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    I am a bit surprised by the mention of doctors. I wonder why they would want to perform physical tests and blood tests. I come to he conclusion that it is  probably to prevent liability claims or that it is some sort of a legal obligation.  I don’t understand the part of the “schedule of procedures”, but i am definitely not going to ask Tina. I will not risk upsetting her.  I’ll just wait and see. How bad can it be.

    ” Thank you for setting up the appointment, Tina” 

    I try to act as respectful as possible towards Tina. I need to keep her happy and make sure she convinces Monique to take me back. The threats about legal action against me sound ominous. But i don’t doubt it, Monique would have had more than 6 months to set this up if her Sister Tammie told her a month after i fucked her. I could have sworn that stupid slut Tammie would have kept her mouth shut. It is her fault i am her now needing to do what ever that crazy gook bitch Tina asks of me.

    Very politely is ask, Tina:

    “What would you prefer i do in the mean time while make arrangements. Should i wait here a bit or go back to my room? Or do you want us talk some more? I am happy to do what ever you think is best.”


    “One minute and I will call the medical department.”


    I finish the paperwork and pick up the phone and dial.


    “Hello medical department this is Tina and I have James ready for his physical, Has a doctor been assign to his case.”


    “Doctor Harris, that is good. Is he busy?”


    “Please can I talk to him? Thank you”


    I look at James and smile.


    “Hi Doctor Harris, this is Tina. I have James here and we will be going to the lab to start. No, we did have lunch today so that can wait until tomorrow morning before he gets breakfast. Yes, Monique did. She wants a D cup and Asian features. Yes, I will.”


    I hang up the phone and tell James.


    “We can go over there now.”


    Tina smiles at me when she is on the phone with the Doctor. I wonder if that is a good sign. Distracted i hear one side of the conversation.  Then i hear Monique’s name and my ears perk up. It hear something about “Decub with asian features”.  Maybe a medical device from a Asian manucafurer?  I don’t understand any of that jargon or how it involves Monique. Once again i dare not ask Tina. Afraid she thinks i am eavesdropping or someting. Better not take the risk and be on my best behavior until all this is over.

    Tina informs me we can go immediately. That suits me just fine. Lets get this all over with. The sooner we are done the better.

    I walk to the door through which we entered the office earlier guessing we are going back through the hallway from which we came. I courteously hold the door open for Tina.

    “Please lead the way”. I give Tina a big smile.


    I get up from my desk and walk to the door.


    “Thank you, James.”


    We go down the hall again toward his room but when we reach the other hallway, we turn to the left like we are going to the bar again. But before we reach it we go into the medical department.


    Image result for hospital admissions


    We go up to the counter.


    “Hello. I am Tina and this is James. We are here for the lab work and tests. We are under Doctor Harris.”


    The blonde replies.


    “Yes, they are waiting for James. You know where it is Tina. Go ahead.”


    “Yes, I do. Let’s go.”


    I show James where the lab room is and open the door.


    Image result for doctor office


    I walk into a well lit lab room. I don’t see a doctor yet. I don’ really like hospitals and clinics. They tend to stick needles in you. But it seems i have no choice. To keep calm, i try engage into some small talk with Tina.

    So Tina have you been at this company long, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Do you like what you do?


    “I have been here for six years. It is better than what they had plan for me.”



    A nurse walks in.



    “Hi Tina and this must be James. James please sit in the chair and are you right handed or left handed?”



    James state what he is and the nurse puts the I V glove on the other hand. She slips the needle into his vein and slide the glove completely on him.



    “This glove is a new thing, so we only have to poke you once during your I V and blood draws.”



    Suddenly another nurse shows up and enters the room.


    “Doctor Harris told me that you needed a runner for two tubes to the lab as soon as possible, pri one.”


    “Yes, I will draw those two tubes first. Remember the tubes are James under Tina.”


    The nurse sits next to James by the I V glove. She cleans the one connection one the glove with a swab. She attaches another piece to the tube from the glove. At the other end there is a tube but with a big needle sticking straight up in the middle of the tube. She takes another tube with a red cap and pushes it into the other tube until the needle slips inside that tube. We watch as the tube sucks out James blood the tube is a vacuum so when the needle enters the vacuum sucks out the blood. The nurse slips that tube out whenit was two thirds full and takes another tube with a blue cap. The same thing happens. When that sube has two thirds full she removes the tube and gives it to the runner.


    “Remember this is James under Tina for Doctor Harris.”


    The runner leaves the room immediately. The nurse does another four more tubes drawing the blood from James. The nurse ask James.


    “Do you have any questions?”


    Thank you for asking. I was just wondering why you need a runner?  I thought this was a routine examination, isn’t it? 

    I smile politely and glance sideways to see if i did not accedantily  upset Tina with my question. I need to be on my best behavior to get out of this thing.



    The nurse replied.


    “The doctor needs the information from those blood tests so he can correctly start your I V treatment. By doing it this way, it can reduce the I V treatment a day of two. These other blood tests we are doing is checking your internal organs, liver, kidneys, heart, and other organs.”


    The nurse does the other four tubes and place them all together in a tube holding case. Sge writes on a sticker TINA/JAMES DR. HARRIS. She goes back to Jams and takes off the connection, clean the end, and caps it. She that and slip it into the sleeve on the glove.


    “We are done in here. Next thing is a chest x-ray to check out your lungs Tina you know the way.”


    I am confused by the explanation of the nurse. But before i can ask her what she means, she is gone out the door.

    I turn to Tina but she is already out the door. I get up in a hurry to follow her. Catch up to Tina i ask her “Hey Tina, do you know what the nurse mend with IV treatment?? I thought this was just a routine examination, right? I am healthy as an ox. I really don’t need any treatment. You don’t think they made a mistake do you?

    I really hope that Tina doesn’t think i am resisting that “training thing” of hers, but i am not going to under go any medical procedure if it is not absolutely necessary.  A few tests is one thing, but medical procedures i quite something different.


    I walk out of the room and look the security guard is still with us. I turn away from him because we have to go to the end of the hall for his x-ray.


    “What Monique has requested you will need the I V treatment. It is required for you safety.”


    I start to walk to the x-ray room.


    Bewildered follow Tina to the end of the hall way.

    “Monique has requested a treatment for me???  But i am not sick at all?  What is it a treatment for? “

    Then I remember Monique had told my a few times that she could not sleep because of my excessive snoring. She called it sleep apnea and suggested  i go see a doctor if anything could be done about it. I didn’t go to a doctor and ignored it. Maybe i should have gone after all.

    “Is it a treatment for Sleep apnea?  Did she request this for me? “

    Finding a likely explanation for all these medical procedures puts me at ease. We arrive at the door for what i suspect is the X-ray room they talk about earlier.  Wonder what kind of company this is since part of it looks like a hospital.


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    We enter the x-ray room and they are there waiting. I am so glad.


    Image result for images of x-ray room


    The immediately identify me and James. They tell James to take off his shirt and lay down on the table face up. They slide the machine above his chest and fix the area. They move away and tell to take a deep breath and hold it. The machine snaps the picture and slides down to his hip area and another picture is snapped. The nurse tell Tina.


    “Room three.”


    We leave the x-ray room and go back up the hallway. The guard is at the beginning of the hallway. I put my hand up to my belly and flash three fingers. We arrive at his room and I open the door.


    Image result for images of hospital room


    There is no blankets or sheets but only the hospital gown. I tell James.


    “Take off your clothes and put on the hospital gown. I will leave you alone to change and wait for Doctor Harris there.”


    I leave the room.


    “Tina, you didn’t answer my questions….Tina” 

    She left the room and apperently can’t hear me.

    While i am undressing and putting my hospital gown, i am wondering what is going on. This seems all a bit excesive for a routine check up.

    I fold up my clothes and put on the chouch against the back wall. After that a walk to the bed and sit on it. The bed feels strange against my naked buttocks. I hate these gowns that don’t close at the back. They  make me feel so exposed.

    Sitting there i wonder what is going on. The more i think about it the less my initial idea makes sense. If it was really a treatement for sleep apnea, wouldn’t i need to be diagnosed first. Besides i doubt it is treated with an IV. And why do i need to be out of my clothes anyway.

    I am considering to put my clothes back on, when the door opens


    Doctor Harris walks in the room with three nurses.


    “Hi, James, I am Doctor Harris. I am your doctor while you are here.”


    The nurses come close to his bed. One on each side up by his chest. They look like they are checking everything out.


    Surrounded by nurses i double check that my gown is covering everything.  I wish these gowns would be less flimsy. I feel like i am one small tug away from humiliation.

    I turn to doctor Harris:

    “Hello doctor, nice to meet you. I am glad you are here, because i have some questions. Why are all these test necessary? Besides that Tina said something about a treatment requested by my wife, but she didn’t tell me what kind of treatment. Could you tell me?”

    I look at the doctor try to ignore the nurses working all around me.


    The doctor nods to the nurses. Quickly the side rails of the bed are put up and they have cuffs attach to them. The nurse grab his arms and bind him to the rail so he is trap in bed.


    “Yes, now I can. Your wife wants you to be an Asian female and you will be her maid from now on. You will have large breasts since she says you like them and a functional pussy so you can still have sex that she says you love to have so much of.”


    The bombshell has hit James.


    “This is not funny. You can stop it now.”

    Nobody moves or acknowledges me.

    “I said i don’t like your stupid prank. Let me go now!!!!”

    I unsuccessfully try to remove cuffs from my arms.

    Let me Go NOW or i will kick your ass up your nose %$^@&$%@!!!”

    Furiously i pull at my cuffs. But they don’t budge. 

     &#%@^# @ Let me out or you will be sorry. I will have your medical licence. Who the HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE”. Hey nurse remove these cuffs from my arms.  YOU BITCH DON’T <u>PRETEND</u> YOU CAN’T HEAR MY. I WILL SLAP YOU SO HARD YOU WISH YOU NEVER CAME HERE. %@#@$$*@&#@#%

    I try to kick anyone in range with my free feet but my position makes it impossible to succeed.

    Fueled by anger and adrenaline i fight to escape my bounds. But it seems the cuffs are specially designed to keep anyone from escaping.

    Slowly i start to get tired from all the rage and effort.


    “Go ahead nurse start the I V.”


    The nurse hangs the I V bag on the I V pole. She goes to the I V glove and gets the connector. She cleans it and attaches the hose from the bag to the connector on the glove. She unclips the hose and the I V slides down and starts to enter James body. The nurse notes the time and puts the information of the chart. The nurses leave. They go and talk to the guard and he leaves.


    I walk into James room.


    Seeing the IV bags on the pole my predicament becomes all to real. Slowly my anger starts to get replaced by fear. I wonder, they can’t really do what they said, can they? NO. They wouldn’t … My need to escape grows with my fear. NO NO NO. I keep trying to get loose but i used up a lot of my strength already.

    Then i see her entering the room. I see the way she looks at me, and any little doubt  i had that Tina was not involve is gone.

    “YOU BITCH!!! You knew !!! You set this up!! GET ME OUT OF THESE THINGS. You have no right to keep me here #$^!%%@#!

    I start to panic. This can’t be happening. Not to me. It try to threaten Tina:

    ” If you let me go now, maybe i won’t report you all for imprisonment”


    that camera setup and got found. So, only Monique can stop this, and we are one hundred percent legal. We even assist the government with some of their major problems.”


    I see that anger and threats have no effect at all. Tina just looks at me as if nothing abnormal is going on.

    “Are they really going to change me?”

    The fear of loosing my manhood slams into me. There is no way out. In desperation i cry, beg and plead:

    “Tina please make them stop, please!

    I beg you don’t let them do this. Please ask Monique to stop this. I promise i will be a better man. I will never cheat on Monique again. I will do what ever you two want. I know i was wrong, it was all my fault. But don’t do this. Don’t  let them change my body, please please please.”

    Through teary eyes i look at Tina hoping for a sympathetic face.

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    “There is nothing I can do. It is all up to Monique. She is in charge by the contract and the payment. My job is to follow the contract and it does not matter if I feel if it is right or wrong. That is not my job. BUT I can set up a video comm with you and Monique, if only she wants to. I cannot guarantee anything. I can only ask.”


    I stand there in front of him as he pleads for help.


    Yes please try to contact Monique. She must stop this. I am sure she doesn’t want this for me. Please get her on the line.

    I try to calm myself down and to stop crying. I  wait for Tina to contact my Wife. She will get me out of this. She probably thought this would all be a big joke. With dread i look at the IV bag afraid of what kind of stuff is in it. Nervously i wait…


    I send Monique an email about having a video comm with James. I explain what he was saying. I ask for it to start at nine in the morning our time. It would be the best time because the medical staff should be done with the morning rounds they do make.


    After my breakfast I go to my office. Onmy system is an email from Monique. She agrees with the video comm at nind. I send an email to Doctor Harris and the doctor tells James about it. I go over to James room and get there at eight fifty.



    “Hi James.”


    I had  terrible night full of fear and despair. I hardly had had any sleep. When i eventually did fall a sleep i had nightmares in which my dick was gone and Tina, Monique, Tammie and other females were ridiculing me and laughing.

    Tired and afraid i wait in the bed until suddenly Tina enters the room.

    I ask: “Did she agree. Will she see me?”


    “Yes, and it will be at nine. The nurse told me they just did your I V bag, so we won’t be disturb. I have a sign for us not to be disturb during the video comm.”


    I sigh and try to relax while the video comm starts. This must go well, she must end this nightmare. Then, at exactly 9:00, the screen connects and i see Monique on the screen.

    “Hi Honey, it is good to see you. I love you. Before you say anything i want to say i am sorry for treating you bad and for things that might have happened. I promise i will make it up to you. But Sweetheart, there has been a misunderstanding here. They want to change me into a female, LITERALLY. I understand you wanted me to change my behavior... and you are right… but there has been a mistake. You must help me. They won’t listen to me but they say they will listen to you”



    I get the video comm start on my laptop and the wi-fi to the television working. James immediately start his begging. I look at the television and see her.



    He fooled around with her in his bed every night? He is an idiot. But she talks to him.


    “What do you mean. The treatment is to change you not to put your cock into other women. That cock is mine and only belongs in my pussy and mouth. Are you tied to that bed?”


    Monique is looking gorgeous and wearing the lingerie i love seeing her in.

    Honey, yes they tricked me and tied me to this bed. I am stuck and they won’t let me go. You need to help me. And I haven’t put my cock into anybody here i swear. I love you. I want to change for you, but please don’t make them do this to me.  The doctor said he is going to give me breasts. You don’t want that do you?



    But you did try to do your trainer Tina. Isn’t that correct? Is that an I V next to your bed?

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