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    I just managed to wriggle my wet pants down to my knees, all while i keep licking her pussy. Then all of a sudden i feel you tremble with pleasure and  hear you yell “Oh Yes”

    As you slide back, i am left on my knees with my wet trouser propped up on my knees. My face is dripping with a mixture of saliva and her wetness. My fully erect penis is making a tent in my black boxersshort. It is a relieve to have finally freed my cock from its prison

    Then i hear her suggest that i move back to my chair.   I decide i would rather finish what we started. I move forward on my knees and I try to spread her legs. But Tina has locked her legs firmly and does not seem willing to cooperate.

    “What are you doing? We were just getting started?”  I try not to let my annoyance and building anger show.  Once again i attempt to spread your legs, this time a bit more forcefully. She is still resisting me. The BITCH. To get better control over the situation i try to stand up but, my position, state of mind, and the heavy wet trousers around my legs make me a bit unstable.



    I see that he slide his pants down.


    “No James and put your pants back on. I want you to feel just like your wife when you had sex with her. Getting her close to cum but you cum first and leave her and crawl to sleep. How does it feel James because this is what you did to your wife many times?”


    I slide off the desk away grom James and slip my clothes back on.


    I feel abused, frustrated, and angry. No matter how beautiful she is, nobody treats ME like this. When i finally manage to stand up angrily give Tina a piece of my mind.

    “My wife never complained to me. Besides for guys it is way harder when they don’t cum. For woman it isn’t that big of a deal. What kind of place is this anyway? If this is your idea of helping Monique and me, i don’t want anything to do with you!, I am leaving this place!!!”

    I pull my pants back up and try to put my still erect cock back in the stiff wet pants. It is very uncomfortable, almost painful but i manage to close it with my cock inside. I look at the door and dread moving through the lobby and outside looking like I pissed my self. But there is no choice because i am NOT staying here!

    I try to wipe my face dry with my sleeve and start moving to the door.

    OOC please don’t let this terrible human being escape M&R 😉


    I press the button on my desk. The door is bolted shut. James is going nowhere. I stand there and wait tor him to find out that fact.


    I walk up to the door and  open it. To my surprise it doesn’t move. I yank at the door but it doesn’t give an inch.

    What the HELL. Why is this door Locked??? Open it at once. I am leaving!


    “No James, your wife paid in full for your training and there are no refunds.”


    I lied but who cares. I know Keith paid for this and when we are done James will be Bambi.



    A submissive Asian female maid to serve Monique and Keith.


    I also know that security is in the next room for me just in case since I press the door lock button.

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    “She paid for my training!?! I am not an animal you can train. You have no right to keep me here. Let me go this instant or i will speak to your manager and make sure you will never work here again. This is no way to treat a client”

    I keep trying to open door to escape this clearly insane Bitch. Maybe i missed a lever or something. There must be a way out.


    “James, the door is bolted shut so sit down so we can finish this interview. After we are done, we can go to your room so you can change your pants.”


    I sit down behind my desk.


    I think about just physically making that bitch open the door, but decide against it. I am better than that. Besides too big a chance that somebody would hear. I decide to play along for now, but the first chance i get i am out of here. I try to hide my anger again and walk up toward the desk. I sit down slowly talk to the insane woman in a and business like voice 

    “Ok you can ask me a few questions. But you promise I really get to change afterward right?”

    Leaving with new clothes sounds even better.


    “Yes, but you did not like being left out hanging there not being able to finish and cum. Did you but that is what you did to your wife every time you fuck her. Was that fair to her?”


    I sit behind my desk feeling safe knowing the security is next door watching us just in case.


    “No i grudgingly admit. I guess it wasn’t fair. But is it far to do it to me than?? And it wasn’t eeevery time i had sex with Monique. She climaxed to. I just know it”.  Can i answer any more questions for you??



    “I am not married to you and you deserve to see how that felt. But think if you di it to your wife she would probable want to have sex often than your wham bam thank your ma’am style. Iwas taught to make a marriage work both of you must give 55 – 60% to each other. That is a partnership and that is what a marriage is all about.”


    As i said before i will take better care of my wife’s needs in the future. ALL her needs. I promise.  Happy now?  

    I hope that satisfies the Bitch. Maybe she will let me go now. You need to get out of this room. Now that the door is locked shut,my claustrophobia is starting to act up. Are the windows locked?  This room feels like it’s shrinking….

    Are we done with this “training” thing of yours now? I don’t want a refund. I don’t care about the money. Let met just change my pants and leave. They still got my suitcase right?  You can inform Monique that this session was successful and you and your company can keep the money. I will do better at home, I promise . It’s a win-win. What do you say?

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    “We have just started there is a lot more we need to talk about. Let me see if your room is set up.”


    I pick up my phone and call.


    “Hi, this is Tina. Is James room ready and is his luggage in his room? What is his room number? Thanks.”


    I hang up the phone and tell James.


    “Your room is ready, and the luggage is there so let’s take a break. You can go to the room and clean up with clean clothes. We can go to the cafeteria and get something to eat and resume our session afterwards. How does that sound to you?”


    I am relieved that i can finaly get out of this room. Things are finally going my way.

    ” That sounds very reseonable. What is the room number and how do i get there? I would really like to change my clothes.”

    Although i was mostly looking at Tina’s ass on the way to this room, I do remember seeing somethings that looked like badge readers preventing people from wondering around the place.



    I lead James our of my office, but we go out by the back door. This will keep James locked inside our building. He is not in the public area where he could try to run away. It is a long walk down the hall We do past the middle of the building with another hallway that is the left of us. That hallway goes to the medical department and our training rooms. But we continue to go straight, and his room is the second from the wall to the left. I open the door and see his luggage sitting on the bed.


    Image result for images of rooms


    “Here you go James.”


    I know there is no way our of this room except the front and only door.


    Holly shit, this room is much more luxurious then i  was expecting. It has a separate lounge area, bathroom and bedroom. I appreciate the place is spot clean. The cleaning staff seem to know what they are doing.  There probably is a well stocked minibar in here somewhere.  If the food here is half as good as the room is, might consider staying a bit longer and make a vacation out of it. Maybe they even got room service 🙂  . How i love a bit of service.

    I see my luggage lying on the bed.

    “Thank you Tina.  Will you wait until i have changed or do you comeback later?”

    I walk to the bed and open my suitcase.



    “I will wait for you as you clean up and change. After you are done, we will go something to eat and drink.”


    I go to the sofa and turn on the television. The security group did watch us as we walk to his room. After we enter the room they left the security room next to my office.


    As Tina sits down on Sofa with her back to me I briefly consider getting back at her for that stunt she pulled earlier. But my initial anger has subsided and i see more negatives than positives coming from it. Besides i am not a violent person. Okay, i occasionally would slap my wife a bit to get her back in line, but not hard. Just like you do with stubborn donkeys to get them moving again.

    In my suitcase i find a new pair of pants and a shirt. It take the clothes into the bathroom and lock the door behind me. I consider releasing some tension after that fiasco earlier. But i am not in the mood and besides Tina is right on the other side of the door waiting. I freshen up and put on my new clothes.

    After a short while i come out of the bathroom.

    “You said something about food didn´t you.” 

    Okay quality food first. Afterward i might just leave if Tina keeps up her tricks, otherwise i might be convinced to live in luxury a bit longer.


    I look at my watch.


    “Damn, the cafeteria close five minutes ago. We will have to go to the bar to eat.”


    I get up and leave out of the front door. I wait for James to follow me. We walk down the hall again going to the center but this time when we reach it. We turn right down the other hall. We past the medical department to our right. A few more and the cafeteria doors there but it does have the close sign up. We go to the olast door on the left and enter. I see the bar is pretty full so I decided to sit at a booth. I see Tom the bartender.


    “Hi Tom, booth.”


    I slip into an empty booth and motions for James to sit across from me. I take the menu and give it to James so he can decide what he wants to eat. A waitress comes over to our booth.



    I look at the menu but it is hard to stay focused while the perky tits of the serving staff try to distract me. A cute waitress comes over “Hi there, my name is Amber. Welcome! happy to see you here. Is there anything i can get you two. Ooooh, hi Tina. I didn’t see you there, is this a new one?

    “Hi Amber, so nice to meet you. You look stunning” I try hard keep looking at her face but my eyes keep getting drawn down. “I would like a Beer. And can you tell me what is good at this place? ” Tina do you want something?”


    I turn to Amber and tell her.


    “I will have my cheesy burger with mac salad and cole slaw. Also, a light beer. Tell the cook the burger is for me he knows how I like it. James all the food here is good. The bar is connected to the cafeteria kitchen This is for the workers that had to work though lunch. That is why it open when the cafeteria closes for cleaning.”


    I sit back and look at the bar and the television. They are showing Arizona playing Cincinnati. It is still spring training game and not my Cubbies.


    I turn to amber:

    “Okay. I will take a steak, medium rare. And a cold beer please”

    Not really interested in the tv enjoy the view of the ladies working their shifts.  Strange dress code, but i won’t complain.


    Amber walks away with our order and her ass moves so nice in the tight miniskirt. We are alone in the booth. I wait to see if he wants to talk to me.


    Uncomfortable whit the silence i try to start a conversation.

    “So do you come here often?” 

    Tina does not reply. She just looks at me. This makes me even more unsure. I admit to my self it was a weak atempt. I mumble:

    Yes, i guess you do…. 

    Why does this mere woman makes me so insecure? I try again:

    Do you think this thing will take long? I would like to get home.

    Mostly because i don’t trust this Keith near Monique. The thought that he could be fucking my wife right now scares me.

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    “It takes eight minutes to cook a steak medium rare, four minutes each side. And, yes, I do come here when I miss lunch or my Cubbies, Blackhawks, or Bears are on television. But I normally sit at the bar to watch the games.”


    A few minutes later Amber comes with our food and beer. My cheese burger looks good as the cock know how I like it.




    James steakis in front of him.

    Image result for images of steak 



    We eat our food silently.


    While we eat in silence i can’t help thinking about Monique at home. Although the room is very nice and the food delicious. What is she doing now. How i wished she hadn’t found those hidden cameras. The remote connection would have been very usefull. Maybe i should call her to check on her.  Shit I left my phone in my room with my suitcase.

    Not wanting to wait I ask Tina “Is there a phone i could use to call back home? Just to check if everything is all right with Monique?”


    I finish the last of my cheeseburger.


    “Sure, James you can call her from my office after we eat. After the call we can resume our talks.”


    I call Amber over and tell her that I want a large root beer to go.


    OOC: Do you want me to play Monique when you call her?


    “Thank you Tina. It is just that Monique isn’t used to be alone for extended times and i want to make sure she is doing okay.” 

    Amber returns with a large root beer,and we prepare to to leave.

    “Thank you very much Amber every thing was perfect. I hope i see you again sometime.” I give her wink.

    OOC: If you want, i think that it would be fun.


    We walk back to my office. I use the key card to open the door. All the rooms on this side is lock and must use the key card. This is because the front door to the rooms are back in the open public and lobby. We walk in and I point to the phone.


    “Why don’t you call your wife before we start. Do you want me out of the office while you talk to your wife in private? I can stay in the hall while you talk to her and let me back in when you are done.”


    I am not worried because the security is again next door and the front door is still bolted shut.

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