar but dont ask me why

    ….details….got to work on the details… I think to myself as her hand runs down her leg…emphasizing her sexy smooth soft leg and her perfectly finished nails…… this is like out of a movie. A hot sexy movie…FOCUS!

    She repeats my comments on my requested training but somehow the sexy way she says it ….it sounds more like a ..a ….come-on. Is she flirting with me? I must be jet lagged. Interview. Training…..

    She traces her red welcoming lips with her finger….asking….asking about…my wife…..MY WIFE! I’m married.

    “ wife, Michelle. She worked full time until recently, taking a step back working part time now that I have been able to start contributing…but yeah she has been really keen for me to work with Lucy”

    She thinks it will broaden my perspective, I guess all those part time jobs have held me back….

    “She works for a big automotive firm that produces the high end components, working as a technical consultant specializing in the new onboard computers….mostly customer training and promotion events”

    I hated all her trips away, but she used to earn serious money.

    Bethany asks if I have a picture of her, at first I think she is joking, as she has already seen some but then she moves over to have a look I realise she didnt realise those pictures actually were of my wife (and boss)…

    “erm, sure. Actually the picture sort of was of my wife……”

    I stop myself realising there is no way I can explain that photo….it does sort of look like its straight out of a lads mag…

    “I was having some phone trouble…”

    I take my phone out of my pocket a little clumsily noticing how obvious my erect dick was…I adjust my position a little as she sits down, right next to me…touching me…

    “..seems to be working again, let me see..”


    “Woops, er not that one ….”

    Its been a long time since she sent my picture like that! Bethany leans in for a closer look and I can’t help but breath in her intoxicating perfume…my heart is starting to race..I flick onto another picture…

    bored in bed

    “Ha! sorry, not that one either ….”

    I really should organise my pictures better……I hope i got the right one. Something more respectable…..She rest her hand on my leg, high up on my leg as she takes another look – between the sexy pictures of my wife and ….Bethany her scent, her touch. Oh my god if I dont do something I’m going to explode!

    “this one, This one – here we go!!!”

    I almost squeal standing up holding the phone in front of her face.


    I manage to avoid bursting but too late I realize my mistake as my bulging erection is now on full view directly at Bethanys eye level!


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    He has no idea about anything regarding quality auditing. I consider confronting him with his lack of knowledge on his so-called field of expertise but decide against it. If he wants to present himself as a knowledgeable that’s ok with me…for now.

    Besides that I just love the way he fumbles with his phone trying to show me at least one decent picture.

    “O wow, she looks very nice. I can see the reason she is successful at her job of promotion and customer training. Must be a joy for every customer to interact with such a beautiful lady. Love the way she dresses too, really sexy. You are one lucky guy!”

    My perfume seems to do its work nicely as I watch his cock form a nice tent in his pants. He desperately is trying to find the right picture and when he does he is so worked up, he stands up in front of me to show it to me.

    What he seems to forget is that he is practically pushing his bulge in my face!

    In any other situation I’d make him my bitch immediately, for now he is lucky this is just the intake, I just want to tease him a little bit more.

    “O my, Richard! I didn’t realize that looking at your wife in stockings could get you so excited. You are all tensed up!”

    I keep staring at his bulge for a few moments and pretend to be overwhelmed by it’s size.

    “It’s so…eh…bi…”

    Then I quickly stand up, ‘accidently’ brush my ass against his bulge and walk past him.

    “Let me get you a cup of tea, perhaps that will release a bit of tension. We don’t want any accidents, do we? Maybe you want to use my restroom to fresh up?”

    I point to the door in the corner. “take the middle one, the others seem to have a problem”

    There is no doubt what he will do next. Just wondering how he will react to the decorations…


    As she talks about my wife in stockings she makes it clear my throbbing dick has not gone unnoticed, and for a moment it even looks like her eyes go wide like she might just pull it out there and then…..

    She starts almost transfixed to comment on how big, I am sure she was going to say big – but before she says it she stands and squeezes past me, her bum seems to trace the shape of my dick as she passes almost tipping me over the edge!

    She seems to regain her composure and suggests we have a cup of tea….As a married man I know that this is the right thing to do, but for a moment I fantasize about pulling back that dress and….


    She also suggests I go freshen up in the restroom.

    I snap back to my senses….what am l thinking…

    “Yes, of course…sorry I, will go erm…freshen up”

    I say looking at the obvious buldge in my pants.

    I head to the urinals focusing on releasing my erect dick, bursting out of my underwear. The touch of my hand causes a twitch, a glisten of pre come on the end no doubt already staining my underwear, leaks out onto my hand.

    This feels good but im at a interview! What will my boss think? What will my wife say if she saw me with my dick out like this…the thought of my wife causes another twitch as i think of the pictures on my phone….

    wife's bum

    I close my eyes and start to feel myself starting to stroke my dick infront of the urinal, i know its crazy but i haven’t been this horny since i was a teen….and mostly it’s my wife afterall….mostly….i think of Lucy in the pictures too…i had always managed to keep thoughts of her away but these pictures wuth my wife…..and then i think of Bethany as she passed me her bum pressing into my dick sge must have felt it she must….

    The thought if Bethany reminded me of where I am…I open my eyes and look up

    look up

    I dont kniw how i didnt notice before but there are pictures of three women over the urinal…..staring at….. my dick!

    My hand stops stroking my dick despite being so close to finishing. I know they are only pictures butvthe way they are looking makes me very self conscious.

    I feel my dick getting a little smaller and im not sure if i should be relieved that its going away or frustrated that I didnt finish….

    The way they are looking freaks me out a bit….did the way they were looking change?!

    A moment ago they looked …like they liked what they saw but now – are they laughing?! I can feel my erection shrinking away, the more it does the more i feel these pictures are judging me.

    double take

    I stand there staring almost expecting them to move, but they don’t. My pulse still racing I try to carry on stroking my dick but as i do i know its too late.
    The smaller it gets the more the pictures seem to mock me…

    I try to pee but Im still too aroused for that to happen so i easily tuck my dick back into my pants and go to the sink, throwing cold water on my face and try to get my shit back together.

    Frustrated I turn to go back into the office.

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    As soon as he left my office I call reception to get us some tea then I immediately switch on the feed of the security camera from the toilet.

    “O my god!” I can barely hold my laughs at how horny he is. For a moment I expect him to blast his load within seconds, but then he seems intimidated by the decorations aka our camera’s. Of course I immediately take some pics. Might as well let Lucy enjoy them as well and I send both a picture of him desperately jerking and one of him holding his dick shrinking.

    • What do you think? Which desperation looks better?

    Just at that moment he returns, his face has still some drops of water clinging on.

    “Feel better? You still look a bit feverish…”

    I walk up to him and put my hand on his forehead. “Hm, feels sweaty and warm. Maybe we should just have some tea and leave it at that for now? Perhaps a bath and some relaxation would really cheer you up?”

    As I keep my hand on his forehead I make sure he has a good view of my cleavage. In my thoughts I count down from 20. At 10 one of the girls of reception, Tess, enters with the tea. As expected from her she bends over to pour the tea in a way any man would get a boner. At 0 my eyes slide down to his crotch. How can I not smile…

    The tea is spiked with our formula A. It will help him to lower his guard and his male aggressiveness. It will prevent him getting angry and walk out as well as being more receptable for any directions given to him. At the same time it will stimulate his libido even more. All together it will lay the base for what we want to turn him into: an obedient little slave slut.

    “Would you like some tea as well Tess?”

    She smiles back at me and Richard. “I’d love to”

    We each take a seat on the coach, leaving Richard in between us. Each of us sitting very close to him.

    “O Tess, by the way, do you know if Richards luggage is brought to his room already?”

    “Yes, ma’am, I did it myself.”

    I just needed to know that his luggage had been checked on contraband and his cosmetic articles had been ‘adjusted’.

    “Great, so be a doll and bring Richard, after you both finished your tea, to his room please. I will call on you later, Richard. Perhaps we can have dinner together. For now, just take your time and relax a little.”

    The suite like room was, like most areas, controlled by several security camera’s. Besides his adjusted cosmetic articles we had also put some extra’s in his room, a make up set, and some other spare necessity’s for our lady guests like some pairs of panty’s and pantyhose. And If necessary we could also use the hypnotic programming tools through the largescreen TV.

    Richard was one of our first guests we planned to transform with the help of this room, so it was kind of an experiment. Nevertheless, part of me hoped I would get a chance to play with him in my kind of style…

    “Shall we go, Richard?”


    I head back into the room trying not to think about what I nearly did in the toilet at an interview,  when Bethany comes over concerned about me. Probably a combination of my frustration, panicky and water on my face probably would look like I’m feverish.

    “oh, erm n-“

    I was about to explain that I’m ok and both really feverish but as she puts her hand on my head pulling me close all I can see is a perfect view of her cleavagecleavage

    ” yes, I…. feel a little hot, definitely hot,  is it hot in here… has been a long trip”

    I say as I feel my temperature rising.

    She lets my head back up as another woman enters the room bringing the tea. Another very pretty, very sexy woman (is no one here just ordinary looking?)

    I sit in the middle of the sofa as she pours the tea in the sexiest way I have ever seen….. I take in all her curves as though this was some kind of exotic show.

    As both Bethany and Tess sit either side of me I quickly pick up my tea and start to drink…… too quickly. Soo Hot! Almost as hot as the women either side of me. I try not to react to the burning in my mouth and just listen as Tess confirms my luggage has been taken to my room.

    I feel much more relaxed by the time I finish the tea.

    “dinner would be nice thank you, Bethany. I think you are right. It’s been a long day. I’ll get settled in my room and just relax, maybe have that bath you suggested. Then I will be ready to start my training, you’ll see, I won’t disappoint you”

    I say happily that I might finally get some alone time. As Tess prompts me to go, I quickly stand up.

    “lead on Tess”

    I say hoping to get a look at her curves again.



    I very well know that he will check out my curves as I lead him towards the suite. I even go so far to take a deliberate detour just so he can watch my ass sway. I just love teasing men like this.

    “Here we are, sir”

    As we arrive at the suite I open the door for him for stay in the entrance so he has to pass me in a really close way. I make sure he gets a good feel of my body, at the same time it will give me a chance to feel if his cock is back up again.

    “Please have a look around, there are some drinks in the fridge…”

    Of course they are all spiked with hormones

    “…we have some nice cable channels…” I give him a wink. “…with some special interest channels as well.”

    How special they really are, he will find out once he starts watching. There is a lot of porn ready as well as some less extreme stuff but once he starts watching it will get mixed with a very special hypnosis programme.

    I walk over to his bag and open the zipper.

    “Let me draw you a bath first, I bet you brought something to make it a little more relaxing…” I rummage through his bag and find a bottle of some kind of bodywash. I hold it out in font of him. “… I suppose this will be ok?”

    Walking over to the bathroom “Why don’t you kick off your shoes and clothes, while I run the bath. Would you like it really hot or just nice and warm?”

    After opening the taps of the bath I pour in a large amount of ‘his’ bodywash. Just a drop would have been adequate but I really like a lot of bubbles. The high tech bath will automatically shut down the tap once it is filled so I step back into the suite.

    As I walk in I see him undress…hmm, nice body. I take a seat on the bed and watch him. To be honest I’m curious about his cock, I just hope to get to see it…maybe even seeing him stroke it…


    I watch Tess as she leads me to my room watching the sway of her hips and her cute bum…. I realize that I probably should be paying attention to where we are going but I figure that’s a problem for tomorrow, right now I just want to enjoy the view.

    Tess stops and opens the door indicating for me to go in. I start to move towards the door intending to slide past her but the door seems unusually narrow and I’m all too aware of my dick trying to burst out of my trousers.

    “thank you, I will just… erm, slide on, erm …through. oh erm …sorry,  I er didn’t mean to touch….”

    I try awkwardly change direction a couple of times, trying to hide my erection but somehow the timing all goes wrong as Tess and I briefly end up a little intertwined. Her hand brushing across my crotch as her breast push slightly into my back. Her scent similar to Bethany but perhaps a little sweeter affecting my pulse.

    Did her hand linger For a moment? No just my imagination and growing need for attention.

    I enter the room and I am impressed. I normally get a basic bedroom – if I’m lucky a toilet and shower but this is a proper suite. The kind my wife would get on one of her trips.

    Tess suggests I get a drink and before I even consider the additional cost of minin bars I find myself selecting a bottle at random and having a quick drink.
    It was strong and sweet but its not like me to drink anything neat but I must really need that, as it was really nice.

    Tess suggest I could watch cable tv which includes special interest shows.

    I catch a wink from Tess as she says this.  Again it is clear that she has seen my erection- hell I know she felt it! But she doesn’t seem embarrassed or awkward by it….no if anything she might be encouraging it.

    She rummaged through my bag for a bubble bath solution? I didn’t pack that i think to myself. I suppose my wife could have added it. She does always say a bath after a long trip is one of her favourite things.

    I have another quick drink at the thought of my  wife.
    Tess wonders off to run the bath and suggests kick off my shoes ……and take my clothes off!

    ” I like it hot thanks, but its no bother, I will….”

    I start to say. Intending to finish the sentence with:

    ‘… sort it all out and get changed once you leave, thank you’

    Only to find I have already kicked off my shoes and have started taking of my tie. Before I know it I have taken off all my clothes but my underwear.
    What am I doing? Why do I keep doing everything I’m told? I must be really tired. But I’m married. I route through my clothes for my phone but I can’t find it, I must have left it in Bethanys office!

    I look up and Tess is right there, on the bed smiling and staring at me stood here half naked. I instinctively smile back feeling a bit of colour on my cheeks.

    “I, erm think I might have left my phone in Bethanys office….do you think….”

    I start to say struggling with my situation and my current needs. I’ve never cheated on my wife and my brain is trying to find a way out but my body has other ideas trying to covince me that being here with Tess is fine, its not like i have gone around chasing her or anyone else but here she us in my room, on my bed while I’m practically undressed suggesting ways to help me relax.

    My eyes trace her legs up to the skirt that is just a bit higher than intended but looks all so inviting…..and then there is that smile.

    I take another drink.

    “… might be able to check, with Bethany, at some point if she erm, has seen it?

    I say unconsciously tracing the line of my dick in my underwear in front if Tess, staring back at her.





    As he starts undressing I can’t help but look at his body. Damn, he looks good enough to eat, almost a pity to let it go unused. And he already is so willing to obey as well. I take a quick glance at my watch… enough time to have a little fun with him.

    I look back at him, naked except for his underwear, rummaging through his pants.

    “I, erm think I might have left my phone in Bethanys office….do you think….”

    Then his words stop and he starts looking at my legs, clearly getting more excited with every moment that passes.

    “… might be able to check, with Bethany, at some point if she erm, has seen it?

    I smile back at him and give him a wave to come closer. “Of course I will but are you sure it didn’t just fall out when you took off your pants? Maybe it slid under the bed?”

    I pointed my finger downwards, a subtle suggestion for him to get down on his knees in front of me. I just loved a man on his knees before me, If he would go down I’d make sure his bulge would come in contact with my nyloned foot. And from there I would have him jerking off on it in seconds. I just wondered if I could get him so far that he would do that all by himself… And if not…I’d simply force him to do so.

    I honestly didn’t know where his phone was, although I could imagine Bethany took it. Phones were always a bundle of information. The stuff people stored on these things were just incredible, certainly with all these apps these days. I’d bet she was copying the content as we spoke.


    I had connected Richards phone to one of our computers. His password was no problem at all and with one simple command I copied an image of its content to my own computer. Banking app, photo’s, emails, a few games, the whole bundle.

    As it was copying my eyes glanced at one of the security camera’s from the suite. You could definitely leave it up to Tessa to get a man naked and into submission. O my god! Look at that bulge! I giggled at the idea of how he would be spilling out his masculinity to Tessa in no-time.

    Watching from the corner of my eye I picked up my own phone and dialed Lucy’s number for some facetime

    “Hi lucy, just calling to keep you in the loop. I got his phone, copying the data as we speak. Is there anything special you’d like from it?”

    “Yes, he is well on his way. He’s is already quite obedient, ready for his bath. One of our girls is just having fun with him, here have a look at the security camera…”

    I turned the camera on my phone so she could have a look

    “As you can see he is doing alright. So, what I wanted to ask, how far do you want to take this? Full blown woman or do you want some masculinity left? In other words, equip him with a pussy or shall we just lock him up in chastity? He already taken his first shot of hormones so during the day he will develop some female features and boobs… just A’s, maybe B’ for now… his hair on his head will start to grow and once he has taken a bath, his body hair will be gone so… what’s it gonna be?”

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    Tess suggest my phone might simply have fallen out of my pocket, possibly under the bed when I took my pants off….

    Pants off. I take iff my underwear and take my eyes of her inviting, legs and get on my hands and knees and start rummiging under the bed.

    I feel her foot as I get closer to her rubbing me with her stockings, guiding me …….as my head is under the bed abd my arse is in the air, no not guiding me, searching for…..She finds my dick and rubs with her foot.

    I bang my head on the bed and retreat. Standing up with my erect dick standing at attention for her.

    I don’t know if it was the bang to the head or guilt taking over or….but I hide my dick away staring at tess over my shoulder still on my knees.

    What am I doing? I’m married!!! Why am I naked? Why am I so horny?

    I stare at Tess on my bed wanting to blame her for ……everything….but the more i stare the more i see the sexy girl on my bed, smiling and welcoming leaving only one question,

    Why haven’t I fucked Tess yet?

    But I’m stuck, frozen. Am I waiting for permission? From my wife? From Tess? Why can’t I man up and do what I want to do?!

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    I just love his confusion… he has no idea what to do or not to do. For a few moments I am frozen as well, staring at his erect cock dangling between his legs. He looks cute as he desperately tries to hide it. He is in quite an embarrassing situation, naked on his knees with his cock so hard.

    “My my! You have quite a boner Mr. Richard! Shame on you! You are a married man, aren’t you? And yet you can’t seem to control that dick of yours in the presence of a nice young lady.”

    I reach out to his cock and slap his hand away

    “And what is that? Dripping pre cum? What would your wife say if she saw you like this? Such a horny boy! She is out with your boss, Lucy it was I think? And you are here naked on the floor and probably thinking of fucking me, Aren’t you, you little slut?”

    I give his ass a hard smack, leaving a nice red print.

    “I dare not think of what miss Bethany would say, … or do… if I told her. And she has been so compassionate with you! Postponing your training and all…”

    Rising to my feet I start walking around him.

    “Don’t you dare move a muscle! Let me think what I should do!”

    As I consider my options I keep his cock in sight.



    I don’t know what to say as Tess moves closer, reaching towards my dick. 

    I move my hand to divert her but my hand is quickly swatted away. Stunned I stare at her getting closer, my dick dripping with anticipation.

    She speaks of my wife and my boss and what a slut I am.

    “What?! I ……”

    I start to defend myself as she gives my butt a big smack.


    It stings and burns red.

    How can she thinking a slut she the one who….who……..What did she actually do?  she escorted me to my room, ran a bath and sat on my bed all easily giving me those come to bed eyes and flashing her stockings. Has she has been teasing me this whole time or am i so just so horny that im seeing what i want to see?

    She threatens to tell on me to Bethany, which would lead to my boss and so inevitably my wife!

    But Tess is making this all out to be my fault, like I’m some kind of sexual pervert?! It’s not my fault, it’s hers and Bethanys and Lucy and Michelle’s for being so, so, god damn hot!

    I think to myself as I start to move to get dressed but Tess tells me not to move and and that seems compelling enough to stop me in my tracks.

    I can see her staring at my dick but now I Can’t tell if she wants to do something good with it or something bad….am I know is I am just standing here, waiting for her to decide…..worse still I am getting even more turned on by her as she circles me like a hunter choosing to play or kill.


    The poor boy has no idea what to do. In his eyes I see part of him is mad at me for talking trash like that, the other part of him is horny as hell.

    Now it is only despair I see in his eyes. On one hand he wants to get up, get dressed and get out, the other part probably wants to be here on his knees and just get some release..

    Standing in front of him, I grab his head and with one of my feet I kick his knees apart. I pull his head back and look him straight in the face.


    It’s all I say as I keep looking him straight in the eyes.


    Knowing that one of the security camera’s is right behind me, I move a little to the side, placing one of my legs close to his cock.


    As soon as she tells me to stroke my dick my hand gets to work, slowly at first as I try to resist the command but so close to her I feel my resistance fading quickly as my body desperately wants this release.

    She holds my head back staring into my eyes which draw me I  further to her desire. Her smile is further permission as she enjoys the sight of me or is it my submission, I can’t tell and frankly care less the more i stroke my dick.

    ……Thank……. you …… Tess for letting… ……stroke

    I feel pathetic as I say it but also excitement. My wife was never this direct, always wanting me to take control.

    I reach out with my left hand and gently caress her leg, willing her to come closer for more contact. Her scent drawing me in…


    He has no idea what he got himself into. He ‘suddenly’ finds himself naked on the floor in a luxury hotel suite jerking his cock to a hot young babe. He just can’t resist.

    Allthough he started slow, he speeds up quickly, almost like hypnotized he stares up at me, slowly realizing there is no escape. He even obeys my order to thank me like the pathetic little slaveboy he is now to me.

    Then I feel his hand on my leg… he really needs it now.

    “Get your hands of me, Richard! You’re married man for godsake!”

    In moving away from his hands my legs come even closer to his jerking cock, I can feel drops of his precum leak onto my leg. His breathing is getting heavy and panting moans escape from his lips.

    “Don’t make me wait for it, boy! I have more things to do today! Speed up!”

    To make things even more difficult for him I slowly lift up my skirt a little bit and move in a bit closer. He must be able to pick up my scent and he can probably see a bit of my panties.

    “O, boy, that really did it for you uh? Pantyboy!”

    I keep a close look on his cock, monitoring his speed and excitement. Then, just as he is about to cum and closing in on the edge…

    “HANDS OFF!”

    I pull his hand off and replace it, just a little too hard, with the arch of my foot. He was too far to really hold off, so his cock starts squirting like a fountain all over my leg. I keep pressing my foot against his cock and ever so lightly push up against his perineum.


    I push his face downwards so he can watch his cock jump and squirt without being able to do anything about it.

    Without giving him any chance to recover from this ruined orgasm I grab him by his neck and push his face down against his mess.


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    My mind races with confusion as Tess tells me to get off her I let go but she steps forward as I do.


    i grunt out as I continue to stroke my dick not able to stop.

    She tells me not to keep her waiting. To speed up.

    so sorry…..I….oh…….”

    I instantly speed up as she raises her skirt flashes some of her underwear.


    The scent of her sex drifting into my breath.

    I feel my breathing increase, my pace increasing more as I close on my long awaited release….when Tess snatches my hand away reminding me im married

    it’s not me, I can’t help……ahhh”

    I shout out as she presses her heeled foot into dick just as I blow my load, it erupts like a volcano but just before the pleasure hits I feel something hard press near my anus… steals away some of the normal pleasure I feel from masturbation but it does stop the river of spunk coming out of me….

    I hear Tess shout out in disgust as she tilts my head down for me to watch as my cum dribbles down her leg and all over her shoe!

    Oh shirt! I’m so sorry…..I. ..I couldn’t help it …..”

    Suddenly with unexpected strength she grabs me by the neck and forces me face first into my own cum!

    I feel it first on my cheek and at the edges of my mouth. I try to pull away put she instructs me to clean it with my tongue!

    “No way- …….”

    Why would I do that?! I think to myself

    lick lips

    my eyes go wide with disbelief as my tongue starts to come out of my mouth, at first licking lips until it finds the first drop of my cum!

    As it enters my mouth I I feel the warmth of it and feel like I will be sick…but again my tongue sticks out drawing even more in!!

    I close my eyes in disgust. I want to pull away but her hand holds me steady and my tongue continues to obey her command cleaning up every drop it can find.

    It’s not long until her shoe is clean and im practically sucking up the rest from the stockings on her leg!

    Why can’t I stop!! I think feeling like I should be freaking out but for some reason my body seems relaxed…


    It’s funny how my little slut is constantly bringing on excuses, while getting more and more excited as he continues. ‘Im so sorry, It’s not me, I couldn’t help it, and even no way’. Still he jerks his cock like I order him to, still he licks his jizz from my legs and shoes.

    I’m amazed at his obedience and his enthusiasm as he literally sucks his filth from my stockings. He just loves it even though his confused mind hasn’t the strength to admit it.

    It’s clear we have quite the little submissive cumslut on our hands here, he just needs to acknowledge it to himself yet.

    I look down on him with disgust while I point out some drops he missed on my other leg. “You missed something over here…”

    After he licked it off with care I grab his neck and pull him off me, looking at his face once again. With the tip of my finger I push some of the drops on his cheeks towards his mouth and let him lick it.

    “There, there, my little cum guzzler… the last drops” And, as his tongue wraps itself around my finger “disgusting!”

    Looking down at his cock I notice it’s still quite hard. It seems our ‘medication’ is doing its job nicely.

    “Now, I didn’t draw you a bath for nothing, so much is clear. Now crawl to the bathroom and get yourself cleaned up!” I glance at my watch “You still have some hours left until dinner. Make good use of them!”

    As soon as I see his ass move through the bathroomdoor …nice, will be fun to use it…  I close it behind him, leaving him with his confusion. I walk over to the closet and take out one of the pantyhose and throw it on his bed. Next I grab all of his clothes, even the ones in his bag and leave the room. He won’t need them anymore. Time for him to get used to his new hairless skin on his own.

    I wave to Bethany through the security camera’s, I bet she has some nice footage, and leave the suite behind me, of course I lock the door.


    I can feel myself grimace as Tess scoops the cum off my face with her finger and instinctively I suck it off.

    As I crawl to the bathroom my mind lingers on the names she calls me; a cumguzzler and distgusting.

    I get to the sink and scrub my face with a face wash found next to the sink and then find a bottle if mouth wash and desperately try to rinse my own cum flavour out of my mouth. But even when I’m sure my breath must be minty the memory of the taste and texture still remains.

    I still don’t know why I just did what she asked, I know I’m …..more willing when turned on….. but this is all out obedience.

    I get into the warm bath. My body starts relaxes but my erection still sticks out out the water.

    Have I been hypnotized? I don’t remember any swinging watches or magic crystals, so why? It’s not like I wanted to lick up my own cum…..

    ….my mind wanders to those nights when I watched those online sissy hypnosis clips….

    Ridiculous. I push the thought put of my mind. None of that was real. The urge to stroke my dick starts again…..

    My skin tingles in the warm relaxing water. It has been a long day and this bath is very welcome.

    I hear Tess leave and the door locking, automatic I guess.

    Finally on my own I allow myself to relax, sinking deeper into the bath.

    I simply lay there in the bath staring back into the bedroom, to the bed. I see an image if Tess laying on the bed looking all sexy and inviting…..I start to stroke my dick again………thinking of her cute smile, her sparkling eyes behind those glasses, her long sexy legs and her stockings and heels – covered in my cum.

    I stop stroking my dick as I hear her voice in my mind calling me an ‘animal! A slut! Pantyboy! Her little cumguzzler! Disgusting!’

    I feel shame in what I have done but still aroused at the same time.

    I catch a glimpse of something on the end of the bed – did Tess take off her nylon tights and leave them? Is she coming back

    I get out of the bath to investigated but as i do i notice something odd about my skin…..My body hair?! It’s gone!

    I grab a towel and any hair left on my body rubs off with a gentle wipe.

    By the time I have finished drying myself not a trace of body hair from my neck down!

    My skin feels odd, tingly …..more sensitive. I throw the hair covered towel on the floor the towel and walk over to the bed and sit down enjoying the cool air on my skin.

    I know I should be furious but I feel so relaxed and enjoying the feel of my smooth hairless skin. It even feels softer.

    I sit on the end of the bed as something brushes against my leg which sends a tingle through my body.

    I look down and see not the stockings that Tess was wearing but what looks like a fresh pair of pantyhose…… why are these here? I wonder to myself as I test the sensation running the fabric along my legs. It’s like electricity on my sensitive skin, in an exciting way…which doesn’t help my erect penis which looks even bigger now all my pubic hair is gone.

    I gently caress my dick with it and as I spot some precum starting to leak out I stop.

    ‘Disgusting’ I hear Tess’s voice in my head.

    I decide I should get a grip….on my mind not my dick. She also said I had dinner soon with Bethany so I should get ready….and hope Tess hasn’t told everyone what happened.

    I reach down for my clothes that were on the floor but they are gone. Laundry service? Has Tess taken them to be cleaned?

    Odd that she wouldnt say anything but then again i did just masturbate all over her legs and shoes..then licked it up…gross, why did I do that?!

    I put it out of my mind. Never mind I will get a fresh set from my bag…..but none of my clothes are in there either?

    Worse still everything I take out looks more like my wife’s things than mine? Did I pick up her bag? No I don’t recognise any of this stuff…..but it’s not mine. Shower gels, shampoo & moisturiser? I didn’t pack any of this!

    I look around the room and root through the draws and cupboards….all sorts of makeup,

    make up kit

    women’s underwear,

    underwear drawer

    but no mens clothes. I pick up a fresh towel and wrap it around my waist. The towel feels soft and warm on my bare bum and smooth dick…. no i need to concentrate.

    I loom around for a pbone but i cant seem to find one so i head to the door and find ….no way to unlock it? After staring for a while i notice a key fob sensor….but i was never given a key card.

    I head back to the bed and sit down. What am i going to do? I have no idea when or if Tess is coming back….and if she does how i would feel about it ….after our….my little excitement.


    I breath out throwing myself on the bed…again feeling the electricity of the stocking against my sensitive skin.

    I pick it up again looking at iy, stretching it out gently….thinking about legs in stockings, like my wife, lucy, Bethany and Tess….stockingshow I wish I had those pictures on my phone now……I start to rub my dick through the towel while still holding the pantyhose, gently rubbing it against my skin. Before long i throw the towel open and start pumping away at my dick… again.

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    Just as I switch to one of the camera’s in the bathroom, Tess walks back in. We exchange smiles and I show her a few of the pictures I send to Lucy. “Wow, he is one horny boy, isn’t he?” “He sure is, but not for long though” I reply as I watch you enjoy your bath.

    After a few minutes we watch with even more enjoyment how every hair on your body disappeared. “See how he immediately gets more feminine movements, crossing his legs like that and caressing them…”

    “Yes, but that cock is still very masculine, he is still very hard”

    “Of course, his skin is so much more sensitive now, can’t wait to see him in female clothes.”

    “That reminds me to set the time. In about 4 hours he should be able to see some boobs growing, shall we start his hypnosis?”

    “O look, he found the make up and lingerie…”

    “Yes, o my, look at him play with the nylons, and that’s even before the hypnosis. He probably has some sissy tendencies of his own.”

    I push the atmosphere button. It sends out scents from the airco system that will put him in an even more relaxed state. I slightly lower the light settings and give the room a more warm color. On the big TVscreen colors begin the glow. Almost instinctively his eyes start following the slow movements of the colors and a very soft soundscape changes the mood in the room even more…

    Ever so slowly Richard gets mesmerized by everything around him and gets swallowed up by the hypnotic surroundings.

    The hypnosis directly communicates with his subconscious, not really changing him, but making the transformations that he will go through completely acceptable and even desirable. He will stay a man but one that has no trouble with dressing up in female clothes, putting on make up or even act like a woman.

    The effects may differ from person to person. Some guys will still feel masculine and maybe feel shame and embarrassment about what they became, others change more intense and feel completely feminine, enjoying every part of it. One part always keeps standing though, an unstillable horniness.

    I set the program for two hours, that should do the trick. It gives me a chance to change my clothes and fresh up before dinner.

    “Tess, will you keep an eye on him?”

    She smiles as I leave the room. I just hope I made the right choice to leave her with this powerful tool. She sometimes tends to go overboard with some of the special additions. One of our last test runs with the program left us with a girl with some very unusual fetishes…


    OOC: If you would like to add some special programming, now is the time to o so 😉

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    As I am laying on the bed jerking off I feel like everything around me seems to take on a softer glow, warmer…. cozier.

    A sweet scent fills my lungs, familiar though I can’t recall from where or when.

    My breathing slows as I take big breaths in and out of this thick, fresh air.

    The big tv starts to glow and a curious image starts to fill the screen and a soothing sound begins to murmur with another sound possible a voice starts to whisper to me though I can’t quite make out the words.

    My surroundings seem to blur and slow as the image on the tv starts to fill my field of view.

    Again I can’t quite make sense of the images forming in front of me but they feel familiar, for a moment i panick i had cast images from my phone to the tv …but then i remember i deleted all the…. images, before my trip and i dont actually know where my phone is.

    New images enter the screen pulling me deeper into a calmer and receptive state.


    As the images become a little clearer in my mind


    I see sexy lips,lipstick,

    lip colour

    and sexy women in underwear…….sexy heels, heels


    and more lips this time filled with cum and despite my recent experience and gut reaction I feel the urge to kiss her amd my dick twitches.

    The hand on my dick starts to stroke again as the images continue. Sexy. Cute. Beautiful. Women. Girls.

    hypno pink

    I loose track of time but the images continue fill the screen and I am unable and unwilling to take my eyes off them.



    Bethany and Tess had a lot of fun in the controlroom, constantly adding all kinds of little perversions in Richard’s mind. Richards hard boner and filled balls were the proof they worked as well.

    “Ready to have some fun, Tess? Let’s see how things have worked out.”

    With Tess walking behind me I head over to Richards Room and walk straight in. He is still on his back watching the screen, even though it has turned black. His raging hard cock is still in his hand, his pre cum making it all shiny. He is still a little bit in trance and hadn’t noticed us coming in. I step over to the bed, lean over and give his cock a hard smack.

    “What the hell! We had a dinner date, Richard! I was wondering how you were doing and now I find you naked on the bed jerking away like some perv.”

    I take his phone from my purse and immediately take some pictures with them.

    “You left your phone with me, but it seems you don’t need the pictures of your wife to get excited.”

    “And why the hell aren’t dressed yet?”

    I give Tess a wink. I very well knew she had taken his clothes away. I was curious if he still would complain about his lost clothes or if he would go straight for the female outfit. Tess already took her place near the cupboard with several nice dresses, ready to open it and pull one out for him to wear. I slowly walked over to the desk with make up.

    “Come on, Richard, get dressed!” I said while spraying some of my perfume in the air to get rid of the hypnosis scent.


    “Ow !…….wait! I can explain..”

    I say snapping out of watever daze i was in….. but can I explain? What was I just doing? Wasn’t I just watching something…

    Bethany looking all sexy ready fir a dinner date holds up my phone to take a photo….of me laying here naked with a massive glistening erection.

    I grab something quickly to try to cover it up only to find myself wrapping my dick in pantyhose causing more precum to leak out just as she takes the picture!

    I notice I’m laying on my towel and quickly try to cover up my erection though the buldge is still noticeable.

    I try to explain….make sense if what I was doing…

    ” My clothes are gone, I mean taken …. to be cleaned, I guess…..and it looks like I don’t have anymore in my bag…even though I’m sure I packed plenty….”

    I say looking at Tess for answers but she offers little support.

    “I just didn’t have anything to wear! And then the tv came on …. i think with some very sexy…..”

    The disbelief on Bethanys face stops me in my tracks. I hear a sound of a draw being opened and look to see Tess nodding towards a draw full of underwear. I walk over for a closer look

    “Huh? that’s weird, I could have sworn that these were full of ….. well for some reason I didn’t think these were ….. I thought I wasn’t supposed to wear them, not allowed…..its Forbidden…..”

    Why didn’t I  want to wear any of these before…. my excitement increases but i try not to show it. I have always hidden this side of me, here, now it seems silly.

    I take my time looking at all the colours, and feeling the textures before finally picking a pair that jumps out the most.

    I look up again just to be sure this was ok but the only look I get is one of impatience.

    I quickly slip my feet into the panties and shiver a little as I pull them up my smooth sensitive skin. I Shimmy them up under the towel trying for some reason to regain my……..modesty? Or is it that I’ve never worn panties in front of anyone before.

    I can feel my dick still sticking out of the top of the panties…..why won’t this….go away!


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    It’s more than clear our hypnosis worked. Just seeing him shiver with excitement as he pulls the panties on is just too cute. And of course his dick is sticking out hard from the top. Tess notices it as well and steps up to him.

    “O dear, I suppose something tight is out of the question, look at you! All excited by these hot panties!”

    She tugs his cock sideways into the panties like a mother would do with a boys shirt. She even gives it a little tap.

    “There now, let’s put away these naughty bits.”

    She pulls him along to a side table which serves as a make up table and starts putting on make up on him.

    “Let’s make you really beautiful, shall we? Some mascara… lipstick… a little blush on your cheeks.”

    You can leave it up to Tess to put on make up quickly and efficiently. Practice makes perfect. Nothing too extreme though, she goes for the innocent look. She manages to cover up his masculine features perfectly making it appear Richard is indeed a girl.

    Our Richard doesn’t stand a chance against her. Whenever there is even the slightest resistant move from him, she simply maneuvers his hand away and continues.

    “Sit still, sweety, you’ll have enough chances to mess up your lipstick later…”

    She also manages to keep an eye on his dick. Whenever it pops out she simply tugs it back in and gives it a little slap as if it has a life of its own. Of course it stays nice and hard.

    “Ehm, Bethany, could you hand me that dress and stockings over there?” She asks me while she pulls a matching bra over his shoulders, filling the cups with some padding.

    “O dear, I’ll bet you’ll turn a lot of heads when you walk into our restaurant. Have you ever walked on heels before? You can’t go to dinner wearing sneakers, you know!”

    And while Tess starts doing his hair; a lot of gel, pushing it up into sexy bob, I start sliding nylons onto his legs. I use my hands to slide them on tight, causing his cock to once again pop out. O dear, we better hurry before his panties get soaked with precum.

    And while I put his feet into a nice pair of heels, Tess cautiously pulls the dress over his head. Of course it is short, easy acces is important, but it manages to hide his dick quite nicely. When he is all dressed up, Tess and I exchange glances. Seems we have succeeded, there is no Richard sitting here anymore… In my head I start thinking of a more appropriate name.

    “Ok, get up and take a few steps, these heels need some getting used to.” We hold out our arms for support

    “Ready for dinner?”


    Tess seems to have got impatient with me….. or bored of waiting to get her hands on me. Her hand moves to my penis sticking out of the panties I am wearing.

    My dick leaks a little in anticipation as she takes hold and……tucks it back into my panties. Not what i was hoping for.

    Before I know it  I am sat surrounded by makeup as Tess in a blur of activity starts putting it on my face!

    “Hey, what are you…..”

    I start to say reaching out with my hand instinctively resist only to find I never quite reach my target. Tess always finding a way to avoid or redirect my hands like some kind of kungfoo master.

    She wants to make me beautiful. Good luck with that. From experience clowns dont look beautiful. And thats what i look like with makeup.

    “There’s no point trying, It never turns out right…too masculine I guess”

    I say more to myself than anyone listening. Realising im not sure if i was proud of my masculinity or not as I can hear faint whispering in my mind about the joy of being a girl.

    I watch Tess and glimpses of myself in a small mirror on the counter and I recognise some of what she is doing from those times I watched my wife get ready and from those nights alone when I was curious…..strange that I thought I needed to hide it….. Maybe she would have…..

    Tess has an array of tools and pallets I’ve never seen before.

    Tess applies Mascara – I know that one. I usually end up looking like a ship wreck when i put this on.

    Then Lipstick….here comes the clown face.


    I try to resist again mostly on instinct or obligation to my masculinity …but instead of stopping her I just end up holding things for her and like the lipstick which she tells me I will have plenty if chance to mess it up later. Does she mean when I have to do it later or does she mean after kissing her and or Bethany?

    The thought  causes my dick to pop back out of my panties.

    She applies everything else so quickly I have no idea what else she did but the brushes send tingles through my body, which between that and Tess brushing against me and how close her face gets to mine ….. i close my eyes fantazizing about the kiss that never came


    It takes me a moment before I realize that in this fantasy it was two girls kissing ….. did I just fantasize about being a girl?

    My dick pops out of my panties either as a reminder of who I am or as an approval of my feminine self.

    But just as quick as it appears Tess has it tucked away again, each touch causing another drop to escape. The kiss never comes but Tess takes advantage of my pout and closed eyes to do some finishing touches.

    I catch a glimpse of a pretty girl in the mirror and my mind automatically accepts it as my face…..

    but how….”?!

    I say jaw dropping open as Tess puts down the makeup brushes.

    Tess then wrestles me into a bra not because i was particularly resisting but to manoeuvre my chest into position….. she asks Bethany for a dress and stockings while shoving something in that actually makes my smooth chest appear like I have tiny breast with a little cleavage!

    “How did you do that?!”

    My dick pops out again…dripping.

    This time Tess makes sure it can’t come out again by pulling the nylon pantyhose up my legs and and over my panties firmly holding it in place….not that this stops me dropping more precum into my panties as the sensation of the nylons on my legs continues to send wave after wave of arousement.



    As I look at my legs Tess has me in a short dress while Bethany takes little time fitting high heels to my feet.

    They help me up onto my feet encouraging me to take a few steps….its been a while but if i go steady i should be “erm….ok”


    So far so good….i think to myself but then i feel myself wobble….starting to lean off to the side…i try to comensate sticking out my hips to the side….


    For a moment i defy gravity but then as i am about to fall flat on my freshly painted face…

    “o oh! Oh oh”

    …both Tess and Bethany are by my side supporting me…..ready to take me out for dinner!

    “You know, I’m not actually that hungry…”

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    As Tess and I are each taking one of Richards arms, there is suddenly this almost desperate cry from him. “You know, I’m not actually that hungry…”

    We both burst out in laughter as we walk out the suite.

    “O well, then just join us for some drinks or maybe just a dessert, something creamy is always nice.”

    “Yeah, we have such a good restaurant here, you’ll be swallowing cream before you know it.”

    Laughing slightly too loud we walk over to the restaurant.

    “Damn, the place is filled to the brim, we should have come earlier! Let’s hope there is still a table for us.”

    “Bonsoir Henri, do you have a table for us? Just three of us girls…”

    Henri, the head waiter scans the room. “I’m so sorry, the place is all booked.”

    “O henri, please. Our new girl here got all dressed up. Can’t you squeeze us in… Maybe just for drinks?”

    “I’m really sorry but perhaps you can wait at the bar… or no, if it’s just for drinks, maybe I can fit you at Mr. Bourbon’s table. He is here just with his protégé, I think he would love the company of you beautiful lady’s”

    “Nanette, please escort these lady’s to Mr Bourbon’s table over there in the back, Just explain the situation that this beautiful girl here in the middle is having her first night out in our restaurant.”

    In Nanette I recognize the former Nolan. In his cute and rather revealing outfit he really seemed to have found his place as a waitress.

    And as she walks us over to Mr. Bourbon’s table I notice quite a lot of other familiar faces. The restaurant is really the ideal place for patron’s to take out their protégés before they retreat to their suites. It is also a very good place to train the girls manners. I wave to Miss Luzette who is here with her class ‘table manners’

    As we reach Mr. Bourbon’s booth Nanette bends over to him in the exactly way she was taught, showing off her thong and round ass underneath her dress.

    Mr. Bourbon immediately stands up and greets us. Us with a simple nod, but Richard with a more intimate hug. He waists no time and he reaches for her ass right away.

    “This here…” he points at the girl in the booth “is George…ette, my… assistant. Why don’t sit beside her,…” He looks at Richard…I can see Richard is slightly overwhelmed, not really knowing what to say.

    “And this is Riëlle, it’s her first night out, still a little shy”

    “No, problem, nothing that can’t be changed with a nice glass of bubbles. Nanette, would you be so kind?”

    Tess shoves over to the other side of Georgette, who is clearly in the same situation as our Riëlle. Tess immediately gives her a tight hug and puts her hand just a little too high on her leg.

    “So nice to meet you, Georgette, you’re new here as well? Like Riëlle here?”

    She blushes red through her make-up and only manages a nod.

    At the other side of the table Mr.Bourbon slides against Rielle, squeezing her in between himself and Georgette.

    “Well isn’t all this company a nice surprise”

    His right hand disappears under the table, I’m sure it has found his place on Riëlle’s thigh.

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