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     Shasta Minx 

    I am on special assignment, working on story human trafficking, how young men and women are kidnapped altered and into sex. My editor, Ms. Davis, feels a young guy like me that is new to Vegas might have a better chance of finding out who the main traffickers are.

    I have been hanging in the seedy side of town where the prostitutes ply their trade, get so many come-ons from the working girls. Ms. Davis told me that some of these girls are actually men that have been transformed into sexy babes. That is so hard to believe the girls I have met look an act so so very feminine,   especially Ginger.

    I have become one of her regular customers, she does give great head. Ginger did admit that she is a Tranny girl and she thinks that  I am so very cute.   Never thought I would find myself hot and bohered ver a sissified male.


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    This new John of mine has been coming around a lot, told management about him.  they want me to keep stringing him along”A long as he’s paying you, there’s no problem.” They are going to check into his background. He just might make a sexy babe, they are always looking for fresh meat.

     Shasta Minx 

    Ginger gives get head, such a pro but it’s been hard to get her to talk about herself or her pimp.  In a way, I don’t care just love being with the bitch.   Oh, there she is standing on the assigned corner.

    “Hi Doll,  I just can’t stand to be away from you.”


    I smirk “Yes I have that effect on so many of my johns ” I take hold of his upper arm and lead him to my private suite. He comes along like a good puppy dog.

    Once I lock the door, “We are going to play a whole new game- I’ll be the mistress and you’ll be my sissy sub. I do have kinky nature and I am hoping you will play along with me. Now get down n your knees sissy girl”

    I pick up a riding crop.


    Think about How I will dress my little sissy pet, planning to her dressed in frilly little girls dresses. I think I will call her Gigi.

     Shasta Minx 

    Sissy girl? Might as well play along for now, just might get closer to those in charge.

    I drop to my knees as ordered


    I mirk as she drops to her knees”That’s a good sissy now lick and kiss my high heels.  You belong to me and you must obey or else. Yes, Gigi, you are all mine.” I watch as she starts to lick and kiss my heels. she thinks this is a role-playing game but she is so wrong.   After she finishes I tell to stand up and strip off her drab male clothing.

    I circle around her, she is skinny, won’t take much to give her a very feminine shape.

    I run the riding crop against her ass and give it a gentle smack. Oh its fun to watch her jump.

     Shasta Minx 

    “OUCH” I rub my ass and get smacked again.  Ginger takes a rope and ties up my balls nice and tight. “Hey, Ginger that hurts ” My ass gets smacked again. She gets smiles.  “Ginger why don’t   stop, for now, I have had enough fun”

     Shasta Minx 

    The ladies decide to me into the typical bimbo fairy.   I am delivered to the pink panther and told to stay until I get pick up by a study that loves sissy bois

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