Reality lies

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    After locking the door of my room, as usual, I quickly change my clothes, and lay down on the bed. I can finally wear hologlasses! I can’t stand that cunt who calles herslef mother. If my real mother was here, she would know how to fix this Whole mess *tears start falling on my face, I silently cry*. I miss you mother… At least now I understand what she Always told me: “Don’t be afraid to be yourself”

    *I put the holo glasses on* And now let’s train a bit.

    *knock knock* Oh, it must be dad.

    *I hide myself under the pillows and shout* I’m not fine dad! Sorry but tonight I’ll have a rest here

    – Ok son, just let me know if you need something. I wanted to talk to you of something!
    – What is it then?
    – You know, it’s about you!
    – Oh please, dad. Not now!
    – When then? You Always postpone! Come here at once and talk to me, do it for mother

    *I stand up and put some trousers and sweatshirt on* Ok ok, here I am. But don’t talk like you still think of mother!

    So I unlock the door, but as soon as I twist the key, he bumps into my room and pushes me off the ground

    – So I finally get in! You little brat. Where do you hide your filthy clothes? Here? Here? You are done for it! Now you follow me

    I’m shocked. I’ve never seen such a behaviour from dad. What the hell is going on? He pulls my arm and I accidentally moan in very girly way.

    – … Tsk, I knew mom was right!

    *He throws me in the car* and start talking senslessly about my future, my life, as though he could fix and control everything about it. Then starts saying something about a school, where people “like me” are thrown to rehab.

    He’s talking big, but I can see a little sad tear on his left cheek. Everything is going wrong, and even my only hope to escape from this reality of lies is far from me…

    The car stops, and I see a pink building just in front of me

    – Get out!

    he sais. And I’m off the car. So here I am, alone again. At least I still wear my panties

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