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    *deep curtsey*

    Hi ladies! I have a few concerns with the website. I have tried to view the FAQ, fiction tabs, and patreon link and they all seem to give me a 404 message. Now this could be coming up due to the fact that I am using a phone to view this website. This also makes it a bit difficult to navigate some of the discussion and forums. That being said, if there is already concern with this issue, I have not seen it yet. I love the content here and I want to be able to see all of it. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


    Hi Sofia, it’s not just you. We are all experiencing the 404 error problems with the site. I’m not sure when it will be fixed, but please bear with us.

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     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    I’m wanting to know how you embed a video on YouTube into your post


    Hi Diana. Use this in the post

    [*youtube]number to the right of the = sign[/youtube]

    Get the link and then insert the code to the right of the = sign in the link inside the brackets as I’ve shown. Without the *

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    • This reply was modified 3 months ago by  Jacqueline.

    Hi everyone

    I’ve been sent here by the sissylover program and I love it so far.

    But the task I have is to become a secretary. But I can’t seem to find anywhere how to do it.

    Can someone help?


    Hi Lucy,

    A previous version of the site had the roleplay section divided along lines of choosing a profession (including secretary) and using that as a vehicle for creating stories with others.

    The site has been recently updated and now the roleplaying section is designed to focus on a story topic as opposed to a character role. You can still create a character that’s a secretary if you wish, or just dive into any role play scenario that your imagination can come up with.

    There are also groups which are user created, and allow folks here to build a community around any topic of interest they like!

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    Im new here and not really sure how or where to start. Is there someone I can talk to about what type of story I want? I have never really been on a site like this before and I’ll take as much help as I can get!

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    Take a look at some of these discussions Jake. They’ll help. Then look at some of the roll play areas to see what others have written to get ideas. It’s fun and everyone is very friendly.


     veronica p 


    Any chance of including the formatting instruction page from the old site. Or is it already here somewhere?



     the Morrigan 

    With a rustle of black feathers from her cloak, the Triune Goddess swoops to a landing just outside the threshold of the site. Today she is the Badb, an older and perhaps wiser … but certainly more courteous … manifestation than her sister, Nemain.

    “Greetings, sister goddesses,” she rasps, voice harsh and gutteral as any crow’s, “My apologies for disturbing your sport, but I have need of information, and perhaps wisdom.

    “Does this Amazonian playground have a policy regarding the posting of web addresses to sites that might be considered … competitors … for the affections and loyalties of those who play here? I ask only because there is a … discussion … asking for directions to other places, and some of the answers this Old One might give include playgrounds similar to this.”

    (Translation: in one of the Discussions here there is a thread asking for URLs of caption sites. One of the answers I can give is to a game site that also includes Femdom, Sissification and involuntary MtF transformation role play forums. Is this sort of info okay to post?) πŸ˜€


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     Alison Anderson 

    If the main purpose of the other site is a MMORPG (massively multiple online role-playing game) or forum with femdom or (forced) feminization as its main theme, I would probably say no, it’s best not to post.Β  Send the info via a PM (private message).

    If it is a blog or caption site or a simple game, then sure, go ahead and post it.


    Hi the Morrigan,

    Go ahead and post it! This site was built as a hub and place to play and feel safe while exploring your forced feminization kink. It’s not intended to be the monopolistic site on the internet for all things forced fem (despite the RP theme of the Locked in Lace universe). Part of trying to better carve out and define the lockedinlace version of forced fem, is by not trying to be everything to everyone. And that means encouraging this community to seek out and support other high quality creators in the forced fem space.

    We encourage folks to explore their forced fem inklings and finds places that scratch that itch (in a fun, responsible way)!

    The site doesn’t make money off ads, web traffic, or impressions, so there is no need to feel bad about letting others know about other places to find great content.

    This site is funded through the efforts and funds of Lissa and Ren, and the generous donations of users. So please don’t be scared to share high quality sites with the community. We’re proud to be part of the forced fem community and we’ll always be here when folks need to scratch that lockedinlace type of itch πŸ˜‰

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     the Morrigan 


    BTW, it is perfectly acceptable to just use “Morrigan” or “Morrigu” … or for that matter, Badb, Macha, or Nemain …Β  πŸ˜‰ the word “the” is just because “Morrigan” is a title, not a name.


    /CelticMythforBeginners πŸ˜›

     Cherry Blossoms 

    *blows a big, pink bubblegum bubble, then waves*


    I’m, like, having trouble? Finding Groups? I mean, like, except for the ones in the Forums. And that “Group Adventures” link thingy in Forums gives, like, a 404 error. Is that where groups are supposed to go? Cuz right now I gotta click on people’s profile thingies and see if there’s anything, like, interesting there …Β  πŸ˜€

    Oh! And can someone teach me to do one ‘a those curtsey thingies? πŸ˜‰



    Hello Cherry,

    Under the ‘Communit”y tab is a link to “Groups” orΒ  you could click on the link below:

    Feel free to explore and join any groups that might interest you. Or start your own if you can’t fin something you are looking for.

    In terms of the curtsey, join the course by clicking the button, then click on the Discuss this course button to get help and pointers πŸ˜‰

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     Cherry Blossoms 

    *performs an awkward but technically correct standard courtesy*

    Thank you! I eventually found the right lesson and have been practicing since last night! But uhm … I’m not too coordinated; this is gonna be hard! My ankles hurt! And my calves!

    There’s, like, no Community tab in my view of the site. Maybe that’s because I’m on a phone not a computer? There’s a Community link behind that laddery-looking menu thingy, but when I push on it, it sends me to my Notifications. There’s a coupla, like, places to click on Groups there, but they just send me to groups I already signed up for! πŸ™

    I’m not gonna need Mel … Melanie’s? No … uhm … the company’s dumbing-down lessons much at all, am I?

    *pops another bubblegum bubble*

    So thanks for the link thingy! πŸ˜€

    Uhm, how do I quote someone’s post in a role play? I’ve seen it done, but I can’t figure it out yet. It’d sure be easier to figure things out here if we had a post preview button to ‘speriment with …




    Cherry – That’s strange. I have no problem accessing the Community tab and Group link within it on my phone. You should still be able to get there if you use the link I provided in my previous post.

     Cherry Blossoms 

    Oh, I did, Christine! I meant it when I said “thank you” for the link yesterday! Now I have elebenty-three new groups to play in!

    *performs a slightly less awkward curtsey than yesterday, blows another bubblegum bubble, smiles and skips away*


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